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Robbie the Sadist  

Idancenaked4uXXX 57M
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2/6/2021 8:23 pm
Robbie the Sadist

My first position at The Grapevine was dance in a gogoboy cage. 20 minutes on, 20 off - wearing briefs, a g-string or a cock sheath between 8 & 11 amp; , and I danced completely naked between 11 and 2. The cage was a round platform about 34 inches off the ground, which put my genitals at most people's eye level. The "cage" was pvc tubing coated in a silver coating that made it look almost like stainless steel. The cage was about 6 feet across, which meant that I couldn't dance too wildly. Mostly, I danced in one spot and just made sure that my cock and balls were moving nicely to the electropop or goth music that was playing loudly. There were kleenex boxes placed around so that guys could wipe up their cum, as masturbation fell into a legal grey area, as Manitoba Law defined illegal public sex as being between two people....so, guys could watch me and jerk off. I loved seeing a man ogle my crotch and beat off.

One guy who was in the club a lot and spent a fair bit of time beating his meat while he watched me rock out with my cock out was a curly-haired dude a little older than me named Robbie,

Fast forward 19 years - the club had long since closed and I had moved to Vancouver. I was down in the West End of Vancouver in the Gay Village area and I hear some guy who had just walked by me my name. I didnt recognize him at first but then recalled the skinny curly-haired dude from The Vine. He had gotten a lot stockier over the years and his hair was a spectacular silver. But still, unmistakably, Robbie from Winnipeg.

Older stocky dudes are my "Type" so I agreed to go to The Dufferin for a beer with him. Two hours of chatting followed by a wonderful hands-shoved-down-my-pants feeling up by a sexually aggressive gorgeous man out in the parking lot beside his Boxster, and I knew that I wanted this.
We became an item.

A year later I'm living at his place. He had a "dungeon" in the basement that he made just so that he could fantasy-play with me. It had an x-frame to strap me to, shackles so that I could be suspended from the ceiling, and he had all the toys, including a cock vacuum pump and a $2500 top end E-Stim machine. But the centrepiece was a dance floor where he could videorecord me dancing for him, just like in "the old days at The Vine". I\d dance for him and he'd whip my cock with a flail or later, his leather belt.

As time progressed he got more extreme and sadistic. He'd make me dance for him until I was exhausted; too beat to resist him as he strapped me to the frame ort suspended me from the ceiling, often by my legs. He'd edge and torture my cock and balls until dawn. Often he'd have a friend or two come over to join in the fun. When these dudes were over, there were no "safe words" - no matter how much I yelled and screamed and twisted around, they just kept torturing my cock, balls and ass with the vacuum pump, e-stim box or flails and belts, until they left the following morning. By the end of a night with Robbie and his buddies, my dink looked like an eggplant and my balls ached for days.

Finally I moved out one afternoon when he wasn't home

That was then, this is now.....and ya know what.....I sorta miss having my cock savagely tortured.
I'd love to know what you think your most sadistic urges and fantasies are.

Leegs2012 48M
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2/10/2021 9:42 am

Great read!! Very HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

author51 58F  
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2/19/2021 6:38 am

You had me at Vancouver as I lived out there for 25 years..Great story..

You can never have enough JOY..xoxo


Idancenaked4uXXX 57M
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2/19/2021 6:48 pm

I'd love to masturbate for you, Author...

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