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Birthday Present  

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5/20/2021 12:58 pm
Birthday Present

It has been a long day at work, I am tired and really don't feel like doing a thing. I pull up into the driveway, expecting to see you , but you're not. Piqued, I park and get out. Everything seems quite normal.

Quizzically, I walk up the front door, and grab the knob and try turn . Surprisingly, it's locked. Now I am really beginning wonder what's going on. I grab my keys and unlock the door. I get inside and notice that the lights are off here up front, but dimly lit in the back by the dining room. I stroll back the dining room and see 2 candles lit and dining room table is set.

I walk up the table and see a note "JP, take a seat and I'll be down shortly." Frowning slightly, I pull out the chair, taking my necktie off, and take a seat. I notice you have poured a stiff drink, a tall 7&7. I sip , and savor the taste.

I feel your hands on my shoulders as you lean down and whisper in my ear "Don't move." Then your hands are gone and then I see the blindfold being lowered over my eyes. Having kept my hand on my drink, I sip more. I feel the liquor starting ease my long and stressful day.

I picture you in my mind, you’re still as gorgeous as the day I married you. You're a petite woman, but well built. You stand a statuesque 5'2", with measurements of 34C-22-32. Your eyes are a deep bedroom brown (at times I tell you that you are full of it, but that makes you laugh all the more) and your skin is a soft chocolate brown (I have always had a thing for colored women, even in high school). Our wedding night was incredible, once we finally got all our friends leave. The sex that night was really fantastic, and we have been trying match ever since.

You come back saying, "Honey, could you move the chair back some and turn the left."

I pick up the chair a little and move it bac You say, "Just a little more Hun, then turn it." I move it a little more, and then turn it out for you.

Once I have the chair turned, I feel you taking a seat on my lap. You take my hands and tie them down the side of the chair (the chair not having any arms). I smile and say "Hmmmmmmmm, your teasing huh." I hear you next my ear saying "Am I???"

Now you have wondering about what is really going on. You ask move my ass the edge of the chair and spread my legs. I feel you unbuckle my pants and lower them. You remove my shoes, my socks and then my pants. I feel you move back up and massage my now growing cock through my briefs. Then you’re lowering my briefs and taking them off as well. Next I feel your hand wrap itself around my hardening cock and start stroke . Next I feel your velvety soft lips engulf the head of my cock, licking up and down, and then flicking with your tongue before you start to take down your throat. As you are working my cock, I let out a low moan. I thoroughly enjoy the finest blow job you have given since we married.

I hear you next my saying "Honey, how are the lips?" I reply "Fantastic darling." I then catch myself. These lips were still working my cock as you were asking a question. I didn't realize it until after I had answered. I smile broadly. I remember a conversation we had a few months ago. You had asked if I would like a threesome, and if so would I like have with. I had told you that if we did this, I would like to have your maid of honor. You had smiled at me saying you could see why. Where you were 5'2", she was 5'7" with bigger tits (36D's) and a rather chunky butt, but it was an overall very nice package. She also had the kind of lips that any man would love a blow job from.

I say "You didn't" and with that I feel you leaning over from behind me kissing me passionately on the lips. The blindfold falls away. My arms still secure to the chair. As you pull away, I see your friend smiling at me in the dim light. She once again starts to work my cock in and out of her lovely lips. Your hands are on my face, moving my head back to gaze upon yours. I up at you and smile. I say "Birthday present huh?" You say "Yes, but this is not over by any stretch of the imagination Hun. We have just started." Just as she finishes I feel your friend completely engulf my cock in her mouth. I say "OMG" looking up at you, "That’s your trick Hun". You look at me " do you think taught me." Looking down at your friend, laughing a little "You're a great teacher Hun." With that, you start suck my cock more rapidly. I feel your hands massaging my balls. I feel one hand move from my balls down my ass. I watch you wet a finger and slowly work into me. Hissing, I up at you "So what other little secrets of ours did you tell her." You smile at me and say "Like I said, we just started Hun."

