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Walking the Remember When Road  

JPW102862 59M
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5/21/2021 5:20 pm
Walking the Remember When Road

It was a few days later after we had my "little" birthday party that my wife and I were sitting on our couch after dinner, sipping our wine, getting ready to watch our favorite TV show, that my wife asked "So, how many black women have you had in your life?"

Since this line of questioning has never come up before I never really gave it a thought as to why I liked black women, so I asked her "Why do you ask?"

She replied, "Well, when we met I saw you with another black lady, and I don't recall you ever dating a woman of a different color."

I said "You mean ethnicity, right?"

She says "Yes darling, you know exactly what I mean."

I reply to her "Well, I have dated other women of different ethnicities, but none of them attracted me like your ethnicity has. I am not really sure if I can adequately put a finger on a good reason why, other than I like how the black woman looks. It may sound shallow, but for me it is the truth."

I smile coyly and say "Would you like to hear about how I lost my virginity? It was to a black in ?"

My wife smiles with an evil glint in her eye, as she moves to take a seat sitting on my lap looking at , saying "I would love to hear it?"

I around the room, noticing that the living room curtains are open. I ask "Don't you want to close the curtains Hun?"

She replies, "Nah, its ok no one will see."

I smile saying "You sure about that? WE tend to get a little loud sometimes."

She gloats at me "You scared someone might watch us after the party we had a few days ago???"

I laugh, "I see your point."

Though it has been true we love to play hard, my birthday 3some was a first for me, especially the watching part.

I tell my wife "Well, when I had entered girls to were still the other people, I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to be friends with them, or that they were the enemy. I had yet to realize that they would be attractive to , let alone being attracted to them.

When I was in 9th , I had just transferred to my . I was still getting my bearings around the campus, when I spied a black crossing campus. I was somewhat shy at the time, and I did not having many friends. Clumsily I ask, "Ummmmmm, excuse me, but do you know where room 3 is?" She said "You having a problem finding your room?" Embarrassed I said, "Yes, new here and have yet to figure things ." She smiled saying "Yeah, I had that problem too. Tell you what how's about I take you to it, ok?" Smiling broadly, I said "Thanks." I proceeded to follow her to my room. When we got there, she said "My name is Janelle." I reply back "Jon, nice to meet you." and extend my hand to her to which she shakes my hand. She says "Well this is your , a little early though." I reply "Yeah well my father is a little harsh with if I am late so I try to be 5 minutes early, as often as I can." She says "Well, I need to be off to my own . You have a good ." And she turns to leave. I turn to my room and have a seat.

I didn't see her again for the rest of the year. And I had completely forgotten about her, until I was a junior. It was about the middle of the year, and I was at a dance function when a black had caught my eye. I walked over and introduced myself to her, and she looked like I was a ghost from her past. She stammered a bit and said "Don't I know you from somewhere?" I replied, "Ummmmmm, no, I don't think we have met." She then told me her name "Janelle." Then I got the quizzical on my , and asked her "Ummmmmm did you take to my first room, here when I was in 9th ?" She said "OH MY GOD!!! It is you; my you have gotten cute since then." I blushed furiously and said "Yeah, I've grown a bit since then as well.""

In 9th , I was a skinny and about 5'9" and when I had seen her she skinny, as well, and was about 5'4." By my junior year, I had grown almost 5" to a little more than 6'2" and had put on some weight and not as skinny as I used to be. Now she hadn't gotten much taller, may 2" to about 5'6", but she had filled out. I would say she had a fairly heft chest the time that I could not keep my eyes off of. She had full D cups for breasts. I couldn't tell what her measurements were, all I knew at the time was that she was gorgeous and had a great smile.

"I complimented her back "I see that smile hasn't changed one bit since that ." She smiled prettily for saying "Yeah well, these lips have learned a few things since then as well too."

We looked around and I saw a strange look come over her . She asked "This dance is getting a little boring isn't it." I said, "Yeah not much of a dancer." She says, "Yeah, I noticed that from the earlier dance you did with that other ." I laugh "Well, I try, I've had lessons and I still have 2 left feet." She laughs, "Well, maybe you need to find the right dance." I ask "Which dance is that?" She replies, "Hmmmmmmmm, maybe it’s better if I show you?" I reply, "Oh really." She grabs my hand and starts to lead away from the dance, as she is saying "Yes really.""

