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Musings of a Fertile Mind
These are my musings, please enjoy.
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Vacation Day #3
Posted:Jun 14, 2021 3:28 pm
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2021 10:27 am

The following morning, Arlene, my wife and I woke to just the 3 of us. Evidently, Shannon and Rosie had to catch a flight they were working that morning, but Shannon had left a note.

I opened up the note and it basically read that they had a really good time and loved the sex. Shannon and Rosie both signed the note and they had left both their for us. They also mentioned Arlene and said she was the added wild side of the whole evening.

Arlene gets up and says that thankfully she doesn't work till this evening to which I agreed with her.

As I my wife strolling off to the bathroom, I feel Arlene move up behind , placing her naked body up against my back. I feel her hard nipples pressing into as she places her arms around my chest and starts to kiss my neck. I back her and ask if she is willing to finish what she has started, and all Arlene does is smile wickedly back at as she starts to kiss my lips.

I feel Arlene's hands go immediately to my rapidly growing cock. As we break the kiss, Arlene says she loves to feel a soft cock get hard in her hands. I laugh at her a little as I feel my cock get rock hard from her hands stroking me. I move myself up a little closer to her , but I see she's not leaning in to suck my cock. I could tell by the on her she wanted to stroke my cock. Evidently, all she wanted was to see my cock all over her nicely shaped tits.

Soon, I feel another pair of tits on my back, as I see my wife peeking over my shoulder. I my wife and tell her Arlene has wonderful hands and excellent technique. My wife moves down beside Arlene to watch as she is stroking my cock. Absent mindedly my wife reaches with her hand to cup my balls. The feel of my wife’s hand on my balls usually doesn't do a thing for , but with what Arlene was doing, it just added another level to the whole thing.

Not long after my wife has been playing with my balls, she moves he hand down to run a finger up and down the crack of my ass. Her finger finds my asshole and starts to rim . Arlene is stroking my cock faster and faster now as my wife works her finger into my ass. I just sit there on my knees, feeling Arlene's expert hands working as my wife finger fucks . I let a low moan as I feel the beginnings of a load building. Soon, Arlene is stroking even more quickly and my wife is trying to match Arlene's strokes of my cock. I let an even louder moan as my body begins to shake as my cock unloads itself all over Arlene's tits.

Breathing heavy, my wife slaps on the ass and tells to go take a shower so we can go have some breakfast. I her and say, "Why not have some breakfast here in our room?" She replied, "I want to go and enjoy this , it looks beautiful already." My wife looks Arlene and says, "Would you like to join us?" Arlene replies, "Sure, I have no problem joining you today, besides I have nothing better to do today anyways." I noticed my wife had not answered my question which leads to believe something is afoot for breakfast, though I do have a pretty good idea what it might be.

With that my wife shoos me away to go take my shower. I notice, as I am walking away, my wife has started to kiss Arlene again, and she had started to work my load into Arlene's tits.

I get to the bathroom and go over to the walk-in shower and turn the water on. I stand back with my hand the water waiting for it to get . Once it gets to the appropriate temperature, I step inside and let the water fall over . The water is exhilarating. As the heat wakes every inch of my body, I reach for the soap and a washcloth to start washing my body; I feel a set of hands on my shoulders.

I over my shoulder Arlene and smile. Arlene says, "Hey, it was your wife's idea."

I reply, "Oh really, then what’s for breakfast?"

"She told to tell you that your favorite breakfast is being ordered at this minute and that it will be here in about an hour."

"Cool, I haven't had my favorite breakfast in a long time."

Arlene having a quizzical on her asks as she kneels before , "So, what is your favorite breakfast?"

I reply, "Pussy and maple syrup."

Arlene smiles and then devours most of my cock down her throat. Feeling Arlene's mouth all over my cock as the water fell all over our bodies was just intense. Soon Arlene is pulling down to the floor of the shower by my cock. Arlene gets down on all fours and proceeds to guide my cock to her hungry pussy. I reach over and turn the water down some to get it falling all over us as I fuck her from behind.

After sometime, my cock is easily sliding in and of Arlene's pussy in full strokes. My hands are gripping her gorgeous ass hard, pulling her onto my rapidly throbbing member. Soon, I feel Arlene's pussy start to gush all over my cock. I see Arlene is in the throes of an intense orgasm as I start to slam her unmercifully hard. Arlene lets a loud yell as I quicken up my pace. Arlene's pussy gripping my cock with the water falling all over us drives to an unforeseen orgasm of equaling intensity. I pull Arlene down on my cock and hold her there as I shoot my load deep into her pussy.

Breathing hard and pulling myself of her, I stand back up and grab the soap.

I say, "Let’s clean up before we get messy again." And with that Arlene smiles as I begin to soap up her tits and run the washcloth down to her pussy.

After another minutes of washing and cleaning Arlene and I come to find breakfast had been delivered to the room and that my wife was sitting in a chair reading the local newspaper.

She looks over saying from behind the newspaper, "You two have fun?" I smile and reply "What you didn't hear us?" My wife says, "Yes I heard you two. Now, both of you eat. So we can get of here in an hour."

We sit down and eat. The meal was outstanding, even for breakfast. Just before we finish, I take the urn for the syrup and place it in the mini-fridge. My wife sees this and asks, "What are you going to do with that honey?" I reply with a smile, "Sometimes I like to have breakfast for dinner." That answer gets a joyous laugh from both the ladies.

With breakfast done, we get dressed. My wife decides to take Arlene on a shopping spree and considering the of she won a few days ago (approximately $50,000 on a slot machine), the shopping spree would be ok.

As we take a seat to eat our lunch, my wife asks Arlene if she will have some time off here soon. Arlene replies "Yes, after tonight I will have 2 days off from the restaurant." My wife says "Great, would you be able to join us for dinner the day after tomorrow?" Arlene says "I would love to join you then, what do we plan on doing after dinner?" My wife says, "Hmmmm, I am not sure." And with that we all get some decidedly very evil grins. While this conversation was happening, I was thinking for just a second that my original plans were going to be ruined, but thankfully they were not.

The remaining afternoon we lounged around taking a break from the fast paced and exhausting activities. About mid-afternoon, Arlene stated that she needed to get home and get ready for work. Tracy says, “Aren’t you leaving a little early for that?” to which Arlene replies, “Well I have yet to say goodbye?” And with that Arlene takes my wife into her arms and kisses her passionately. Her hands start moving all around my wife’s body, Arlene reaches behind my wife and expertly removes the bra along with the tight-fitting t-shirt she was wearing. No sooner was the top off Arlene takes a very erect nipple in her mouth to suck it hard. Arlene reaches down with her free hand and opens the tight-fitting blue jeans and starts to remove them (One thing I love about my wife is that she loves going commando, but by the same token, and embarrassingly she gets wet very easily). Arlene stops to finish removing my wife’s pants, and takes her hands places them my wife’s knees pressing them upwards towards her shoulders. My wife loves to be eaten like this. This time I notice Arlene’s tongue is quite long as she drives it into my wife’s pussy.

All this time I have sat back just to watch Arlene got to work on my wife. Finally with my pants being just a bit to uncomfortable, I stand up and get undressed. Seeing that I have a raging hard on, my wife signals for me to fuck Arlene from behind. With that I kneel behind Arlene and place the tip of my dick on Arlene’s pussy and gently push myself into her. Her pussy is so wet that I easily slide all ” in. As I get to my full length in, Arlene gives a gasp. I start to slowly work myself in and , and from the on my wife’s Arlene is matching my strokes with her tongue. Placing my hands on Arlene’s hips, I start to pound her a little more, each stroke getting harder and harder and more demanding. Soon I am pounding Arlene as she starts to moan very loudly. Shortly thereafter she starts to convulse as an earth-shattering orgasm grips her body. Feeling her pussy latch onto my dick as I pound her starts the feeling on getting ready to shoot my load. As I Keep pounding her, I feel another orgasm grip Arlene and I feel my load start to empty into . I slam her a final time and keeping my dick deep in her just to work my load into her pussy. Soon I am of breath and fall back pulling my cock her pussy. Arlene collapses onto the floor next to . As we get our breathing back to normal, Arlene rolls over to kiss deeply, she says “I have never had an orgasm like that, ever!” I back her and say with a big-wicked grin, “Glad I can accommodate.”

Arlene kisses again, gets up and goes to the shower to rinse off. Once Arlene is dressed, she comes with her bags, leans over to kiss my wife, and asks, “How’s that for a goodbye?” My wife replies, “I like that type of goodbye.” As Arlene is going ok the door, my wife looks at and says, “Well I now feel totally left .” I her and say, “You are never “left” .” With that my wife gets on the floor with and starts up on my flaccid cock. Needless to say, the remainder of that afternoon was the most mind-blowing sex I have ever had (and I have had some really good sessions – but those are for another time).
Vacation Night #2 Part 3 (Evening)
Posted:Jun 4, 2021 2:46 pm
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2021 8:19 pm

Once the ladies got inside, they stripped off their clothing and made a bee line to the bed. I saw my wife crawl on first while Shannon crawled up to her and starts to kiss her passionately. Rosie crawled up and started at my wife's feet and was licking her toes while lightly running her hands up my wife's shapely legs.

I go over and get one of the chairs from around the living area of the room and place it at the foot of the bed. I strip down and take a seat. My vantage point is perfect, I can see Shannon working on my wife's perfect nipples sucking and nibbling on them, while Rosie is working up my wife's legs lightly working her tongue in circles over her skin.

Soon, I hear a knock at our door. I reluctantly get up and go answer the door. I open the door, standing fully naked with a raging hard on, to find Arlene has indeed decided to show up. I greet Arlene and ask her to come in. As Arlene comes in, and I close the door, she grabs my hard cock and starts to suck me, working as much of my cock into her mouth as she can. I lean against the wall as Arlene is working my cock. She has wonderful lips that are very soft on my cock. Shaking my head I pull Arlene off me and take her by the hand to the bed. I notice that while I was gone, both Rosie and Shannon had gotten to my wife's pussy and they both were eating her out at the same time. I could tell by how my wife was moaning that she loved every second of their tongues on her.

I Arlene and she is completely mesmerized by the scene in front of her. I move behind and kiss her neck and whisper to her, "Have you not scene women having sex together?" Her distracted reply was "No, I have not, but I have always been curious about it." I kiss her neck some more. I hear her moan, but I could tell her gaze was fixed on the 3some occurring on the bed. I hear my wife's moans are becoming louder as Rosie and Shannon are devouring her pussy. I remove Arlene's long wrap around skirt and then reach around to untie the wrap around blouse.

I comment to Arlene that she has on some very practical garments. Arlene replies, ", I like to fuck as often as I can, and by the way, what I did in the restaurant was a first for . The owner there has tried several times to get me on his desk and I have refused. I guess he figures that since he's the owner of the restaurant that any woman would go down on him or let him fuck them." While Arlene was speaking, we noticed that my wife's body had started to convulse and she had been swaying her head side-to-side. I could tell my wife just had a very intense orgasm.

I move to the side of Arlene and get a full view of her body. The thing I didn't expect and this may have been the garments she was wearing, was a very nicely shaped pair of tits. I would guess maybe a little bigger that b-cups, but not quite C-cups. And for her body they were perfect. I comment to her that she has a very nice body.

Seeing that everyone is looking at Arlene, I introduce her to Shannon, and Rosie, and my wife Tracie. Shannon, and Rosie, pulled Arlene onto the bed. Arlene says that she has never been with another woman, but was always willing to experiment.

My wife looks at Shannon and Rosie and says as she is pointing at me, "He's all your girls." And with that Shannon and Rosie pull me onto the other side of the bed. Shannon starts to stroke my cock as she says to Rosie, "See this cock, this cock fucked 5 sorority sisters that party I told you about." With that Shannon started to suck my cock down her throat. I remembered that that was her talent and I had told her a porn star career was hers to have if she found a way to do it.

Rosie was looking at me when she said, "I thought you said he also could eat pussy really well too." I say, "Well, I am no Gene Simmons, but I can do well enough." And just to show her, I stick my tongue out without tucking my chin and touch my chest. The look I get from Rosie is pure jealousy of my wife, but it lasts for a moment. Shannon also chimes in saying, ", and the other 4 girls would switch off from either having him eat us , or having him lay back and let us ride his cock. Either way, he didn't have to work very much."

Rosie says, "Well, I guess I need to test that tongue ." And with that, she moves to straddle my . Rosie places her pussy on my lips and I start to lick and nibble her lips. I notice she has kept herself well groomed. She had very little hair on her pussy keeping a small well formed V. I would assume it would be for the bikini she wears during the summer.

Sucking and nibbling Rosie's pussy, I work myself over to her clit. As I start to suck and nibble her clit, I her a gasp come from Rosie, then I push my tongue in as far as I can go. During this time Shannon had been expertly working my cock. Soon I am feeling 2 sets of lips on my cock, as I notice Rosie had bent over some. I feel Shannon’s huge tits brush up against my legs as she maneuvered herself between them. As Rosie had started to suck my cock, I feel Shannon start to suck my balls and work a finger down the crack of my ass. I hear Shannon comment to Rosie about the fact that I could take as well I give. Rosie pulled my cock out her mouth and asked Shannon what she was talking about. Shannon replied, "How's about I show you."

Shannon looks around and tells Rosie that she will be right back. Rosie and I go back to working on each other. I can feel Rosie starting to ride my tongue and her lips on my cock were going farther and farther down me, taking more of my cock. Soon, I am pushing my cock up to meet her lips as I am working my tongue in and out her pussy. I feel Rosie remove my cock from her mouth as she begins to whimper and convulse all over my tongue. The orgasm she has is intense and she creams her pussy all over my tongue.

Rosie gets up off my and looks down saying, "I can see why she remembers you so fondly." I glance over to see that my wife had moved the chair and she had Arlene sitting in it with her legs over the arms. I could see my wife's gorgeous butt as she was kneeling over and eating Arlene's pussy. Arlene had her head tilted back and from the expression on it, she liked what my wife was doing to her.

As I was watching my wife and Arlene, Rosie had moved between my legs and had started sucking my cock again. I noticed Shannon was making her way back to the bed, but with the strap-on my wife had brought with us. Shannon walked up to Rosie as she was sucking me and tapped her shoulder with the toy. Rosie jumped as she turned to and found another cock in her . She got this "What the hell" on her and then realized it was Shannon.

Rosie looked up Shannon and said, "To bad you did get back sooner, he made ." Shannon says, "Well, it’s not for you Hun." Rosie says, "What do you mean?" I Rosie and say, "Come up here sweetie and have a seat." As I lean over and pat the area of the bed next to me. As Rosie takes her seat next to me, I roll over onto all fours. Rosie says, "What are you doing that for?" I reply, "You'll see."

