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My Wife  

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4/16/2020 11:27 am
My Wife

[This occurred before my wife was diagnosed with cancer] ...

So, my wife has a very shallow vagina ... it actually has medical term which escapes me right now ... But she has not enjoyed sex since we got married over 20 years ago, because she is too small for my not too huge 7" cock. So, I went with her to a recent OB/GYM consult and the doctor said she should start with small dildos and work her way a 4, 5, or 6" dildo ...
My wife claims she never masturbates, and really did not like the feel of the dildos and vibrators I had purchased for her. So, I told her we could just give each other hand jobs ... (her hand, my finger). After a while, we had coitus again, but once again she screamed (pain not ecstasy) that I was pushing too deep. I even had my hand around my shaft to try not to penetrate deeply. We were both frustrated.

Eventually, I convinced her to go from small to large using real cocks ... not dildos. This required several<b> trips </font></b>to the glory holes at the local Sex Arcade ... I told her to sit in the glory hole until the right-sized dick popped through. After the first trip, we went home and 69ed like crazy ... After several<b> trips </font></b>she started sucking dicks in the glory hole ... at first, I was unaware, but she French kissed me on the way home and her tongue tasted like cum - lots of cum. At home we 69ed like wild, and her mouth felt more slippery than ever.

I visited the glory hole myself on a Saturday - she had to work all day and I had the day off. I watched a lot of men stroking to videos and paid close attention to a Mexican guy with a real small dick ... I think they call it a "chode" - about 1 inch wide and 1.5 inch long. I talked to him, but he only spoke Spanish and I only know English. He brought a friend over who could transl and I explained my wife's vaginal size and asked if he would fuck her ... Jose said Yes, yes, a million times yes. The interpreter slid his dick out of his pants and he too had a really short cock.

I asked the two amigos to come to the Adult Arcade at 8 pm that night ... I arranged for my wife to meet for drinks in the bar next door. After just one drink she gets tipsy, so I ordered her a second. After finishing the second Pina Colada, I suggested we go next door for fun. She quickly agreed. We went to the "usual" glory hole booth (the larger of the two). I told her that I knew she sucked and swallowed last week ... she giggled in her tipsy state.

In came a cock thru the glory hole, and behold, it was my Amigo with the 1" dick. She started sucking, and his cock grew to 1.5 inched but really thick ... she says, I think I found my next "dildo" and I agreed. A moment later, a second small cock poked thru the other hole. It too was a micro-penis, but really thick. She was sucking dick, alternating between both cocks ... I told her to wait, don't make them cum, and I would ask if they were willing to come home with us (she did not know of the pre-arrangement). So, I stepped out of the glory hole to pretend I was talking to the gents ... and peaked into the adjacent booth. Are you ready? Both nodded.

When I went back into my wife's glory hole booth, she already had her pussy smashed against the glory hole and one of the two Amigos was fucking her. I was surprised because she was a very inhibited soccer mom just a few weeks ago. Panting, and sweating, she played with her clit while being fucked. One of the Amigos came inside her pussy, and she moved her butt to the next hole. Jose poked head into our booth and said, "Thank You,” while the interpreter continued fucking her already soaked pussy. I had my dick out and she occasionally licked my cock head ... while really focusing on her newly found cock chode.

Interpreter 'Manny' finished filling her pussy with jizz, and she looked very satisfied for the first time ever. Ever! No pain, just a good fuck. When we got home, my cock felt like it was going to explode. So, wife started sucking and I closed my eyes replaying the visions of Jose and Manny fucking her. Eventually, we were in a 69, and I was literally sucking man-cum from her pussy. Rather than being grossed out, my dick grew harder! I had the best orgasm ever!

A week later, I called my wife at work and there was no answer. I shrugged because she is always forgetting to charge her cell phone. So, I decided to see if I could find Jose and Manny at the Adult Theater for some play time. When I got there, I saw my wife's car in the parking lot. So, I drove next door, parked in the bar parking lot ... had a drink and went back into the Adult Arcade. No one in the store area, but I could hear the porn in the booth area. So, I paid my $10 and went in back. I guessed that my wife might be in a glory hole booth, but they were empty. There is a big screen in the back of the common area with a couch. I heard noise, so I went in back as quietly as possible. I wanted a peak. There she was on the couch with Manny in her mouth and Jose fucking her hard. She was moaning in between sucks and I could tell that she was enjoying herself. I was watching a 3-D porn movie starring my wife. Manny sounded like he came inside her, and Jose took his place. My wife started licking Manny clean in-between loud moans. I quietly slipped out of the Theater knowing that my Hot wife and I would 69 at home. Mad? Nope! I enjoyed seeing her unleash 20 years of sexual need ... and my dick is harder than ever.

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