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you are someone
Posted:May 8, 2020 10:35 am
Last Updated:May 9, 2020 10:07 am

you are no one
it was fun between us
but somehow in between
I tripped
started notice something
about you
and before I even know it
I drawn you
I never understand how this works
this stupid thing called feeling
we never talked much
about us or anything
we never crossed that line
but I'm being a typical girl
that always noticed something
small that makes you...you..
then it happened...
oh believe me
I hate it so much
it just me thinking out loud
because I'm trying so fucking hard
control my mind
kill this feeling
but some nights..I couldn't stop
the thought of how much I've missed you
even though we haven't met for months
or probably never will
I still remember your smell
the stupidest thing ever, I know
just need some more time
to get over it
to hold on a little bit more
til the waves that hit me passes
but you're never no one....

wrote this couple nights ago. I really need to have sex ASAP otherwise this mellow emotional idiot part of Indi will resurface and I don't like it at all. i have this weird crush feeling for mr swim coach (do you guys remember him lol) that's not even around at the moment or at all.

but we kinda keep in touch in the strangest way... hints here and there...it's just too complicated to even try to explain it. but it does fucked with my mind at the moment. imagine being at home for months and this particular person keep popping up in mind now and then. some part its a struggle thinking about him but other part, it kinda help me going through this quarantine all by myself. fucked up, isn't it? I blame it to the lack of sex !!!

come on, Covid....stop this already!

im gonna go and slap myself....

stay safe friends...
Been too long...
Posted:May 5, 2020 8:46 am
Last Updated:May 7, 2020 2:08 pm

Hi everyone...
how are you guys doing?
yeah, I'm still stuck at home, more than 40 days now. all alone, not even meeting colleagues and friends. getting crazy here haha ... one thing I learned, it's not easy to make yourself busy at all. we are allowed to go out for a bit so the most interesting in my life at the moment is going for groceries.

I think I still have another month to go by in quarantine. really hope everything will get better soon. I don't even know what day it is.... day passes like a flash in my eyes. woke up then boom..it's getting dark again. and what I did in my day? nada, none, zero lol.

this horny feeling also getting out of hand. some days I can handle it, some days I can't. I'm surprised at myself though I can last this long, well...I did almost sneaked out quite many times...but so far I haven't do it yet.

really tough situation.... all I can do is to try to think positive. and lots of porn haha.

anyway...just thinking out loud and checking in. I miss the old days. I hope everyone doing good out there...wherever you are....

please take care and stay safe...
current situation
Posted:Mar 20, 2020 6:57 am
Last Updated:Apr 3, 2020 3:55 pm
not doing much really. just spending time a lot at home alone and I kinda like it. but if I masturbate like 5 times a day is it normal lol...

At the moment...
Posted:Mar 12, 2020 3:20 pm
Last Updated:Apr 5, 2020 1:37 pm

just checking in... havent had much inspiration lately to write because of what happened In the world at the moment.! And...Havent had sex for a while (too scared to go out). So im really really horny. Especially tonight. Well, im just gonna read some blogs here and start to play with myself

Hope everyone is doing alright

Stay safe ..
from behind kinda day
Posted:Feb 16, 2020 12:40 pm
Last Updated:Mar 6, 2020 2:22 pm

it was a long day at work for me so I was so glad when I arrived at his place.. felt relax instantly as soon as I smell him. he was sitting in the sofa and I got some drinks. looked at him from head to toe...from his dark long hair, bearded, tats everywhere...my mind started making me crazy.. I approached him slowly and standing in front of him ...getting real close. he looked at me with his hands started to pull my pants down...felt his touch in my thigh..and he started to kiss and lick my belly and keep going down...opened my underwear with his mouth with his fingers in my pussy. started rubbing it.

he got up from the sofa and kissed me so I could undressed him...rubbing his hard cock...I wanted it inside of me so bad. but not yet, he bent me over by the bed and he knell down so he could eat me. grab my ass and spread it and started licking it ...ass pussy clit, up and down...then I could feel his fingers inside of me, then his tongue.. he made me crazy.

then he sat back in the sofa and slowly pulled me back to sit on him..like a reverse cowgirl..oh that was really nice... I started riding him...his hands all over me in my back, then grabbed my boobs from behind... that was really good, made me cum so fast. I kept going...wanting more and now my feet no longer in the floor..it was both in the sofa..and I ride him faster...his hands both in my hips helping me to move..

then when we took a breath, he got up and carried me from behind with his cock still inside of me and bent me over in bed and fucked me again till I cum once more. he slowed down, I could feel that he started to rub my ass...made it all wet with my cum..the slowly he put his fingers in...he moaned and started to fuck both of my holes.

he pushed me to the middle of the bed and I'm in my four... he fucked me almost standing..hard and fast...and I could feel my orgasm built again... oh yes, I told him to keep going and going until I finally cum once more... he didn't stop..he moaned and finally he cum all over my back to my ass...so much cum... we both collapsed in bed. tried to get our breath back.. he rub his cum all over my back and ass... played with it, his fingers circled around it..