Feeling her work her finger in and out my ass as she was deep throating my cock drives me crazy. Soon, I couldn't hold back any longer and shoot myself a huge load into this gorgeous creature’s mouth. I see her move up and pull you to her to kiss you deeply. As she leans over my head, I get the opportunity to suck a very pointy and very hard nipple. She breaks the kiss and stands back smiling at me. My wife whispers in my ear "Now, we are to go upstairs." I feel the restraints removed and she takes my hand and I take her friends hand to let them guide me up stairs.

Following the 2 goddess up the stairs, my eyes could not leave the asses that swayed in front of me. We head to our special room. It has a very large sofa in it, we had it specially made with a very wide seat on it so we could and know that we wouldn't fall off of . The sofa, at every line of the cushions, has loops sewn in. This definitely added a different kind of spice our sessions. My wife, and I, like a little bit of bondage, very light, nothing constraining. We place trust in each other that we will not let go of the straps, or scarves, as the intensity grows during our sessions. By the way, did I mention that the bed (6" larger than a California King) dominates one wall, with mirror tiles on the ceiling above it? The lighting in the room is exquisite, perfectly placed light up the bed and the sofa.

Once inside, the ladies take me over a smaller chair, placed in the room. My wife tells me "Sit." I obey her command and take a seat on the chair. As I sit down, I ask, "Can I remove my shirts?" She says, "Sure darling." As she smiles broadly at me, giving the full glint of deviltry in her eyes, I take off my shirts. My wife move between my legs, not touching my raging hard-on (just knowing she is so close makes me hard), ties my thighs to the chair comfortably. Next, she ties my wrists to the chair. And as I am being tied, I watch as my wife's friend stretches out on the sofa, seeing her lounging about and spreading her legs wide, taking her ankles in her hands, and pulling her legs up to a V with her arms out has me drooling to push my tongue deep into her pussy. Finally, my wife pulls my hips forward some and then ties my ankles to the loops on the floor. Just seeing my wife's friend in this position has made my cock ooze pre-cum.

My wife noticed this, and looked over her shoulder at her friend and then back at me saying "You'd love to eat that pussy wouldn't you?" Shaking my head yes because I am so fixated on her friend’s cunt makes my wife laugh. She stands up and looks at me saying ", do you want see that pussy get fucked hard?" Again I shake my head yes. My wife laughs, looks at her friend saying "Mmmmmmmmm , you have him so extremely horny, so much so he can't speak!" She strolls over languidly her friend; she runs her petite hands over her friend’s pussy and then deftly inserts them in the knuckles of her hand. She works them in and out, her friend holding onto her ankles dearly, not wanting to let go as my wife begins to eat her pussy, sucking and nibbling the exposed clit. Her friend starts moaning softly with ooh's and ahhh's. After a while, my wife gets up and strolls over to me and places her fingers on my waiting lips. She pushes them into my mouth; I suck them hard tasting my wife's friend’s pussy. Looking down at me she asks "Sweet isn't she" I once again nod yes as I suck her finger.

My wife turns from me and kneels by the sofa reaching under it for something. She pulls out a large vibe, approximately ," and tosses her friend. She tells her friend, nodding my direction "He loves when I masturbate in front of him before we have sex." Her friend says "Oh really?" smiling devilishly. My wife turns me and says "I shall be right back Hun. I'll let my friend entertain you while I am gone." I smile up at her and say "Thanks Hun." She peaks an eyebrow at me saying "Oh my, he speaks now!!!" Both of them start laughing at me as I watch my gorgeous wife walk away.

Soon I hear moans coming from my wife's friend. I turn my head back see she has placed her ankles in a couple of the loops on the sofa free her arms and hands up and is working the vibe into her pussy. Now, normally my wife likes to see me stroke my cock and cum on her as we masturbate, but this time I can't with myself. I see her start dig the vibe deep into her pussy, working most of into her. In long slow strokes, she deeply penetrates herself, closing her eyes as she does. She keeps the vibe deep in her pussy, using both hands to spin side side as much as she can. As she does this her breathing becomes quicker. She starts work the vibe in and out more rapidly with both hands. Evidently it is long enough her g spot. She throws her head back screaming as if she was actually getting fucked by a stud of this magnitude. Working that vibe as deep as she is, I see her starting cum, her body shakes and her pussy convulses around the vibe. I see she is actually seeping up pussy juice around the vibe, flowing down her inner thighs the crack of her ass.

