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perfect distraction  

Imthatgirl1122 39F
1363 posts
6/29/2020 10:11 am

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7/11/2020 7:53 am

perfect distraction

I've been meeting with mr cuddler lately (you can read about him in my prev blogs).so yesterday I was just left my apartment meet him when I got a phone call. it was from HR at my work telling me come tomorrow. I knew that was it. we were in the middle of cutting lots of staff and yesterday it was my turn. I turned back home and texted back to mr cuddler saying I couldn't come. as soon as I'm home I called my sister in Qatar and cried saying that I lose my job.

Ive been working my whole life and I never once got fired. I knew I could only blame this to the fucking pandemic but I felt like this was the biggest blow to my ego. my job was something that I can always tell myself to be proud of because I'm really good at it. I knew I'm not the only one, but I was on the process of acceptance and its pretty hard. after my sister calm me down, I saw lots of from mr cuddler asking what happened. he told come so I won't be alone. I agreed. i seriously didn't want cry again.

as soon as I arrived, he handed a glass of really cold white wine haha...made laugh because he was waiting for finish it in one sip so he could add some more. then we were just in the couch talking about it and finished a bottle together.

so that night was about . he said he will made happy haha. we were naked in bed. he gave deep wet kisses while he fingered . his lips was everywhere in my body, in my ass, my pussy, licking my clit so gently and for so long. he made cum with his fingers, then hurried lick so he could taste my cum. won't let rest for long then his dick was inside of from behind. pushed it as deep as he could and he made cum once more.

that was just the start. night long he fucked my holes. pussy then my mouth so I could taste my own cum, then he fucked my ass hard then cum inside. that was so hot. he told that I could do anything him. so every couple of hours when I felt horny (yeah again), I will just sucked his dick and when its hard then I will ride him. made myself cum again and again. or I will sat in his face, forced him lick the way I liked it.
and id like taste him so he cum in my mouth before we finally went sleep.

I slept well that night. woke and I didn't felt that bad like last night. my head was clearer a little bit. I'm still pissed off for sure but this was just another thing I need face. like my sister said... it's just a job, not a life.

I'm really grateful for mr cuddler for being there last night. rather than crying pointlessly I was receiving a whole lot of pleasures which was amazing. I think it's rather true that great sex can possibly cure anything.. temporary or longer. perfect distraction.

right, so after 9 years being with the same company, I seriously forgot how apply for job now...

Imthatgirl1122 39F
1656 posts
6/29/2020 10:19 am

stay safe

scoupe42 57M  
8817 posts
6/29/2020 11:10 am

This is a story, you should publish, so they can make a short movie on "Skinamax"!

Imthatgirl1122 replies on 6/30/2020 2:40 am:
thanks a lot

12760 posts
6/29/2020 11:30 am

*Sorry To Read That You Lost Your Job*

Nice Distraction Though!!

~Stay Safe Too


Imthatgirl1122 replies on 6/30/2020 2:40 am:
thanks jack

RickR45PA 45M
2 posts
6/29/2020 11:37 am

Sorry to hear about your job. When you can get your head around it you may see that finding your next job makes you grown in confidence. Good luck!

Imthatgirl1122 replies on 6/30/2020 2:41 am:
finger crossed. thanks a lot.

Mr_Mercedes 59M
216 posts
6/29/2020 12:21 pm

Been there many times. Use your social network and put the word out that you are looking.

Meanwhile, your sexy photos are the perfect distraction for me - sorry, had to say it.

Hugs kiddo.

You are in my most inappropriate thoughts...

Imthatgirl1122 replies on 6/30/2020 2:41 am:
im glad my photo can be a good distraction for you haha. thank you!!

Leegs2012 47M
54559 posts
6/29/2020 1:30 pm

Very HOT story Sexy!!
I have tasted my own cum before too...in sweet Cream Pies!!

Imthatgirl1122 replies on 6/30/2020 2:42 am:
ohhh guys that taste their own cum is sooooo sexy

author51 57F  
96518 posts
6/29/2020 11:39 pm

Oh my dear friend I am sorry to hear about your job, but maybe there is an even better one waiting for you..Look on the bright side as I have no doubt you will soon find another one you enjoy..Sex my friend is a great stress release and happy you had a man to release it all with.....xoxo

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

Imthatgirl1122 replies on 6/30/2020 2:43 am:
thanks joy, I was so sad yesterday but its just another thing I need to deal. how are you there? all good?

MyBaffies 50M
4310 posts
6/30/2020 1:51 am

Hope it turns out they're just calling you in to say they've done all the compulsory redundancies and you can continue working.

But if it is what you think it is, then time for a new start and good luck with the job search.


My Blog: MyBaffies

Imthatgirl1122 replies on 6/30/2020 2:43 am:
yeah it's done yesterday. got terminated. thanks a lot. finger crossed

DoctorBooty 39M  
6335 posts
6/30/2020 5:20 am

Sorry that you lost your job, another will come along. This thing sucks for everybody.

At least you got your holes pleased all night! I can't get them to stay all night, they run from me

Imthatgirl1122 replies on 6/30/2020 12:05 pm:
thanks a lot. fingers crossed. kinda scared of the difficulty finding new jobs at this situation.

run from you?...such a loss. they should maximise the use of your hard dick as long as it's hard

profcoquin27bis 55M
3222 posts
6/30/2020 5:48 am

i would taste your juices !! sorry for your job

Imthatgirl1122 replies on 6/30/2020 12:06 pm:
taste my juices and kiss me...my fave haha
thanks a lot

SingleItalianGy2 48M  
953 posts
6/30/2020 6:27 pm

Sorry to hear you lost your job. But when one door closes many others will open. 9 yrs is a long time but you should have good things for your resume. At least you were able to CUM with Mr. Cuddler.....enjoy all the ORGASMS you can

azriel1970 49M  
30011 posts
7/1/2020 3:58 am

I am so sorry to hear of your job loss. There is so many who will be there. Sigh Hopefully this passes quicker than it has been.

Notaname99 60M  
505 posts
7/1/2020 10:22 am

sorry to hear about the job. after 9 years maybe it was time to move on. be optimistic that the next one will be even better.

1seeking1 55F
3138 posts
7/11/2020 6:38 am

Sorry to hear about your job loss, and I agree good sex cures lots of things, best stress relief . Stay safe

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