I was enjoying it...didnt notice that he got hard again...I was still in my belly relaxing when he spread my legs, lift my hips a little bit and entered his hard cock to my wet pussy again. we both laughed and it's all started again.
how it feels...
Posted:Feb 13, 2020 9:44 am
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2020 7:21 am

I was laying down in bed...horny.. thinking...  what makes it so good when we had sex..it was constantly made me horny everytime i think about the way you touched me. Was it the chemistry? Or Maybe its shape of your cock?

It was on mind, the way you kissed me, our lips was pressed hard on each other with our tongue tangled, you held head with both of your hands so the kiss could continue. that kiss always made me so wet... i could always feel it.. and when i stroked your cock with your shorts still on.. you were so hard and ready me too..

Do you remember when we just stand there.. kissed and undressed each other.. the bed next to us but we just stand there touching each other..
Your hard cock between us with hand stroked it while your fingers in pussy played with wetness...
then i lift one of leg.. so you could rub your cock all over wet pussy
That really drove me crazy... when your rub clit with your hard cock.. up and down to pussy but you didnt put it in.. we still kissing but im about to beg you...our body was so close.. im about to beg you to fuck me.

Then slowly with one leg still up.. you pushed it in.. slowly.. oh i could feel every inch of your cock inside of me...how it slide deep inside.. we let out a moan.. weakness in feet as the pleasure spread so fast... i could feel it between veins.. from pussy it travel through arms and legs and keep continue to all over body..
You could see it in face.. the needs inside of me. Im holding on to your shoulder and we both looked down... that view when you pulled your hard cock and it’s all wet and shiny from wetness.. was the best view.. then you pushed it back in again.. and out and in,  we kept looking at it amazed.. you moved faster then slowed it again.. made ourself crazy.. it was so hot.

Or when you were in deep sleep and i crawled and started to suck you. It took time you to wake up but as soon as your cock grew hard inside mouth, you pulled me up to kiss me and slide your cock inside of me while im on top... maybe it’s the shape of your cock.. it’s like it touched the certain spot inside of me.. and it always made me so hard... i loved to hear that proud laughed everytime i .. wet your cock even more.. you loved it and you played with it.. and you licked it. And you started to fuck me again..

That look in your eyes when you’re on top of me..so wild and naughty and you didnt slow down.. loved when you turned us around to 69... i sucked your cock til you inside mouth while your tongue in pussy... or when you knell down in bed and you fucked mouth til you .. your moan was such a turned on..

im thinking about it tonight..to taste you, to feel you rub your hard cock all over me....
failed teacher
Posted:Feb 9, 2020 12:00 pm
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2020 6:49 am

if you ever remember post before about mr carbonara. good cook, cute, tall, but not very good in bed and can't really kiss? I still met him regularly for a night out or just a relaxing night together in his place. he's such a good company, loves to feed me haha and we both love movies.

I vow to myself before from my previous post that I'm gonna taught him a little bit in bed.and I did. in bed we discussed which one's nice and which one's not or which position was better or where to touch...and that's not once or twice...we done it many times and lots of discussion...

when we met, we had sex always more than once...he's good at teasing me to get me horny but I felt like I'm having sex with a first timer. he's a cool guy, always want to learn, but is it possible that someone just not good at it? hey, I'm not saying I'm good at it..im just looking through wider perspective to see what can be done.

I'm not complaining, I just feel that i couldn't teach him properly or how to improve us in bed...and that still made me wondering..

what else can I do?
On my knees
Posted:Feb 7, 2020 6:35 am
Last Updated:Feb 9, 2020 11:34 am

As soon as i arrived
He lips already in mine
Kissed me rough while
Pulled me to bedroom
Didnt bother to undress me
He pushed me down
To my knees
Let me opened his pants
Showed off his hard cock
Oh so hard..
And shoved it to my mouth
Gag me..
Struggled to breath for a second
Then he held my head by the hair
And fucked my mouth
Looked me right in the eye
Loved to see his expression
How he enjoyed that
He wipe my teary eyes after
Gag me again so i could see
Him clearly..
Lick and suck everything
Down there
I loved to feel when he’s
About to cum
I could feel his cum pushed
Through inside his cock
Like its on marathon
To come out
And i could hear loud moaned
Before shot all his cum
Down to my throat
Licked him clean...
he pulled me up
Then kissed me
Long wet kiss with
cum taste in my mouth
That really turned me on
That’s my favorite
He opened my panties then
Started to play with his
Fingers there...
still kissing me, he lowered
His body and started to carry me
With my legs between his hips
And he slide his cock inside..
Gang bang... yes!!
Posted:Jan 26, 2020 9:13 am
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2020 9:34 pm