From behind me I hear "Nice show darling." I over my shoulder see my wife standing gazing at her friend, and stroking something. I again and see a strap-on of about the size as the vibe. She walks forward, saying "Before I meet you Hun, her and I were lovers in college, though she knew I liked my cock too much to be hers completely. We still had our raging sessions, but that all stopped when we got married. And when I mentioned to you about a threesome and you said yes, made me excited, and when you said you wanted her be a part of , I couldn't resist giving you your wish. But first, (as she strokes her strap-on) I need satisfy my need my ."

I see her lean over her friend and take the strap-on and rub her clit with it. I noticed as my wife was talking with me, her friend got herself back into the position she was in when my wife started eat her pussy. Seeing my wife take the strap-on and guide into her friend’s pussy was an amazing view from behind. Seeing the strap-on disappear into her made me ache to be in her myself. I quickly down and notice my cock has been oozing for a long time and that my balls have a trail of pre-cum over them. I hear a deep moan. I up see my wife's petite ass start work like an oil derrick into her friend’s pussy. She drives that strap-on in to the hilt, the rubber balls hitting her friend’s ass. Soon I see my wife starting to pick up speed, pumping her friend deeply with each stroke. Sitting wishing I could stroke my own cock as I watch this gorgeous dance between former lovers. My wife leans over farther, driving the strap-on in deeper, her girlfriend moaning louder and louder with each pussy wrenching plunge of the strap-on. Soon, I see my wife go into what I "over drive." Like a jack hammer, she starts drive the strap-on rapidly into her friend’s pussy. Her friend evidently can't take much more of this and screams "I'm cumming!!!!!!!" And as she cums, my wife continues to pound her pussy with the strap-on. With each thrust into her friend’s pussy, I see juice squirt out from around the strap-on as it goes into her. Soon they both are breathing hard, and my wife has stopped. She leans down and kisses her dear friend tenderly on the lips. She pulls back saying "Been a long time since you had that kind of orgasm hasn't it Hun” Her friend smiles "Yes it has, you were always this good to me, could never find another that could do what you do Hun." My wife kisses her again, this time more passionately, both of them feeling each other’s tits, and hands moving down to take a feel of each other’s pussy. I say "Very lovely, thanks darling." My wife looks back, smiling "Oh, we are not done yet Hun."

My wife gets up and strolls over to me with her strap-on dangling between her legs. She asks me, "You like my toy?" Smiling wickedly back at her I say "Yes, you look good wearing a dic" Her friend comes up behind her, reaching around and lifts the dildo up stroking it. She looks at my wife saying "I think he should suck it." My wife says "Yeah, I'd like see him suck this coc"

With that she steps forward and kneels up on the arms of the chair placing the dildo on my lips. She knows that I'll suck a dildo after I have used it on her. She also knows that this is something different for me. We have talked many times about what we would like do each other. I know she's wanted do this for a while. I snake my tongue out and around the tip of the coc I place my lips around the head and try move my head down the dildo as much as I can. I try take as much of it as I can, but her hips are too far away for take much. Her friend is watching all this and says "Move closer Hun, let’s see if he can deep throat like we can."

With that, my wife nudges closer . I am able take more, and as the more I take I can hear my wife urging on. "Oh , that's work in Hun. Nice and easy, just relax, breathe easy Hun. That's ." As she is urging on, I notice she is getting a little more forceful with each thrust. So far I think I have worked about 8" of the " my wife is wearing. She's saying "My god , that looks so good moving in and out your mouth." I am glad I am turning her on. I see movement out of the corner of my eye. Next, I feel a hand on my enormously hard coc The hand starts stroke up and down. As my wife works the strap-on in and out my mouth, I feel a finger rub itself over the tip of my cock spread the already huge amount of pre-cum all over my coc My wife coos at "Ah , just a little bit more, that's it you go Hun." And as she says that I feel the balls of the dildo my chin. I can't believe I can take the whole thing.