As I roll over onto all fours, I feel Shannon's hands all over my ass. I moan some as I feel her fingers start to probe my ass. Soon they are penetrating me as I start to rock my hips trying to fuck the fingers in my ass. I tell Rosie to go to see what Shannon is doing. I see that she gets up and gives an "Oh my" as she covers her mouth. Soon, I feel Shannon squirting lube all over my ass and working it into my asshole. Then I feel Shannon place the strap-on on my ass and gently push the head into my ass. The head slides in easily as does the rest of the dildo. I hear Rosie squeal as she says, "I have never seen a guy get fucked like this."

Next I feel Shannon's hands on my ass as she starts to pick up her pace. I feel Rosie get up and lean against . I feel her hard nipples pressing into my side as her hands are spreading my ass wider for Shannon. Soon Shannon is fucking good and hard. I lower my shoulders to give Shannon better leverage to fuck with. I also feel Rosie hand on my cock stroking . Rosie comments on how hard I am. Rosie tells Shannon to hold up for a second.

Rosie tells me, "JP get up for a second." As I lift my shoulders up, I see Rosie slide to position her pussy right my cock. Rosie says, "Let’s have Shannon fuck us both, she’ll fuck you as you fuck . Let her pound you into ." With that I place my arms Rosie's knees as I place my cock on her pussy. Shannon starts to fuck again, but I fight the pace. Slowly I work my cock down into Rosie's pussy. Once I am fully in Rosie, I start to match the pace set by Shannon, but there was one problem. I couldn't match her stroke for stroke.

It was then I realized that the strap-on Shannon was wearing was longer and thicker than what my wife had brought along. I over my shoulder as Shannon is now pounding us both and ask, "Where did you find that strap-on?" Rosie speaks up, "That's the strap-on Shannon likes to fuck with." I Rosie and say, "Oh really." Rosie looks over my shoulder and smiles Shannon, as she says ", we have been lovers for a few years now." As Rosie says that, Shannon starts to really pound my ass hard. I feel her pounding into Rosie. I can hear Shannon is really working hard fucking us both. The depth that her strap-on is fucking with is fantastic. I also let her push into Rosie. Soon I am bucking Rosie up the bed as hard as Shannon is fucking . I see Rosie close her eyes and feel her pussy clench my cock. I was so much into pounding Rosie as Shannon was pounding that I did not notice the load that rapidly built in . Next thing I know, I am having my own intense orgasm as I feel Rosie’s pussy clenching my cock as I start to come deep inside her pussy. I hold myself down in Rosie as I feel Shannon still working my ass. Soon, Shannon relaxes her need to fuck my ass and stops her motions.

As we pull ourselves apart, I left to see the chair is empty. I right and see my wife and Arlene next to us. I didn't hear them move, but now my wife is next to us. I see that she has the strap-on she brought on and that she is leaning into Arlene. My wife is working that toy in long strokes in and of Arlene's pussy. I see the on Arlene's is intense. My wife has her shoulders Arlene's knees and is pounding her pussy hard. I hear Arlene gasp loudly and shudder as I see my wife continuing to fuck her. As my wife is plunging the strap-on into Arlene, I see that Arlene is squirting up around the toy.

My wife stops fucking Arlene and leans in to kiss her passionately. Arlene returns my wife passion in their kiss. My wife pulls herself off of Arlene and looks at . My wife says "Honey, I just love this ." Arlene says, "She can use that almost as good as you use yours. Although, I never thought I would see what I did tonight and I must say it was a real turn on for . I have never had this intense an orgasm, as a matter of fact, I don't think I have had an orgasm at all, like what I had tonight."

As we were talking, Shannon had removed her strap-on and took a seat next to and Rosie. My wife gets up on her knees and strokes her strap-on and looks Rosie. My wife says, "Rosie, may I fuck you with this?" Rosie gets this "Your cock isn't in yet" as she positions herself for my wife to bury her strap-on in her. As Rosie lifts her legs up and my wife leans into her. The contrast of watching my chocolate skinned wife and this pale-skinned babe going at it gets my cock to growing again.

I Shannon as she is licking her lips, I say, "Go ahead sweetie." I notice Arlene was crawling over to and Shannon as Shannon starts to deep throat my cock. Arlene wraps her arms around Shannon cupping her breasts. Arlene starts to massage them as she leans in to kiss Shannon's neck. I hear, and feel, Shannon moan as Arlene kisses and nibbles her neck. Shannon takes my cock to kiss Arlene. Shannon asks, “Have you even eaten pussy?" Arlene says, "No, but I would like to try." I the ladies and say, "Well, let’s go over to the chair. Shannon you can suck and Arlene, you can eat Shannon's pussy."

I get up and spread my legs for Shannon. Shannon gets between my legs and goes back to deep throating my hard cock. I see Arlene lay down beneath Shannon. I feel Shannon jump from Arlene's first taste of her pussy. I notice Arlene is a fast learner from how Shannon is moaning all over my cock. Soon, Shannon is placing my hard cock between her massive tits and pushing them together to surround my cock. Shannon starts to work her tits up and down my cock. The feel of Shannon's tits around my cock is amazing. She is very smooth, but at the same time, velvety soft. This makes for a very nice combination, and soon I feel my second load beginning to build. My place here on the chair gives me a great view of my wife fucking Rosie. I notice my wife has stopped and Rosie is turning over to get on all fours.

I tell the ladies, "Let’s do this now. Arlene get up there and spread yourself in front of Rosie. Shannon get up there next to Rosie." Rosie gives me a smile as Arlene moves to lie down in front of her. Shannon crawls in next to Rosie on all fours. I move next to my wife as I give her a wink. Both Rosie and Shannon start on Arlene. They both move up a leg, kissing and nibbling. They meet at Arlene's pussy, sucking and nibbling her as they kiss each other. I see the pleasure that crosses Arlene's as both Rosie and Shannon are eating her . Both my wife and I position ourselves behind Rosie and Shannon respectively. We both place our cock on their pussies and push in. We each other and try to match each other's pace.

The site of these two ladies eating a black and with us fucking them is a scene I would never have thought of. Soon, my wife and I lose our rhythms, but we both start to pound the ladies hard. Shannon I can see has thrown her head back and is moaning loudly, while Rosie has pulled Arlene beneath her and has started to suck her nipples. Shannon starts to fuck back by pounding her hips into mine. Her moaning and feeling her pussy tighten over my cock drives nuts. I start to pound her harder and harder. The load I had started to build with Shannon's tits around my cock starts up again, but this time more rapidly. Soon I am slamming her unmercifully hard, my cock throbbing inside of her. Next I know I feel my body start to shudder and my seed starts to spill deep into Shannon's pussy. I pull Shannon down hard onto my cock and hold her there filling her pussy to overflowing. I feel both our juices running down the inside of my legs.

Shortly after I am done and have pulled myself of Shannon, I see Rosie shuddering hard as my wife continues to pound her pussy. Soon, Rosie's orgasm is done, but Shannon and Rosie are not finished. They start up on Arlene again with a renewed vigor. Shannon crawls up on top of Arlene's and tells her to eat her . I see Arlene's tongue doing the best she can with Shannon sitting on her . I also see Rosie starting to eat Arlene's pussy. Soon, Arlene is writhing with Rosie eating her . I see Shannon massaging her tits as Arlene is eating her . Soon Shannon is shuddering again from what Arlene has been doing. No sooner than Shannon is done with her orgasm, Arlene has her own orgasm again from Rosie eating her pussy.

I see the two women take a place on each side of Arlene and they both lean in and start to kiss her. My wife and I had taken a seat on the chair (with my wife on my lap). Arlene, Shannon, and Rosie tell us to get in with them. Arlene and Rosie move over to the right as Shannon moves to the left. My wife and I crawl in with me in the middle of the four ladies with the black beauties laying next to me with the white babes on the outside of them. The reverse double layer Oreo was not lost on me as we soon feel asleep.
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Vacation Night #2 Part 2 (Dinner)
Posted:Jun 4, 2021 2:25 pm
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2021 10:27 am

After my wife has taken her shower, I take mine.

We get dressed and go down to the lobby and get a taxi to Frangioni's. The restaurant looks very nice with its very Italian looking structure. It has vines growing along the outside, arched windows with brick, and stucco.

We walk inside and see a very relaxed atmosphere. We hear people laughing and enjoying themselves. We move up to the hostess and tell her we are a part of the Shannon reservations. The hostess smiles and tells us to follow her.

As we follow the hostess, I notice she is a very black . She is very slender and very tall. She’s almost as tall as , but a few inches shorter, but not by much. Even though the clothing is rather drab for a uniform, they do accentuate her figure.

Walking behind her I notice a very round, but firm, ass. The sway of her hips suggests she has some training in dance, maybe even a cheerleader.

I glance at my wife and see that she is biting her lower lips. This usually tells me that she likes what she is seeing. I can also tell that she is fucking this in her mind considering what we just did no more than an hour prior to us getting here.
Soon our little trip is over and we see that Shannon is there with her fellow stewardess, the red head. Shannon introduces us to the red head and she says her name is Rosie. Rosie says it’s really her nickname and that her real name is Roxanna.

Rosie is almost as gorgeous as Shannon. The top she is wearing is the kind that ties behind the neck and has a band that goes around the chest to cover up a very ample set of tits. Tits that, I might add, fill this top very nicely. Her shoulders are bare showing that she has the typical red head skin, very pale with the very lightly colored freckles all over. I also noticed stomach was very flat and her hips and waist were very well rounded. Shannon, on the other hand, was wearing a nice blouse with near floor length skirt. This also accentuated her figure as well. I could tell both Rosie and Shannon took good care of themselves and took pride in their appearance.

We looked over our menus and order. Soon our topic of conversation turned back to me being at that sorority party when I was in college. My wife Tracie, and Rosie, sat back sipping their drinks as Shannon and I started to talk about the sorority party and what happened when we were back in college. When we got to the part where my pants were dropped and everyone was staring, Rosie spoke up asking "Why was everyone staring, were you hung or something?" Shannon was a little embarrassed and leaned forward and just nodded her head yes. While my wife was sitting back smiling over the whole thing.

Rosie speaks up saying, "I don't believe it (shaking her head no), and no one has a dick that big to make a room quiet down."

Just as Rosie says that, our food arrives. We all get a refill on our drinks and commence to eating our food. To my blessing, we didn't return to that subject for the entire meal. About half way through our meal, my wife and Rosie got up to use the ladies room. When they came back, I noticed both my wife and Rosie had big smiles on their faces.

Soon, I found that I needed to go to the restroom. I got up and excused myself and headed for the restroom. As I am coming out of the restroom from doing my thing, I hear a "Sir?" I turn to see the hostess motioning to me. I step over to her and ask, "Ma'am?" The hostess says "My manager says that he needs to speak with you about a private matter." Bewildered, I ask, "What’s the problem?" The hostess says "Well he would not tell me. So, if you could follow me." I say, "Ok, lead the way." I follow the hostess in back past the kitchen. Hearing all the sounds and noises, I think on how is it anyone can work in this environment. But, I wasn't too focused on that, my eyes were glued to the hostess’s ass swaying in front of me.

The hostess gets to the door for the manager and knocks. I didn't hear anyone respond, though the hostess opened the door. She told me to go ahead and step and to take a seat. I step in and didn't attention to the door closing. I was more worried about what it was that the manager wanted to talk about wondering if my had been denied somehow.

The next thing I feel is a pair of arms wrapped around my waist with the hands slipping into my pants feeling my cock. I down and see the slender arms and hands of the hostess. She had reached inside my pants and was firmly stroking my cock. I turn around to her but get and mouthful of lips as she kisses , pushing her tongue into my throat.

I place my hands on her shoulders and push her back. Not showing any anger towards her, I ask, "I didn't know my cock was such an urgent matter." The hostess gets a shy, but hurt on her . She said, "I heard that black lady and the red head talking about you in the restroom. The black lady said you have a " dick and an outstanding tongue. I noticed your cock as you walked in, you still seemed hard. So, I decided to find out."

This whole time she had my cock in her hands and was stroking me. I really couldn't fault her for her observation. I was still semi-hard after my afternoon session with my wife, and this gorgeous creature was not helping matters one bit. I looked at her and said "Do you like what you have in your hands?" She replied with an impish smile, "Yes I do sir." I looked behind me and saw a chair. I grab the chair and place it so I can sit down. I pop off a shoe and step out a pants leg. I take a seat.

I tell the hostess "Well Hun, please continue." The hostess smiled and got down on her knees as she reached out and started to stroke me again. Soon, without using her lips and using her hands, my cock was fully erect. I could tell by the marvel on her that she had not had the chance to handle a dick as big as I am. I ask the hostess, "So I can see you like my cock." She says "Yes. I have never handled one this big. Most of my boyfriends are much shorter than this." I knew she was talking about . I her and say, "What do you want to do Hun, suck ?" She smiles back, "No sir, I want to ride your cock."

And with that she stands up and strips off the wrap around skirt she is wearing to reveal a very bald pussy barely covered by a thong. She pulls the thong aside and places a foot on one arm rest of the chair I was sitting on. She shows some very extraordinary flexibility as she lowers her pussy down to my cock. She takes me in her hands and places the tip of my cock on her pussy and gently lowers herself down on me. I can feel her pussy is really tight as my head slips into her. She slowly works herself down my cock. As she gets about half way down me, she starts to ride me up and down. Slowly I see my cock disappear into her tight pussy. Her tightness drives me nuts. Soon I am feeling a load building up just from her tightness alone.

After a while, I see my cock finally disappear fully into her lovely pussy. I up her noticing her nipples are fully pointing through her tight blouse. I see she is biting her lower lip as she is now riding my full length in long deep strokes. Through no volition of my own, I see the hostess' body start to shake and quiver. I feel her pussy clamp down on as she rides my cock up and down. The increased tightness drives over the edge. She feels my cock start to spasm as she lowers herself down on a final time. She sits on my cock letting me fill her pussy.

I see that she is breathing hard, her chest is heaving and her nipples are standing . After a minute, she lifts herself off . She puts her thong back in place and re-dresses quickly. The hostess looks and says, "That black lady was right, you do have a wonderful cock and I would love to fuck you again, soon. Are you available tomorrow?" I smile, "Well darling I will have to ask the black lady if we are available, ok." The hostess now gets really embarrassed. Looking at , saying, "Is she your wife?" I smile in reply, "Yes darling she is." As I point to my ring. I cut-off the hostess and say, "Darling, she liked you, thought you were very pretty. And as it turns , we have a very open relationship, though I will tell her about what we just did." She smiles a little embarrassed, but feeling a little better over doing what she did knowing it wouldn't get her in trouble.

I see a scratch pad on the desk; I take it and write down the hotel we are staying at and the remaining dates we would be in the city. I tell her that we would be heading back for the evening and that she could come by anytime she wanted as I handed her the piece of paper. I notice she placed it over her left boob for safe keeping. I get up and dress quickly. I take the hostess in my arms and kiss her passionately and tell her thanks for the surprise. She smiles back saying that I was welcome. I get an idea and tell her to come by after she gets off work.

