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New IM  

Imdirtnasty 49M  
2 posts
7/15/2020 10:47 pm
New IM

I Hate the New Instant Messenger It Sucks I Want the Old One Back!

Heels_N_Squeals 46F
56 posts
7/17/2020 3:13 pm

This site continually goes from bad to worse. It's mission of operation is to divide everyone by it's impossible level to communicate with one another, while at the same time profiting enormously off of those who are desperately jumping through endless hoops of monetary games by paying out the ass for memberships and tips on a site that's designed to make it a near impossibility to interact with one another. I find that ironic for a site that is supposedly designed for contrary of that, but hey, money talks. The newest version is the worst one yet, in my opinion. In fact, the IM is essentially useless these days anyway, since the entire ability to use it has been monetized via a system of tips, which of course nobody is going to pay 15 tip points, only to then deal with either an endless parade of losers OR nobody responding/reciprocating IM's on the other end (because they equally have to pay 15 points to open/reply, too). It's a complete joke!

Imdirtnasty 49M  
3 posts
7/17/2020 3:23 pm

You Said It Girl I Hear That!

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