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A fantasy to share  

Jadeisback 57T
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4/15/2020 7:17 am
A fantasy to share

Today's Fantasy Scenario

You have asked that be at your Den before you get home from your<b> shopping. </font></b>You’ve told me that you have a special surprise for me, and I have to be home and ready before you arrive.

I enter and immediately light the candle. As the scent moves through the room, I see what outfit you have laid out for me and a small list of instructions. I am to take a big pill now and have a shower, removing all my body hair.

I jump in the shower and shave from head to toe including my bum. When I emerge, I scent myself with honey dust and perfume and begin to dress. First are the stockings, black with textured patterns and even though they are stay ups you want me wearing a garter, also black and lacy. I am to follow that with the panties you have worn for the past week, knowing that my gurlcock will be scented like your pussy after just a few minutes.

On the bed you have laid out two rings, a metal one to go tightly around the base of my cock and a leather one to be wrapped tightly around my balls. Since I am still warm from the shower the leather ring goes easily around my loose balls. I know you will be checking so I make sure both are appropriately tight. You have left me a large butt plug to insert and I can feel the amazing pressure of the large plug filling me up. I’m clean as whistle inside so I know you are going to use my bum for some purpose or other.

I finish dressing, tight corset, breast forms, make up and over it all is a tight dress showing lots of leg. Last but not least are your favorite boots done up tight and high. I am done about 15 minutes before you’re scheduled to be home so I stop and take a deep breath and draw in the scent of the perfume and the candle and I feel my cock twitch under the tight panties. My last task is to do my nails in a bright red that matches my lipstick. I know time is getting short, but I take care to do a good job on the nails.

I lay back on the bed as instructed and wait for you. I hear the door open right on time, and I hear you talking in a low tone to someone you have brought home. I hear a soft laugh and I know it someone you are very comfortable with so more than likely its someone we have played with in the past.

You walk in the room with him behind you and I see you have dressed to please today. You are wearing comfortable heels, a mid-length skirt and tight top. Your breasts are full and you are showing some amazing cleavage.

As a lay there you look under my dress to make sure I’m dressed appropriately and inspect the tightness of the rings on my balls. You tell me to kneel on the floor and to drink your pee as you have had a long day and don’t wish to go to the washroom. I wrap my lips around your pussy and begin to drink your fresh pee not missing a drop. When you are done I lick your pussy clean and for good measure you turn around and I pop out the butt plug you’ve been wearing all day and I make sure to clean your bum. You have been walking all day and I can taste your sweat and smell your natural perfume and a hint of the honey dust you put on in the morning.

You ask if I remember our guest and I say that I do. I remember him as being a good lover and in fine shape with a nice sized cock. We have played with him several times and he is aware of the dynamic that exists between you and me. I have tasted his cum several times and I have a feeling that this evening will be no different.

You remind me to greet our guest properly so as he walks over to me I undo his pants and pull out his hardening cock. I slip the end into my mouth and he releases a stream of pee that I drink down. As he finishes he is fully erect and I clean his cock and balls after his long day with you. You ask him to undress you and the two of you begin to play. You have been teasing each other all afternoon and are both very horny. I watch quietly while he eats your pussy and you suck his cock until you are both ready to fuck hard and cum.

You instruct me to lay on the bed and you lay over me with your pussy in my face and my cock in front of your mouth. You love feeling full of cock and so you are going to suck on me while he fucks your tight, wet pussy right in front of my face. I know my place and I begin to nibble on your clit while he slides deeply into you. I can feel his balls bouncing off my nose and I reach up and grasp his ass cheeks helping him pound into you as I suck your clit. We both feel and hear you cumming on his cock and I find myself drinking your squirt and pee as you cum hard.

While you recover, he pulls out of your cunt and pops his cock into my mouth. I suck it greedily and clean all your juices off his cock and balls. He is getting close to cumming and asks you where you want him to leave his first load. You want it in your pussy where I can eat it out. He reinserts his cock and proceeds to fuck you hard until you both cum again.

His load is huge and I can see it pumping through his cock deep into your pussy. When he is done you hold him in you for a few more minutes until he has shrunk a bit. He pulls out and I replace his cock with my mouth sucking his cum from inside you. You are both going to play again but first you need to rest so you sit up onto my face and proceed to squeeze the load of cum from your pussy into my mouth. I eat it all and then tease your clit until you are ready to play again.

You instruct him to lay down so you can sit on his face. Your pussy is clean and fresh after I’ve spent so much time licking you so he dives in and sucks your clit and tongues your bum hole. You instruct me to suck his cock and get him hard again so I move over him and begin to suck and lick him as he gets hard in my hand. When he is hard again you move down to sit on his large hard cock. You feel him fill you up and as you lean forward to let him suck your nipples he whispers in your ear for a moment. You nod with a big smile and shift around a bit until I realize that you are sitting with his big cock buried in your ass.

He is groaning in pleasure and you are rolling your eyes as you feel an anal orgasm building inside you. He knows better than to cum without hearing from you about where you want it, but you can cum as often as you want. Your pussy explodes in pleasure as your anal orgasm takes over. You squirt all over his chest and belly and I race in to lick him all over and clean him up.

When you are done he is still hard inside your ass. You move off him and I see his cock covered in ass cream and you instruct me to clean his cock fresh out of your ass. There is no poop but I can taste your ass cream and the bitterness of your bum. My cock is throbbing with excitement and you know that as long as I am hard and aroused I will do anything you want.
He asks where he can cum again and you tell him to fill your little gurl. You instruct me to lay down on the bed face down and lift my bum up. He pops out the butt plug and with a little lube and your help directing his cock, he slides deep into my gurlpussy. I can feel him fill me and he begins to fuck me. At first he is gentle as you whisper that he is fucking your little gurl but after a few minutes he picks up the pace. He is not interested in my pleasure but only his own. I can feel his cock swell and get even harder. You reach down between his legs and stroke his ass and balls and he lets loose another huge load into me. I can feel his cum squirting and filling me and leaking out around his cock and over my ass.

After a minute he pulls out of my ass and moves around so I am able to clean his cum and my ass cream off his cock and balls. As we all catch our breath I move back and forth between his cock and your pussy cleaning and licking all the juices. In a few minutes he gets dressed, kisses you goodbye and with a smile he leaves.

We snuggle for a while with my hard cock and breasts pushing into your back. After a while you roll me onto my back and move to begin sucking my cock and tight balls. You reinsert the butt plug and slowly stroke me until I am about to cum. Just as my cum erupts from my cock you pop my cock in your mouth and suck it all out of me. We kiss for a while and share my cum until I swallow it all.

We drift off to sleep snuggled together.

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