We rush to get out of the office, and I get back to my seat. The ladies and I can tell that they were wondering what took so long. I say, "Hey, I had to get a load off my mind." With that the ladies muffled their giggles and went back to having their drinks. I finished my dinner and my drink. My wife says, "Honey, we decided to go back to our hotel, Shannon and Rosie here wanted to see the room we got." I say, "Ok, no problem. Shall we go?" My wife says "Sure."

She takes payment and places the appropriate of in it, and calls for the waiter. She tells the waiter to keep the change as we all get up and go front to catch a cab. As we pass the hostess stand, my wife waves and smiles at the hostess there. It's the first time I notice the hostess' name. It’s Arlene. I go over to her and tell her we had a wonderful time and that we will probably return. Arlene smiles and says that they forward to it. I lean in and whisper to her quietly, "See you the hotel." I turn to go the door and my wife says, "What did you tell her?" I reply, "Oh, it’s nothing honey."

My wife gets this on her that she didn't except what I said. So I pulled her back and whispered to her, "She heard you and Rosie in the restroom talking about ." My wife perks up saying "Oh really what did she do?" I smile broadly and tell her that she pulled into the manager’s office and proceeded to fuck . I tell her that she has a very tight body and an even better looking pussy. I also tell my wife that she may be by later this evening. And with that my wife grins evilly saying, "Hmmmm, looks like some carpet munching will be in order then." I look back at her, squinting my eyes, thinking she has something planned though I do not know what.

It was at this moment that the cab came up. I hear Shannon say, "Hey lets go." We all pile in to the cab. Shannon sits on the far side, and I somehow end up in the middle with my wife on my lap, while Rosie take the final spot on my other side. The driver asks where we are going and I tell him the hotel. AS we take off we ask the driver to put up the window between us and him to which he graciously replies.

Once the window is up, my wife says "Ladies, did you see the hostess that brought us to your table." Shannon says ", she's a very pretty lady. She looks like she is about 21 or 22." My wife’s says, "Well she overheard Rosie and in the restroom as we were talking about him." She pokes in the chest for emphasis to the statement. My wife continues, "Well she got curious, and pulled my husband here to the manager’s office and proceeded to fuck him." I blush furiously and I can see the other ladies smiling rather broadly. Rosie chimes in "No wonder he was late coming back from the restroom. He was busy eating that ’s pussy I bet." I reply, "No I did not eat her pussy, we fucked, and she was amazingly tight. Oh, and by the way, her name is Arlene and I invited her to come by when she got off work tonight."

My wife smiles broadly looking the ladies, "Shall we find how Arlene's pussy tastes?" I all the women in the back seat here and wonder how my wife is going to accomplish this feet. I see my wife get between my knees. She unzips and unbuckles my pants, and then lowers them revealing my cock to Shannon and Rosie. Next I know, my wife is deep throating me, and then Shannon and Rosie are leaning over and licking my balls. I lay back and hear the intercom come on with the driver saying "Ladies, we should be at the hotel here in 2 minutes, you might want to stop ok." And with that I am dress up quickly as we approach the hotel.

We all get , and I the driver. I turn to see my wife was between Shannon and Rosie walking up to the entrance to the hotel with her hand on both, Shannon's and Rosie's, butts, and their arms draped over my wife's shoulders. I follow them in and up to our hotel room.
Vacation Night #2 Part 1 (New Room)
Posted:May 31, 2021 1:35 pm
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2021 9:27 am

I woke up the next morning, rather late, and saw that we hadn't eaten much of our dinner before we got into our session last night. I was starving, and I do not let good food go to waste, so I sat down and finished off my burger, though I did not touch my fries. The nice thing about our room is that there is a very small kitchen, so I took my left over’s and my wife’s and placed them on the same plate and put it in the refrigerator for later consumption.

After I had finished my food, I had looked at our phone and noticed a flashing light on it. I called the front desk and found out that there was a for us waiting at the desk. I got dressed, leaned over and kissed my still sleeping angel of a wife on the lips, and told her that I am off to the front desk to get a for us. When I get to the front desk, I ask for the . After showing my ID to the agent, he retrieves the for me and hands it to me. I open it up and read that it was a from Shannon. She said to meet her for dinner at Frangioni's at 6:00 PM.

I return to the room to find that my wife has gotten up and was taking a shower. I strip down and walk into the bathroom to join her. As I step in to join her, my wife asks me what I had left for. I tell her, "Remember the flight attendant we ran into on our flight over?" My wife says, "Yes, Shannon." I say, "Yes, well she has invited up over for dinner at a place called Frangioni's." My wife says, "Well, it sounds like we have a dinner date." I say, "Yes we do honey, and besides that what else is on the menu." My wife says, "Well, I would like to look around, and just see the sites here. Maybe do a little bit of gambling." I say, "Ok honey, sounds like a good day to me." With that we finish the shower, got dressed and left to enjoy a bit of gambling.

The day of gambling actually turned out better than I thought it would. I thought my wife and I would have lost a bit of money since that was all I budgeted for, but my wife actually won enough money at a slot machine to get us a full upgrade to a suite for the rest of our 2 week stay. Our new room was incredible. The new view was even more awesome than the view of our previous room. The hotel moved our baggage for us and brought up a complimentary lunch. We sat down and ate while our luggage was moved not believing the luck we had. Soon after our luggage was moved, my wife got up and came over to sit on my lap.

As I was lying back with her in my arms, she started to nuzzle my neck. So she tells me that we need to christen our new bed. With that I pick her up in my arms and carry her over to the bed and start to nuzzle her back. I start to work my way down her chest; I notice her nipples we standing out prominently and I couldn't resist moving over to them to suck on them through her tank top. As I worked my wife's nipples, she reaches up and lowers the tank top exposing her gorgeous nipples and perfectly formed breasts that I love. I feel my wife squirming beneath me. I reach down and lower her denim shorts that were hugging her gorgeous ass. As my wife kicks the demine shorts away, I start to work my way down between my wife's legs.

I place my hands below her knees and spread her legs wide. One of the nice things my wife has done with herself, is keeping her body in peak physical state and keeping herself very flexible. If she wanted to, she could place her knees below her shoulders. I love it when she pulls her legs up, and wide, keeping her body flat.

As she is doing this, I dive down and start to suck and nibble her pussy eagerly. I suck and nibble her clit, driving her crazy as she tries to push her pussy up to meet my tongue. Soon, she is screaming like crazy, her head thrashing side to side, my tongue delving into the farthest reaches of her pussy. Soon, I hear her gasp, and her body starts to convulse. Her pussy starts to overflow juices as I work my tongue in deep.

As my wife reclaims her steady breathing, I strip naked for her. As I kick off my pants, I feel my wife's hand wrapping itself around my cock and starting to stroke me. She also throws in a few tugs insisting that I get on the bed. I get on the bed laying face up for my wife. She positions herself between my legs and starts to rapidly stroke my cock up and down. I lay my head back and close my eyes.

My wife loves playing with my cock. Soon, I am feeling her lips on my cock. As she is devouring my cock down her throat, I feel her other hand running itself up and down the crack of my ass. Lifting my head up to look at my wife, I feel her take a finger and work it into my ass. As my wife works her magic on my cock, I feel her penetrating my ass in one stroke for every 3 strokes of her lips on my cock.

Her work on my cock is extraordinary this time. Soon I am feeling that familiar urge to have my cock unload in her mouth, but I stop her. I roll over on top of my wife, pressing her legs up and out, putting her knees on the bed itself. I guide my hips up between her legs. I feel my hard cock rub up and down her pussy.

I look down at my wife as my wife starts to say, "Mmmmm, baby, that's it fuck me. Put that gorgeous cock that I love in my pussy. Fuck me hard with it." As she says that, I find the right angle and push my cock fully into her pussy in one stroke.

As I penetrate her, I see her eyes close and a big smile cross her face. Soon, I work up a steady rhythm as I fuck her pussy. At first in slow steady strokes, I see my wife squeezing her eyes shut. I know this drives her crazy and it is why I fuck her so slow and penetrate her fully. Soon, her head is moving side to side, she's panting as I pick up my pace, pushing her hips hard into the bed, making us bounce up. The bed has excellent construction. As we are bouncing up, I pull up even farther and then plunge down into her as deep as I can as we bottom out on the bed, only to bounce up from it.

I fuck her in this fashion for several minutes. During part of this I feel her pussy grab at my cock, and I can tell she is having another orgasm. I ignore the pleadings of her pussy for my cock to feed it and keep pounding away. But, her grabbing pussy did set me off with the tingling I feel as I am building up to a huge load to flood her pussy with. I keep slamming deep into her pussy, as I slowly increase my tempo. Soon I am building my pace; I eventually put her legs under my shoulders as I lean down over her.

Leaning farther down, I start to kiss my wife passionately as I am placing my fists by her hips. I start to press my fists into the bed, and like a jack hammer, my wife starts to ride up and down my cock. I break the kiss as my wife screams, "AHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" This rapid movement up and down my cock drives me crazy and pushes me to pound the bed harder, causing her to ride up and down my cock even more quickly. I see my wife looking down to watch my dick disappear into her pussy. I see her bite her lip, and then throw her head back as I slam deep into her. I feel my own load build rapidly from this and as I am slamming into her a few more times, I feel my cock begin to unload deep into her pussy. I slam down a final time and hold myself deep in her, filling her with all my seed generated from our session.

I pull myself out and flop down next to her. I look over at the clock on the night stand and see that it is now 4:00 pm. I look at my wife as she is regaining her regular breathing. I say, "Honey, we have enough time to shower and get ready to go to dinner." As my wife pops up, she says "Ok, let me go get showered up and get dressed and we shall be on our way."

I smile as I see my gorgeous wife walk away from me over to the bathroom to use the shower.
Vacation Night #1
Posted:May 29, 2021 12:24 pm
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2021 10:27 am

My wife and I decided to take a vacation. We came up with several plans and finally decided to go to Las Vegas. My wife had always said that she had wanted to go there and do the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" thing. So I asked her, what would this involve, she replied that she wanted to visit a couple of adult clubs, take in a few other shows, and do some gambling. So we made the plans, and found ourselves a good room at a reasonable price. Nothing too fancy, but it was a very nice place we had chosen. And, I had made some side plans that I did not tell my wife about.

The days leading up to our flight to Vegas seemed to disappear at a rapid pace. Of course, during that time my wife and I had more than our fair share of each other. We didn't even have a third person during this time. My wife was crazy with excitement over the fact that we were going to Vegas. That excitement transferred into extra enthusiasm in our play room.

When the day for our flight finally arrived, my wife was so horny that we fucked till there was about an hour and half before our flight was due to leave. We hurriedly showered and got dressed and hopped in the car and zoomed off to meet our flight. We were able to get to the airport and through security in a short period of time. We had made it to the gate with 20 minutes to spare. As we were checking in for our flight, I noticed the crew was already heading down the gate to board and prepare for boarding. I saw 2 stewardesses from behind, one a red head, the other a brunette. I caught a glimpse of the brunette as they turned to get on the plane, and I could see she was very well built. She had a heavy chest, a narrow waist and very shapely hips with legs to match. My wife noticed I was smiling and poked me in the ribs. She asks, "Who are you ogling over?" I replied back, "You'll see honey."

No sooner are we checked in for our flight, they called for boarding. All the passengers got in line and we ended up being at the end of it. I deliberately did this just to get a good the brunette.

When we finally got down to the airplane to board, the brunette was there to greet us. The brunette throws her arms around and kisses on the lips. I am looking my wife with complete and total surprise. My wife is shooting a of "who is this and why haven't you shared this with ." The brunette finally breaks the lips lock and says "JP, my god, I haven't seen you since our freshman year of college!" When she said that, I still did not have a clue as to who she was. The brunette could tell that I had not recognized her. She leaned over and whispered into my ear, "Remember that sorority party where a lady ended up puking all over your shorts and insisted you stay to have them washed and she tried to take them off you in the middle of the living room with all the other sisters there?" I replied in a low whisper, "I vaguely remember that, did anything else happen?" The brunette looked at me, shook her head, and said, "Well I saved you some seats here up front, please sit down, I'll give you another clue once we are in the air." We take our seats. My wife leans over, "Now where did you find her?" I replied "Honey, I think I met her in my early days of college, but I don't remember her." My wife says, "Well you had better remember her." I could tell by the look on her she was interested in meeting this woman from my past. As I think about it, I start to smile the fact that my wife has been really eager to embrace my past, along with all my sexual exploits, and has been willing to add our own to the mix. My wife sees smile and asks "What are you smiling about?" Looking at my wife I reply, "Oh, nothing dear" as I buckle up.

Soon, the brunette is standing up front going through the motions of explaining the safety features of the plane. I am looking her over and see that she has dark green eyes, almost the color of pine trees, long curly brown hair that she has up with a hair clip, with the blouse hugging her features quite nicely. I notice her belly is quite flat making her tits look bigger than what they are. My guess is she is a 36DD. Her flat stomach also enhances the knee-length skirt she is wearing. The skirt covers a very shapely waist and hips. Her butt forms a perfect upside-down heart leading to very firm legs. Overall, I think she could have been a model in a magazine easily.

Soon, the flight attendants are done and we have taxied out to our place on the tarmac. I hear the engines roar as we are pushed back in our seats for take-off. Soon we are in the air, and during this whole procedure of taking off, the brunette is staring at with her legs parted enough for to see up her skirt. I can see she isn't wearing any panties, and I can tell she shaves.

As soon as we are in the air, the attendants are up providing the drink . The brunette comes over to tell me, "As soon as I am done with serving drinks, I'll be over to remind you who I am." I can tell by the way she smiles that she deliberately opened her legs for me to , which I must say was a pleasurable experience. No sooner than the brunette is gone, my wife places her hand on my lap rubbing up and down. She lightly runs her hand over a very hard cock. She looks and says, ", how is it she has you so hard?" I say to her, "Well besides you stroking right now, she let up her skirt, and yes she is bald." I knew my wife would want to know so I killed the question before she could ask. My wife playfully slaps my shoulder and says, "Now that was not what I wanted to know?" I say, "Oh really, any other time a women flirts with me; you ask me what color were her panties." With that she closes her mouth knowing I had caught her, but my wife had not removed her hand from my lap. I reach and grab my coat and place it in my lap to cover up her hand as she starts to grope my cock through my pants.

It was a good thing I covered myself up, because the brunette was back with the drink cart. She asks, "You still drink a 7&7 right?" I reply that I still do. My wife chimes in saying she will take a burgundy wine. The brunette takes our order and I for the drinks. She comes back with our glasses and we take them from her.

