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Woman #2  

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1/19/2020 11:50 am
Woman #2

Woman #2

I finished work on a random Thursday, I think it was, got home apartment checked , worked . Nothing extraordinary day, later. I got a message from a roughly 39 year Asian woman , apparently, was desperate have . She contacted me through another website I will not (unless you message me and ask lol)

Woman #2 is a very cute Asian American woman, doctor and hard worker. She is about 5’2” barely a hundred pounds. She is the stereotypical adorable Asian woman, super cute , very gentle person. Unfortunately for her, her husband was much older than her and had no interest in at all.

She wrote explaining her situation in detail her time is running as she is about turn 40 and she is panicking, stressing she will never have . I reassured her I would . She offered thousands of dollars as she apparently liked the genes I was offering a lot. I thought this was totally unnecessary, but was flattered. So we setup a date, sort of, to meet at a local Greek place. She pulls up and gets wearing a Yellow summer dress, super cute. Thank you so very much for meeting me she says with a big smile on her . I give her a hug and she blushes. She is obviously very nervous.

We sit down and talk about each of our lives. What’s your ethnicity she asks, Italian American I say. I notice a huge grin on her now. she says, I have always wanted marry Italian or Greek man. They are so handsome she says. Now I feel like she is kissing ass kind of but I do believe her. She looks around and writes something on a piece of paper and slips it me. The place is pretty busy so she is trying be sly in asking me something, I open it and it says. I ovulating the next few days, I will do whatever you want get me pregnant. I smile and nod head as say lets go.

We arrive at apartment 25 minutes later I close the door behind her and she looks daggers at me and says I have been looking forward this moment for entire life, please, make a , I'll you thousands. I grab her hand and tell her the isn’t necessary. We slowly make . Gentle slow kisses, touching her cheek with hands nibbling her ear. This must have gone on for 45 minutes slowly working towards the bedroom. She takes hand and says, I told him (her husband) I will be the sperm ban I reply, well I guess you are. She laughs.

She slowly pulls toward her as she lies on her bac She takes off her very pretty red lingerie she had underneath her yellow dress. Very nice B cups, nice little ass, thin little waist. She begins<b> stroke </font></b>it. I don’t know why, but Asian women are unbelievable with this. She stares in eyes and says I want it in now. I pin her hands down the bed and pull coc I squeeze inside of her slowly, she was tight. Your pretty big she smiles. I have a nice 7 inches, not terribly big, I just think she was very petite.

I slowly pick speed, thrusting harder as her eyes roll in the back of her head. Take she says. I pick her , rather easily as you can imagine, and pin her down on her stomach and start her from behind. I can’t it, an ass man, always have been. I lay on her back head next hers using hands open her legs as I pound her into submission. Her moans get louder and louder. She looks with her eyes semi closes due to partial ecstasy. Please, do it. PLEASE. I go faster and harder. Are you ready I as I’ve never been ready for anything more in life she says. I pretty hard as we moan together in harmony. After let seed filter into her for about 45 seconds, she turns over and starts kissing more passionately. God bless you she says.

As she is getting dressed to I give her a nice back hug. And big kiss on the chee You are such a passionate man she says, why I think I like Italian men, they are handsome and are truly born love makers, just like you she says. I say thanks but then she takes hand and stares .

I grabbed her carried her over shoulder and put her down, rather forcefully on the couch. I pinned her down using arms force her legs open, all while grabbing her hair in a full nelson. I fuck her as hard as I can for about a half and hour. I began her harder and faster her eyes got wider and wider as say OMG…OMG. Her moans are echoing now. I lean in and say if this doesn’t get you pregnant you can always return I say. She smiles as I drain hundred million sperm per milliliter sperm count into her little Asian body. After laying there for a minute, slowly draining cock her, she gives a quick kiss on the cheek, says thanks and leaves rather quickly as she was late getting home.

A month later I get a knock at door, and Woman #2 is standing there with tears streaming down her . She immediately jumps into arms and almost yells. THANK YOU THANK YOU, YOU GOT ME PREGNANT WITH YOUR TWINS. She can’t stop crying of joy. I feel so happy for this woman. I can basically see the stress flow off her body as this has been bothering her for a long time. I start making with her and say your welcome sweetheart. She pulls something from her pocket, a roll of a hundred dollar bills. is 2 thousand dollars. I immediately take the and put it back in her pocket and say it totally unnecessary honey. She smiles again. I just honestly wanted to make her happy.

I recently got a message from her as she gave birth to healthy twin boys. She texted I can NEVER repay your kindness. Forever in your debt. I just smile as I see the . People are probably wondering, why is he doing this, he is just doing this get pussy. I can get pussy fine, I love doing this so women like Woman #2 are happier. It is very hard top a feeling of making a beautiful woman happy.

Message me let me know what you think! I bad person for doing this? I a good person? I ask myself this all the time honestly.

Till next time.


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1/19/2020 12:04 pm

An entertaining tale.

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