She starts work my throat in long, slow thrusts, and as she is working my throat, I feel a set of lips engulf my cock; taking in the long motions my wife is doing . The intensity of it all is too much for , but I relax and relish in the feel of the lips savoring my coc I up at my wife and see the absolute lust in her eyes as she pushes the cock down my throat. Soon, I feel the beginning of another load as my wife's friend starts work my cock faster than my wife is working . Soon, I roll my eyes; my wife's friend pushes her mouth fully down my cock as I shoot my load into her again. She drinks all. I nod my head at my wife as she pulls out. I say "My god." shaking my head. My wife says "Now you know how I feel when I have you and your buddy from work by have a little fun." My wife bends over and kisses her friend again. After wards, she’s asks "How does my girl here taste." I licking my lips and say, "She is very sweet, but not as good as your darling." She smiles at as she walks around and unties my restraints.

I rub my wrists verify I am o I know during the whole thing I was straining against them just wanting reach out and participate. I stand up. My cock is now flaccid. My wife’s friend has crawled onto the bed and has spread her legs. My wife says, "Eat her pussy Hun, show her what you do to ." With that I crawl onto the bed and begin to devour my wife's friend's pussy. I lightly run my tongue up the inside of her thighs, lightly teasing the skin. I notice the goose bumps for as I work my way in. Getting to her pussy, I lightly nibble her lips working around till I eventually get to her clit. I start suck and nibbling upon her love button like no tomorrow. I hear the ooohhh's and aahhh's emanate from her mouth. I up as I eat her pussy and see that my wife has removed her strap-on and is positioning herself over her friend’s mouth. I hear her say "Eat like he's eating you" as she lowers her pussy down onto her friends face. I begin to eat my wife's friend's pussy more vigorously, biting, nipping and sucking her clit hard. I start to work my tongue into her pussy, pushing at first a little bit at a time, then more and more. (I had a girlfriend in college that loved me eating her out, she got so curious about how I was able to go so deep into her with my tongue that she actually measured it, she dropped her jaw when she measured almost 5" of my tongue outside my lips, and this is why my wife likes it so much.) Soon I had my tongue fully engulfed in her friend’s pussy. Snaking and wiggling my tongue all over the inside of her. I could taste the juices that were rapidly starting to flow from her pussy. I could hear her breathing become labored as I worked my tongue in and out deeply. Suddenly I felt her pussy clamp down on my tongue and she exploded with nectar all over my face. I knew she was a squirter, but did not know she could squirt that much. I tried furiously to lap up all her juices, but could not, some started to run down my chin. I pulled my dripping face up from my wife's friend's pussy and smiled.

My wife says "That is the exact reason I fell in love with him, besides all his other good traits." I notice my wife is sitting on the top shelf of the head board with her legs spread wide. I see she is dripping wet.

I say, "Come down here and let me give you one of the other parts that you fell in love with." And with that she said "Sure." Her friend move out of the way as my wife move down in front of me putting her legs up in a V, grabbing her ankles and holding them. She knows I love this type of missionary position. I like it because I can see her face and see her lovely tits sway as I push my cock in deep. I lean in and concentrate on my gorgeous wife. I take the tip of my cock and move it all over her pussy, rubbing her clit with it. Then I slowly push my cock into my wife's pussy. She knows that I am not the biggest man to fill her pussy (I have seen her take a guy that had " once and road him fully). I steadily work my cock into my wife's pussy, seeing her eyes close as I penetrate her fully. Then slowly I pick up my speed. Soon I am pounding my wife into the mattress. She starts to yell and scream "Yes Yes Yes ME!!!!!!" Soon I am leaning over and pressing my fists into the bed, bouncing her up and down my cock rapidly. This drives her nuts and I feel her pussy clamp down on my cock as she explodes all over my coc But, I do not stop; I slow down some and keep working my cock in and out in long deep strokes. My wife loves when I get focused on her. I have become machine like in screwing her. I totally ignore her pleading and begging for me to stop. My personal record is making her cum 5 times before I do.