The brunette sits down across from us and asks us how long we have been married. My wife chimes in says that it will be 2 years next week. I put on this of feigned surprise and say, "Oh my god, I completely forgot. Damn it, I knew something was coming up." My wife gets this on her of "Oh, you will for that", and I know that I will for it later, even though she doesn't know about my side plans I made for that .

The brunette says "Ummmmmm, sorry about that didn't mean to get you in trouble." My wife says, "Darling, he's been in worse trouble with me, but I love him dearly. By the way, my name is Tracy, and yours is?" My wife had put her hand out for the brunette to shake which the brunette did and replies "Shannon."

Then the bell goes off in my head. I remember in vivid detail the party and how all the sorority girls there were staring at my cock that night as she had lowered my pants and I had decided to go commando. I feel the blood rush to my and I see both women staring . Shannon says, "Now you remember me huh." I reply, "How can I forget the most embarrassing moment of my life." Shannon says "Well, I did do that." Tracy, my wife looks at me and asks "What did she do." I reply, "It’s a long story, but the gist of it was, she got drunk and puked all over my pants, and then stripped them off me in front of all the sorority girls, and I wasn't wearing any underwear." Shannon shakes her head yes while saying "Yep, I did that, but you did get quite a bit of pussy that night." My wife says, "Oh honey, you are going to have to tell me about that." I reply, "Yes darling, as soon as we get back from this vacation."

Shannon looks at us and says "Hey, I need to make a round on the plane here" as she gets up. I say, "Ok honey we'll be here" as Shannon walks off. My wife looks at me "Honey, don't worry about the anniversary ok, just taking this trip is good enough for me." I say, "Thanks darling" and kiss her passionately on the lips. When Shannon finally gets back she says, "Hey, I have a few orders here to take care of, but we are landing soon, can I see you outside the gate after we land?" I look at Shannon, she had leaned over and her tits were practically falling out her blouse, and say "Ok, we'll wait for you."

It wasn't too long after that and we were landing in Las Vegas. The flight hadn't taken all that long but we were the final flight of the ; we had arrived :00 PM. It was pretty cool that we were the first ones to leave. When we were up the gate, I noticed that no one was at the gate so we took a seat near the exit doors. Soon, everyone had filed except the flight crew. It was another 20 minutes before we saw the flight crew coming up the ramp. I could see Shannon was leading the way. She seemed eager to want to speak with us. Once Shannon was up the ramp and the doors she asks "What are you guys doing tomorrow?" My wife says "Probably not much, we may be recovering from the flight in our room." Shannon says, "Well, if you like, I have the all to myself tomorrow and I would love to show you 2 around town?" My wife, looking , says, "Well since we really don't have anything planned, why not take her up on her offer?" I reply, "Sounds good to ." Shannon replies, "Good, I will see you guys tomorrow." I take a receipt from my pocket and scribble on it the hotel we are staying and give it to Shannon. She says, "Thanks" and hurries off to catch up with her crew.

We make our way down to the car rental desk and pick up our car. As we are going down the rental lot, my wife asks "So where did you find that gorgeous woman?" I reply, "We met at that sorority party, she wasn't nearly as well built as she is now. I think she was around 18 or so, and I remember her not looking as athletic as she is now." My wife says, "Well sweetie, I think she is gorgeous and we will have to do something with her while she is here." Thoughts started to run through my head about what my wife wanted to do with her and as those thoughts started to get decidedly wicked, a smile broke out across my and I voiced a little snicker. My wife looked up and slapped my arm, speaking "Ohhhhh, you nasty man, get those thoughts of your head!" that, I laughed and as we approached our car she said, "Well let’s get to our hotel; I need something to eat and a hot shower." The thought that ran through my mind was along the lines of a hot and taco munching party.

We got into our car. I plugged the keys in and turned the car over. Before we left, we pulled up the pop up navigation screen and entered the location of our hotel. The route the pop up navigation screen showed us took us right through downtown Las Vegas and to the far side. I could see my wife looking wild eyed at all the displays of lights and water all over the place. I noticed a few strip clubs along the way. One of which I had planned on taking her too later in the week. We finally arrive at our hotel and give the keys to the valet and walk inside to check in.

After we had checked in, we went up to our room. It was up on the 21st floor and had a spectacular view of the strip. My wife opened the curtains and took a deep breath at the view. Standing behind her, I say, "This is going to be a very fun vacation." My wife replies, "Yes it will honey."

I turn to look for the room menu. I notice my wife is already stripping her clothes, and she had not bothered to close the curtains. It dawned on that my wife is very much a show off for anyone that will watch, and her lack of inhibition made her sexier in my eyes. Smiling as I open up the room menu I ask my wife what she wanted for dinner. She tells me to get her a burger and a Diet Pepsi as she walks past without a stitch of clothing on to the bathroom so she could take a shower. I dial up room and order ourselves 2 cheeseburgers and 2 Diet Pepsi's. After I have ordered, I finally get a around our room. Besides the CA King Size bed, there is a very nice sofa and love seat arrangement in front of a large flat screen TV. I grab the remote and turn the TV on. As the screen comes up, I see the selection of movies they have is very extensive. I even see a category for adult films. Having never expecting to see such a thing here in Las Vegas, I selected the category just to see what they had. My wife has come of the bathroom and had taken a seat next to . She says, "Found the good stuff already?" I say, "Yes, we'll have to check some of the previews just to see what is playing." At that moment we hear a knock at the front door, my wife jumps up and stroll over to answer. I notice the robe she is wearing is flowing around her body showing she was still naked. As she opened the door, a lady comes in pushing a cart with our late night dinner on it. I could tell she was trying not to my wife's body (Hell, even I find it hard not to her and she is my wife.), but as she stood up she got a full view of my wife. As her turns very flush, my wife gives her a hug and thanks her for the delivery. As the server turns to , I notice she is about the same height as my wife, as a matter of fact, from the neck down she could have been a total body double for my wife, the difference being she was a blonde with blue eyes and she was wearing the staff uniform that did nothing for her, while my wife was naked and I know all the curves of her body. I say to the server, "Ummmmm, my apologies, my wife is very forward sometimes." As I the server, she says "That is not a problem sir. I am just as forward sometimes as well." I give her a hefty tip for the embarrassment my wife caused and as I walk her to the door, she says "I will be your server for the next couple of nights, just ask for Cindy." I reply, "Well thanks; we will make a point of it."

As I close the door, and prop it open, I see my wife has uncovered our plates and has taken one over to the couch and is flipping through the channels looking for something to watch. I go to the cart and grab my drink and plate and go to the couch as well. Taking a seat next to my wife, I take a sip of my drink and set it down. I take a bite of my burger and chew as I look at my wife. I see she is absent mindedly chewing her food looking at the screen, she doesn't notice some ketchup and mustard has dripped on her nipple.

I say, "Hey sweetie?" as I take her plate from her and set both my plate and hers on the coffee table in front of the couch. She looks at me quizzically saying "Yes honey." I lean up over her and take her nipple between my lips and suck off the ketchup and mustard. I hear her moan as I suck and nibble her nipple. I work my way over to her other nipple to suck that one as well. I feel my wife running her fingers through my hair, pressing her nipples to my lips. I start working my way down her belly, my tongue making little circles, probing her belly button. I feel my wife spread her legs from beneath me as I work my way down between her legs.

As I am about to start eating my wife's pussy, I hear her shout "COME IN!" Evidently, I did not hear the knock at the door. I hear someone say, "Ummmmm, sorry did not mean to interrupt." I look up to see the blonde that served us, Cindy, standing there and notice she was not in her servers uniform. My wife says, "Eat my pussy Hun." I go back to licking and nibbling my wife's clit. I hear my wife says "No please don't go, please stay." Cindy replied with a very uneasy "Ok" that I could barely hear. I look up from my wife's pussy to see that she had drawn Cindy in and was kissing her passionately on the lips. I go back to nibbling and flicking my wife's clit. I hear a muffled moan as she is kissing Cindy.

As I am eating my wife, I see Cindy strip down, and I was right she could pass for a body double of my wife with the exception of her skin tone. My wife starts to grind her pussy on my lips as I work my tongue deep into her. I see Cindy sitting on my wife’s watching as I eat my wife . Concentrating on my wife's pussy, I soon see some blonde hair as I am sucking and nibbling my wife’s clit. I hear Cindy above my head give small moans of pleasure from the work my wife does on her pussy. Soon, my wife gives loud wail "OH MY GOD," I see her body shudder and then her pussy convulses all over my tongue as I try to lap up all her juices.

As soon as she is breathing more easily, I sit back to watch Cindy dive down on my wife. Watching these to gorgeous creatures go at each other is amazing, soon I move to a spot next to them as they 69. I see my wife is really working Cindy's pussy over making her moan pretty loudly. I up to see the door was open a little farther than it should. So I get up and go to close it. As I get to it I see another guy standing outside the door, he is stroking a rather massive hard on. I open the door nodding my head towards the ladies working each other over, saying "Is that your girlfriend?" The gentlemen puts his cock back in his pants looking a little embarrassed says "Yes she is." I say, "Well get in here and get naked like the rest of us. By the way, nice cock you have there." I closed the door behind him not wanting anyone else peeping in unless it was through the windows.

As I watch Cindy's boyfriend strip, I started to do the same. I walk up to Cindy's boyfriend and extend my hand and say, "The name is JP, and you are?" He replies, "Mine is Sam." Shaking Sam's hand I say, "Nice to meet you." I look up and see the ladies are looking over at us. My wife says "Nice to meet you Sam, nice to eat your girlfriend Cindy here" as she leans in to kiss Cindy passionately on the lips. As we approach from different side of the couch, I see Cindy has her fingers working my wife's pussy.

Cindy speaks up "Sam, you told me you don't mind a guy sucking your cock, you even told me you would fuck a guy. So here is your chance. Tracy told me her husband (pointing at me) likes to get fucked in the ass by a guy sometimes." I look at Sam, he get this look of embarrassment about liking what he can do to a guy sometimes. I tell Sam, "No need to be embarrassed bud, if you like it, you like it, that’s all there is to it." I walk up to Sam and kneel before him. I reach up and take his cock in my hand and gently stroke him. I feel the 2 women sitting on each side of me. My wife leaning in saying in one ear, "Suck his cock , I know you can throat him." While Cindy leans in and whispers into my other, "He loves to be sucked, play with his balls too." I lick the head of Sam's cock and start to suck him between my lips. Just the first couple of times in my mouth I could tell he was truly excited by having his girlfriend watch him get sucked by a stranger and his wife.

I up Sam with his cock in my mouth and see that his eyes are closed savoring the feel of my lips on his cock. I pull his cock out with a pop and tell him to sit down. As Sam takes his seat, I spread his legs and start to work his cock again. Throating as much of his cock as I can. I over to see my wife had gone over to her bags and pulled her favorite strap-on and was putting it on Cindy. I continued to suck Sam's cock, and I started to play with his balls. I feel a pair of hands start to caress my cock and balls. I down and see my wife preparing to suck my cock. As my wife throats my cock in one motion I do the same to Sam. I work him in time with my wife, massaging his balls. Soon I hear my wife moaning all over my cock.

I pull Sam's cock to behind and I see Cindy placing the head of the strap-on in my wife's pussy and starting to pump in and . I see Cindy place her hands my wife's knees and lean into her starting to pound my wife. I go back to working Sam's cock; I can tell he is watching his girlfriend in wonderment. I think he has never seen his girlfriend act this way, and I do have to agree this is a very unexpected seen for us as well. As I am working Sam, I feel a small pair of hands grabbing my ass. I feel Cindy lean into me, her nipples grazing my back, as she says "Yes, that’s it suck his cock really well, because I am going to fuck you in preparation of him fucking you next." I start to work Sam's cock rapidly in and my mouth now. I close my eyes, picturing this scene in my mind - I am getting sucked by my wife, I have a blonde woman (Cindy) getting ready to fuck my ass with a strap-on, and I am sucking Sam's cock - thinking this makes for a very nice impromptu anniversary gift.

Soon I feel Cindy taking a bottle of lube and spreading it liberally all over my ass. Cindy finds my asshole and begins to work her fingers into . As I feel Cindy's fingers enter my ass, I feel my wife throating my cock. I let a low moan all over Sam's cock as I suck it. After Cindy has worked her fingers in and of a few times, I feel the strap-on placed on my ass. I feel the gentle pressure on my ass as the strap-on slides into my ass slowly burying itself to the hilt. I hear Cindy say "Oh my, that was easy." I feel her place her hands on my hips and starts to work up a steady motion of working the strap-on in and my ass. I try to time myself with the ladies working my ass and cock, but I fail miserably. Wanting to rock back and have Cindy fuck me harder, my wife increases her motions on my cock, and never having this kind of situation, I close my eyes savoring what the women were doing to me. I resign myself to rapidly stroking Sam's cock to keep him hard. In no time the women have me cumming down my wife’s throat. Breathing hard, my wife moves from and looks Sam's saying, "Go for it Hun, he likes it doggie style."

We all get up and move to the other side of the coffee table so we can have some room. I get down on all fours, and soon feel Sam kneeling behind me. I feel Sam place his cock on my ass and gently push in. I feel his cock easily enter me. I lower my head and shoulders to give him better access. I hear a "Honey" and open my eyes to see my wife looking my . I smile in pleasure and she leans in to kiss tenderly on the lips. I feel my wife starting to rock back and forth as we kiss. I behind her and she is getting fucked by Cindy. I can see from Cindy's that she loves the work she is doing on my wife. Looking behind I can see that Cindy and Sam are working to maintain the same rhythm. I smile at my wife as we both start to get slammed harder now. I am feeling Sam's urgency. I reach behind myself to spread my ass more, loving the feel of his cock in me. Moaning loudly, I hear my wife beginning to moan as well. Soon, I am hear Sam grunting really hard as he is slamming my ass. Soon he pulls me down hard on his cock and I feel him spasm and start to shoot his load deep into my ass. I my wife's and see that she too is having a body wracking orgasm as well.

I pull myself off of Sam, and over my wife. I see my wife is doing the same thing, taking herself off the strap-on. Soon we are all sitting around looking each other. I say to Sam and Cindy, "Thanks for the Welcoming Committee." Cindy says, "Well, we weren't expecting to do this, and this was pretty wild even for us." My wife Tracy says, "Well we appreciate you joining us and adding to our adventure." Sam chuckles and says, "Well, this was definitely an adventure for us." Cindy looks at her watch, "Hmmmm looks like we need to get home and go to bed honey." Sam says, ", I have to be up for work in about 7 hours." I say, "Hey, I know that feeling all too well." I see Sam and Cindy get up and get dressed. My wife and I them to the door, not bothering to dress. My wife kisses both Cindy and Sam. She says, "Well, before we leave, we'll give you our and phone . We would love to hear from you." Cindy asks, "How long are you here?" My wife says, "For the next days." Cindy says, "Well, I know where you will be in the mean time." My wife says, "You 2 can come by and visit us any time." Cindy says, "You can bet on that." And with that statement we all start to laugh.

