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Posted:May 27, 2021 3:29 am
Last Updated:May 31, 2023 1:23 pm

Burn, Burn the Effigie
Convince yourself that it is me
And let the ashes smoulder within
Until your Vengeance must begin

Burn, Burn the Effigie
As you have done in History
Fuel for fodder, wicks of strand
The only Fear you understand

Burn, Burn the Effigie
And cast this Smoke across the Sea
A Lighthouse of due peril so obscene
Pollutes this once proud Village Green

Burn, Burn the Effigie
‘Lest you crave my company
Or rid yourself, if you can
This wallowing dark Immortal Man

Burn, Burn the Effigie
And burn this City along with me
Fire consumes what you hate to know
The best scene of your Picture Show
Maybe It's True
Posted:May 27, 2021 3:21 am
Last Updated:May 31, 2023 1:23 pm

I know you
Maybe it’s true
I never knew
I do what I do

I see the change
I know I am strange
Let’s rearrange
The mountains on range

I look afar
A falling star
Burns out in the tar
Wherever we are

If you know me
Chords A through G
No major to see
No minor is free

You made it clear
I’m no longer here
No need to fear
Something so near

Called a sod
How I find it odd
Your honest fraud
Can be your god

To be the scorn
Violence and porn
All that I adorn
Something forlorn

Yet we are here
No need to fear
I am never near
You made it clear

I know you
You know that I do
I always knew
Maybe it’s true
Posted:May 27, 2021 3:15 am
Last Updated:May 31, 2023 1:23 pm

Floor it, pour it
Don’t ignore it
Speak it, seek it
Never leak it
Drinking, thinking
Double vision
Strange it, change it

Luncheon, truncheon
Out to Munch in
Cuffin’, stuffin’
In her muffin
Shades grey, role play
Her submission
Record, rewind

Suicide, homicide
Jekyll and his Hyde
Rhymey Limey
Say ‘Cor Blimey’
Thriller, Killer
Joy Division
Too fast, broadcast

Guitar you are
Strings stretched too far
Pluck it, struck it
Or just fuck it
So free, like me
In a prison
Outta touch, too much
Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself... Again
Posted:May 27, 2021 3:11 am
Last Updated:May 31, 2023 1:23 pm

There she is walking down the street
Oh yeah, oh no
And everybody that she’ll meet
Oh yeah, I know
Who knows what they’ll find
Behind her eyes
Would they know that she was mine?
Surprise, Surprise

Remember I was assigned
To you? I do
The day I almost resigned
Had to, I knew
Protected you from the past
Oh yeah, oh no
My Agent status did not last
Well here I go…

They broke down your door
Oh no… Oh no!
I unholstered and shot four
And more, and more
One caught me so off-guard
Oh shit! I’m hit!
But you held that AK hard
They quit and split

My family castle back in Spain
Oh yeah, oh no
Orgasms and the pain
First fast… then slow
‘Bishop’ warned me they would come
Sent to find you
I fought them off with bullets and rum
Had to, I knew

Shaken in the aftermath
Your fears, your tears
We made love inside the bath
I’m here, I’m here
But when the film credits passed
The End, The End
The faerie tale did not last
Can we… pretend?

Now there you are walking down the street
Oh yeah, oh no
Can we start again and just meet
Once more? Once more?
Please allow me to introduce
Myself… again
Please allow me to introduce
Myself… again
Posted:May 21, 2021 5:23 am
Last Updated:May 23, 2021 5:50 am

All my flaws and your
Au revoirs and our
Lack to meet somewhere in between
All my ego and your
Letting me go and our
Face to face that had never been

And I can’t but help feel abandoned again
Can’t ignore these sensations, so hard to explain
When I moulded my soul to sustain the very you
And I’m sick and tired when the bottles pour
But you’ll remind that I drank quite much before
My excuse is just ignore the sweet thought of you

Nevermind there is
None to find just a
Construct frame design
Soon to know where this
Wind will go there is
A free angel who I called mine

And I’m quietly trembling in the cold
When I reach for something that I cannot hold
Is the end of me really there in the start of you?
And sometimes I feel like I’m gonna explode
When my fears compile into overload
Does my salvation really lie at the core of the heart of you?

Rip these walls of art
Rip my face apart
Rip these doors right off the hinge
Rip these dreams I made
Rip these schemes, forbade
Time to pour, fuck, time to binge

And I’ll accept just what I have at hand
Of a surrealist painting only I understand
When the colours of the swirl amount to the choice of you
And the flaws and frames and fears alone
Are but hours of static on the telephone
And I listen intently for the very sweet voice of you

I’m the irrational hero of a foreign war
I am Rude King Zero of fabled lore
Who am I to trust when I adorned my Kingdom for you?
I’m a Templar Knight and I pray in vain
In desolate ruins left abandoned again
Is it irrational to wait and sustain the very thought of you?
Friend or Foe
Posted:May 21, 2021 5:03 am
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2022 2:14 am

Call me friend, call me foe
I’m fond of you, that’s all I know
Say I’m honest, say I lie
Call me highest in your sky
Half the light, half the dark
Confusing you for a lark
Love me violent, love me still
Love me silent if you will
I needed more, you wanted less
You ignore that I'm a mess
Feeling your heat, feeling you cold
Feeling for something left hold

I just don’t know
If you’re friend or foe...

