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My first meeting part 3  

IsabellaCD8 42T  
121 posts
5/27/2019 1:08 pm
My first meeting part 3

I was bouncing up and down on his pelvis as he guided me onto his endless thick shaft. He asked me if I liked it, and I responded with a breathless "Yes".
... Suddenly he asked me to get on all fours. I thought "uh oh, now I'm going to get it"! Nevertheless I dutifully dismounted him and got down on the floor and waited for him to take me. I felt his cock rub between my ass cheeks and then he began to penetrate me. I was in complete submission and he was going to have his way with my cute little ass. He pushed my legs apart with his knees and my legs were stretched wide as he mounted me from behind. He took hold of my waist and hips as he thrust deeper. He was in complete control and I felt helpless as his hard cock probed me. He was even deeper in this position then when I rode him. Now he was riding me and his strokes increased faster and faster. I must have been moaning loudly. His huge cock was caressing my prostate. He paused deep inside and then somehow his cock went deeper and beyond my prostate. He went back to fucking me as I began reveling in the glory of having a man ravish me in the way I desired. Now I was begging for more and he did not disappoint.
... I was getting crazed by the intensity of being so thoroughly used and pounded yet I was thrilled beyond belief. Soon his pounding drove me from my knees and onto my stomach. His fuck strokes continued as I struggled to breathe with my face buried in the rug.
... He slowed for a moment and turned me onto my back. He lifted my legs as his cock found its way home again. He kissed me while slowly sliding his hard pulsating cock deeper into my depths. Now with my legs bent back I was helpless. My lips parted in a steady moan and I could offer no resistance as His tongue penetrated my lips and swirled in the depths of my mouth. It was like He was fucking my mouth and ass at the same time. This was crazy. This was just too much. I knew I was a goner and the explosion began deep inside where his hard cock was pounding me. When I have an anal orgasm my whole body spasms. I quiver and shudder all over. My sphincter contracts as I cum over and over again. I felt like I was about to cum and I instinctively tightened around his cock as a reflex. He bucked slightly and let out a short groan and pushed his hips hard against my ass. I could feel his cock swell slightly inside of me and I was pretty certain he was cumming.I was so overwhelmed I cried out into his mouth as he too shuddered in the madness of what was a very mutual and powerful shared orgasm. I felt so helpless as he squirted all his cum deep inside me.
... Afterwards I lay Motionless and exhausted with him still atop me and inside me. His powerful cock had fucked me to orgasm and I was thoroughly satisfied.

searching195914 61M
36 posts
5/27/2019 1:33 pm

i want to be in that position with you, hotttt pic.

IsabellaCD8 replies on 5/27/2019 3:20 pm:
Mmmm... Yes!

bighdrider4u2 52M
3 posts
5/27/2019 1:36 pm

Gave me some wood 😁

IsabellaCD8 replies on 5/27/2019 3:20 pm:
So Glad you liked it. I wish I could have seen it...

57FredFred 63M  
483 posts
5/27/2019 5:13 pm

oh wow, very hot

IsabellaCD8 replies on 5/27/2019 5:32 pm:
Hi Fred, Thank You.

hari19455 70M
115 posts
5/29/2019 7:08 pm

Wow!!!!!!!!!! Wish it was e there sharing you!

BIGGUY80002 60M  
120 posts
5/31/2019 3:13 pm


IsabellaCD8 replies on 5/31/2019 4:52 pm:
Thanks Sweetie!

sweetandsexyjess 38T
1 post
6/16/2019 6:46 pm

This is one of the most beautiful stories of this type I've ever read... well done!

xxxpertlover 61M  
14 posts
6/19/2019 4:15 pm

Great story, very hot and very well articulated. Excellent use of the graphics makes the picture story equally as lustful. I can only hope a future fuck-date with you is blog worthy as well....wouldn't mind shooting (pun intended) for some personal bests for both of us!

Spinzzz717 65M
1 post
7/1/2019 9:44 am

You express your excursions as hot and sexy as you look sweetheart.....

sonnny49 88M  
327 posts
7/2/2019 12:03 pm

oh WOW, wonderful, I would go for a replay on this

paul15322202 51M
19 posts
7/27/2019 10:10 am

That is a great story! Loved it

myneeds5 61M  
19 posts
8/5/2019 8:17 am

Baby you look like you would be a fun ride.

Jdhot4Tg 59M  
807 posts
11/7/2019 4:51 pm

MMM wish i was running the Video cam capturing the hot action

joey33483 56M  
186 posts
1/3/2020 7:24 pm

BABY-- GIRL------- I hope he -- pop your--- ass-pussy--- cherry.... joey


kelly50505 51M  
22 posts
1/25/2020 8:25 am

Very hot story! I would love to be the subject of ur next story.

IsabellaCD8 replies on 1/25/2020 9:18 am:
Sounds Hot!

sheltero 58M
8 posts
1/30/2020 8:38 am

Great pictures/GIFs and description. Would love to enjoy the same with you!

IAGuy47 59M  
237 posts
2/6/2020 6:14 am

I would love to have you write a true story of your latest meeting, covering the same ground as this but with a lot more confidence and even more fun, but with me as your co-star, fuck-toy, or whatever it takes for me to be fucking all the cum out of you as I erupt deep inside you and you milk all my cum into you with your pulsating spasms... Matt

IsabellaCD8 replies on 2/6/2020 8:46 am:
Where do I sign up?

Damien3321 42M  
37 posts
2/15/2020 6:59 am

That was so so hot!!!! Thanks for sharing!

20form 50T  
82 posts
2/22/2020 11:13 am

I know the feelings and I also love it..

I love this story and im going to be In same situation tonight with a lover
...I cant wait !!

IsabellaCD8 replies on 2/22/2020 4:04 pm:
Thank You Sweetie! Have Fun!

Tinman7114 101M
6 posts
4/13/2020 3:25 pm

Great story, very hot. I could envision the whole thing in my mind. Got me hard just thinking about what it would be like to fuck you like that.

sonnny49 88M  
327 posts
5/5/2020 5:17 am

awesome{=} Doll.

IsabellaCD8 replies on 5/5/2020 6:02 am:

52gettingnone 68M  
156 posts
5/17/2020 10:05 am

That is fucking HOT. Wish i could get fucked like that

nickadams50 70M  
7 posts
6/1/2020 7:22 am

I wish I were the man taking you

surfing1725 63M  
79 posts
6/25/2020 7:12 pm

There is nothing better than an erotic story to go along with your erotic pics, you are the best [post 4218328

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