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You Met Me at the Airport  

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10/3/2021 7:24 am
You Met Me at the Airport

I arrived at the airport.
You met me there wearing a very beautiful short white dress.
It showed your beautiful legs and your shapely breasts too.
I was immediately taken.
I could feel something grow in my pants and so I tried hard to hide it.
You greeted me with a kiss.
But not just any kiss. It was sensual.
Your tongue probed for mine and I offered mine up readily.
It was a beautiful kiss and didn't help the problem I was having in my pants.
You took my hand and lead me to a car.
We climbed in with you in the drivers seat.
I had no idea where we were going but I just had a feeling that I was going to like the destination.
As it turned out you had rented a hotel room for us.
It was very nice with a pool, hot tub, sauna, bar, and a very nice restaurant.
We checked into our room and I had a shower while you waited in the other room.
I thought that I heard something while I was showering but was not sure.
I climbed out of the shower and towelled dry.
That was when I noticed that the door was open just a little bit.
Now I know what I heard.
The idea that you were peaking at me in the shower excited me even more.
When I came out of the bathroom, you were sitting on the bed looking all innocent.
I think that you knew you had been caught but we both pretended that I didn't know.
We then headed down to the bar where we ordered drinks and made a reservation for the restaurant.
We talked and had a glass of wine while we waited.
It was really nice to finally talk in person and while we talked you held my hand rubbing it tenderly. It felt terrific.
Finally our table was ready and we were escorted to our table.
I was intoxicated by your beauty and sensuality. So I cannot even remember what we ordered.
Throughout the meal I felt your foot rubbing my leg. It was not helping my pants problem at all.
We skipped dessert because we wanted to get out of there and somewhere more intimate.
We headed up to our room and you excused yourself to go to the bathroom.
When you came out you had on a very revealing and sexy bikini. You said let's go to the hot tub.
Who was I to say no.
So I quickly put on my bathing suit and off we went.
We got very lucky as there was nobody else in the hot tub.
We had it all to ourselves.
The water was very hot and soothing. I loved the feeling of the churning water.
You sat beside me and cuddled with me. I liked that.
Then you faced me and gave me another kiss like the one at the airport.
I shuddered. Your tongue went deep into my mouth as if it was trying to reach my entire body from the inside.
Your hands were rubbing all over my body being very careful not to touch me down there.
Which was a good thing as I was having a hard time keeping things under control.
I took your lead and ran my hands all over your body too being careful to be a gentleman.
After a little of this we could not take it any longer. We had to get out.
We headed back to our room. You once again headed for the bathroom while I changed out of my wet towel.
I barely had time to put a towel around myself when you came out in the most sexy lingerie I have ever seen.
To top it off you were wearing the high heels that you had on when you met me at the airport.
My jaw dropped.
You walked over to me and pushed me back on the bed.
Then you started at my feet kissing your way up my body.
When you reached the towel I was wearing you skipped over it to my belly.
It was agonizing as by now you have driven me crazy and I so badly want you to remove my towel.
But you didn't.
You kept moving up my belly to my chest being careful to avoid my nipples.
Once again teasing me.
You are now rubbing your body on mine as you move up and start kissing my neck and ears.
This drives me crazy. I love having my neck and ears kissed.
The touch of your breasts and legs rubbing me through the fabric of your lingerie is electric.
I start to put my arms around you to touch and caress you but you stop me and push my hands back down on the bed.
You were definitely in control.
You once again kiss me full on the mouth. Probing with your tongue.
There is no hiding it now. I have a very hard erection under my towel.
You feel my erection on your belly and give a soft moan.
You then start moving back down with your mouth to my chest once again.
This time your tongue finds my nipple. You flick it with your tongue and it responds by getting very hard.
You move over to my other nipple and do the same.
Then you bite it softly.
A moan escapes from my lips.
You had no idea that I would respond like that but you liked it.
So you went back to the other nipple and did the same.
I moaned again.
Suddenly I felt your hand move down to my knee.
I didn't know what to expect but I sure knew what I hoped for.
Your hand suddenly moved up my leg under the towel and softly grabbed my cock.
I gave out a big shudder and almost had an orgasm right then and there.
Fortunately I was able to hold off.
I once again reached with my hands to touch you and you again pushed them back down on the bed.