Do what you want, do what you’re told
Be the princess of a world gone cold
You gave me less, I gave you more
I was the ornament that you wore
Hear me whisper, hear me yell
I cry in pain that all is well
You got your day, I got my night
You were the noon of my delight
You see the life, I see it die
You say 'I love you', I say you lie
Call me foe, call me friend
I’m free from you in the end...

Friend or Foe...
1 comment
I Just Don't Know
Posted:May 21, 2021 4:58 am
Last Updated:May 31, 2023 1:23 pm

Two wandering souls, just standing there
the miles and sea in between
A smile then led our love affair
Never curse such a beautiful thing
I held your hands from twilight ‘til dawn
Our dancing ceased the song we chose
Yet while we were sleeping, I still held on
No greater comfort than feeling you so close

I just don’t know
How put my fears in simple words
I just don’t know
Why what we shared was cut into thirds
I just don’t know

Now I keep trying to find what’s called reason
When I keep looking for you in everyone
And if there’s attraction there’s also treason
Against my very heart for it knows what I’ve done
There’s a mystery that looms all about you
Even if it’s something that only I see
And I’ll be damned in a minute if I am without you
But maybe for our sake we should let it be

I just don’t know
If the statues all around us would ever understand
I just don’t know
The Philosophers and Dreamers, let’s see if they can
I just don’t know

Now I'm walking down the boulevard littered with promises
Of our fantasies and things we expected
And every now and then my soul reminisces
Of our ideal world, one we respected
There was the trees, windows for ceilings
Where every night we could die underneath the stars
It’s so hard believe that we shared these feelings
, how I would envy this world of ours

My darling, I just don’t know
There’s a sadness I’ve accepted that you refuse
I just don’t know
I’ll always be your poet, and you always my Muse
I just don’t know
Perhaps there’s a time, and sometime soon
I just don’t know
When this universe of ours will get in tune
I just don’t know...

My Darling
Posted:May 19, 2021 7:13 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2021 5:16 am

No, my friend...
Did I ever want you back?
It’s so easy pretend
If I send
Will the message get you?
Would you ever comprehend?

Yes, I know
That it ended too fast
Even though we took slow
Time to go
It's a shame it didn't last
With nothing left to show

We had fun
Yet I've caused you so much pain
When is said and done
Left with none
And after losing you
It's like zero minus one
Lines were blurred
Between fantasy and truth
I know it sounds absurd
Have you heard
Enough apologies
Or is ‘sorry’ just a word?
Nobody Can Do It Just Like Me
Posted:May 11, 2021 12:09 pm
Last Updated:May 26, 2021 8:47 am

Who can turn a curse into a Christmas carol?
Who can see the light staring down a barrel?
Who can make two chords into a melody?
Nobody can do it just like me!

Who can turn the charm with an accent?
Who can get a laugh from Charlie Manson?
Who can turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yesiree’?
Nobody can do it just like !

Who can turn a rainbow something tragic?
Who can give orgasms just like magic?
Who can be obsessed with OCD?
Nobody can do it just like me!

Darling, I hope you're smiling...
My precious darling, keep smiling
Because I want you know this: I am your man
And if you still haven't noticed...

Nobody can do it quite like I can!

Who can and miss with such charisma?
Who can get a kiss from a girl’s eczema?
Who can turn twelve steps into one-two-?
Nobody can do it just like !
As It Rains...
Posted:May 10, 2021 5:01 am
Last Updated:May 13, 2021 9:51 pm

As it rains I am thinking what I've done
Splashing sounds be the pattern of a drum
The sparse footsteps, the ghosts of everyone
Rolling thunder reminds of what's to come

Stare in vain at the shadows on the wall
These mirages from the moonlight always fall
Stare in vain at the corner of the door
Spying snakes of guilt, crawling on the floor

As it rains to clean these City streets
To the centre of a beggarman's lonely eye
Noise of distant laughter solemnly retreats
Pray a schilling in my coffer's only cry

Stare in vain from a nightmare's ugly glare
Locking shut my eyes brings thoughts that do impair
Stare in vain in a cock-eyed sneaky glance
Count my stars I'm home, I've a second chance

As it rains my window tells me of the lies
Of a distant world so beautiful and cold
As it rains I march beyond this grey disguise
To a battle where the soldiers do as told

Stare in vain at the blood left on my hands
Left in her language that no one understands
Stare in vain at the trophies and the stains
Convince a devil to a requiem as it rains...
The Bruised Anthology
Posted:May 10, 2021 4:19 am
Last Updated:May 31, 2023 1:23 pm

Dedicated to her
Unconventional as we were
Our only Crime it'll seem
Was partaking in Our Dream
Our Fate was misaligned
Although my Words still bind
And as my coping pours
I'm still Immortally Yours----


Not enough
The hues have not pooled
Into a camouflage of discerning taste
The pain manifests
A macabre poison
Regurgitating into the Abyss
One strike at a time
Her cries fade into the drone
Nothing left to savour
The echoes just mirror back
The death of a storm
Never enough