was in that focus that I did not notice my wife's friend putting the strap-on on. As I am fucking her good, I feel a hand on my ass. I hear an "Mmmmmmmmm, such a nice ass you have." I over my shoulder her smiling at me, and stroking that strap-on. She says in a very husky voice, "I have always wanted give a man what he has given me. If you don't mind, I would like you while you your wife." I at my wife smiling "So you have been telling on me haven't you." She says back "Sorry Hun, but she can with that almost as good as you me." I say "Oh so that’s how she got out of you huh." She smiles and laughs "Yes." I slow down and bury my cock in my wife's pussy. I over my shoulder and say "Go for darling."

I at my wife as I feel her friend’s hands all over my ass. She gives my ass a good grab here and . Then I feel her take my cock out of my wife milk me some. I close my eyes savoring the feel of her hands on my cock as I am in this position (on my hands and knees). Next I feel something being applied my ass. I over see her putting generous amounts of KY on my ass. I feel her hands roaming again. My wife has moved from under me and she is watching from the side. I over and find her. I say "So you want be a spectator in this huh” She smiles saying "Yes, . I have always wanted see you like this." With that I start laugh as I feel her friend push her fingers into my ass. I relax as I feel the fingers working in and out. Next I feel something put into my ass and feel a cool sensation fill my ass. Her friend had put a generous amount of KY in my ass just trying to make easier for the dildo get into my ass. Next I feel the dildo on my asshole; she slowly begins to put pressure on my ass. I relax, feeling my asshole stretch to take the rubber cock into me. Slowly I feel starting enter. At some point, I feel get past my anus and slide easily into me. Closing my eyes I savor a feeling that I had yet to experience. She’s giving me a feeling of fullness that I found exquisite. I feel my wife's friend snuggle her hips against my ass before she starts to work the strap-on in and out my ass. Soon, I am in awe of how this girl can , I begin wonder if she wasn't a guy in a different life.

I can feel her circling the strap-on in and out my ass. She would move her hips under my ass, feeling the strap-on move upwards in my ass. Then she would move her hips above my ass, pulling the strap-on down as she moved out. Soon I can't stand any longer; I put my shoulders down give her better access. Next thing I know I feel another set of hands on my ass spreading then wide. I hear my wife say, "That's , him, him good and hard ." And with that I feel the thrusting become more powerful and her friends hands are on my hips pulling me down onto the strap-on. Next I feel a set of lips on my coc I see my wife sucking deep into her mouth as her girlfriend starts to slam my ass. The sensation of my wife sucking my cock as I am getting fucked by her girlfriend is insane.

Soon I am shaking my head feeling the urgency of my balls needing to shoot this load that has been building. I am so into what they are dong to that I do not notice as my wife slides beneath and places my cock in her pussy again. I start fuck my wife hard as her girlfriend is fucking . I don't even notice the twinges of the load that has been building. And at long last, I am pushed deep into my wife's pussy and unload into her. Breathing hard, I feel her girlfriend slam down into . Rope after rope of my seed fills my wife's pussy.

When I am done, I can still feel my wife's friend fucking my ass. I over my shoulder and say "Please stop darling, I don't think I can cum any more today." My wife looks at her friend "Stop darling, he's had enough." Her friend stops and pulls the strap-on out my ass. I roll over and lay down next to my wife. I take her face in my hands and kiss her tenderly. I say "Thanks for the birthday present, darling." My wife says, "Your welcome Hun." I get up and move to my wife's friend. I say to her, "You were wonderful." She smiles back and says "Thanks." I take my wife's friends face in my hands and kiss her as well. I look over at my wife "So, what do you want for your birthday. Stop, don't answer that." I could tell by the wicked gleam in her eyes what she wanted for her birthday. She didn't have to say a word.

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