My wife chimes in "Now she didn't take you to a custodial closet, now did she?" I smile back looking up her as she opens her white satin blouse showing her white lace bra over her perfect tits, saying "Are you going to let tell my story or distract ?" She smiles evilly and says "Both." in a frank and in an as a matter of fact tone.

Continuing, "I follow her to a far away custodial closet, in the farthest away building on campus from the . She reaches into the purse and pulls a key. Now, how she got the key is none of my business. We step inside, and she immediately presses herself against me, and starts to kiss me. Now at the time I had kissed a few girls, but I have never had one attack me like this. She pushes her tongue into my mouth and almost makes me gag. I pull back saying, "What are you doing?" She says "Silly, it’s called French kissing." I reply, "I have never had any girl do that to me when I kissed them." with that she looks at me and starts to French me again, but this time I think turnabout is fair play and push my tongue into her mouth. We kiss like this for a while, and as a man, my cock got instantly hard when she started to kiss again. I could feel her pressing herself against , and embarrassingly enough, I could tell she could feel my hard cock.

As we were kissing, I could feel her hands roaming all over my chest. She started to open my shirt and running her hands inside. She got to my ribs and I broke the kiss and started to laugh "Hey that tickles.""

As I tell my wife this, she had removed her bra and was massaging my cock through my pants, while she still had the white satin blouse still on. My wife had also been doing the same thing to me, unbuttoning my shirt and running her hands over my chest and she deliberately poked me in the ribs causing me to flinch and laugh. I said, "Hey, now let me finish my story."

"We had stopped kissing and Janelle had started to lift off her blouse. I reached and by accident grabbed her tits through her bra as she lifted the pull over blouse off.

Embarrassed I pulled my hands back quickly, stammering, "Umm sorry, meant to catch your blouse not you’re umm"

"Tits" she says smiling. She says, "Here let me give you a better feel of them." And with that she reaches behind herself and unclasps her bra and tosses it aside with her blouse.

Not knowing what to do, I hesitate. Janelle grabs my hands and places them on her tits. She asks "How do they feel?" Mesmerized, I reply "Very soft, velvety." I notice as I run my fingers around her nipples that they were getting hard and pointy. I hear her moan; I ask "Are you ok?" She replies, "Ah darling I am very good Hun, keep running your thumbs over my nipples." I keep running my thumbs over her nipples as she reaches up and removes my shirt. She leans forward and nips at my own exposed nipple. I pull back saying "Hey, why did you do that?" Janelle asks "Did you like it?" Somewhere in the back of my head something tells me to say "Yes." She smiles at me and leans in and instead of biting my nipple; she runs her tongue over it and sucks on it some.

Having never having this done to me before I couldn't help myself, but moan and lean back. Janelle stayed clamped to my breast, licking and sucking it. Janelle works herself over to my other nipple and does the same thing to it. At this point my cock is really hard inside my pants and it has been feeling Janelle's tits around him as she had been working my nipples. I am not paying attention to Janelle's hands as she removes my belt and lowers my pants. Now I am in my briefs, and my raging hard on is tenting them immensely. She looks down at me saying "I see the rumors are true." I ask "What rumor is that?"
She says "That you have the biggest cock in ." I reply "Oh really?" She says, "Yeah, a lot of the girls have heard the other guys saying that you’re a freak and that no guys should have a dick that big." Embarrassed, I say "Humph, have had a few guys ask to play with my cock, but I tell them I am not gay." Janelle tells "They're just jealous."

She kneels down in front of and pulls my already oozing dick of my briefs and lowers them to the floor."

My wife, being the expert in distractions, has basically done the same thing and is stroking my cock, just looking it. Stroking , working the pre- of my cock and up and down my shaft making slick.