We watch them leave, and as I close the door, I turn around take my wife in my arms and brace her up against the wall. My wife reaches down and takes my cock and places it at the entry to her pussy. I don't need any encouragement as I begin to drive my cock up into her. Soon, I feel that familiar tingling of a load getting ready to unload. My wife, breathing hard, starts to kiss me passionately as I slam into her. Just before I am about to unload in my wife's pussy, I slam her a few more times and then I hold myself there unloading into her.

I pull myself out and set my wife down on her feet. We stumble over to the bed and rapidly fall asleep.
A bad day and dinner
Posted:May 22, 2021 4:44 pm
Last Updated:May 31, 2021 12:23 pm

It was a long day, I came home and I really did not feel like doing much.

I get through the door and kiss my ebony goddess of a wife.

Looking at me, "You ok darling?"

I reply, "Not really Hun. Bad day at work had several problems that happened and no one else seemed to know how to fix but me, though I know there are a few others that could."

She says, "Well, you go upstairs and change, I'll meet you in the living room ok."

I say, "Ok" and take myself up stairs to change. On the way up I decide to go ahead and take a shower thinking that the hot water would help get rid of the stress I was feeling at the moment.

Rummaging through my things, I grab my pj pants and head to the bathroom. Now this bathroom of ours is amazing. All the counters are granite, 2 porcelain lined sinks, brass fittings for the faucets, and mirrors above the counters. There is a walk-in shower with 5 heads spraying water in all directions, and a bathtub big enough to seat 3 people. This bathroom also adjoins our "play" room.

I throw my pj pants on the counter next to a sink, and go over to the shower to turn on the faucet to let the water get warm. After a little bit of time, the water is warmed up and I step into the shower and turn the heads on. I still jump, and have yet to get used to this, as I feel the water splash all over my body. After a few minutes of enjoying the warm water, I reach to the faucet and turn the hot water up a little bit at a time till it’s hot enough for me. Standing under the cascade of hot water starts to relax my shoulders and the muscles of my back. I feel the stress of the day start to melt away. I reach for the shampoo and start to shampoo my hair. I place my head under the water to rinse, when I feel another set of hands running through my red, auburn actually, hair. After a few, I look down to find my wife standing there looking up at me smiling. I return that infectious smile and lean over to kiss her passionately on the lips.

As she is kissing me, she takes my cock in her tiny hands and starts to stroke me. The hot water had done part of the job for her, but in no time I was rock hard. As we break our kiss, my wife grabs the rubber kneeling stool. I had to make this special for her, it has a very thick, but firm, piece of rubber on the top for her to kneel on so I don't have to bend my knees at all and her head is at the level of my cock for her to suck on as I stand.

Keeping the hot water on and having it land on the base of my neck running down both the front and back is awesome, and having my wife sucking my cock as I shower is even better. I look down at my wife, as she takes my cock deep into her mouth, and as she looks up at me. I see such a beautiful site. Just the thought of her sucking my cock has always made me hard. Soon, my wife is deep throating me, and she knows this drives me crazy. Quickly, I get to a point where I am shifting my hips so my cock is pushing into her mouth.

Feeling her wonderful lips working me has made me forget everything that has happened this day. Soon, I feel the twinges of a load building. My wife has gotten to know my body very well, and she can tell when I am about to lose my load.

She senses what I am doing, and begins to work my cock really hard and fast. Stroking me rapidly with her tiny hands and then working her lips up and down my cock, and finally deep throating me several times. She knows this process will send me over the edge, and in no time I am shooting a huge load down her throat.

My wife holds my cock deep in her throat for a minute or so, and then works my cock in her mouth several times to get all of my seed.

My wife pulls my cock out her mouth, and she looks up at me asking, "Feeling better?"

I reply, "Yes darling, much better, thank you."

She says, "Turn around Hun, give me a thingy and I'll wash your back."

I do as I am told and give her a thingy. She soaps up my back as I wash my front. I bend over in front of her as she washes my back and I wash my legs. She runs her hands between my butt cheeks rimming my ass with her soapy fingers. Soon, I am feeling her fingers beginning to penetrate my ass. Letting out a low moan and look up at her from my bent over position I say, "Ummmmm, honey, ahhhhhh mmmmmmm yessssssss." I wanted to say that we should be going down to eat dinner soon, but her fingers in my ass were saying otherwise. I raise myself up and lean forward, letting her drive me crazy with her fingers in me. Looking back and seeing my beautiful wife, glistening in the hot water, looking at me wanting to fuck me in the ass.

I say, "Honey, can we do this later? Isn't dinner getting cold?"

She replies, "I am having dinner delivered, and it should be here in about 45 minutes. Now, you hold that position, I'll be right back."

I say, "Ok, darling."

I watch my ebony goddess go over to a special closet when have with numerous toys in it. I see her pull out one I had never seen before. It is the same length as all the others we have ("), but there is something different about it. She comes back into the shower, wearing this particular strap-on, I notice it is rubber, and all the fittings are made of plastic.

She tells me, "Shut off the water honey and hand me the baby oil there."

I do as I am told and shut the water off and hand her the baby oil. She takes the bottle and pours a liberal amount over my ass and over the rubber cock. She works her fingers into me again as she strokes her own cock. Soon, I am feeling the tip placed on my asshole and she starts to gently push it in. Since, she loves to fuck me like this I grab the horizontal bars and brace myself for her pounding she is about to give me. Soon, she has the rubber dick is fully in my ass and she is steadily working it in and out. My ebony goddess knows the perfect rhythm to fuck me and get me to cum in a huge amount. She reaches that rhythm quickly, soon I am moaning loudly and constantly. Soon, she starts to pulling back on my hips hard, slamming the dildo in deep. I feel the twinges of a load building once again.

Pushing back to take her cock I am thinking of all the times I had fucked her hard, in the ass and in her pussy. She had begged me to let her play with my ass. At first I only let her use her fingers, but soon that was not enough, I had desired more. Then she had produced a vibrator saying this would work much better than her fingers and she was right. It was at that point I feel in love what she liked to do to me. She told me after a while she would use a different toy on me and that I should trust her that she would not hurt me when she did use it. At first, I was reluctant, but she was persistent. Soon, I knew my fears were unfounded and I trusted her completely. It was at that point she first fucked me with a strap-on, and I had loved it ever since. It made our love-making just that more intense, and that more deeply felt. Shortly after that, we were married.

As those memories faded for a bit, I felt myself lose control and unload. I shot my wad all over the floor of the shower. I look back at my loving wife, breathing hard, saying, "Dinner should be here soon, right?"

She looks over her shoulder and says "Yes, in just a few minutes."

No sooner had I pulled myself off the rubber strap-on, I hear the doorbell ring. My wife dashes off wrapping a towel around her waist and dashing down the stairs. As she is leaving, I hear my wife say, "Honey, get down here."

I grab a towel and wrap it around my waist as well. As I go down the stairs, I see my wife closing the door behind the person delivering the pizza and sides. As I walk down and hear my wife say "I see you got here right on time" the delivery person says "Yep, my shift is over and I look forward to having dinner with you." I notice my wife didn't bother to cover her tits, and the strap-on was peeking out from beneath the towel. She had taken the food and walked to the living room. I see the delivery person finally turning around and I notice it’s a young, petite like my wife, Asian girl.

She looks up at me, smiles and extends her hand to me to shake; she says "Hi, my name is Kia." I shake her hand and reply, "Nice to meet you Kia."

I stand there flabbergasted. Wondering did she plan this, or did it just happen.

My gaze turns to our latest visitor. I notice she is wearing a large coat since it's been pretty cold outside. I follow this little Asian down the hall and to the living room. When I get there, I see my wife sprawled back, chewing on a piece of a very meaty pizza. The towel she had been wearing was now fully open, and showing off the strap-on she was wearing. I look over at Kia and see she has taken off the coat to reveal a very athletic and curvaceous body.

Kia has long straight black hair, tits that look a little bigger than my wife’s, with a very flat stomach, narrow waist, nice round ass, and very slim legs. Her face, with her almond shaped eyes that are a color of blue I have never seen, looking as if it were a priceless piece of porcelain breaking into a smile that would light up any room. That smile, gives her eyes a twinkle of naughtiness and makes a man wish she would place those lips anywhere on his body.

Kia, looking over at me and glancing down, asks "Did I interrupt, or did I get here just in time?"

I look down to see that I am sporting a serious case of wood, and wondering what my wife was doing, when I hear my ebony goddess of a wife chime in, "Nah, sweetie, you got here at the right time, I just got done fucking him" as I look up and see her smiling as she is chewing her piece of pizza.

Looking a little embarrassed, and extremely aroused, I start to stammer as Kia says, "Are you sure you just got done? He looks like he's about to burst right now."

My wife says looking at me, "I can see that, why don't you go and suck his cock and see how aroused he is."

With that Kia comes over and takes my cock in her petite hands and starts to stroke me. The whole situation is crazy and I nearly come right then and there. But, I exercise the self control that my wife has long since brought forth in me and keep my load.

Kia pulls me by my cock over to the couch and has me take a seat next to my wife. I feel my stomach growl, but other things are on my mind. I look up at Kia's flawless face and watch as she reveals perfect alabaster skin with rosy pink nipples from her shoulders down to her waist. Her tits are as flawless as her face fitting in perfectly with her upper body. Then Kia is dropping her pants to reveal a very lacey panty, barely covering her pussy. Kia turns around and lowers her panties to show a lovely nest of very delicate lips with a very light rose color to them. The hair above her pussy is shaped in a V and is very well kept, nice and trim, not much hair as if she is pointing to where she wants any set of lips to go. She is near perfection personified and the only person more perfect than her in the room at the time is my wife. I think any other guy would be creaming his jeans to have such perfect creatures in the same room about to enjoy his dick.

And with that I look at my wife "Ummmmm, what's up honey?" feeling a little nervous about the whole thing, as I watch Kia kneel and start to stroke my cock. I spread my legs to make room for Kia.

My wife says "Well, I had been talking with her for a few weeks ever since she delivered to us that one evening. I saw that she was very pretty and we had hit it off pretty well." Kia lifts herself off my cock and says "Yes, your wife is a very persuasive lady." Kia then shows me how persuasive she can be by deep throating my cock and playing with my balls. I look over at my wife and see that she is stroking her strap-on.

I say "You wish you had a dick to actually feel and fuck her pussy huh."

My wife says "Not really Hun, for me it’s just seeing the look of ecstasy on a lady's face that works for me." With that, I see my gorgeous wife get up and kneel behind Kia and lean in to kiss her neck and reach around to cup and massage Kia's perfect breasts. My wife leans forward and watches as my cock disappears down Kia's throat. She take the hand Kia was using on my balls and sucks two of the fingers, and then guides her hand to the crack of my ass to help her work them into me. I reach down to spread my ass for them as I feel the fingers slowly entering me since my ass still had that freshly fucked feel to it. I moan gently as I see Kia deep throat me and push her fingers fully into my ass.

Now my wife is working Kia over, massaging and tweaking her nipples. Kissing and nibbling Kia's neck, shoulder and earlobes. As my wife is driving Kia to a frenzy, she is in turn doing the same to my cock, I think "OMG" she is doing some things that my wife should take note of.

Soon I see my wife lowering herself down Kia's back. I am just imagining how she is lightly grazing her lips over Kia's flawless skin moving down and lying beneath that gorgeous pussy. I hear Kia moan as she is taking me deep once again, knowing my wife had just started to eat her pussy. This whole scene is crazy to me, never once did this thought occur to me that my wife would do this. I suddenly feel the urges of loin building and not realizing I am about to cum, I give a warning to Kia "Sweetie, I am about to" but I am too late, I start to shoot my wad deep into Kia's mouth. The lack of communication causes her to gag just a little and clamp down on my cock. I feel her teeth bite down on me for a second and then lighten up. The pain in my cock is intense, but fleeting as I see Kia start to swallow all that I am giving her. Kia pulls herself up off my cock smiling broadly, but keeps her fingers in my ass working them in time with my wife eating her pussy. I see Kia begin to dance over my wife's face knowing my wife is thoroughly enjoying eating Kia's pussy. Kia starts to rotate her hips in small circles over my wife's face, and then I see Kia has laid her head back while closing her eyes. I see Kia's body tense up, the contortions of pleasure running amuck over her face, as the orgasm wracks her body. Kia faces me again with a big smile in her face as she lifts off my wife's tongue.

Kia says looking down at my wife, "My god you are good." With that she leans over and kisses my wife passionately.

My wife says "Sweetie, we are going to fuck you really good. Put his dick in your ass so I can see your face as I fuck you with this."

I see Kia get up and place herself on my belly facing my wife. I feel my wife stroking my hard cock. I feel my wife put some baby oil on me to lube me up. I feel some on my belly but I know she is getting Kia ready to put my cock in her ass. I see Kia lift her ass up as my wife places my dick on her asshole. My wife tells her to ease herself down slowly. I hear Kia saying that this is her first anal and all she has really done is fingers and a few dildo's in her ass but never a guy's dick. My wife reassures her saying to take it nice and easy. I see Kia start to lower herself onto my cock being very gentle in applying her weight to my cock. I feel her asshole clench up tight, but she is insistent about getting my cock in her ass. Kia applies a little more pressure and then finally I hear a yelp and my cock is sliding slowly into her ass. It takes a while but she eventually is riding my dick fully, and as she is doing it, my wife had been working her fingers into her pussy. I look around Kia to see a look of pure lust on my wife's face as she is watching Kia's ass ride my cock.

Soon, my wife is getting up and stroking her strap-on. I look over into a mirror on a side to see Kia biting her lower lip as my wife starts to insert her strap-on. Soon I see my wife has fully entered Kia's pussy, and we both start to fuck her. I place my hands on Kia's hips to hold her as my wife and I start to thrust in at the same time. I can see Kia is in the throes of ecstasy she has never experienced before. Kia whips her head side to side, her hair flailing wildly as we both fuck her unmercifully. For me, her ass is a perfect canal, feeling her tighten and clench all over my cock as I fuck her ass. Soon I feel a 4th load of the day beginning to build. Kia's breathing is getting more labored and she is tensing up more often. I see my wife lean over and kiss Kia again on the lips as she thrusts deep into Kia's pussy.

