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Silk Scarves...  

Iwanaliku2 58M  
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1/8/2020 8:38 am
Silk Scarves...

You arrived at the hotel room wearing exactly what I requested...   a little black dress and heels...   nothing else...   As I you into the room, I capture you and press you against the wall, my lips finding yours, already warm and wet and we melt into a steamy kiss. I lift your arms high above your head and my kisses move to your neck and shoulders and I nibble your ears. I hear your breathing increase as my other hand begins to explore your body, sliding down your chest, pinching and rolling your nipples briefly as they move down further. My fingers find the hem of your dress and lift it to allow them to softly<b> stroke </font></b>your inner thighs upwards across the tender skin as they can feel the steamy heat radiating from between your thighs. I feel your body shake and hips thrust forward and a moan escape from your throat as my fingers find the slit between your already engorged pussy lips and spreads them, releasing a flood of wetness as they push inside you. I spread your wetness all over your lips and up and around your clit, being careful not to put too much pressure on your clit this soon...   I thrust my fingers deep inside you and hear you moan and hips thrust again and I feel your pussy clench on them as I curl them up and<b> stroke </font></b>your g-spot. I can tell by your breathing that you are getting close to cumming, and I finger fuck you and press my thumb against your clit. I capture your mouth with mine and press harder against you as I continue thrusting my fingers inside you and rubbing your clit. I can feel your pussy clench on my fingers again and a scream erupt from your throat as your body convulses and legs shake and you feel the pleasure race through your body with your first orgasm.  With one last hot kiss, I release you from being pinned against the wall, and have you step into the center of the room. 

You can feel your juices running down your inner thighs as I have you stand there for a moment as I tie a silk scarf over your eyes to blindfold you. You feel my hands unzip your dress and feel it sliding off your shoulders and down your body and pool at your feet. I step behind you and pull your arms back behind your back and tie your hands together. I have you kneel on the floor and I softly<b> stroke </font></b>your neck and face and run my fingers through your hair. I run my fingers down over your shoulders and gently<b> stroke </font></b>your breasts. I pinch your nipples and you gasp slightly. I run my hands back up over your shoulders and down your bac I resume stroking and touching your face with my fingers, then I step closer to you and rub my cock against your face. I<b> stroke </font></b>your cheek with my cock and you turn to take it into your mouth. I pull just far enough away that you cannot reach it. I rub my cock over more of your face, and the back of your neck then across the other side of your face. You turn to capture it again, and this time I let you take into your mouth. I pull back a bit and you struggle to lean forward to keep my cock in your mouth without falling forward.
After a few minutes of this teasing, I have you stand up and have you bend over the side of the bed. I sit on the bed next to you and gently rub and<b> stroke </font></b>your back and ass cheeks. I hear you sigh with pleasure as I am stroking your ass. I suddenly raise my hand and slap you on the ass, causing you to cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain, but mostly surprise. I<b> stroke </font></b>your ass again then apply more spanks on your ass, until both of your ass cheeks are bright pink in color and sensitive to the touch. 
I tell you to crawl onto the bed and I tell you to roll over on your bac You can feel a warm stinging sensation as your freshly spanked ass cheeks rub against the bed covers. I tell you spread out your arms and legs and I tie you spread eagle across the bed with silk scarves, still blindfolded. After tying your arms and legs, I softly<b> stroke </font></b>your body with my fingers, starting with your legs and slowly stroking up your thighs, taking care not touch your pussy. I lift my hands off your body and start at your left hand and<b> stroke </font></b>your arm, up under your armpit and down your side, across your waist, sliding my fingers down toward your pussy, but again not touching it, and up the other side ending at your right hand.
I then touch your face and run my fingers through your hair again, then rub my cock across your forehead. You lean your head back with your mouth open, trying to reach my cock, but I am too far away. I rub my cock through your hair, then around your ears and across your cheek, allowing you to capture it in your mouth. I kneel on the bed over you and slide my cock farther into your mouth. I slowly fuck your mouth and your excitement builds higher. I pull my cock out of your mouth and step away from the bed. I wait a few moments and you begin wonder where I am going touch you next. I reach over and quickly run a finger up your left thigh. Then I touch you on the inside of both arms, then the other thigh, making sure to come very close to, but never touching your pussy.
I pinch one nipple, run my fingers up your chest and neck to your mouth and you suck on my fingers. I pinch your other nipple. I touch your navel and start making slow circles, starting at your navel and continuing to get larger until I am almost touching your pussy. I lift my fingers and again<b> stroke </font></b>the inside of your thighs, one at a time. I climb onto the bed and put my cock into your mouth again. You hungrily suck it. I lean down over your pussy and ever so lightly lick your protruding clit. Your hips buck as you thrust up to meet my tongue. I pull back and you arch your back to lift your hips higher to try to reach my tongue again. I lick your clit again and again, so very lightly that your desire is screaming for release. I pull away for a long moment and enjoy the feelings of my cock still fucking your mouth. You are so hot and horny that you think if you don't cum soon, you will explode. I lean down again and lick your clit, then suck it between my lips and pinch it and attack it with my tongue. I can feel your hips bucking against my mouth and you moaning around my cock that is stuffed deep into your mouth. I bury my face into your pussy and push my tongue into you. You moan, still sucking my cock, and writhe under my body, straining at your restraints. I climb off of you and move around and position myself between your legs. I lean in and again lick your clit, causing you to cry out and arch your pussy into my face.
I make circles around your clit with my tongue and push fingers inside. I push far enough in<b> stroke </font></b>your cervix, then I curl my fingers back and up rub your g-spot. I continue lick you and<b> stroke </font></b>your g-spot and you explode into another orgasm. I stop licking and move up and place my cock at your opening, slowly rubbing it up over your clit and back to the opening. Your body spasms every time I touch your clit with my coc I then slowly start penetrate you pushing just a little way in, then pulling back, teasing you. You arch up try capture my cock, and as you do I thrust forward and you gasp as my cock strikes your cervix and my body rubs against your clit. I pull back and again make small strokes with my coc You buck your hips up again and I again thrust hard into you. I continue to thrust as you arch up to meet my thrusts. I wrap my arms around your body and hold you as I thrust into you and cum into your pussy.

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