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A fantasy of mine  

Imilkwood 50M
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9/5/2019 7:31 pm
A fantasy of mine

I have saved up my for an "All Vacation". My destination is a smaller-large city in a legal weed state. I have packed a few toiletries, along with a of slutty outfits and wigs. I 50 and I stand 5'8" 0 lbs. with semi well-defined legs. Even at my age, I can still fill the rod as solidly as I could 30 ago. The trade-off is I can't get off a dozen times a day anymore.
So my flight/room are booked, I have chatted with some like-minded people online the past few months. I have taken the time save a few glory hole locations (the first on the list is in the airport men's room,) and gay bathhouse addresses my contacts. I about with more dicks in a week than I have in my life(I count 48 as of right now).
Getting off the plane I buzzed with excitement. I have the next 5 days suck cock where no knows me. Plus, I but fifty feet from the first glory hole of the trip. So I step into the long narrow bathroom and listen to my loud echoing footsteps on my way to the back. As soon as I open the stall door the generous hole becomes visible. By the time I get the door locked and my bag set down there are already 2 fingers circling the hole. I kneel down and lick his fingers. As I settle in on my knees a perfect 5" thin cut super rigid cock pops thru the hole.
My lips leap like a frog on its prey. I forget I in public, I forget all my plans. There is just this cock right here in front of me. My lips clamp down on his tip as my tongue swirls. I till my lips touch are pushing against the wall of his belly. I buck hard, and puke fills my throat. I keep him buried like a plug I can work it back down. Its been over a year, and I impale my throat as if it was last night. I soon pick up a rhythm with my forehead playing the bass drum on the stall wall. He begins shoot as I swirling my tongue on his tip with no warning. I instinctively rock my head side to side while lowering my lips down his shaft. I moan while I feel my own cock strain for freedom, as I drain this stranger.
Once I have milked him dry. He says thank you 4 or 5 times while zipping up and heads . I sit on the toilet and savor the saltiness I have missed. Well, time to get this vacation started. I grab my bag and storm without a thought of cleaning the cum off my . I find my way the front of the airport grab a cab and give them the of the motel recommended by the Dominant Mistress I talked online.
Once at the front desk, they inform me I have been upgraded a jacuzzi suite at no extra charge and that I have several messages. He hands me an envelope with my room key and wishes me a pleasant stay. The room is a white leather couch and all gold Las Vegas-style decore. The Jacuzzi elevated in the corner with a mirrored wall and gold trim. I open a cooler on the table, full of my beer. I remember the notes. says have a beer and get cleaned up, the other was I will be in the hotel bar. So I grabbed my toiletry bag, got cleaned up and headed to the bar.
When I turn the corner into the bar, I amazed she is better than her pics. Tight ass jeans showing off that large round ass. Black leather thigh-high boots with 3" heels. A thin white blouse hiding a white push up bra working overtime. She smiles and we go thru the small talk introductions. She sounds relieved that I like I said I did and showed up. After chit-chatting about our online conversations and me giving her verbal consent, she invites me back her room.
Once she lets me into her suite, I quickly realize it is mine as well. When I turn around to say something, she has unbuttoned her shirt fully. And I forgot what I was going to say, She orders me nude, so I undress and fold my clothes to make her happy. She nods, and says better than what I expected, but could always better! Just then, there is a knock at the door. She lets in what looks like 2 40+ curvy blond women in leggings and tight t-shirts along with a retired plumber. The 4 of them talk in the corner for a minute then the plumber guy tells me I with him and leads me the bathroom.
He takes a wrench from his bag and removes the showerhead. Threading on a shut-off valve and hose with enema nozzle. Once the water is at temp he uses the shut-off. He orders me in facing the back. I push my ass back feeling for it but he is applying lube. He strokes my back and puts me at ease. Before I even know it I have a 4" wand in me, and I didn't even notice. The water comes slowly at first but that initial trickle is replaced with a gush. Once I feel like I too full and say something. He just pets my back and says shhh.
As my knees turn in and push my ass try and accommodate the water, he shuts off the flow. He slowly removes the metal wand from my ass, and I leak a little bit before I expel my contents on the shower floor. The water comes faster the second time, and I fill quickly. After my third round, I clear. He reaches for a bottle of wine, and an enema bottle from his bag. Soon the entire bottle is in my colon. He tells me stay put, and not expel I told to. He then turns grabs his bag and walks .