My wife breaks the kiss and asks Kia if she wants me to cum in her ass. I hear Kia breathlessly say, "Yes! Yes! Cum in my ass, fuck mmmmmmmmm." Kia is almost crying but she seems to be in a state of bliss. She starts to fuck my cock in her ass more urgently. AS she takes my cock deep, she is pulling just about off my wife's strap-on and when she ride up on me she is taking my wife's strap-on. This alternate fucking seems to drive Kia crazy. As she works, her grunts and moans are becoming louder and louder. Soon, I feel like I am about to burst. I tell Kia, "Oh baby, that’s it fuck my cock in your ass. Yes baby, I'm about to cum sweetie." At this point, Kia seems to go into another gear and is rapidly alternating how she is fucking. Soon, I grab her hips and pull her down on to me as I unload deep in her ass. And as I am unloading in her ass, my wife is pounding Kia's pussy. Soon I feel Kia shudder as my wife remains fucking her pussy in deep strokes. Next I feel something spraying all over my legs even though my wife is between Kia's. My wife holding her strap-on in Kia leans over and kisses her. Kia returns my wife's kiss with an eagerness that is truly erotic. Kia breaks the kiss to say "I have never come like that, never knew I could squirt as much as I did."

My wife says "Glad we could help you discover that" as she is pulling the strap-on out Kia's pussy. Kia also lifts herself off my cock. I see Kia's breathing is slowly returning to normal.

Once Kia is off my cock, I reach over and grab a slice of pizza. Kia takes a seat next to me on my right, while my wife takes of her strap-on. Both Kia and I comment on how wet my wife's pussy is. My wife smiles and takes a seat on my left. My wife gives Kia a piece of pizza and she grabs another and starts to eat. My wife reaches over and grabs the remote to turn on the TV and DVD player. As I watch the TV flicker on and the DVD come up, I see it is our favorite interracial porno. I smile at my wife and look over at Kia. I see she is eating and grinning at me all at the same time.

As we sit there watching the porno go through the introductions, my ebony wife is commenting on all the stars basically saying she likes this one or that one, some guys she would say his dick is too big or to fat. She even pointed out the ones I liked to Kia.

As I am chewing my last bite of my piece of pizza, Kia asks, "So, is that the one thing you have always liked on your women?"

I reply, "Mainly yes, but for me, it has always been a total package kind of thing."

Kia, looking at my wife, asks "Well am I a "total package" girl?"

I laugh and say "Darling, yes you are, and if I wasn't married, I would be dating you."

As I was saying this, a tremor of fear ran though me wondering how my wife would react to that kind of statement. I looked over at my wife to see her smile at me and say, "I am glad I got you first Hun, plus you still get to play with women like her" as she points to Kia. Hearing my wife's statement like that helped me relax.

Looking back over at Kia I see a quizzical look on her face. She asks, “Really, are my tits perfect?" I don't have to look at my wife to know what her answer is. I reach over and guide Kia onto my lap and say to her looking at her tits hanging in front of me, "Yes they are perfect Hun." I lean up to take her left nipple between my lips as I see my wife leaning to take her other. We both start sucking her nipples as we hear the moaning and groaning coming from the TV. Soon we are hearing Kia moaning as loudly as the TV and see that her eyes are closed as we nibble on her gorgeously perfect tits. Soon, I see my wife move up to kiss Kia passionately on the lips, and lift her up from my hungry lips.

When my wife breaks the kiss with Kia, they both look down at me and see that I am once again sporting some serious wood. My wife laughs some, and looks at Kia, "Yah think he can handle both our lips on his cock Hun." Kia replies, "Not sure, let’s see." And with that they kneel, each cover a leg, and start to lick and suck my cock and balls. Watching them both working me is incredible, my wife would deep throat me several times and then Kia would deep throat me as well. My wife would stroke me and instruct Kia on several things such as how I like to have my ass played with and tell Kia to go over to the end table and open the bottom draw to take a vibrator out. Kia squeals and goes over to get the vibe. She opens the drawer and pulls out a " vibrator. I look down at my wife as she is once again deep throating my cock. My wife looks up and grins at me seeing my smile.

As my wife releases my cock from her mouth, I ask her "How many hiding places do you have toys in?" She gives me a knowing smile, and dares me to look around and find out. I look at my wife think she has been doing this on-line shopping just a little too much. As Kia joins my wife again, my wife says "Baby, could you move your butt up to the edge of the couch." I look at both of them and move my ass up to the edge. I am now practically lying down on the couch with my legs spread and my wife stroking my cock. Kia leans in and takes over for my wife. Seeing Kia's lovely lips take my cock in full is an awesome sight. She works my cock with such expertness that it drives me crazy. I start to push up into Kia's wonderful mouth when I feel the vibe on my asshole. My wife gives me a wicked grin as she slowly starts to work the vibe in. The vibrations of this one are particularly strong and I can feel Kia's lips letting my cock vibrate in her mouth. As Kia deep throats me again, I feel her hands massaging my balls as I see my wife starting to work the vibe in and out in long strokes.

After a while, my wife taps Kia's shoulder and says, "My turn darling, but go over and put my strap-on on you, it should fit."

Kia says, "Do I get to fuck him? I ask because I have never had the chance to fuck a guy like this, only other girls."

My wife perks up at the statement, "Other girls?"

Kia replies, "Yes other girls, I had relationships with several girls in high school, and they loved it when I would fuck them with my favorite toy."

My wife replies, "Ah, you told me how you got that toy in high school."

I reply, "Oh really, she told you?"

My wife looks at me sticking out her tongue, "Yes."

We all laugh some at the silly situation. My wife takes this opportunity to climb up on top of me and puts my cock in her pussy. As my wife slides down, I see her close her eyes and start to ride me. I smile broadly at her as she begins to get into having my cock in her pussy (She has always loved how my cock fit in her pussy.). I see Kia, reach down and grab the bottle of baby oil and spray some on my wife's back side. My wife coo's as the baby oil starts to run down her butt and to my cock as she is riding me. The baby oil greases me up nicely and I feel my wife really starting to bounce on my cock. I see Kia reach behind my wife and assume that she is starting to work a finger into my wife's ass, but I feel her fingers working in with my cock.

Kia leans forward and looks at my wife and asks, "Do you want me to fuck your pussy as well?" I hear my wife give some inaudible reply, which I have learned was a yes. I shake my head yes at Kia and as my wife is riding my cock, I feel Kia place the strap-on next to me and then to my amazement, my wife pushes her pussy down over both of us. I impending pressure is immense, I have never felt my wife would like 2 dicks at once, let alone take 2 dicks at once.

My wife yelps out in pain as she begins to ride both me and Kia. I see a look of pure lust come over my wife's face as she tries to take us both as deep as she can. I can see the pleasure on her face is most intense, while I am feeling my dick being pressed into corners of her pussy I never thought existed.

The tightness drives me crazy, she is so tight that my load builds with such speed that I nearly shoot after a short period of time, but I exercise my self-control again and keep myself from shooting early. I see my wife looking back as she is trying to take both my cock and Kia's rubber one, she's only going about half way down us, but I can tell she is determined to take more. As she rides the 2 of us, I can feel her getting farther and farther down our cocks, I can see her concentrating on taking us all in, but soon I see her eyes close and she is biting her lower lip as her body starts to shake uncontrollably. I feel my wife's pussy gush all over both cocks in her, though this doesn't loosen her up one bit. Kia takes my wife's hips and start to pull her down on top of both of us, this time I let my load build and in no time I am coming in my wife's pussy. During this my wife has a look of pain on her face as Kia does the fucking of her. I pull myself out of my wife as Kia remains in her pussy. Honestly, I didn't want to feel like a wrapped hot anymore, and as soon as I am out of my wife's pussy, I see relief cross her face.

Shortly after, my wife's face scrunches up, and her body shakes violently. I wrap my arms around her just to keep her from shaking so badly. And again, I feel my wife gushing all over my legs, but this time Kia had taken out the strap-on. My wife lays there on my chest breathing hard and shaking her head. Kia has taken a seat next to me with a look of concern on her face. As my wife opens her eyes, a look of glee crosses her face. My wife pulls Kia to her and kisses her passionately. My wife breaks the kiss, saying to Kia "My god girl, that was so intense, I have never had that happen to me, the orgasms were incredible."

I sit up with my wife in my arms, looking down between my legs to see if there was any damage done. Other than a little bit of blood, the carpet wasn't too badly covered, but the cleaning bill would be pretty bad.

I kiss my wife’s neck and then her lips. Kia turns my head to her, and kisses me as well. Kia says, "Thanks for the evening; it was very awesome to have had sex with both of you." We both thanked her and watched as she got dressed.

My wife and I get up and her to the front door. Of course I am wearing a towel once again, just to be modest. My wife on the other hand, is still naked and has a hard time walking. We get to the door; we both kiss Kia again, and watch out the door as she leaves. We see a car driven by, but my wife doesn't care as she waves good bye to Kia. My wife turns back to me and closes the door.

I ask my wife once the door is closed, "Was this a fantasy of yours, 2 dicks in your pussy?"

She smiles at me, taking my arm in her arm and says, "Let’s go finish that pizza, and I'll tell you a few other fantasies of mine." I pick her up, and tell her "Well, until you are able to walk straight. Fantasies will have to wait for a bit." I carry her to the living room and put her down. I grab a piece of pizza for both of us and give her one. I turn off the DVD player and turn on the cable to the game that was on that night.
Walking the Remember When Road
Posted:May 21, 2021 5:20 pm
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2021 10:27 am

It was a few days later after we had my "little" birthday party that my wife and I were sitting on our couch after dinner, sipping our wine, getting ready to watch our favorite TV show, that my wife asked "So, how many black women have you had in your life?"

Since this line of questioning has never come up before I never really gave it a thought as to why I liked black women, so I asked her "Why do you ask?"

She replied, "Well, when we met I saw you with another black lady, and I don't recall you ever dating a woman of a different color."

I said "You mean ethnicity, right?"

She says "Yes darling, you know exactly what I mean."

I reply to her "Well, I have dated other women of different ethnicities, but none of them attracted me like your ethnicity has. I am not really sure if I can adequately put a finger on a good reason why, other than I like how the black woman looks. It may sound shallow, but for me it is the truth."

I smile coyly and say "Would you like to hear about how I lost my virginity? It was to a black in ?"

My wife smiles with an evil glint in her eye, as she moves to take a seat sitting on my lap looking at , saying "I would love to hear it?"

I around the room, noticing that the living room curtains are open. I ask "Don't you want to close the curtains Hun?"

She replies, "Nah, its ok no one will see."

I smile saying "You sure about that? WE tend to get a little loud sometimes."

She gloats at me "You scared someone might watch us after the party we had a few days ago???"

I laugh, "I see your point."

Though it has been true we love to play hard, my birthday 3some was a first for me, especially the watching part.

I tell my wife "Well, when I had entered girls to were still the other people, I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to be friends with them, or that they were the enemy. I had yet to realize that they would be attractive to , let alone being attracted to them.

When I was in 9th , I had just transferred to my . I was still getting my bearings around the campus, when I spied a black crossing campus. I was somewhat shy at the time, and I did not having many friends. Clumsily I ask, "Ummmmmm, excuse me, but do you know where room 3 is?" She said "You having a problem finding your room?" Embarrassed I said, "Yes, new here and have yet to figure things ." She smiled saying "Yeah, I had that problem too. Tell you what how's about I take you to it, ok?" Smiling broadly, I said "Thanks." I proceeded to follow her to my room. When we got there, she said "My name is Janelle." I reply back "Jon, nice to meet you." and extend my hand to her to which she shakes my hand. She says "Well this is your , a little early though." I reply "Yeah well my father is a little harsh with if I am late so I try to be 5 minutes early, as often as I can." She says "Well, I need to be off to my own . You have a good ." And she turns to leave. I turn to my room and have a seat.

I didn't see her again for the rest of the year. And I had completely forgotten about her, until I was a junior. It was about the middle of the year, and I was at a dance function when a black had caught my eye. I walked over and introduced myself to her, and she looked like I was a ghost from her past. She stammered a bit and said "Don't I know you from somewhere?" I replied, "Ummmmmm, no, I don't think we have met." She then told me her name "Janelle." Then I got the quizzical on my , and asked her "Ummmmmm did you take to my first room, here when I was in 9th ?" She said "OH MY GOD!!! It is you; my you have gotten cute since then." I blushed furiously and said "Yeah, I've grown a bit since then as well.""

In 9th , I was a skinny and about 5'9" and when I had seen her she skinny, as well, and was about 5'4." By my junior year, I had grown almost 5" to a little more than 6'2" and had put on some weight and not as skinny as I used to be. Now she hadn't gotten much taller, may 2" to about 5'6", but she had filled out. I would say she had a fairly heft chest the time that I could not keep my eyes off of. She had full D cups for breasts. I couldn't tell what her measurements were, all I knew at the time was that she was gorgeous and had a great smile.

"I complimented her back "I see that smile hasn't changed one bit since that ." She smiled prettily for saying "Yeah well, these lips have learned a few things since then as well too."

We looked around and I saw a strange look come over her . She asked "This dance is getting a little boring isn't it." I said, "Yeah not much of a dancer." She says, "Yeah, I noticed that from the earlier dance you did with that other ." I laugh "Well, I try, I've had lessons and I still have 2 left feet." She laughs, "Well, maybe you need to find the right dance." I ask "Which dance is that?" She replies, "Hmmmmmmmm, maybe it’s better if I show you?" I reply, "Oh really." She grabs my hand and starts to lead away from the dance, as she is saying "Yes really.""

My wife chimes in "Now she didn't take you to a custodial closet, now did she?" I smile back looking up her as she opens her white satin blouse showing her white lace bra over her perfect tits, saying "Are you going to let tell my story or distract ?" She smiles evilly and says "Both." in a frank and in an as a matter of fact tone.

Continuing, "I follow her to a far away custodial closet, in the farthest away building on campus from the . She reaches into the purse and pulls a key. Now, how she got the key is none of my business. We step inside, and she immediately presses herself against me, and starts to kiss me. Now at the time I had kissed a few girls, but I have never had one attack me like this. She pushes her tongue into my mouth and almost makes me gag. I pull back saying, "What are you doing?" She says "Silly, it’s called French kissing." I reply, "I have never had any girl do that to me when I kissed them." with that she looks at me and starts to French me again, but this time I think turnabout is fair play and push my tongue into her mouth. We kiss like this for a while, and as a man, my cock got instantly hard when she started to kiss again. I could feel her pressing herself against , and embarrassingly enough, I could tell she could feel my hard cock.

As we were kissing, I could feel her hands roaming all over my chest. She started to open my shirt and running her hands inside. She got to my ribs and I broke the kiss and started to laugh "Hey that tickles.""

As I tell my wife this, she had removed her bra and was massaging my cock through my pants, while she still had the white satin blouse still on. My wife had also been doing the same thing to me, unbuttoning my shirt and running her hands over my chest and she deliberately poked me in the ribs causing me to flinch and laugh. I said, "Hey, now let me finish my story."

"We had stopped kissing and Janelle had started to lift off her blouse. I reached and by accident grabbed her tits through her bra as she lifted the pull over blouse off.