You got off the bed and stood up and slowly removed your lingerie.
First you lowered it to reveal the most beautiful breasts that I had ever seen.
Then you lowered it farther to reveal your beautiful shaven pussy.
To top it all off you left those gorgeous high heels on.
You then reached down and removed my towel.
I was standing at full attention and you just stared at it.
Then you came over climbed back on the bed and once again reached out your hand.
You circled my cock with your hand and gently started to stroke it up and down.
You acted like it was the first cock you had ever seen (which of course was not true) but your reaction only heightened my arousal.
You took your other hand and cupped my balls ever so gently.
Again another moan escaped my lips.
You then looked up into my eyes and licked your lips as if to say, "Do you want me to?"
You did not need a reaction from me. You already knew the answer.
You slowly lowered your head to my cock while looking me in the eyes.
You then stuck out your tongue and licked the pre-cum that had already escaped my cock.
You again looked up at me and licked your lips once again.
Then you lowered your head again and started to<b> lick </font></b>my entire cock.
You then took its whole length deep into your mouth.
Well, as much as you could anyway.
You started sucking my cock while stroking its base with one hand and gently playing with my balls with the other hand.
I was in heaven.
Finally I had all I could take and I grabbed you by the shoulders and flipped you over on your back.
I kissed you in the same way that you had kissed me.
I could taste my cock on your mouth and it excited me.
I then started to kiss my way to your ears and down your neck.
You simply stretched your neck offering me even more to taste.
I then moved down to your beautiful breasts.
I could see that your nipples were already erect with excitement.
However, I wanted to take on the challenge of making them the most erect they had ever been.
So, I started by just lightly flicking my tongue over the tip of each one.
Then I ran my tongue around each one.
While I was licking one my hand lightly grasped the other between my thumb and index finger.
I gently rubbed it while at the same time sucking gently on the other.
You appeared to love it.
So I switched nipples and did it again.
I swear that your nipples were so hard that it had to be painful. But you seemed to love it.
I then moved my hand down your belly and to your thighs.
They did not take much coaxing as they opened wide for me.
There was no doubt where you wanted me to go next.
My hand caressed your thighs and around your pussy being careful not to touch anything too sensitive.
I wanted to tease you as much as you teased me.
Then I moved my head lower.
I got between your legs so that I could see your face.
Your eyes were closed but still telling me to continue.
So I moved my mouth down lower and lower.
Finally I reached your beautiful very wet pussy.
I licked around your pussy.
Then I licked your labia gently taking it in between my lips and tasting you for the first time.
Your scent and taste is intoxicating.
Then I moved up and flicked my tongue over your clit.
You moaned and shuddered with obvious delight.
So I decided to stay here for awhile and continue to<b> lick </font></b>and gently play with your clit.
Suddenly you moaned loudly and grabbed my head pushing my mouth hard against your clit.
That's when I realized that you just had your first orgasm.
I was convinced there would be more before we were finished.
So I climbed back up your body until our mouths were able to once again kiss.
We kissed and we both enjoyed the taste of your orgasm.
That's when you reached down and grabbed my cock again.
You steered it towards your pussy.
You looked me in the eyes and then placed it at the entrance to your pussy.
You had this look of longing for something that you so badly needed.
I did not need to be asked twice.
My cock never felt so hard before.
Your pussy was so wet.
I slowly entered and the feeling was out of this world.
I could tell you felt exactly the same way.
I slowly started to pump in and out.
Slow and gentle at first.
But by now we both knew that would change.
It did not take long before I was pumping harder and deeper.
I could feel your finger nails on my back.
Your legs wrapped around me.
Your breasts were flattened in between us.
Your nipples were still hard and poking into my chest.
I kept stroking. Never wanting it to end.
But I knew that it would.
I could not stop the inevitable.
I could feel it welling up inside me.
Finally I could not hold back any longer.
I shot my cum deep into your pussy and it lasted longer than I ever imagined possible.
You sensed that I was cumming and that sent you over the edge as well.
You started to have an orgasm as well.
It seemed to last forever and yet it did not last long enough.
Finally, I just laid on top of you and we shuddered together.
When the shuddering stopped, I rolled over as did you and you fell asleep with your arms around me and your head on my chest.

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