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wetting myself
Posted:Oct 25, 2020 10:24 am
Last Updated:Oct 29, 2020 7:51 am

I know everyone have fetishes..I know mostly about it even though I might haven't experienced of them. so I've been meeting with mr cutie regularly... almost every week for couple of months now. on our 3rd meeting, he told me about his fetish which includes.. me wetting myself or wearing an adult diaper and pee in it. ok honestly that's a bit weird at first, but it was pretty hot when we had sex. I googled it and done a bit research about it.

but I prefer to have an opinion from here hehe. so anyone have this kind of experience? what mostly turned guys on about wearing a diaper or wetting myself?? do you guys think that it's a bit weird?
just tonight
Posted:Oct 11, 2020 11:53 am
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2020 1:48 pm

I'm thinking about you
remember when I sat in your lap
looked deep into your eyes
tried to map your face in my mind
so I could remember this forever
my hands in your face
to feel you
touched my lips in yours
that moment when our lips met
you shake my world a little bit
then we kissed
like how two people supposed to kiss
gentle but needy
and it's getting stronger
full with passion
I was lost in it
I could see it in your eyes too
and it's your hands in my face now
you pulled me closer
so we can kissed deeper
when our tongue tangled
it was everything I've ever wanted
to kiss like this always
we took a second to breath
and we kept going
feeling your tongue licked my lips
teased me
I let out a smile and I looked at you again
tried to map your face in my mind
tried to remember this moment forever
it was so intimate I almost let myself think
that it's gonna last
brushed off that thought
I'm back kissing you
with passion that I have left
make yours tonight
just tonight...
in the car by the lake
Posted:Oct 9, 2020 3:05 pm
Last Updated:Oct 29, 2020 7:52 am

car is one of my fave place have sex. I just love the idea of small spaces with lots of challenge. so when mr swim coach asked for a night ride, I'm really excited. we haven't met for some time and he is my favourite fuck buddy so I crave him badly.

as soon as I'm in the car, I took his hand to feel my pussy. he smiled when he felt that Im not wearing any panties. we had a pretty long drive to the lake area and he was fingering me until I'm dripping wet down there. my hand was rubbing his dick and I couldn't help to suck it because he was rock hard. i told him don't cum now...then I played with it, felt it in my lips, licked his balls. I'm so horny. the drive itself took more than 20 mins and he's hard all the way.
we arrived and we drove around to find empty hidden spot because his car's window wasn't tinted.

when we finally stopped, I was all over him. opened his short and sucked his dick again. I leaned back my car seat, so I was on my back while he was on top of me almost standing ...and we kissed. the way he kissed me was like he's about to eat me, hold my head so I wouldn't move while his lips tangled with mine. I spread my legs, so one of my leg was on the back of driver's seat and my other leg was in my seat's window. it was pretty hot. I could feel his hard dick rubbing my pussy. then with his lips still in mine, he pushed his hard dick inside of me. all the way in. I could feel it stretched my pussy bit by bit, while spreading the pleasure all over my body. we both moaned in each other's mouth. it was too good and we both lose control. it was crazy and chaos where we grabbed each other's body, moved wildly, rough kissing, and his dick was so deep inside ...we cum almost the same time. I was begging him not to stop, and he didn't, until he felt my orgasm wetting his dick then he cum deep inside of me. and he still didn't stop, and his dick was still so hard. he kept moving it slowly in and out, enjoying the wetness. it drove me crazy cuz I could feel I'm building up another orgasm..I let him know and he still move slowly but he pushed it so deep and deeper until I finally get another orgasm. he let his dick rest inside of me for a bit. we were so sweating.

while resting, I put his dick back to my mouth just chewing it gently. when it got hard again, now it's his turn to sit on the passenger seat. he never had someone to play with his ass so I would love to do it to him. he leaned back while I kneel in the place where we rest our feet. a bit challenging but thats what makes it interesting. I started with his dick then sucked his balls and I kept going down and started to lick his ass. he loved it while I love his moan. hmmm such a victory. I played down there for a long time making sure that every inch of his ass, dick and balls covered by me. he was so hard, then he told me to sit on him. I was getting crazy all over again as soon as his dick was deep inside of me. he hugged me tight while I sit on his dick deeper, ride him, moved wildly, so intense I had another orgasm while kissing him. always the best feeling.

