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My first fantasy story...  

Iwanaliku2 58M  
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1/8/2020 8:36 am
My first fantasy story...

We meet for a drink and we agree that there is some attraction... we get back my hotel and are walking down the hallway. You pause for a moment look out of the window, slightly bent over. I come up behind you and slowly start running my hand up under your black dress. I continue up past your upper thigh. It feels so good you spread your legs and my hand continues the top of your thighs and slightly grazes your pussy. You let out a slight moan. My fingers still softly<b> stroke </font></b>your pussy through your panties. I can feel moisture starting to leak through the panties. I move the strip of material to the side and slowly insert first one, then fingers into your dripping pussy. You moan louder and softly whisper "yessss". After another minute, you moan the words "take ".

I slip my fingers out of your pussy, and take you by the hand and lead you my room. As soon as you enter the room, even before the door is closed, I pull you into a close embrace, and pressing you back against the wall, I start to run my hands over your body, stroking your breasts, and nuzzling my face into your cleavage. Removing my face from your chest, I kiss you forcefully while my hands roam from your neck down to your thighs, and lifting the hem of your dress above your waist, I cup your pussy in my hand and slip my fingers back inside. I then slide them up and around your clit, making slow circles, then back inside your pussy again. While one hand is pleasing your pussy, my other hand is stroking your neck and running fingers through your hair.

Your hands are stroking my body, and after a short few minutes, you reach down and open my pants. You push my pants and briefs down to release my coc Taking my cock in your hand you slowly<b> stroke </font></b>it a few times. You whisper in my ear "fuck me now". I pull you over the bed and push you onto the bed on all fours. I lift your dress up to reveal your beautiful ass. I slowly slide your panties down, revealing that sexy ass that I enjoyed holding earlier. I slide my cock up and down your slit, moving from your opening up to your clit, making sure to rub around your clit and causing you to moan and push back against for better contact. I move my cock back your opening, swirl it around in your wetness for maximum lubrication and begin slowly and steadily push into you.

You moan as my hard, thick 8” cock begins to spread and stretch your pussy, and I am going so slow, you feel an aching of wanting to be filled. I push in until I feel my cock bottom out against your cervix. I rock my hips and you feel my cock rub against your cervix, causing little waves of pleasure to shoot directly to your clit. I slowly pull all the way out of you and you moan as you feel an aching emptiness. I push back inside you again faster this time and again bottom out. I continue a few more slow strokes, enjoying the moaning sounds you are making. I grab your hips and hold you and with a hard, fast thrust, I slam my cock into you, slamming against your cervix hard this time, shooting a jolt of pleasure to your clit and spreading out to your pussy and out in all directions, causing you to cry out with pleasure.

After a few more hard, fast strokes I can hear your breathing getting faster and more ragged. I am holding your hips tight now, as you are bucking and rocking on my cock and your moaning has almost become continuous. In another few moments you moan "I'm cuming" as I hold you tight against my cock and your body is wracked with your first orgasm. Your moaning and pussy clenching and rocking on my cock triggers pushes me over the top as well and I can feel my cum building up and I erupt streams of hot cum into your wet pussy.

I then help you to remove your dress and have you lie on your back and I move between your still shaking thighs. I begin to slowly lick your upper thighs and the sensitive skin around your pussy. I lick up and down each side of your slit, moving over but not touching your very sensitive clit. I move down the other side and then push my tongue deep inside you, releasing a flood of our combined cum. I lick up your slit and start making slow circles around your clit with my tongue. The circles become figure eights as I slide my tongue down around your pussy lips and enter your pussy again. You start to moan again and thrust your hips up toward my mouth so I can get better contact with your clit. I move back to your clit and suck it between my lips and pinch it and lightly tease it with my tongue, as I slowly explore your dripping pussy with fingers.

I begin suck your clit in and out of my lips, just like if you were fucking my lips with your clit, as I curl my fingers up and begin<b> stroke </font></b>your g-spot. I can hear your breathing and moaning increasing as your body begins shake with another impending orgasm. I then suck your clit into my lips again, pinch it and attack it with my tongue. Your legs clamp on my head as your hands grab my hair and hold in place as you thrust your hips up off the bed and cry out as another explosion of pleasure erupts from your clit and shoots every cell of your body. After a few minutes, your body relaxes and you collapse back on the bed as your breathing begins return normal. After being released from your thighs, I lay on the bed next you and take you in my arms and kiss you passionately…

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