Bruised Part II

Naked and Exposed
Tease her
Gain her trust, Exploit
Taste tears
Live in her vivid fears
Explicit noises
A Bach Symphony
Toccata and Fuck in D minor
And when it ends
Bruise the ego
No one spared tonight
The Ritual is done

Bruised Part III

So willing yet reluctant
The stages traverse the rivers
Tears and peace meld into uniformity
Death always under your own asphyxiation
But the moans never lie
Truth lay in defeat
Punishment, to the last and first
It was always the Anger
That was your solemn motive
The fragrance as incense
Sanctifying your Realm
Saved from this 5th Circle

Bruised Part IV

Fears released as pockets cool
The Solemn Oath
Bonded in her flesh
Sealed forever in her fortitude
No disdain, no Catharsis
Her cries and moans subsiding
The waters receding from this Dam
The Wasteland now bountiful
Whisper, my delicate Darling
Whisper what is Truth
Alone, yet never lonely
Captured by One and Only

Bruised Part V

Then what has Trust to fail?
When all so unrequited
Reunites on most desired skin
The contours, its own pleasure
Pain, a forgotten victim
To Life's own sordid pleasures
Who is punishing Who?
The personal mark on such delicate art
Dragging intensely
No Soul spared tonight, ever again
Though the exhibit resumes
She remains my Venus in Furs

Bruised Part VI

Inebriated with her Tears of Lamentation
The fatal stroke of chance
Knowing Eternity was reversed in her eyes
Staring so delicately, as though
Her anathema was solemnly realised
As, I, Heir to an empty Kingdom
Hesitated to return contemplation
In the End they are all corpses
Wallowing through the Labyrinth of Abattoirs
We part as Strangers, Man and Woman
Beast and Shepherdess
Lifeless Desert with memory of a Rose

Bruised Part VII

Twilight died in her eyes
Delicate yet commanding
In the nectar of precious Aroma
Trust locked in permanence
Dying Today or Tomorrow
Perspiration agreeing
That Effigy burning, so burning
Luminescence everlasting as the Sun
Awake for me, Poor Darling
Forsake the PAIN kept within
As it manifests through Precious Tears
From the Noblest of hands

Bruised Part VIII
Written and lost, poem unable to be recovered

Bruised Part IX

Tears quarried from her emotions
Sliding through the Black Hand
Of the Sinister Fear
Infliction is always aware of her History
Never found pure release immaculate
As this drop in the Universe
Bruises may fade, welts swell down
The soothing hand caresses her Dimensions
But none is realised too soon
So the Whisper speaks of Catharsis:
'You belong on that Astral Plane'
A Kiss is still a Kiss as time goes by

Bruised Part X

Don't leave on a pale glance
A Master without slave
The cold touch of Sorrow
Masquerading as a dead void
A Lock without a Key
A moan fades into a whisper
Forever your Rock, adamant, Protector
Forever my Muse, inspiring, Innocent
Ego swelling, time slowing, Truth showing
Tell me about that Void where we died together
Your body-- I wish to claim my mark
But never bruise your Beautiful Soul
A Wasted Saturday
Posted:May 9, 2021 4:58 am
Last Updated:May 13, 2021 9:59 pm

Why... can't I have her
Another drink, she's full of laughter
Outlast her, if I may
Don't go away and waste my Saturday...

Caught her in my glare
The bar was full but no one's there
I don't care for conversation
Her silky voice was my sensation
Anticipation of what she'll say
make tonight a special Saturday...

Drinking, lots of smoking
My friends insist I'm good at joking
But I am choking apprehension
And cigarettes, not mention
An extension of her way
Quite possibly a lovely Saturday...

A Saturday, a Saturday is I got
A Saturday, a Saturday for this lot
A Saturday, a Saturday is I got
A Saturday, a Saturday… well maybe not

Later, early hours
The music died just like old flowers
Yet her powers of attraction
Kept alive with satisfaction
I need action, need her stay
Don't make tonight a wasted Saturday...

Paying, about to go
I asked her number, but she said 'no'
I don't know... was she deceiving?
As the jukebox played 'Don't Stop Believin'
She is leaving, walking away
I s’pose a wasted Saturday...

But wait-- she walks my way
Will she decide to stay?
'Come with me' I heard her say
'We'll go home and waste this Saturday'

… a wasted Saturday!
Heavy Air
Posted:May 9, 2021 4:39 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2021 4:01 am

The fog is dense tonight
The moon shines hazy light
My silhouette lights a cigarette
But it drops on the wet road
It’s the heavy air--
It weighs you down a load

I wrote a melody
It’s lacking harmony
When the words get black then the beat falls back
And I’m feeling discontent
Such a price to
Now my money’s spent

I have a souvenir
To prove that I was here
Little keys and locks in an iron box
That has been rusted in
If you open it
Just lock it again

Heavy air
Is everywhere
Heavy air
Is everywhere…

Just who the hell are you?
I guess I never knew
So out of place with a distant face
And a mind too thick to care
From breathing in
This vulgar heavy air

Gravity brings down, heavy air around…

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