That cozy drunk feeling came on about minutes in. After minutes I was just as drunk as I wanted be for this experience. The door opened at probably 20 minutes I would guess, and the wine just jumped of me while I pissed. It was the 2 forty-somethings. They laughed at first but, told me to wrap up in a towel and come to the bedroom, so I follow them. They have pots of wax and moisturizer on both sides of the bed. Looks like I going hairless. I lay on my stomach and they start on my shoulders and they work to the middle and down at the time.
At about the time they are getting the middle of my back. My Mistress comes in with the gift of a blunt. Her outfit replaced with a black<b> crotchless </font></b>nylon catsuit and red heels and panties. She walks over crawls up spread eagle inches in front of my . The 2 women just keep going. She rolls over into doggie and pushes back against my mouth. My tongue throws that red string to the side in short order. I try to bury my tongue in her ass but its too tight. But after a little coaxing she loosened up enough I managed to slide in fully. At that time she dismounted the bed, lit the blunt and handed to me. Leaving without another word.
By the time they are at my feet and wanting me to turn over, I wanting stop. My desire to finally fully submit to a woman was right in front of me, and she wanted this. So I my blunt and rolled over. They are making fast work of me though. In no time at all, they reach the fold in my leg then jump over my hard cock my shoulders and work their way down. I have been rock hard the whole time. When they get it the holds it back with firm grip while the other waxed. once they are finished, they ask me slide the edge of the bed and pull my knees back. I remember the warmth feeling soothing, then Bright Lights! They stand me up and fully moisturize my entire body. At point I was getting a well-lotioned handjob from one woman. While the other lubricated my ass. So far that will be the best part.
Less than a minute after they , a woman in her mid late 50s comes in with several boxes. She introduces herself, as she starts opening a box. She pulls a FF breastplate (silicone tits made into a vest) and fastens it around my neck. I instantly have the largest most beautiful set of tits I have ever seen, and so realistic. Now a bra and panties are handed to me. She instructs me to set the panties off to the side we do something with that bulge. The bra is a black vinyl maybe rubber push up with red and white lace trim. She grabs my sac and gently puts my balls back inside me and tapes the skin my ass hold them inside. She places a long strip of tape on my cock at the base and runs it the full length. She then turns me around, reaches between my legs and grabs the tape down and back secure me tight my asshole. Stopping the tape short of my tailbone and ensuring its in place.
Now she pulls the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Just like the chest piece, a pair of shorts with the thickest ass you have ever seen for someone my size. Once I slip into the super snug fit, I give it a slap. Thick and juicy, 2 perfect half basketballs. I about be so ! She then laces on the Black latex with red silk trim and chrome rings corset super tight, and I like the perfect bimbo body on a straight-up dude . She sits me down in the bathroom and starts my make-up. I finally get some conversation of her, she works the make-up counter and the -end retail shop in town. I figured as much, or maybe a bored trophy wife.
She steps back and gives me a . She pulls 2 pixie style wigs, a strawberry blond, and a platinum blond with blackish undertones. After trying both on quickly she chose the platinum. Then the little black backless keyhole turtleneck tube dress slipped over me, Just long enough to cover the lines of the latex butt implants when I bend over. She pulls the skirt up and under my glorious tits and fixes garter strings to rings on the corset. On slide black silk thigh highs with a bright red stitch up the back, that feels marvelous with plenty of tension from the corset. Now the crown, black 4" heels with red soles.
While I admiring myself in the mirror she sends a text, then starts painting on the glossiest brightest red lipstick I have ever seen. She is just finishing up as my new Mistress walks in. She tries come in business-like but the shock of how well a little can make a man a woman read on her . She recovered and started telling me what my limits were in question form. She did good, didn't miss , and asked clarifying questions that were well thought and things I hadn't considered. After we are both happy with the limit conversation, she me the bedroom. I not going lie, the heels were a trip, drunk and for my first time in . On the dresser is a mirror with 2 long lines of cocaine and a straw...So are you ready party.... be continued

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