took me couple of second to gather my breath back and he said he would love to cum in my mouth. Im on my knees again, taste my cum in his dick then I started to blow him. his moan is such a music to my ears, him begging me not to stop when he almost cum and the moan become louder and he cum deep inside my throat.

took us some time to get our breath bac put our clothes on. resting a bit. then we drove back home.
leg day
Posted:Sep 28, 2020 2:04 pm
Last Updated:Sep 30, 2020 2:31 pm

in my weekly gym workout, I have 2 leg days..which is my least favourite. some of my friends when they had leg day, that soreness will come in the next day. but not for me. as soon as I'm done then I crawled home.

same thing happened yesterday. I helped mr newbie moved new apartment, we supposed open all those boxes and arranged it but he stand really close behind ..teasing...I could feel his breath on my nec he pushed bed, undressed himself so quickly, then put his knees between my head and started fuck my mouth. gag couple of times, he looked at me in the eyes, kissed me while wipe away my tears. and his mouth keep going down, played with my boobs, and my pussy. I could feel his tongue deep inside my pussy while his thumb rubbing my clit gently.

he put on a condom and let me ride him. since our first meeting, after tried most of the positions, we both loved it when I'm on top. his dick shape made it feels amazing when I orgasm from top like cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, reverse missionary. I didn't notice at all that I done a lot of squatting. there's this position where I will just squat and stay still and he will moved his hips up and down. I loved that... he made me cum so hard.

I started to sweat and he turned us around so he's on top now. asked me to lock my feet between his waist so he could go deeper in me. it was so good.. our body glued to each other, his dick felt so deep when we pulled each other closer. then I asked him to fuck me from behind. he pinned me to bed with his arm on my throat, I told him to bite me when I'm about to cum. and he did. totally different orgasm feeling. took a minute or for get back earth.

when I realise, I already back on top riding him. already got my strength bac and it continue with on top until he finally cum. he hugged and said..our sex is so much longer and better than the first. I'm sooo agree.

I got up get us some water and I started realise about my legs haha. damn, I could feel it shaking a bit already. I didn't think I ever doing squat this many in one session. I laughed at myself when he shouted from the room...im still horny. I came back with the water and my shaking legs while he still naked in bed with hard on. I opened the drawer and threw condom bed.

let's start with spoon.
Dont suck his dick
Posted:Sep 25, 2020 11:23 am
Last Updated:Sep 28, 2020 12:33 pm

yes, that's the secret with mr.cutie. met him again today in his place, as soon as we're inside the room, he pushed me against the wall and started to kiss me. his finger playing with my pussy while I rub his hard dic he whispered don't blow now. i nod and said, tell what do.

we undressed each other, then put in bed, while he started kiss all over and ended up in my pussy. he was down there for so long, I could feel his warm tongue playing in my clit and pushed it to my pussy, up and down, made it all wet. then while his tongue in my clit, he started to finger . one and then ..he had pretty good fingering skills.. and I loved how he asked if he's doing it right. when I felt that feeling of orgasm, it's getting wet and wet and he's asked ...are you close...yes, don't stop. and he didn't, until I finally cum all over his fingers and hands. he pulled out his fingers played with my wetness, licked his finger then gave a deep kiss. I could feel his hard dick rubbing my pussy and I want him again.

he sat in my face, we're doing 69 but instead of his dick, I played with his balls and his ass, licked it and slowly put a finger in, while he licked my pussy again. he's back kiss and whisper, do you want fuck you? yes please.
he put on a condom then put in doggie and pushed his dick inside of . oh yeah, that feeling was amazing. he fucked hard, pulled my hair so he could kiss .we both kneeling in bed, his hands squeeze my breasts. then he was on top of , fucked slower and deep while kissing when I felt that it built up again... oh yeah, I need that again. I told him I'm close so don't stop, and I could see for one second his face lighten up. keep kissing and looking at my face saying..cum for baby. and I did... oh the feeling when that pleasure spread the whole body can never be replaced. I was busy enjoying my orgasm when I realise he was still looking at lol...I looked at him back and smile...cant really form a sentence yet.