Embarrassed I pulled my hands back quickly, stammering, "Umm sorry, meant to catch your blouse not you’re umm"

"Tits" she says smiling. She says, "Here let me give you a better feel of them." And with that she reaches behind herself and unclasps her bra and tosses it aside with her blouse.

Not knowing what to do, I hesitate. Janelle grabs my hands and places them on her tits. She asks "How do they feel?" Mesmerized, I reply "Very soft, velvety." I notice as I run my fingers around her nipples that they were getting hard and pointy. I hear her moan; I ask "Are you ok?" She replies, "Ah darling I am very good Hun, keep running your thumbs over my nipples." I keep running my thumbs over her nipples as she reaches up and removes my shirt. She leans forward and nips at my own exposed nipple. I pull back saying "Hey, why did you do that?" Janelle asks "Did you like it?" Somewhere in the back of my head something tells me to say "Yes." She smiles at me and leans in and instead of biting my nipple; she runs her tongue over it and sucks on it some.

Having never having this done to me before I couldn't help myself, but moan and lean back. Janelle stayed clamped to my breast, licking and sucking it. Janelle works herself over to my other nipple and does the same thing to it. At this point my cock is really hard inside my pants and it has been feeling Janelle's tits around him as she had been working my nipples. I am not paying attention to Janelle's hands as she removes my belt and lowers my pants. Now I am in my briefs, and my raging hard on is tenting them immensely. She looks down at me saying "I see the rumors are true." I ask "What rumor is that?"
She says "That you have the biggest cock in ." I reply "Oh really?" She says, "Yeah, a lot of the girls have heard the other guys saying that you’re a freak and that no guys should have a dick that big." Embarrassed, I say "Humph, have had a few guys ask to play with my cock, but I tell them I am not gay." Janelle tells "They're just jealous."

She kneels down in front of and pulls my already oozing dick of my briefs and lowers them to the floor."

My wife, being the expert in distractions, has basically done the same thing and is stroking my cock, just looking it. Stroking , working the pre- of my cock and up and down my shaft making slick.

"Janelle wraps her hand around my cock and starts to stroke . Having never having this done to , I immediately, shooting a huge load all over her tits. Janelle looks up at me, "Mmmmm, I like a huge load like that." She takes some off her tits with a finger and licks her finger clean. Janelle says I taste sweet to her. She starts to stroke my cock again and I am hard in short order again. This time, she leans forward and licks the tip of my cock. Not saying a word, and thinking she has done this before, she starts to take my cock into her mouth. I lay my head back and close my eyes as I feel Janelle's lips wrap themselves around my cock. Amazingly enough she takes all my cock in her throat.

Now at the time I had yet to break out a ruler to measure myself, but afterward Janelle said my dick was ". She said she had heard rumors that Rodney, who graduated the year before, and was the football team’s quarterback, had ". Janelle said she found that rumor to be true when she saw him whip it for her to play with prom night last year and had sucked him off as well, but she said she did not fuck him. Janelle said she was saving that for someone special.

Feeling my cock go in and Janelle's mouth was driving crazy. I felt like I was about to shoot again, but she did something to me to keep me from cumming. She stands up in front of me, reaching around and dropping her long skirt. I see she is wearing very skimpy panties. I comment "What are those, a band aid?" She relies "No, this is a thong." Grabbing my hands she says "Come here.""

My wife had been listening to me very intently, and when I mentioned that Janelle had deep throated me, she had done the same thing. I stopped speaking as she had expertly put a finger in my ass with my pants around my ankles. My wife had gotten herself into frenzy and I had to stop. It didn't take her long to coax a load out of me. I her "You enjoyed that didn't you?" She smiles back evilly, "Yes!" and laughs uproariously.

Giving my wife a very skeptical , I ask "Are you going to let finish?"

She looks and says "Well, that depends on whether or not you can finish the story."

I say, "And you’re going to do everything you can do to keep from finishing it?"

My petite wife smiling evilly shakes her head yes and crawls up onto my lap, and starts to grind her hips into mine.

I start up again "Janelle had pulled to her as she backed herself onto the edge of a work table. Janelle tells to suck her nipples. Now, having seen tits of any kind in my father's Playboy and Penthouse, I could guess why she wanted to suck her nipples. But being the eager beaver that I was, I dove in for all I was worth."

At this time my wife and her gorgeous tits tried to silence me with putting a nipple on my lips, but taking her by the shoulders and nipping at her nipple playfully, I push her back to give me room to speak.

"Janelle starts to moan as I suck a nipple telling me that was really good and the like, she then starts telling to suck her other nipple. I obey her command and take her other nipple between my lips and start to suck it like I did the first. After some of that, she tells me to use my tongue, not asking why; I start to run my tongue in circles around her nipples, switching from one to the other. Alternating from sucking to licking to nibbling her. Janelle puts her hands on my shoulders and starts to push me down her body. She tells to run my tongue down her belly as she pushes me down. I get cute and run my tongue in circles as I am pushed down her body."

My wife during this has sat back and is once again grinding her pussy all over my cock, but not putting it in her pussy. My wife is also massaging her gorgeous tits and tweaking her nipples as she is listening to me.

"Janelle pushes me a little farther down until I am having a very close up her pussy. I can tell she is wet because that thong, or should I say thing, she's wearing looks like someone had poured water all over it. I get this heady musky smell coming from her pussy. She reaches down and pulls the thong tight over her pussy causing it to slip between her lips. I am amazed at how my body reacts to her flossing of her pussy.

Janelle tells me to run my tongue over her lips. So, as I am commanded, I run my tongue over her pussy. As I do this I hear a sharp intake of breath. Fearing I may have done something wrong I ask, "You ok?" Janelle looks down at me saying, "Darling, I just didn't expect your tongue to do that to me." I ask, "Is that a good thing?" Janelle replies, "Oh, it is a very good thing. Now, keep doing that."

I return to licking Janelle's pussy, just running my tongue up and down her lips. As I am doing this, Janelle pulls her thong to the side, leaving me with nothing in my way. I now start to taste her juices that are flowing from her pussy; instinctively I start to work my tongue farther and farther into Janelle's pussy. As I do this her moans are getting louder and louder. At some point she tells me to suck the top of her pussy like I did her nipples. And again as I am commanded, I start to do that. I didn't know much about a woman's anatomy at the time, but when I started to suck what I believed to be another nipple, her moans became very loud and her breathing became deeper and sometimes shallow. After a bit if this, she took a deep breath, close her eyes bit her lower lip and her body started to shudder uncontrollably. Pulling my head back, I noticed that she was oozing all over herself and it was running down her legs. After what seemed like an eternity, she opened her eyes and looked down at me smiling broadly."

My wife during all this had masturbated herself to an orgasm, not using her fingers at all and just ground up against my cock until she had .

Now I did not know that this would be called "eating a ," and I did not know that doing this would put in such a state of arousal that I would be hard enough to pound a penny nail with my dick in one stroke.

"Janelle pulls up to her and starts to kiss hard on the lips again. She pulls forward to her as she lays back. She has lifted her legs up and tells to put my hands behind her knees. Obeying, I do so. She reaches over and pulls my hips to her bottom with her legs up. She takes my cock and aims it her pussy. She says, "Now take it easy, you'll feel some resistance but be gentle with the pressure." Doing as she had said, I push my cock into her pussy. The feel of her pussy surrounding my cock as I pushed in was incredible. It felt like I was pushing into a tight velvet canal. Slowly I worked more of my cock in. When I got to the resistance, I started to back and stayed . I tell Janelle that I don't want to hurt her, she tells it will be okay and that I should work my cock in and of her working myself in a little more each time. So I do as she tells me, I start to work myself in and her pussy going a little farther each time. I feel the resistance with each stroke and I have to use a little more pressure each time. Now I am working about 2/3's of my cock in and out Janelle's pussy, but all of a sudden I hear a little whimper from Janelle and then I am fully in her pussy. Janelle had been moaning all this time, closing her eyes and not really doing anything but sitting on the edge of the work table. Now that I am working my full length in and out her pussy, she starts to rock back at me, meeting each of my thrusts. My own breathing gets harder and harder. I hear her starting to say, "Yes! Yes! fill my pussy! Ah! YES!" Suddenly an urge comes over me, I am not sure what it is, but all I feel is my cock spasm and I start to shoot the same jets I did all over Janelle's tits inside Janelle's pussy. Janelle was feeling it too, and she reached over to pull my hips to her to keep my cock deep in her pussy. Janelle starts to shudder again as she breathes deeply into my shoulder. As my body's reaction subsides, and seeing a calm come over her as we try to regain our normal breathing.

Janelle says "Yes, you are the special someone that I wanted to fuck first." I reply, "Oh really, and why is that." Janelle says, "Well I had been watching you ever since I took you to your room in 9th . I thought you were cute. Our paths really never crossed since that , but I had glimpses of you during lunch and last year. I had a different teacher, but we had the same period." Sheepishly smiling I reply "Well, I am honored, but what do we do from here." She says "Well, I am going to graduate and go to USC on a cheer leading scholarship, but I do hope to see you again before I graduate." During this time I had pulled my cock and saw a big drop plop down onto the floor. I up the clock and we had been gone for more than an hour. I say, "Um, we had better get back Hun before a teacher comes looking for us." We both hurriedly get dressed and run the door not worrying about anyone seeing us leave. We got back to the dance with no one the wiser least that was what I was hoping and had a good time with Janelle the rest of that night."

All during this time I had exercised a large of self control. My wife had taken my cock and buried it in her pussy and had been riding hard the whole time. She had about the same time I was telling it in my story, but I had not. As soon as I finished, I grabbed my wife's hips and rolled us over putting my wife's feet up in the air. I started to slam her beautiful pussy hard, bouncing deep into our living room couch. She loves it when I start to pound her hard like this, and in no time she was coming again, but this time I was deep in her as I shot my own load.

My wife looks saying, "So did you see her again before she graduated?" I said, "Yes I did Hun, as a matter of fact, we dated the rest of the year and we dated that summer until she left for her scholarship." She asks, "So did you fuck her again?" I said, "Sweetie that is for another evening now let’s watch some TV."
Birthday Present
Posted:May 20, 2021 12:58 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2021 11:41 pm

It has been a long day at work, I am tired and really don't feel like doing a thing. I pull up into the driveway, expecting to see you , but you're not. Piqued, I park and get out. Everything seems quite normal.

Quizzically, I walk up the front door, and grab the knob and try turn . Surprisingly, it's locked. Now I am really beginning wonder what's going on. I grab my keys and unlock the door. I get inside and notice that the lights are off here up front, but dimly lit in the back by the dining room. I stroll back the dining room and see 2 candles lit and dining room table is set.

I walk up the table and see a note "JP, take a seat and I'll be down shortly." Frowning slightly, I pull out the chair, taking my necktie off, and take a seat. I notice you have poured a stiff drink, a tall 7&7. I sip , and savor the taste.

I feel your hands on my shoulders as you lean down and whisper in my ear "Don't move." Then your hands are gone and then I see the blindfold being lowered over my eyes. Having kept my hand on my drink, I sip more. I feel the liquor starting ease my long and stressful day.

I picture you in my mind, you’re still as gorgeous as the day I married you. You're a petite woman, but well built. You stand a statuesque 5'2", with measurements of 34C-22-32. Your eyes are a deep bedroom brown (at times I tell you that you are full of it, but that makes you laugh all the more) and your skin is a soft chocolate brown (I have always had a thing for colored women, even in high school). Our wedding night was incredible, once we finally got all our friends leave. The sex that night was really fantastic, and we have been trying match ever since.

You come back saying, "Honey, could you move the chair back some and turn the left."

I pick up the chair a little and move it bac You say, "Just a little more Hun, then turn it." I move it a little more, and then turn it out for you.

Once I have the chair turned, I feel you taking a seat on my lap. You take my hands and tie them down the side of the chair (the chair not having any arms). I smile and say "Hmmmmmmmm, your teasing huh." I hear you next my ear saying "Am I???"

Now you have wondering about what is really going on. You ask move my ass the edge of the chair and spread my legs. I feel you unbuckle my pants and lower them. You remove my shoes, my socks and then my pants. I feel you move back up and massage my now growing cock through my briefs. Then you’re lowering my briefs and taking them off as well. Next I feel your hand wrap itself around my hardening cock and start stroke . Next I feel your velvety soft lips engulf the head of my cock, licking up and down, and then flicking with your tongue before you start to take down your throat. As you are working my cock, I let out a low moan. I thoroughly enjoy the finest blow job you have given since we married.

I hear you next my saying "Honey, how are the lips?" I reply "Fantastic darling." I then catch myself. These lips were still working my cock as you were asking a question. I didn't realize it until after I had answered. I smile broadly. I remember a conversation we had a few months ago. You had asked if I would like a threesome, and if so would I like have with. I had told you that if we did this, I would like to have your maid of honor. You had smiled at me saying you could see why. Where you were 5'2", she was 5'7" with bigger tits (36D's) and a rather chunky butt, but it was an overall very nice package. She also had the kind of lips that any man would love a blow job from.

I say "You didn't" and with that I feel you leaning over from behind me kissing me passionately on the lips. The blindfold falls away. My arms still secure to the chair. As you pull away, I see your friend smiling at me in the dim light. She once again starts to work my cock in and out of her lovely lips. Your hands are on my face, moving my head back to gaze upon yours. I up at you and smile. I say "Birthday present huh?" You say "Yes, but this is not over by any stretch of the imagination Hun. We have just started." Just as she finishes I feel your friend completely engulf my cock in her mouth. I say "OMG" looking up at you, "That’s your trick Hun". You look at me " do you think taught me." Looking down at your friend, laughing a little "You're a great teacher Hun." With that, you start suck my cock more rapidly. I feel your hands massaging my balls. I feel one hand move from my balls down my ass. I watch you wet a finger and slowly work into me. Hissing, I up at you "So what other little secrets of ours did you tell her." You smile at me and say "Like I said, we just started Hun."

Feeling her work her finger in and out my ass as she was deep throating my cock drives me crazy. Soon, I couldn't hold back any longer and shoot myself a huge load into this gorgeous creature’s mouth. I see her move up and pull you to her to kiss you deeply. As she leans over my head, I get the opportunity to suck a very pointy and very hard nipple. She breaks the kiss and stands back smiling at me. My wife whispers in my ear "Now, we are to go upstairs." I feel the restraints removed and she takes my hand and I take her friends hand to let them guide me up stairs.

Following the 2 goddess up the stairs, my eyes could not leave the asses that swayed in front of me. We head to our special room. It has a very large sofa in it, we had it specially made with a very wide seat on it so we could and know that we wouldn't fall off of . The sofa, at every line of the cushions, has loops sewn in. This definitely added a different kind of spice our sessions. My wife, and I, like a little bit of bondage, very light, nothing constraining. We place trust in each other that we will not let go of the straps, or scarves, as the intensity grows during our sessions. By the way, did I mention that the bed (6" larger than a California King) dominates one wall, with mirror tiles on the ceiling above it? The lighting in the room is exquisite, perfectly placed light up the bed and the sofa.

