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IronMask999 41M  
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5/21/2021 5:23 am

All my flaws and your
Au revoirs and our
Lack to meet somewhere in between
All my ego and your
Letting me go and our
Face to face that had never been

And I can’t but help feel abandoned again
Can’t ignore these sensations, so hard to explain
When I moulded my soul to sustain the very you
And I’m sick and tired when the bottles pour
But you’ll remind that I drank quite much before
My excuse is just ignore the sweet thought of you

Nevermind there is
None to find just a
Construct frame design
Soon to know where this
Wind will go there is
A free angel who I called mine

And I’m quietly trembling in the cold
When I reach for something that I cannot hold
Is the end of me really there in the start of you?
And sometimes I feel like I’m gonna explode
When my fears compile into overload
Does my salvation really lie at the core of the heart of you?

Rip these walls of art
Rip my face apart
Rip these doors right off the hinge
Rip these dreams I made
Rip these schemes, forbade
Time to pour, fuck, time to binge

And I’ll accept just what I have at hand
Of a surrealist painting only I understand
When the colours of the swirl amount to the choice of you
And the flaws and frames and fears alone
Are but hours of static on the telephone
And I listen intently for the very sweet voice of you

I’m the irrational hero of a foreign war
I am Rude King Zero of fabled lore
Who am I to trust when I adorned my Kingdom for you?
I’m a Templar Knight and I pray in vain
In desolate ruins left abandoned again
Is it irrational to wait and sustain the very thought of you?


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