he opened his condom, stand in the bed and pulled up my knees and said now you can suck my dick ... we both laughed. I jokingly said...are you sure you wanna cum now? he said yes, I wanna cum in your mouth. then I started lick his balls, licked his ass again, and kept licking up until the head of his dic I played my tongue there...he had so much pre-cum. he pushed my head down and he moaned...gag couple of times, then he let me do the job. I sucked and licked him and he cum right away... shot it down my throat and like a good girl, I take it all...no mess.

he pulled me his arms..I asked him..how was it? so good. he laughed and said..we need remember less dick touching is the best...your mouth is dangerous haha. I know right.

im glad though, it's all worked out. I loved when both sides were able and willing to tal then mr cutie took shower....and what did you think happen there?
not my lucky day
Posted:Sep 21, 2020 1:56 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2020 10:14 am

so I've been talking with one guy for couple of weeks. he told that he's looking for relationship, which I immediately apologise because I'm looking for a different thing (and I don't think more than yrs age gap is suitable for that too).but he insisted that he was opened with the idea of casual fun. I said alright. but it's funny because he didn't asked meet right away for sex. he spent couple of weeks trying get know ... I did along.

so I met mr cutie today. he's a good looking guy but more to cute, like a baby face kinda guy. taller than me with light brown hair, no facial hair, and smell amazing. I arrived like mins earlier and he already waiting for downstairs. hmfirst sign of gentleman. I love that. but as we went his place I could tell that he was nervous. I'm thinkin shit. Gotta take it slow then. I'm trying read him so I could decide my next move.

he sat in the bed and I was standing in front of him. took his hands and put it in my body slowly, let him touched over. I could feel his hands in my thigh, rubbing it under my dress and went rub my pussy and my boobs then he grabbed my face and started kiss . he lay down in bed with top, still kissing while my hand rub his hard dick. then I took off his t-shirt and shorts then I started to lick him everywhere. and I done it slowly, take my time. he really did smell good everywhere, I was like enjoying my fave lollipop. found out that he loved it with I licked his ass too.

he undressed me and started to kiss me everywhere. he rubbed my pussy. I'm soaking wet down there. for some time, we masturbate each other while keep kissing. it's pretty hot and I'm really horny but I could feel there's a bit awkwardness in the air like he didn't know what to do next. or maybe it's just my feeling. so I kiss his body all over while stroke his dick at the same time. I'm about to suck his dick again while suddenly he grabbed me and he cum all over my boobs.

he pulled me to his arms to cuddle me with his cum between us. okay, I'm thinking we'll have some rest then. 5 mins later he started to with my clit. yeah, still wet down there. and I played with his dick and tried suck it again..slowly. and nope, he couldn't get hard. I was like damn it. he was so young but I know it's different with every guy. so we stopped masturbate each other. and just talked.

while cuddled, he asked ...do you wanna come over again soon? me still sexually frustrated answered okay (while remembering that in life I'll try anything twice before decided it's worth it or no).
so I got home, with him still texting me making sure that ill come visit him again. I swear he was too cute. I like that part.
let's see, if I do then I need to use new strategy to make it extra slow.

couldn't believe this happened...but hey sometime I win, sometimes I lose. c'est la vie lol.
dont cum..
Posted:Sep 19, 2020 3:32 am
Last Updated:Sep 21, 2020 1:07 pm

you know, reading the comments from my last post really get me through my shit feeling. so thank you thank you thank you. it means so much more than you can imagine.

so back sex. last night in bed I couldn't sleep, trying look for one night stand. around 1 am I found someone. lets call him mr newbie. he just arrived in my city 2 weeks earlier so he's still staying at the hotel. we exchange pics and spoke on the phone then I went his place. he was more cute than handsome. very nice smile with black hair, a bit taller than me.

as soon as we're in the room, I pushed him bed and told him to undress. lets skipped the foreplay. I took some condoms and he's naked. I reached out for his dick and started lick it..he moaned and I looked at him and said..dont cum till I said so. he nod.
he put on condom and slide his hard dick inside of . felt so good. we moved together but he kept stopping now and then.. I laughed and said don't stop..im close. he said..im trying, your pussy is so good. I laughed and said let be top.