"Janelle wraps her hand around my cock and starts to stroke . Having never having this done to , I immediately, shooting a huge load all over her tits. Janelle looks up at me, "Mmmmm, I like a huge load like that." She takes some off her tits with a finger and licks her finger clean. Janelle says I taste sweet to her. She starts to stroke my cock again and I am hard in short order again. This time, she leans forward and licks the tip of my cock. Not saying a word, and thinking she has done this before, she starts to take my cock into her mouth. I lay my head back and close my eyes as I feel Janelle's lips wrap themselves around my cock. Amazingly enough she takes all my cock in her throat.

Now at the time I had yet to break out a ruler to measure myself, but afterward Janelle said my dick was ". She said she had heard rumors that Rodney, who graduated the year before, and was the football team’s quarterback, had ". Janelle said she found that rumor to be true when she saw him whip it for her to play with prom night last year and had sucked him off as well, but she said she did not fuck him. Janelle said she was saving that for someone special.

Feeling my cock go in and Janelle's mouth was driving crazy. I felt like I was about to shoot again, but she did something to me to keep me from cumming. She stands up in front of me, reaching around and dropping her long skirt. I see she is wearing very skimpy panties. I comment "What are those, a band aid?" She relies "No, this is a thong." Grabbing my hands she says "Come here.""

My wife had been listening to me very intently, and when I mentioned that Janelle had deep throated me, she had done the same thing. I stopped speaking as she had expertly put a finger in my ass with my pants around my ankles. My wife had gotten herself into frenzy and I had to stop. It didn't take her long to coax a load out of me. I her "You enjoyed that didn't you?" She smiles back evilly, "Yes!" and laughs uproariously.

Giving my wife a very skeptical , I ask "Are you going to let finish?"

She looks and says "Well, that depends on whether or not you can finish the story."

I say, "And you’re going to do everything you can do to keep from finishing it?"

My petite wife smiling evilly shakes her head yes and crawls up onto my lap, and starts to grind her hips into mine.

I start up again "Janelle had pulled to her as she backed herself onto the edge of a work table. Janelle tells to suck her nipples. Now, having seen tits of any kind in my father's Playboy and Penthouse, I could guess why she wanted to suck her nipples. But being the eager beaver that I was, I dove in for all I was worth."

At this time my wife and her gorgeous tits tried to silence me with putting a nipple on my lips, but taking her by the shoulders and nipping at her nipple playfully, I push her back to give me room to speak.

"Janelle starts to moan as I suck a nipple telling me that was really good and the like, she then starts telling to suck her other nipple. I obey her command and take her other nipple between my lips and start to suck it like I did the first. After some of that, she tells me to use my tongue, not asking why; I start to run my tongue in circles around her nipples, switching from one to the other. Alternating from sucking to licking to nibbling her. Janelle puts her hands on my shoulders and starts to push me down her body. She tells to run my tongue down her belly as she pushes me down. I get cute and run my tongue in circles as I am pushed down her body."

My wife during this has sat back and is once again grinding her pussy all over my cock, but not putting it in her pussy. My wife is also massaging her gorgeous tits and tweaking her nipples as she is listening to me.

"Janelle pushes me a little farther down until I am having a very close up her pussy. I can tell she is wet because that thong, or should I say thing, she's wearing looks like someone had poured water all over it. I get this heady musky smell coming from her pussy. She reaches down and pulls the thong tight over her pussy causing it to slip between her lips. I am amazed at how my body reacts to her flossing of her pussy.

Janelle tells me to run my tongue over her lips. So, as I am commanded, I run my tongue over her pussy. As I do this I hear a sharp intake of breath. Fearing I may have done something wrong I ask, "You ok?" Janelle looks down at me saying, "Darling, I just didn't expect your tongue to do that to me." I ask, "Is that a good thing?" Janelle replies, "Oh, it is a very good thing. Now, keep doing that."

