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firsthand experience  

Idancenaked4uXXX 57M
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5/23/2021 12:10 pm
firsthand experience

Do you remember the first time a man stuck his hands down your pants?
I remember it well...I was . It has happened fairly regularly since then, and I am well past my youth, and it still feels just as exciting.
It can be gentle or done quite roughly, and it all feels great.

I love the first embrace, the first hint that something is about to happen. Maybe the man<b> kisses </font></b>me - maybe he just looks me in the eyes, or maybe he just grabs me and forces his hand down to my meat - It has all happened to me.
I love that first slow nervous feel of a hand sliding down my bare belly, under my shirt, fingers slipping past my waistband....maybe he undoes my belt buckle (if I'm wearing one) ...most often he just slides his hands down slowly down my clean-shaven abdomen and mons area, to the top of my dink and runs his thumb along its length as he cups my balls - maybe he just goes right for it and starts stroking my weiner....
I harden in his hands...

Maybe he has a sense of urgency or is trying to be dominant, and slams me up against a wall or down on a table, bed, or floor....and shoves his hands in suddenly and forcefully to grab my clit and ballsack with authority and mauls me savagely. Its nice too....I do like it rough sometimes.

What is your style? How do you like to start things off?

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