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leg day  

Imthatgirl1122 39F
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9/28/2020 2:04 pm

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9/30/2020 2:31 pm

leg day

in my weekly gym workout, I have 2 leg days..which is my least favourite. some of my friends when they had leg day, that soreness will come in the next day. but not for me. as soon as I'm done then I crawled home.

same thing happened yesterday. I helped mr newbie moved new apartment, we supposed open all those boxes and arranged it but he stand really close behind ..teasing...I could feel his breath on my nec he pushed bed, undressed himself so quickly, then put his knees between my head and started fuck my mouth. gag couple of times, he looked at me in the eyes, kissed me while wipe away my tears. and his mouth keep going down, played with my boobs, and my pussy. I could feel his tongue deep inside my pussy while his thumb rubbing my clit gently.

he put on a condom and let me ride him. since our first meeting, after tried most of the positions, we both loved it when I'm on top. his dick shape made it feels amazing when I orgasm from top like cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, reverse missionary. I didn't notice at all that I done a lot of squatting. there's this position where I will just squat and stay still and he will moved his hips up and down. I loved that... he made me cum so hard.

I started to sweat and he turned us around so he's on top now. asked me to lock my feet between his waist so he could go deeper in me. it was so good.. our body glued to each other, his dick felt so deep when we pulled each other closer. then I asked him to fuck me from behind. he pinned me to bed with his arm on my throat, I told him to bite me when I'm about to cum. and he did. totally different orgasm feeling. took a minute or for get back earth.

when I realise, I already back on top riding him. already got my strength bac and it continue with on top until he finally cum. he hugged and said..our sex is so much longer and better than the first. I'm sooo agree.

I got up get us some water and I started realise about my legs haha. damn, I could feel it shaking a bit already. I didn't think I ever doing squat this many in one session. I laughed at myself when he shouted from the room...im still horny. I came back with the water and my shaking legs while he still naked in bed with hard on. I opened the drawer and threw condom bed.

let's start with spoon.

Imthatgirl1122 39F
1777 posts
9/28/2020 2:05 pm

and nope, I'm not going home for the whole weekend.

Paulxx001 63M
16787 posts
9/28/2020 2:44 pm

Sounds like a plan.Spoons? 🤔 🔥 🍷🍷❗🌹🌹😎

Imthatgirl1122 replies on 9/30/2020 2:15 am:
spooning position... we lay down on our side..

DoctorBooty 39M  
6374 posts
9/28/2020 4:20 pm

Hopefully nonstop fucking all weekend

Imthatgirl1122 replies on 9/30/2020 2:15 am:
yeah we did.. weekend work out

Prince_0x0x0 53M  
18 posts
9/28/2020 4:35 pm

i must say l love leg week

Imthatgirl1122 replies on 9/30/2020 2:16 am:
haha only in bed

MyBaffies 51M
4409 posts
9/29/2020 1:19 am

Who needs to go to the gym on leg-day when you can stay at home and get all the exercise you need?!


My Blog: MyBaffies

Imthatgirl1122 replies on 9/30/2020 2:17 am:
yeah much better doing leg day on a bed

profcoquin27bis 56M
3446 posts
9/29/2020 3:48 am

reverse cowgirl is one of my favourite !!! also amazon !!!

Imthatgirl1122 replies on 9/30/2020 2:18 am:
I like amazon too...but depends on the shape of his dick

forgotforgetting 54M
7236 posts
9/29/2020 9:43 am

Bravo! Well played.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Imthatgirl1122 replies on 9/30/2020 2:19 am:

Leegs2012 47M
56446 posts
9/30/2020 1:51 pm

I adore you and your sexy LEGS!!

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