I return to licking Janelle's pussy, just running my tongue up and down her lips. As I am doing this, Janelle pulls her thong to the side, leaving me with nothing in my way. I now start to taste her juices that are flowing from her pussy; instinctively I start to work my tongue farther and farther into Janelle's pussy. As I do this her moans are getting louder and louder. At some point she tells me to suck the top of her pussy like I did her nipples. And again as I am commanded, I start to do that. I didn't know much about a woman's anatomy at the time, but when I started to suck what I believed to be another nipple, her moans became very loud and her breathing became deeper and sometimes shallow. After a bit if this, she took a deep breath, close her eyes bit her lower lip and her body started to shudder uncontrollably. Pulling my head back, I noticed that she was oozing all over herself and it was running down her legs. After what seemed like an eternity, she opened her eyes and looked down at me smiling broadly."

My wife during all this had masturbated herself to an orgasm, not using her fingers at all and just ground up against my cock until she had .

Now I did not know that this would be called "eating a ," and I did not know that doing this would put in such a state of arousal that I would be hard enough to pound a penny nail with my dick in one stroke.

"Janelle pulls up to her and starts to kiss hard on the lips again. She pulls forward to her as she lays back. She has lifted her legs up and tells to put my hands behind her knees. Obeying, I do so. She reaches over and pulls my hips to her bottom with her legs up. She takes my cock and aims it her pussy. She says, "Now take it easy, you'll feel some resistance but be gentle with the pressure." Doing as she had said, I push my cock into her pussy. The feel of her pussy surrounding my cock as I pushed in was incredible. It felt like I was pushing into a tight velvet canal. Slowly I worked more of my cock in. When I got to the resistance, I started to back and stayed . I tell Janelle that I don't want to hurt her, she tells it will be okay and that I should work my cock in and of her working myself in a little more each time. So I do as she tells me, I start to work myself in and her pussy going a little farther each time. I feel the resistance with each stroke and I have to use a little more pressure each time. Now I am working about 2/3's of my cock in and out Janelle's pussy, but all of a sudden I hear a little whimper from Janelle and then I am fully in her pussy. Janelle had been moaning all this time, closing her eyes and not really doing anything but sitting on the edge of the work table. Now that I am working my full length in and out her pussy, she starts to rock back at me, meeting each of my thrusts. My own breathing gets harder and harder. I hear her starting to say, "Yes! Yes! fill my pussy! Ah! YES!" Suddenly an urge comes over me, I am not sure what it is, but all I feel is my cock spasm and I start to shoot the same jets I did all over Janelle's tits inside Janelle's pussy. Janelle was feeling it too, and she reached over to pull my hips to her to keep my cock deep in her pussy. Janelle starts to shudder again as she breathes deeply into my shoulder. As my body's reaction subsides, and seeing a calm come over her as we try to regain our normal breathing.

Janelle says "Yes, you are the special someone that I wanted to fuck first." I reply, "Oh really, and why is that." Janelle says, "Well I had been watching you ever since I took you to your room in 9th . I thought you were cute. Our paths really never crossed since that , but I had glimpses of you during lunch and last year. I had a different teacher, but we had the same period." Sheepishly smiling I reply "Well, I am honored, but what do we do from here." She says "Well, I am going to graduate and go to USC on a cheer leading scholarship, but I do hope to see you again before I graduate." During this time I had pulled my cock and saw a big drop plop down onto the floor. I up the clock and we had been gone for more than an hour. I say, "Um, we had better get back Hun before a teacher comes looking for us." We both hurriedly get dressed and run the door not worrying about anyone seeing us leave. We got back to the dance with no one the wiser least that was what I was hoping and had a good time with Janelle the rest of that night."

All during this time I had exercised a large of self control. My wife had taken my cock and buried it in her pussy and had been riding hard the whole time. She had about the same time I was telling it in my story, but I had not. As soon as I finished, I grabbed my wife's hips and rolled us over putting my wife's feet up in the air. I started to slam her beautiful pussy hard, bouncing deep into our living room couch. She loves it when I start to pound her hard like this, and in no time she was coming again, but this time I was deep in her as I shot my own load.

My wife looks saying, "So did you see her again before she graduated?" I said, "Yes I did Hun, as a matter of fact, we dated the rest of the year and we dated that summer until she left for her scholarship." She asks, "So did you fuck her again?" I said, "Sweetie that is for another evening now let’s watch some TV."

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