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My first BBC...  

JackandJill1919 58M/36F
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3/7/2018 6:28 am
My first BBC...

Following my first Blog some have asked me what happened next...?

Within a few weeks of our<b> wedding </font></b>my husband surprised me with a lovely trip to Paris, Eurostar, great hotel, four-poster bed, the works.

Of course given our by then super-charged fantasy-life, with no holds barred and no dirty though left unexpressed I knew that sex would be on the itinerary. I thought that the famous Paris sex-clubs would be on the itinerary (as they were on the Saturday night ) but I was not expecting what happened on the Friday night.

Of course I had packed my sexiest underwear ( I love lingerie and now I had a husband who opened an ACCOUNT for me with the best underwear shop in town ) and packed my razor. I was nonetheless surprised when not long after we'd checked-in my husband asked me to have a bubble-bath, to shave myself smooth, and get into my lingerie - not even a trip to the Eiffel Tower which we could see from our window!

As I was lying in the bath my husband unwrapped the secret. A big black man would be arriving but a couple of hours later!
I can't quite describe the paroxysm this produced in my stomach, a mixture of swoon and panic. Fear and excitement in first equal measure with the ratio getting better by the minute. It had been one thing endlessly talking about this, watching porn featuring this, quite another to know it was literally about to come true.

He was stood there by the bath, his cock standing up like a soldier, as he described the man he had found (on here).

He was 25 (at the time I was 27) he was a boxer! He had a great body, he couldn't speak great English ( a relief for me because I was actually dreading having to make a conversation in front of my new husband, afraid I might be too flirtatious etc) And he had to leave by 8pm because we were going out to a club after dinner (we didn't as it happens, I was in no state to)

Again (ironically as it turned out) I was relieved it was to be time-limited (just in case I didn't enjoy it as much as both by then hoped it would be)

Anyway to cut a long pre-story short you should know I am a bit of a cleanliness freak - I can't even let my husband in the bed unless he has showered immediately before. This kicked in and I insisted that the guy shower upon arrival however recently he had just done so. My husband hoped this would wouldn't produce any diplomatic difficulties!

So at exactly 4.30pm my husband's phone pinged and he announced that the guy was down in the lobby (I will call him Denis to protect his identity) I was by then in my underwear (ivory bra and pants and matching hold-ups since you ask - I didn't have the right suspender belt for that particular set).

I got under the duvet and Jack went down to fetch him. As pre-arranged with my husband I pulled the covers over my head when they came in so that I wouldn't see my soon-to-be lover until he came out of the shower (he welcomed the opportunity of the shower as it happened as he had come straight from work)

My stomach was now performing somersaults, though mainly of excitement now (I actually had to stuff a tissue temporarily down my pants because I was embarrassed at how wet I was getting)

Finally my husband told me to get on top of the covers as Denis, fresh as a daisy, was about to come out. No sooner had I done so and was sitting puffed up on huge pillows in a four-poster bed, the bathroom door opened and out came Denis!


He was amazingly handsome and young-looking, and though he was wearing a thick white towel-robe it was obvious that his physique was, well, that of a boxer!

I kind of knelt up on the bed as we exchanged our first kiss, which with shameless rapidity became a full-on sex kiss - a French sex-kiss - with scarcely a word having been spoken!

As we were still kissing, Denis first opened his robe and then slipped it effortlessly off without even breaking contact with me.


He had paid me the ultimate compliment of being fully hard before I even touched it (though once I did touch it I so didn't stop touching it whole time he was there except when he was in me!

His body was like no man I'd ever seen before. A beautiful shade of black, muscles to die for, a six-pack, really like a dream body.

And his cock.....

It wasn't just huge (my own husband is 20cm) it wasn't just the biggest I'd ever seen even in porn, it was thick, dripping pre-cum already and though the shaft was really dark black the head (oh that head...) was a beautiful rose-coloured shade of pink.

It was enormous! He was enormous! It was like the cock of another species never mind another man. Later when I held both their cocks at the same time I had to amend my first impression that Denis was twice the size of my husband, he wasn't of course. But that is what it seemed like on first encounter!

He had his hand down my pants fingering me while we were kissing (lying down by this time) and I was rubbing his cock. It was my first experience with an uncircumcised cock (which may be why I unusually prefer them now). I had my first cum with my pants still on and it was an amazing, powerful, very noisy cum.

Immediately he took off my bra with great ease and then my knickers (leaving them round my left leg which bizarrely my husband has subsequently also done ever since - a kind of homage!) He kept my stockings on though, he really liked them (which I now know most Frenchmen do).

And then, it was in me!

I came on impact (I promise that's true) in the sense that he took a minute or two to actually get fully in me and I could feel myself ready to cum as he was slowly, very slowly entering me, and when he was fully in but not yet started fucking me, he pressed hard against me and I came again, for the second time and faster than I had ever done from penetration (or since come to think about it)

But when he started fucking me I can only say it was akin to what I imagine was a transcendental experience. It was a rolling orgasm from me and absolutely no sign of an orgasm from him! He fucked me in every position possible and it wasn't until the third of those positions that I even SAW my husband in the room!
I hadn't been conscious of him taking off his clothes, of him drawing up a chair, of him cumming! Utterly unconscious of all of that.

But there I was, doggie style, now facing him and looking straight into his eyes. I wanted to laugh actually when he asked me the most redundant question EVER!

Are you enjoying it darling?

There I was my face and neck bright red (I could see myself in the mirror - unforgettable - my hair absolutely skew-whiff, soaking wet beyond imagination, my voice hoarse from cumming, the whole corridor probably hearing me. a beautiful black atheletic guy with a huge huge cock in me... was I enjoying it???

I need to go now but I could've gone on and on believe me. Denis did. Boy did he? He came in me twice much much later (we never did go out, I was shattered (though not as much as I was in the morning) I was ore, not just down there but in every muscle in my body, including my bum!!

My husband had wanked himself dry (Denis had turned down any thought of my husband joining in - he was all man!).

It was quite simply sex from another planet. A different dimension of sex. I will never forget it as long as I live (not that my husband would ever let me anyway!)

bonyis247 66M/48F

3/9/2018 10:44 am

Oh you greedy lady xx So jealous xxxxx

gaz693 53M
40 posts
3/16/2018 7:08 am

very well written and have to say that Dennis is a lucky man to get to be with you, and the thought of you in hold-ups only mmmmmmmmmmmm

spunkycumfun 61M/66F
38614 posts
5/7/2018 2:02 am

A great read.
Welcome to blogland.

zuluchief122018 54M
1 post
9/27/2018 4:02 pm

Amazing and well told. I could see it in my mind happening. Knowledge is limited but your imagination is endless. Keep using your imagination.

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