Not planning this as well. It was after dawn..still with mr tall (, he was so naughty wasnt he? ) im still wide awake talking of friend in other part of the world. Then suddenly i got a video from mr.tall lol.. he said hes downstairs building.. lets have a party. I knew already what kind of party that was. I said now? lets go.. im bringing you of very handsome friends. I laughed.. seriously? He quickly sent me his pics with his friends and i did recognise them from that first night. Oh ... yummy.. so i got ready and jumped in the car with them. We arrived at their place.. i never done gang bang before but they’re so nice i didnt feel nervous. Mario was not there so they all guys for except mr tall.

We were sat in living room talking and drinking.. i noticed of the guy kept looking at .. lets called him mr alesa.. (i forgot the last guy’s lol.. lets him mr iforgethename). Mr tall sat next me and he sat closer and closer.. then he just leaned and asked for a kiss. Hes a good kisser.. slow but deep..so sensual.. loved feel his lips and his tongue In mine. He pulled him til i sat in his lap still kissing. We kissed so passionately with that 2 guys staring at us. Then he got up carried bed.. the other 2 guys followed.

He put in bed and they all undressed in front of . Hmm the best view ever.. 3 naked guys in front of .. mr tall came closer so i started blow him.. mr alesa Took off dress while mr iforgetthename took off bra and underwear. Mr alesa played with boobs while mr iforgethename started rub pussy. I love his fingers there.. he rub so gentle.. in clit.. and slowly fingered . I started lose focus. mr tall lay down in bed and i sucked him on ... then mr iforgetthename was on our side with his cock in hand stroking him.. and i could feel mr alesa licked pussy while he wore a condom and then he started fuck .
Oh god...that was amazing feeling... i tried keep focus on sucking mr tall and stroking mr iforgethename.. not an easy job at all lol. Then the guys changed... i was on top riding mr iforgetthename and both other guys were standing in bed on our left and right.. their cocks in both of hands and sometimes in mouth. Feeling lots of hands in body was a turn on. Imagine your hair being pulled, your mouth being gagged by a cock, hand in your throat, your boobs got squeezed and your pussy get fucked... all at the time... amazing!!

We had rest and there.. i was in the toilet for cleaned up and when i came i saw the sexiest view ever haha.. those guys lay side by side resting in bed naked while smoking and drinking haha.. loved that view.. i jumped bed between those guys.. and we chatted about .. while kept rubbing each other.. i was on belly when mr tall started explore body with his hands.. and i reached suck mr alesa cock.

Then Mr tall pushed lay down so he could fuck from top... while i had cocks right on where i sucked and stroked at the time..
I would love them cum all at the time in while i kneel down like in the porn movie haha but mr tall said he wanted cum in the end with . So we started again.. cant remember all the position that we .. we did tried anal a little bit but i become kinda passive since im still not it.. and they it alone.
We played in the room all night and i just had orgasms from those 3 guys haha.. i was busy having 2 guys before but now with 3 guys.. i was like super busy..they pleasured a lot but It’s just not happening.. couldnt focus. So much fun though.

Mr alesa and mr iforgethename cum together in body and while mr tall still fucking .. then they laid down beside us and watched. i felt so sexy covered in cum... not for mr tall though.. he’s mumbled his friends and kicked them of the room. Got some tissue and cleaned me then he was on top of me again started to kiss me and said: finally you’re mine again. He was so deep inside of me...his lips biting mine, his tongue everywhere in body, licked . His hands grabbed and said.. cum for . So sexy. This is why i always think that on is the best. and it didnt took long before he made cum more time. He was favorite.. the nicest cock from all of his friends haha. He opened his condom when hes about cum and i sucked him til he cum in mouth. Delicious!!!

We had rest a bit... its been hours.. sun was shining so bright. Mr tall helped get dressed and he jumped the car with we and took home.