so I started to ride mr.newbie. I love to sit in a dick, I love how I can always feel it so deep and move it the way I wanted. so I fucked him and didn't stop until I made myself cum. when it , it was like the drug I needed. can never get used how amazing that feeling is.
mr newbie still playing with my boobs...I started ride him again. he asked, can I cum now. I laughed and said no, one more time. I was busy pleasing myself, one his hand in my boob and the other rubbing my clit at the same time. I could feel that it's comin. I looked at him and said don't cum. he said I'm not. I fucked him faster... I got goosebumps when Im close...then I could feel it my whole body when I explode, like a waves. I was so wet down there. he smiled at and said ok thats enough..

mr newbie pinned in bed and started fuck from behind. I knew I could cum again if he continue. then he whispered ...can I cum in you face? I said yeah. he fucked faster then took off his condom in a hurry and cum over my face and mouth. he looked at , and he wipe off his cum slowly from my face with his fingers and put it in my mouth.

rest a bit, cleaned then I left.
not a sex blog
Posted:Sep 17, 2020 10:06 am
Last Updated:Sep 19, 2020 8:37 am

do you ever feel like there's a battle inside your head?
that you cannot control?
when you feel like your heart is keep breaking because of the shit this life throw you on.
I was surrounded by friends yet I never been so lonely in my heart
don't know who call or talk
Im looking at my phone desperate call someone
inside of me is screaming painfully
trying hold on something, trying get through this feeling
I keep telling myself it will pass soon...just hang on a little bit longer
tears won't stop streaming down my face
I went for a walk, I tried to cheer myself up
but I just look around..all those cars passing by, people walking
day turned to night and it makes feeling worse
and I was standing there thinking what am I doing
it's like I was trapped trying break free,
from all that painful feeling inside of
trying cry it off hoping I will feel better..
trying unload all my shit mind in this blog, hoping I will feel relieved
'no's' in sex..
Posted:Sep 2, 2020 4:21 am
Last Updated:Sep 3, 2020 3:49 am

woke up this morning feeling so horny.. as usual, I masturbate twice thinking about my last encounter with mr cuddler when I remember something. kinda inspired me write. I'm thinking about some stuff I didn't like in sex.

so when I met him couple days ago while I sat on his lap, he asked me spit on him..on his face. and I couldn't do it lol. it's pretty funny actually cuz I did try, I didn't have problem if I need spit on his dick but on his face...my saliva just dried up in my mouth. we just looked at each other and laughed. so i thought that maybe because I didn't like be spit on my face too while having sex.

and I didn't like to be slapped (face ). one guy did slapped me before and I automatically slapped him back haha. since then, whenever I request for rough sex, I inform them not to slap my face.

will never do anything with poop (ewww) not even want to try. glad no one ever request that too lol. my sense of smell is very sensitive ill ended up puking all over the room.

anything that causes blood on purpose also a big no no. I mean I don't mind if he scratched me accidentally and 's a little blood. but not by slicing or poking something in my skin.

tried candle wax once, totally turn me off. I like it , but not that kinda .

if a guy want with my feet then I don't mind but I'll never lick or smell or suck anyone's feet. the time ill touch anyone's feet is when I gave them massage.

I loveeee roleplay, wearing costumes, pretending to be a nurse, policewoman, a slut, or a teacher. but if I saw a guy wearing hardcore S&M costumes like in porn where all black leather, with leather mask covering his face, then I'll scream lol. that's creepy.

I think that covers it all. couldn't think of anything else. how about you guys, what's your no no in sex....im curious.....
not in the bed kinda day
Posted:Aug 31, 2020 2:42 pm
Last Updated:Sep 1, 2020 12:28 pm

I approached him in the sofa, sat in his lap and teased his lips with mine. kissed him slowly, his hands all over my body, while I rubbing myself to him. he told me to stand up and undressed in front of him. I took off my dress, bra and thong slowly.

still sat in sofa, he licked my breasts then he turned me around, bent me over with my hands in a coffee table (which was as high as my knees) and he started to lick my ass and finger my pussy. I beg him to fuck me but he put his dick in my mouth instead. hold my head still and tried to deep throat me, made me gag couple of times. I loved how his dick was all over my mouth and face.

