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Vacation Night #2 Part 1 (New Room)  

JPW102862 59M
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5/31/2021 1:35 pm
Vacation Night #2 Part 1 (New Room)

I woke up the next morning, rather late, and saw that we hadn't eaten much of our dinner before we got into our session last night. I was starving, and I do not let good food go to waste, so I sat down and finished off my burger, though I did not touch my fries. The nice thing about our room is that there is a very small kitchen, so I took my left over’s and my wife’s and placed them on the same plate and put it in the refrigerator for later consumption.

After I had finished my food, I had looked at our phone and noticed a flashing light on it. I called the front desk and found out that there was a for us waiting at the desk. I got dressed, leaned over and kissed my still sleeping angel of a wife on the lips, and told her that I am off to the front desk to get a for us. When I get to the front desk, I ask for the . After showing my ID to the agent, he retrieves the for me and hands it to me. I open it up and read that it was a from Shannon. She said to meet her for dinner at Frangioni's at 6:00 PM.

I return to the room to find that my wife has gotten up and was taking a shower. I strip down and walk into the bathroom to join her. As I step in to join her, my wife asks me what I had left for. I tell her, "Remember the flight attendant we ran into on our flight over?" My wife says, "Yes, Shannon." I say, "Yes, well she has invited up over for dinner at a place called Frangioni's." My wife says, "Well, it sounds like we have a dinner date." I say, "Yes we do honey, and besides that what else is on the menu." My wife says, "Well, I would like to look around, and just see the sites here. Maybe do a little bit of gambling." I say, "Ok honey, sounds like a good day to me." With that we finish the shower, got dressed and left to enjoy a bit of gambling.

The day of gambling actually turned out better than I thought it would. I thought my wife and I would have lost a bit of money since that was all I budgeted for, but my wife actually won enough money at a slot machine to get us a full upgrade to a suite for the rest of our 2 week stay. Our new room was incredible. The new view was even more awesome than the view of our previous room. The hotel moved our baggage for us and brought up a complimentary lunch. We sat down and ate while our luggage was moved not believing the luck we had. Soon after our luggage was moved, my wife got up and came over to sit on my lap.

As I was lying back with her in my arms, she started to nuzzle my neck. So she tells me that we need to christen our new bed. With that I pick her up in my arms and carry her over to the bed and start to nuzzle her back. I start to work my way down her chest; I notice her nipples we standing out prominently and I couldn't resist moving over to them to suck on them through her tank top. As I worked my wife's nipples, she reaches up and lowers the tank top exposing her gorgeous nipples and perfectly formed breasts that I love. I feel my wife squirming beneath me. I reach down and lower her denim shorts that were hugging her gorgeous ass. As my wife kicks the demine shorts away, I start to work my way down between my wife's legs.

I place my hands below her knees and spread her legs wide. One of the nice things my wife has done with herself, is keeping her body in peak physical state and keeping herself very flexible. If she wanted to, she could place her knees below her shoulders. I love it when she pulls her legs up, and wide, keeping her body flat.

As she is doing this, I dive down and start to suck and nibble her pussy eagerly. I suck and nibble her clit, driving her crazy as she tries to push her pussy up to meet my tongue. Soon, she is screaming like crazy, her head thrashing side to side, my tongue delving into the farthest reaches of her pussy. Soon, I hear her gasp, and her body starts to convulse. Her pussy starts to overflow juices as I work my tongue in deep.

As my wife reclaims her steady breathing, I strip naked for her. As I kick off my pants, I feel my wife's hand wrapping itself around my cock and starting to stroke me. She also throws in a few tugs insisting that I get on the bed. I get on the bed laying face up for my wife. She positions herself between my legs and starts to rapidly stroke my cock up and down. I lay my head back and close my eyes.

My wife loves playing with my cock. Soon, I am feeling her lips on my cock. As she is devouring my cock down her throat, I feel her other hand running itself up and down the crack of my ass. Lifting my head up to look at my wife, I feel her take a finger and work it into my ass. As my wife works her magic on my cock, I feel her penetrating my ass in one stroke for every 3 strokes of her lips on my cock.

Her work on my cock is extraordinary this time. Soon I am feeling that familiar urge to have my cock unload in her mouth, but I stop her. I roll over on top of my wife, pressing her legs up and out, putting her knees on the bed itself. I guide my hips up between her legs. I feel my hard cock rub up and down her pussy.

I look down at my wife as my wife starts to say, "Mmmmm, baby, that's it fuck me. Put that gorgeous cock that I love in my pussy. Fuck me hard with it." As she says that, I find the right angle and push my cock fully into her pussy in one stroke.

As I penetrate her, I see her eyes close and a big smile cross her face. Soon, I work up a steady rhythm as I fuck her pussy. At first in slow steady strokes, I see my wife squeezing her eyes shut. I know this drives her crazy and it is why I fuck her so slow and penetrate her fully. Soon, her head is moving side to side, she's panting as I pick up my pace, pushing her hips hard into the bed, making us bounce up. The bed has excellent construction. As we are bouncing up, I pull up even farther and then plunge down into her as deep as I can as we bottom out on the bed, only to bounce up from it.

I fuck her in this fashion for several minutes. During part of this I feel her pussy grab at my cock, and I can tell she is having another orgasm. I ignore the pleadings of her pussy for my cock to feed it and keep pounding away. But, her grabbing pussy did set me off with the tingling I feel as I am building up to a huge load to flood her pussy with. I keep slamming deep into her pussy, as I slowly increase my tempo. Soon I am building my pace; I eventually put her legs under my shoulders as I lean down over her.

Leaning farther down, I start to kiss my wife passionately as I am placing my fists by her hips. I start to press my fists into the bed, and like a jack hammer, my wife starts to ride up and down my cock. I break the kiss as my wife screams, "AHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" This rapid movement up and down my cock drives me crazy and pushes me to pound the bed harder, causing her to ride up and down my cock even more quickly. I see my wife looking down to watch my dick disappear into her pussy. I see her bite her lip, and then throw her head back as I slam deep into her. I feel my own load build rapidly from this and as I am slamming into her a few more times, I feel my cock begin to unload deep into her pussy. I slam down a final time and hold myself deep in her, filling her with all my seed generated from our session.

I pull myself out and flop down next to her. I look over at the clock on the night stand and see that it is now 4:00 pm. I look at my wife as she is regaining her regular breathing. I say, "Honey, we have enough time to shower and get ready to go to dinner." As my wife pops up, she says "Ok, let me go get showered up and get dressed and we shall be on our way."

I smile as I see my gorgeous wife walk away from me over to the bathroom to use the shower.

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