Now i know how it feels like.. the next gang bang will be better i think. (if i decide do it again lol)

What a night!
Unplanned MFM
Posted:Jan 23, 2020 8:26 am
Last Updated:Jan 24, 2020 12:05 pm

So lets ask one of my friend to join us? I had this devilish smile in my face and he laughed at me and said i knew you want it haha. So Mr. Tall jumped out of the bed.. still naked and out to living room.. and asked one of his friend and i could heard cheering and laughing and arguing haha. Hey if i could fuck all of them i would... yeah yeah.. call me easy, call me cheap...whatever, i just couldnt resist hot guy lol.

i sat in the chair drinking my gin tonic.. when mr tall came back laughing and still naked hmm that cock.... i said come here... so he was standing in front of me.. and i put his soft cock directly in my mouth.. oh so nice... i loveee blow job... i love to feel how it getting hard inside my mouth. Love to hear his moan... when i got busy sucking him suddenly i felt another pair of hands opened my towel thats covered my body.. i looked at him and mr tall and they both looked at me with this naughty smile.

Mr tall was blond with fair skin and the other one was dark tall bearded handsome kinda guy.. mr tall said.. indi this is mario, mario this is indi. He smiled to me and said ciao, bella then im back to sucking mr tall’s cock while mario started to touch me all over, licked my boobs while he fingering me.. i was dripping wet down there and started to lose focus when mario pulled me to bed where he laid down and i was on my four sucking him. Mr tall licked and fingered my ass from behind... mario got up a bit to kiss me then i heard mr tall put on a condom and started to fuck me... i stop for a second from sucking mario because of the pleasure thats spread to my body. He fucked me so hard and deep.. and he pulled me back so i was knelling in bed with him while he squeeze my boobs.. mario stand up in bed and pushed his cock into my mouth again.that was pretty hot position.. i was literally sandwiched.

They want to fuck me in the ass but i still not confidence about anal so my ass was left alone. After mr tall fucked me.. not yet , he laid down beside us where mario pulled me on top so i can ride him..mr tall watching us while he’s stroking his cock. It was so intense i got another .. mario looked please to see his cock all wet. Mr tall said its my turn while pulled me from on top of mario and fucked me from top. Mario took off his condom and fucked my mouth .. he asked me can i in your mouth.. i said yes.. suck and stroke his cock while i get fucked was pretty hard job lol.. couldnt focus on my pleasure... then finally mario inside my mouth while i still getting fucked mr tall.

Then mr tall made me one more time..we’re all wet with sweat.. slippery and i felt pretty sexy getting fucked with a taste in my mouth... then mr tall said that hes about to ... he opened his condom.. and with my head between his legs.. he all over my face... glad he avoided the eyes. his cock still hard, he rubbed it all over my face so i could taste his .

Wow.. pretty amazing.. we spent time to relax in bed, smoked and drink.. room was so messy and smelled like sex, condom was in the floor everywhere. Mr tall went to living room to order some room .. while mario still smoked beside of me in bed... he looked at me and we laughed.. i said finished that cigarette first haha.. he threw it somewhere instantly... and he started to kiss me while his finger rub my pussy. Mr tall came back to the room, looked at us with disbelief look and said.. guys.. i thought we’re gonna eat first??
That long great night...
Posted:Jan 21, 2020 8:47 am
Last Updated:Jan 23, 2020 5:25 am

Im gonna called him mr tall. Just because he was so tall.. like 193cm. We got talk around pm.. im bored at home and he said great, i just checked in.. come if you wanna swim, i have this amazing pool
In my room. Well i work in hotel so i have this love visit and stay and compare hotels. And i do know that one hotel just opened not long ago with 60 storey high.. the amazing thing is that every single room have a pool outside. Yep! Pretty awesome. So i asked him are you stayed in that hotel.. he said yes. Right.. im coming. Shall i bring swim suit or we can swim naked? He said naked. Cool.

He waited for me outside and we walked to his room. Hes really tall and really slim and Very talkative too. I teased him.. first time here and already horny huh? He laughed.. thats why im waiting for you haha.
The room was great.. huge.. his friends having dinner there and we got introduced. Damn all handsome yum.. im like a surrounded by candies in candy store.

He was hurry to pull me to his room.. Made me a drink then i asked his help to unzip my dress... i was only on my bra and underwear When i climb him in bed and we kissed .. rubbing my body to his on top. I rememeber hes holding a cigarettes in bed.. so he got up to throw it. I undressed him and im rubbing his cock hmm... so nice and hard. I gave him blow job while he’s standing...
Oh so tasty... tried to deep throat him but his cock was so long... he gag me couple of times... he lay down in bed and i sucked him even more, played with his balls and he loved it when i licked his ass. He put on a condom and pulled me up and let me ride him. Love how he’s a bit rough in bed. Hugged me tight and kissed me while he pushed his cock hard... it was too good.. made me cum in an instant.