when I had enough, I sat in his lap again with his dick deep in my pussy. I ride him. slowly at first, tried to absorb all the pleasure when he's inside of me. then I went faster..his hands in my waist and helping me move. I could feel that I'm close to cum. hold on tighter to his neck and pushed his dick even more deeper till I finally exploded. always the best feeling.

then he put his dick back to my mouth just so I could taste my own cum then kissed him to share it. I whispered in his ear...fuck me from behind. so he bent me over again with my hands back to coffee table while he was standing. pushed his dick in my wet pussy and fucked me hard.

mr.cuddler was really tall so he kinda lifted my waist so my feet was levitate. it was pretty hot and he made me cum once again which was amazing cuz my feet still not on the ground. I'm glad though that my orgasm didn't made my hands weak and dropped my face to the table.

took me a second to recover then I was on my knees and suck him again. he asked me where I wanted him to cum .. I said mouth. looked at me in the eyes and held my head and made me really busy down there. he's getting faster then I could feel that he shot his cum deep down my throat.

he pulled me back to sofa to cuddle.
busted with a dick in my mouth
Posted:Aug 13, 2020 6:15 am
Last Updated:Aug 15, 2020 11:19 am

was really in my city at the moment even in the evening. so when I arrived at mr feet's place I just jumped in the shower. he was in the kitchen snacking and watching tv while sat in the kitchen counter when I came out naked. he looked at me like he's ready eat me. he still sat in kitchen counter, I was standing between his legs..tried open his short. he was already hard hmm so nice, just looked at it made me wet. I grabbed it with my hand and I started lick it. he loved eye contact so my eyes locked on his when I pushed his dick inside my mouth. he moaned and his hand was in my head pushing it deeper. then he pulled my hair so he could kiss me. his lips hard in mine while our tongue tangled, amazing deep wet kiss. he still kissed me when I could feel his hands were under my arms trying to lift me to where he sat.

so I was in his lap holding on only to his shoulder at the kitchen counter. we still kissed when I felt that his dick pushed inside of me. I started to ride him, and he grabbed me tighter so I won't fell. it got wild from there, our lips still tangled, buried his face between my boobs, while I ride him fast to chase my orgasm. my gripped on his shoulder started to loose because of sweat so I'm counting his hugs. he's pretty strong, helped me move by lifting my body until I finally came. he kissed me then slowly helped us down from kitchen counter.

I'm back on my knees blowing him then he bent me over and fucked me from behind. he done it so slow this time, made me feel every inch of his dick when he pushed it in and pulled it out. he played with my boobs and his lips licked my ears, bite my shoulder from behind. I could feel that he tried to hold on not to cum. he sat me back in kitchen counter now with him between my legs. I wrapped my legs in his waist with him deep inside of me. I love this position..I told him to make me cum again. he kissed me and we started to move faster..I felt that immediately. then he put my legs in his shoulder and fucked me till I cum once again. it got so wet down there, he pulled out and rub it all over my pussy with his dick.

he said he wanted to cum in my mouth. so I'm back on kneel down and started to blow him. we obviously forgot the time when suddenly his flat mate opened the front door and saw us in the kitchen. he screamed I'm sorry, mr feet then threw oranges at him and told him to leave. he said: I'm going and closed the door while looking at me with a dick full in my mouth. I wanted to laugh. it was so funny but I'm just glad I didn't ended up accidentally bite mr feet's dick.
he looked at and we both laughed, he said sorry and I said that's fine. dick back to mouth and I blew him till he shot his cum down to my throat. hmm so much cum, I love that. didn't waste any drop. he took me to his room, locked the door and he called his friend that it's save to come back.