Once inside, the ladies take me over a smaller chair, placed in the room. My wife tells me "Sit." I obey her command and take a seat on the chair. As I sit down, I ask, "Can I remove my shirts?" She says, "Sure darling." As she smiles broadly at me, giving the full glint of deviltry in her eyes, I take off my shirts. My wife move between my legs, not touching my raging hard-on (just knowing she is so close makes me hard), ties my thighs to the chair comfortably. Next, she ties my wrists to the chair. And as I am being tied, I watch as my wife's friend stretches out on the sofa, seeing her lounging about and spreading her legs wide, taking her ankles in her hands, and pulling her legs up to a V with her arms out has me drooling to push my tongue deep into her pussy. Finally, my wife pulls my hips forward some and then ties my ankles to the loops on the floor. Just seeing my wife's friend in this position has made my cock ooze pre-cum.

My wife noticed this, and looked over her shoulder at her friend and then back at me saying "You'd love to eat that pussy wouldn't you?" Shaking my head yes because I am so fixated on her friend’s cunt makes my wife laugh. She stands up and looks at me saying ", do you want see that pussy get fucked hard?" Again I shake my head yes. My wife laughs, looks at her friend saying "Mmmmmmmmm , you have him so extremely horny, so much so he can't speak!" She strolls over languidly her friend; she runs her petite hands over her friend’s pussy and then deftly inserts them in the knuckles of her hand. She works them in and out, her friend holding onto her ankles dearly, not wanting to let go as my wife begins to eat her pussy, sucking and nibbling the exposed clit. Her friend starts moaning softly with ooh's and ahhh's. After a while, my wife gets up and strolls over to me and places her fingers on my waiting lips. She pushes them into my mouth; I suck them hard tasting my wife's friend’s pussy. Looking down at me she asks "Sweet isn't she" I once again nod yes as I suck her finger.

My wife turns from me and kneels by the sofa reaching under it for something. She pulls out a large vibe, approximately ," and tosses her friend. She tells her friend, nodding my direction "He loves when I masturbate in front of him before we have sex." Her friend says "Oh really?" smiling devilishly. My wife turns me and says "I shall be right back Hun. I'll let my friend entertain you while I am gone." I smile up at her and say "Thanks Hun." She peaks an eyebrow at me saying "Oh my, he speaks now!!!" Both of them start laughing at me as I watch my gorgeous wife walk away.

Soon I hear moans coming from my wife's friend. I turn my head back see she has placed her ankles in a couple of the loops on the sofa free her arms and hands up and is working the vibe into her pussy. Now, normally my wife likes to see me stroke my cock and cum on her as we masturbate, but this time I can't with myself. I see her start dig the vibe deep into her pussy, working most of into her. In long slow strokes, she deeply penetrates herself, closing her eyes as she does. She keeps the vibe deep in her pussy, using both hands to spin side side as much as she can. As she does this her breathing becomes quicker. She starts work the vibe in and out more rapidly with both hands. Evidently it is long enough her g spot. She throws her head back screaming as if she was actually getting fucked by a stud of this magnitude. Working that vibe as deep as she is, I see her starting cum, her body shakes and her pussy convulses around the vibe. I see she is actually seeping up pussy juice around the vibe, flowing down her inner thighs the crack of her ass.

From behind me I hear "Nice show darling." I over my shoulder see my wife standing gazing at her friend, and stroking something. I again and see a strap-on of about the size as the vibe. She walks forward, saying "Before I meet you Hun, her and I were lovers in college, though she knew I liked my cock too much to be hers completely. We still had our raging sessions, but that all stopped when we got married. And when I mentioned to you about a threesome and you said yes, made me excited, and when you said you wanted her be a part of , I couldn't resist giving you your wish. But first, (as she strokes her strap-on) I need satisfy my need my ."

I see her lean over her friend and take the strap-on and rub her clit with it. I noticed as my wife was talking with me, her friend got herself back into the position she was in when my wife started eat her pussy. Seeing my wife take the strap-on and guide into her friend’s pussy was an amazing view from behind. Seeing the strap-on disappear into her made me ache to be in her myself. I quickly down and notice my cock has been oozing for a long time and that my balls have a trail of pre-cum over them. I hear a deep moan. I up see my wife's petite ass start work like an oil derrick into her friend’s pussy. She drives that strap-on in to the hilt, the rubber balls hitting her friend’s ass. Soon I see my wife starting to pick up speed, pumping her friend deeply with each stroke. Sitting wishing I could stroke my own cock as I watch this gorgeous dance between former lovers. My wife leans over farther, driving the strap-on in deeper, her girlfriend moaning louder and louder with each pussy wrenching plunge of the strap-on. Soon, I see my wife go into what I "over drive." Like a jack hammer, she starts drive the strap-on rapidly into her friend’s pussy. Her friend evidently can't take much more of this and screams "I'm cumming!!!!!!!" And as she cums, my wife continues to pound her pussy with the strap-on. With each thrust into her friend’s pussy, I see juice squirt out from around the strap-on as it goes into her. Soon they both are breathing hard, and my wife has stopped. She leans down and kisses her dear friend tenderly on the lips. She pulls back saying "Been a long time since you had that kind of orgasm hasn't it Hun” Her friend smiles "Yes it has, you were always this good to me, could never find another that could do what you do Hun." My wife kisses her again, this time more passionately, both of them feeling each other’s tits, and hands moving down to take a feel of each other’s pussy. I say "Very lovely, thanks darling." My wife looks back, smiling "Oh, we are not done yet Hun."

My wife gets up and strolls over to me with her strap-on dangling between her legs. She asks me, "You like my toy?" Smiling wickedly back at her I say "Yes, you look good wearing a dic" Her friend comes up behind her, reaching around and lifts the dildo up stroking it. She looks at my wife saying "I think he should suck it." My wife says "Yeah, I'd like see him suck this coc"

With that she steps forward and kneels up on the arms of the chair placing the dildo on my lips. She knows that I'll suck a dildo after I have used it on her. She also knows that this is something different for me. We have talked many times about what we would like do each other. I know she's wanted do this for a while. I snake my tongue out and around the tip of the coc I place my lips around the head and try move my head down the dildo as much as I can. I try take as much of it as I can, but her hips are too far away for take much. Her friend is watching all this and says "Move closer Hun, let’s see if he can deep throat like we can."

With that, my wife nudges closer . I am able take more, and as the more I take I can hear my wife urging on. "Oh , that's work in Hun. Nice and easy, just relax, breathe easy Hun. That's ." As she is urging on, I notice she is getting a little more forceful with each thrust. So far I think I have worked about 8" of the " my wife is wearing. She's saying "My god , that looks so good moving in and out your mouth." I am glad I am turning her on. I see movement out of the corner of my eye. Next, I feel a hand on my enormously hard coc The hand starts stroke up and down. As my wife works the strap-on in and out my mouth, I feel a finger rub itself over the tip of my cock spread the already huge amount of pre-cum all over my coc My wife coos at "Ah , just a little bit more, that's it you go Hun." And as she says that I feel the balls of the dildo my chin. I can't believe I can take the whole thing.

She starts work my throat in long, slow thrusts, and as she is working my throat, I feel a set of lips engulf my cock; taking in the long motions my wife is doing . The intensity of it all is too much for , but I relax and relish in the feel of the lips savoring my coc I up at my wife and see the absolute lust in her eyes as she pushes the cock down my throat. Soon, I feel the beginning of another load as my wife's friend starts work my cock faster than my wife is working . Soon, I roll my eyes; my wife's friend pushes her mouth fully down my cock as I shoot my load into her again. She drinks all. I nod my head at my wife as she pulls out. I say "My god." shaking my head. My wife says "Now you know how I feel when I have you and your buddy from work by have a little fun." My wife bends over and kisses her friend again. After wards, she’s asks "How does my girl here taste." I licking my lips and say, "She is very sweet, but not as good as your darling." She smiles at as she walks around and unties my restraints.

I rub my wrists verify I am o I know during the whole thing I was straining against them just wanting reach out and participate. I stand up. My cock is now flaccid. My wife’s friend has crawled onto the bed and has spread her legs. My wife says, "Eat her pussy Hun, show her what you do to ." With that I crawl onto the bed and begin to devour my wife's friend's pussy. I lightly run my tongue up the inside of her thighs, lightly teasing the skin. I notice the goose bumps for as I work my way in. Getting to her pussy, I lightly nibble her lips working around till I eventually get to her clit. I start suck and nibbling upon her love button like no tomorrow. I hear the ooohhh's and aahhh's emanate from her mouth. I up as I eat her pussy and see that my wife has removed her strap-on and is positioning herself over her friend’s mouth. I hear her say "Eat like he's eating you" as she lowers her pussy down onto her friends face. I begin to eat my wife's friend's pussy more vigorously, biting, nipping and sucking her clit hard. I start to work my tongue into her pussy, pushing at first a little bit at a time, then more and more. (I had a girlfriend in college that loved me eating her out, she got so curious about how I was able to go so deep into her with my tongue that she actually measured it, she dropped her jaw when she measured almost 5" of my tongue outside my lips, and this is why my wife likes it so much.) Soon I had my tongue fully engulfed in her friend’s pussy. Snaking and wiggling my tongue all over the inside of her. I could taste the juices that were rapidly starting to flow from her pussy. I could hear her breathing become labored as I worked my tongue in and out deeply. Suddenly I felt her pussy clamp down on my tongue and she exploded with nectar all over my face. I knew she was a squirter, but did not know she could squirt that much. I tried furiously to lap up all her juices, but could not, some started to run down my chin. I pulled my dripping face up from my wife's friend's pussy and smiled.

My wife says "That is the exact reason I fell in love with him, besides all his other good traits." I notice my wife is sitting on the top shelf of the head board with her legs spread wide. I see she is dripping wet.

I say, "Come down here and let me give you one of the other parts that you fell in love with." And with that she said "Sure." Her friend move out of the way as my wife move down in front of me putting her legs up in a V, grabbing her ankles and holding them. She knows I love this type of missionary position. I like it because I can see her face and see her lovely tits sway as I push my cock in deep. I lean in and concentrate on my gorgeous wife. I take the tip of my cock and move it all over her pussy, rubbing her clit with it. Then I slowly push my cock into my wife's pussy. She knows that I am not the biggest man to fill her pussy (I have seen her take a guy that had " once and road him fully). I steadily work my cock into my wife's pussy, seeing her eyes close as I penetrate her fully. Then slowly I pick up my speed. Soon I am pounding my wife into the mattress. She starts to yell and scream "Yes Yes Yes ME!!!!!!" Soon I am leaning over and pressing my fists into the bed, bouncing her up and down my cock rapidly. This drives her nuts and I feel her pussy clamp down on my cock as she explodes all over my coc But, I do not stop; I slow down some and keep working my cock in and out in long deep strokes. My wife loves when I get focused on her. I have become machine like in screwing her. I totally ignore her pleading and begging for me to stop. My personal record is making her cum 5 times before I do.

was in that focus that I did not notice my wife's friend putting the strap-on on. As I am fucking her good, I feel a hand on my ass. I hear an "Mmmmmmmmm, such a nice ass you have." I over my shoulder her smiling at me, and stroking that strap-on. She says in a very husky voice, "I have always wanted give a man what he has given me. If you don't mind, I would like you while you your wife." I at my wife smiling "So you have been telling on me haven't you." She says back "Sorry Hun, but she can with that almost as good as you me." I say "Oh so that’s how she got out of you huh." She smiles and laughs "Yes." I slow down and bury my cock in my wife's pussy. I over my shoulder and say "Go for darling."

I at my wife as I feel her friend’s hands all over my ass. She gives my ass a good grab here and . Then I feel her take my cock out of my wife milk me some. I close my eyes savoring the feel of her hands on my cock as I am in this position (on my hands and knees). Next I feel something being applied my ass. I over see her putting generous amounts of KY on my ass. I feel her hands roaming again. My wife has moved from under me and she is watching from the side. I over and find her. I say "So you want be a spectator in this huh” She smiles saying "Yes, . I have always wanted see you like this." With that I start laugh as I feel her friend push her fingers into my ass. I relax as I feel the fingers working in and out. Next I feel something put into my ass and feel a cool sensation fill my ass. Her friend had put a generous amount of KY in my ass just trying to make easier for the dildo get into my ass. Next I feel the dildo on my asshole; she slowly begins to put pressure on my ass. I relax, feeling my asshole stretch to take the rubber cock into me. Slowly I feel starting enter. At some point, I feel get past my anus and slide easily into me. Closing my eyes I savor a feeling that I had yet to experience. She’s giving me a feeling of fullness that I found exquisite. I feel my wife's friend snuggle her hips against my ass before she starts to work the strap-on in and out my ass. Soon, I am in awe of how this girl can , I begin wonder if she wasn't a guy in a different life.

I can feel her circling the strap-on in and out my ass. She would move her hips under my ass, feeling the strap-on move upwards in my ass. Then she would move her hips above my ass, pulling the strap-on down as she moved out. Soon I can't stand any longer; I put my shoulders down give her better access. Next thing I know I feel another set of hands on my ass spreading then wide. I hear my wife say, "That's , him, him good and hard ." And with that I feel the thrusting become more powerful and her friends hands are on my hips pulling me down onto the strap-on. Next I feel a set of lips on my coc I see my wife sucking deep into her mouth as her girlfriend starts to slam my ass. The sensation of my wife sucking my cock as I am getting fucked by her girlfriend is insane.

Soon I am shaking my head feeling the urgency of my balls needing to shoot this load that has been building. I am so into what they are dong to that I do not notice as my wife slides beneath and places my cock in her pussy again. I start fuck my wife hard as her girlfriend is fucking . I don't even notice the twinges of the load that has been building. And at long last, I am pushed deep into my wife's pussy and unload into her. Breathing hard, I feel her girlfriend slam down into . Rope after rope of my seed fills my wife's pussy.

When I am done, I can still feel my wife's friend fucking my ass. I over my shoulder and say "Please stop darling, I don't think I can cum any more today." My wife looks at her friend "Stop darling, he's had enough." Her friend stops and pulls the strap-on out my ass. I roll over and lay down next to my wife. I take her face in my hands and kiss her tenderly. I say "Thanks for the birthday present, darling." My wife says, "Your welcome Hun." I get up and move to my wife's friend. I say to her, "You were wonderful." She smiles back and says "Thanks." I take my wife's friends face in my hands and kiss her as well. I look over at my wife "So, what do you want for your birthday. Stop, don't answer that." I could tell by the wicked gleam in her eyes what she wanted for her birthday. She didn't have to say a word.
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Let introduce myself, I am 58, and having been cooped for more than a year now, I need to have a mental outlet, and I have decided to do it here.

Please enjoy my musings.


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