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My second fantasy story  

Iwanaliku2 58M  
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1/8/2020 8:37 am
My second fantasy story

We agree meet at a local hotel. I arrive first and check in the room. I send you the room number through a message. You reply that you are on the way. When you reach the room, the door is closed, but not latched, held open by the security bar. You walk into the room and close and lock the door behind you. The “Do Not Disturb” sign is already hanging on the outside of the door.  As you turn to enter the room I can see you are wearing a loose fitting white blouse and black skirt that stops a few inches above your beautiful knees. I can see your black bra under your blouse, as you start to approach me. I have pulled the curtains for privacy, and turned on the lights to allow for better picture taking. I pick up my camera and start to focus on your exquisite body.

You stop and strike a sexy pose and I take a couple of headless non-identifiable pictures. You are a very sexy woman. You come a little closer to me and pause again, starting to unbutton your blouse. I keep snapping pictures as you open each button. You stop at the button near your navel, and spread the sides of the blouse apart, showing your beautiful breasts. I take a few more headless pictures, marveling at your beauty. You smile at me, grab the sides of your skirt and slowly start to pull it up, exposing more of your sexy thighs. I keep taking pictures, zooming in on your hips and thighs. You pause briefly when the hem of your skirt reveals the tops of your sheer black thigh highs. I am finding it “hard” to concentrate on taking pictures, as I am getting very aroused. You smile as you see my cock getting hard.

You resume lifting your skirt until I can see your pussy, clad only in black panties. After I take a few more pictures, you let your skirt fall back down and turn around and bend over. You slowly raise your skirt again, revealing your lovely panty covered ass. I am still taking pictures, but you can see I am very aroused. You reach back and pull the material of your panties together and into the crack of your ass, revealing both beautiful ass cheeks. I can take it no longer and ask you to step backward closer to me, and I run my fingers from your knee, up your nylon-covered thigh and lightly<b> stroke </font></b>your pussy. You shiver with delight and give your ass a sexy wiggle. I<b> stroke </font></b>your pussy a few times through your panties.  You step away from me and turn around to face me. Lifting your skirt, you straddle me and sit on my lap.

My hard cock is standing straight up and you press your clit against it. You start to grind your hips against my cock, and I<b> stroke </font></b>and kiss your nipples. After a few more minutes, we decide to move to the bed. I tell you to lie on your side on the bed and strike a sexy pose, with your head on your hand, leaning on your elbow, and to lift one leg which causes your skirt to slide up, revealing your panty covered cunt. Due to your excitement your swollen cunt lips are clearly visible through your panties. With your free hand I tell you to reach down and slowly<b> stroke </font></b>up your leg, up over your thigh highs and touch yourself through your panties. I continue to rapidly take pictures. I can’t believe how stunning and sexy you loo My cock is as hard as ever and straining against the front of my pants.

You reach out and unbuckle my belt and open my pants. You push my pants and briefs down release my cock, which you take in your hand and<b> stroke </font></b>a few times. You crawl over on the bed and take the head of my cock into your mouth, still stroking the shaft with one hand. I take a few last pictures of you taking my cock into your mouth, making sure not to make you identifiable. The pleasure is so intense I can barely continue to stand. I put the camera down and you tell me to sit on the bed next to you and to<b> stroke </font></b>myself, while you watch. I tell you only if you touch yourself at the same time. I am enjoying watching you touch yourself and I can feel myself getting close, so I stop stroking myself. I lean over and remove your blouse and bra, then push you back on the bed.

I climb onto the bed and straddle your abdomen and wrap your tits around my coc You hold your tits against my cock as I slowly thrust my hips back and forth, each time the head of my cock gets closer your face. You release my cock from your tits and grab my hips and pull forward take my cock into your mouth. I<b> stroke </font></b>your breasts with one hand and pinch your nipples. I reach back with the other hand and slip my hand under your skirt and into your panties. My fingers find the juices pouring from your cunt and I spread them over your clit, making circles and occasionally rubbing it between my fingers. I then press my palm against your clit and slide fingers into your slippery cunt. You buck your hips up to meet my hand, all the while still sucking and stroking my coc Your other hand is playing with my balls and stroking my prostate area.

I press my palm harder against your clit and start curl my fingers up inside your cunt, massaging your g-spot. You arch your hips up and grind your clit into the palm of my hand and moan as your climax overtakes you. Your excitement and moaning causes me to cum also and I pump my load into your mouth, which you swallow. I climb off of your body and we lie on the bed next to each other for a moment to catch our breath. I reach out and<b> stroke </font></b>my fingers across your face, down your neck, tweak your nipples and continue down over your hips that are still covered with your skirt. I tell you to lie on your stomach and I get behind you again with the camera. I have you arch your back lifting your beautiful, but very wet, panty covered ass up into the air.

I take a few pictures then push your skirt up to your waist and take a few more. I have you again pull your panties into your ass crack and take a few more pictures. I am starting to get hard again. I put the camera down and begin to<b> stroke </font></b>my hands up your legs. I love the feel of nylon on your skin. I reach the top of your thigh highs and continue up to lightly<b> stroke </font></b>your pussy. Your extreme sensitivity has passed by now and you are getting more aroused. I have you lift your ass higher into the air and I bury my face in your ass. I move your panties to the side and push my tongue into your juicy cunt and lick you all over.

I stretch my tongue to touch your clit and flick it back and forth, causing your hips to buc This makes my cock even harder, and I am getting more aroused. I kneel behind you on the bed and holding your panties aside with one hand, I slowly insert my cock into your waiting cunt. I slide only a little way in and<b> stroke </font></b>back and forth a few times. You push back against me, trying to capture my coc I keep only the tip in the opening for a few more strokes, then I thrust forward, burying my length into your cunt. You squeal with delight as I pull back and make little strokes again.

As you start to push back against , I again thrust forward and can feel the head of my cock strike against your cervix. You moan with pleasure, and rock your hips forward so every<b> stroke </font></b>rubs against your g-spot. I continue thrust into you as you push back against , matching my rhythm. I can feel your climax getting closer and your cunt grips my cock and you moan as you cum a second time. As your cunt clamps down on my cock, I cum again, dumping another load into your waiting pussy. We collapse on the bed again to catch our breath.

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