He fucked me doggie now.. hard and fast and we could look at ourselves in the mirror.. it was really hot... how he spanked me and pulled my hair... his cock was deep inside of me and he pulled to hug me and made both of us knelling in bed. Im so tiny comparing to him. Squeeze my boobs hard.. that position was really hot. He was really hot and i love his stamina... we had sex for almost an hour...then had cigarettes break while he smoked and i blow him.. then while i smoke and he licked me... and he put on another condom and fucked me for more than 45 mins... i was in heaven.. i lost count on how many times i cum... i just need more and more. Finally after so many condoms everywhere in the floor...he asked to cum in my mouth... so i blow him licked his ass til he cum deep inside my throat.

We looked at each other and laughed. Nice? I said really nice. Gave me a cuddle and we had a drink and i asked him: so.. is there gonna be second round? Haha ( yeah no matter how Long we had sex the first time its only first round lol) he said: yeah if you still want it.. give me 5 mins or so hahahaha... great...

I started lick and with his coc. with my drink still in my hand... then he said.. lets ask one of my friend join us?

To be continued
To all of you :)
Posted:Jan 19, 2020 9:38 am
Last Updated:Jan 30, 2020 7:37 am

I just realise something. exactly one year ago today, I supposed to get married after 9 together and it all falls apart and for the next couple of weeks last year I was locking myself up at home all alone..picking up all the pieces of my heart and tried to mend it. I'm all sorts of fucked up.

its been a year... I'm always surprised of how fast time flies. when I think of it...I can still remember all those awful feelings...of what I should do just to survive another day. I remember calling my sister day and night crying and screaming...fuck.. I hate myself that time.

oh yeah...the broken heart heals slowly... I'm actually glad that I didn't ended up to marry the wrong guy..but lets not think about that. past is past.

I remember though...couple of months after that around march, I signed up again in the AdultFriendFinder ...simply because I love sex too much and I do need sex haha. I could easily picked up a guy in the club but I much prefer to talk and get to know each other a bit before we hooked up. too many psychos out there...im one of them hahaha... only in certain situation haha.

anyway, I met one or two guys that become regular and some ONS which was great. but thats not really the .
the important is that I'll never forget was the day that when I started write blogs...either about sex or about me or whatever...and I got to interact or got advise or got comment from everyone that read my blogs. and I'm proudly say that it's kinda my turning . no matter what kind of site this AdultFriendFinder...that very first day when I wrote my first blog and read the comment.... thats the first time that I'm actually felt better in months. that I don't feel alone at all.
im fucking serious.

and time passed and i got to know some of you deeper and even become friends.... it was really great....this blogville actually save my life in some way... all of you..that's been reading and commenting my blogs....it might not a big deal for you guys but It kinda big deal for me. I have new friends and I get to talk about things that I love.

am I being too emo? lol...anyway....im just glad to be here today...saying 'fuck you' to one year ago. and thank you thank you thank you to all of you that's been there for me when I needed someone the most.
and for all the guys that I met here or other places...let's keep on fucking

thank you
ass play
Posted:Jan 16, 2020 4:06 pm
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2020 3:31 am

I was laying down on my belly
with him kissing my back slowly
bite here and there
squeeze my ass hard and spread it
and I could feel his tongue
started licking my ass..
tickled it..then spit on it...
he kept licking from my ass
To pussy and my clit...
drowned his face down there
I let out a sigh when he started
fingered me .. one and then two fingers...
I'm soaking wet...
then he rub my ass
with his thumb...
and slowly pushed his thumb inside
he was so busy down there
fingered both of my holes
fast...and hard...
we could hear how wet I am
I moaned and told him that I'm near
he fingered me faster til i
finally cum all over his fingers...
he had this sexy laughed while
playing with my cum down there
rub it everywhere
he jumped to my back
whispered relax, I'm gonna fuck your ass...
when I felt he rub his cock
all over my wetness and
pushed it real slow to my ass..
I still hold my breath...
still a bit nervous..
pushed it bit by bit ..
till his cock was all the way in...
he moved slowly
pinned me down so I couldn't move
he started to go faster
faster than that first time
I could feel a little bit of pain
mixed with pleasure
he didn't slow down
I grabbed a pillow
we both moaned hard
even with so much oil
or how relax I am
ass gave so much more grip
I could feel his hard cock
was pushed deeper
he started to lose control
moaned louder
and he whispered that
he's about to cum
he spread my ass and
went faster then finally
he cum inside my ass..
he let his cock inside for some time
got our breath back
when he pulled it
he spread my ass
To see his cum leaking
he loved it..
so much cum everywhere...
he wrapped ourselves with towel
then showered together
with his cock deep in pussy
this time..

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