I stop laughing when he reached for my feet and kept going till his face buried in my pussy.
the new guy after lockdown
Posted:Aug 6, 2020 1:33 am
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2020 9:43 am

I haven't met anyone new since lockdown on April, so I'm kinda craving on that meeting stranger for sex feeling. I kept looking since the situation got better here. so yesterday I met one. it's a quick process which was my fave, exchange pics, spoke on the phone and set the date. so lets call him mr feet (yeah you know why). I'm a bit nervous when I arrived in his place, not because of him but because his apartment a 60th floor. gosh I hate high rise.

when he opened the door, I leaned in for a kiss and got a full French kiss instead. the blood rush my head. before I lost it, I stopped him so I could just wash my hands (yep!! ). he was really tall like 180 cm above, short blonde curly hair, and yeah younger than . we went for a cigarettes in the balcony..and I couldn't resist to rub the bulge in the jeans. his hand was all over then he leaned down for a kiss again. and I realise that he was an amazing kisser. wow... I told him that and we stand there kissing non stop. a proper kiss will have direct access to my pussy...im literally dripping wet already. still smoking and he knell down and lift my dress to with my ass. then he whisper in my ear that he's gonna fuck so hard. I looked at him and said..you should.

he dragged his room. I'm about open my heels and he said he will opened it. that moment I knew that he's into feet. I sat in a bed and he opened my heels slowly and smells it..both my feet and my shoes. then he stand in front of me while I unbutton his jeans. I saw his dick already from the picture, but when I saw it in real I'm quite surprised because it's bigger than I thought. size won't really matter for me but if it was too thick like his..then I will have problem when giving him blow job. I could only put a quarter of his dick in my mouth...if I forced it then almost half lol couldn't deep throat him too. so I tried my best to show him my blow job skills. he loved to look at me in the eyes while I blow him, his horny eyes turned me on even more.

he undressed me slowly and when I'm totally naked he took time to look at my body, played with my boobs, my ass, gave me some compliments. then we kissed again while he handed me a condom and asked me to put it on him. then he was on top of me, pussy' soaking wet but it's still a bit of shocked of how full it was when he entered me. he didn't stop, his lips in mine and hugged me tight and we moved so wild. he's a moaner ..so sexy. then he stand and carried and fucked at the same time. that was really hot...he was literally walked around and fucked me. pushed my back against the wall with my legs in his waist.. that position made me cum so intense... he didn't stop though, smiled and kept fucking me. it was all over the room. when we both sweating, the he put me down and fucked me doggie... pulled my hair and with my boobs.. kissed from behind, he fucked so hard, I cum once again.

when he's about cum, he opened his condom, I was on my back, he stroked his dick while my feet was over his face, smell and lick it, and he cum so much over my body.
that was really nice. we kissed again for a bit. had another cigarette then I left.
Posted:Jul 28, 2020 11:29 am
Last Updated:Aug 1, 2020 9:54 am

When he's all naked, I loved to please my eyes. looked at how messy his hair was, thick beard that always tickled my body, naughty smile and look, broad shoulder, and my eyes kept going down to his dick with me started rubbing my pussy. he joined me in bed then replaced my fingers with his mouth. spread my legs so wide and fucked my pussy with his tongue. then his lips kept going up, bit me all over, gave my boobs a lick and a squeeze, gave me a kiss and he kept going up until my head was between his knees. now that was my fave position for blow job.

he started to fuck my mouth. slowly at first, pushed it as deep as he could, helped me to deep throat. when I gagged then he stopped. when I get used to it, he will fucked my mouth harder. loved that a lot cuz I literally couldn't do anything and I always loved to see how far I could take it. it's like a challenge for myself, if I reached the limit then Ill tap him and he'll stop.

it's getting intense, so from my mouth mr owl gave me kisses while he positioned himself between my legs. I pulled him closer to me eagerly, reached his hard dick, rubbed it in my pussy and that moment...that second when we both felt that his dick pushed inside my wet pussy...all the way in..that pleasure was amazing. we both moaned in each other ear.

he held my body tight, kissed and moaned at same time while I wrapped my legs in his waist. that was one of my fave position too. it's not like his dick was in and out of my pussy but it's like his dick was deep inside and he just rubbed it (like drawing a letter o, clockwise or counter clockwise or up and down). that was really good, our body was attached and didn't let go at all. kept moving wildly until I finally cum, we could hear how wet I am when he kept rubbing his dick inside. we didn't stop, kept moving until he said he was close. I grabbed his ass to try to pull him deeper, locked my legs together, and he moaned and grabbed me so tight when he cum inside of me.

we stayed in that position for some time, on top of me, drenched in sweat, listening to each other's heartbeat, let his dick rest inside of me.

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