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The Bruised Anthology  

IronMask999 41M  
6 posts
5/10/2021 4:19 am
The Bruised Anthology

Dedicated to her
Unconventional as we were
Our only Crime it'll seem
Was partaking in Our Dream
Our Fate was misaligned
Although my Words still bind
And as my coping pours
I'm still Immortally Yours----


Not enough
The hues have not pooled
Into a camouflage of discerning taste
The pain manifests
A macabre poison
Regurgitating into the Abyss
One strike at a time
Her cries fade into the drone
Nothing left to savour
The echoes just mirror back
The death of a storm
Never enough

Bruised Part II

Naked and Exposed
Tease her
Gain her trust, Exploit
Taste tears
Live in her vivid fears
Explicit noises
A Bach Symphony
Toccata and Fuck in D minor
And when it ends
Bruise the ego
No one spared tonight
The Ritual is done

Bruised Part III

So willing yet reluctant
The stages traverse the rivers
Tears and peace meld into uniformity
Death always under your own asphyxiation
But the moans never lie
Truth lay in defeat
Punishment, to the last and first
It was always the Anger
That was your solemn motive
The fragrance as incense
Sanctifying your Realm
Saved from this 5th Circle

Bruised Part IV

Fears released as pockets cool
The Solemn Oath
Bonded in her flesh
Sealed forever in her fortitude
No disdain, no Catharsis
Her cries and moans subsiding
The waters receding from this Dam
The Wasteland now bountiful
Whisper, my delicate Darling
Whisper what is Truth
Alone, yet never lonely
Captured by One and Only

Bruised Part V

Then what has Trust to fail?
When all so unrequited
Reunites on most desired skin
The contours, its own pleasure
Pain, a forgotten victim
To Life's own sordid pleasures
Who is punishing Who?
The personal mark on such delicate art
Dragging intensely
No Soul spared tonight, ever again
Though the exhibit resumes
She remains my Venus in Furs

Bruised Part VI

Inebriated with her Tears of Lamentation
The fatal stroke of chance
Knowing Eternity was reversed in her eyes
Staring so delicately, as though
Her anathema was solemnly realised
As, I, Heir to an empty Kingdom
Hesitated to return contemplation
In the End they are all corpses
Wallowing through the Labyrinth of Abattoirs
We part as Strangers, Man and Woman
Beast and Shepherdess
Lifeless Desert with memory of a Rose

Bruised Part VII

Twilight died in her eyes
Delicate yet commanding
In the nectar of precious Aroma
Trust locked in permanence
Dying Today or Tomorrow
Perspiration agreeing
That Effigy burning, so burning
Luminescence everlasting as the Sun
Awake for me, Poor Darling
Forsake the PAIN kept within
As it manifests through Precious Tears
From the Noblest of hands

Bruised Part VIII
Written and lost, poem unable to be recovered

Bruised Part IX

Tears quarried from her emotions
Sliding through the Black Hand
Of the Sinister Fear
Infliction is always aware of her History
Never found pure release immaculate
As this drop in the Universe
Bruises may fade, welts swell down
The soothing hand caresses her Dimensions
But none is realised too soon
So the Whisper speaks of Catharsis:
'You belong on that Astral Plane'
A Kiss is still a Kiss as time goes by

Bruised Part X

Don't leave on a pale glance
A Master without slave
The cold touch of Sorrow
Masquerading as a dead void
A Lock without a Key
A moan fades into a whisper
Forever your Rock, adamant, Protector
Forever my Muse, inspiring, Innocent
Ego swelling, time slowing, Truth showing
Tell me about that Void where we died together
Your body-- I wish to claim my mark
But never bruise your Beautiful Soul

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