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A visitor at the door  

Jadeisback 58T
1 posts
4/29/2020 6:50 am
A visitor at the door

As soon as I wake up I bind my cock for you. The ball spreader and extra cock ring make semi hard and cause a tingle in my freshly shaved coc As I walk about I can feel my balls rubbing against my smooth thighs. This is going be a busy workday from home but you’ve told me to shave smooth and dress fully for my day in the office. Black seamed stockings, red garter, pink see through panties – the same ones you wore for a full week and are heavily scented, 5” heels, short black button up skirt, black see through camisole over my huge breasts and over it all, a red wrap around top. Make up, red nails and matching lipstick and a large purple butt plug finish everything. Under it all I am heavily powdered and perfumed which you know will drive me crazy through the day.

The final touch before I start my day is a message from you to take a whole pill and that I am not to touch myself until given permission. I make my way to the home office and begin my calls and working on my emails and written wor I put on my headphones and listen my music help focus. Every once in a while, you send a note asking for a picture or some different combination of binding my cock and balls.

As the morning goes on I feel the flush in my face and body from the pill. This is a particular medication you have discovered that makes my gurlcock hard while increasing the size of my breasts. I’m getting more and more aware of my growing erection and with the increased heat from my groin the scent of your pussy and bum are wafting up my nose from the panties.

Out of the blue I hear a knock on the door and at that moment you send me a that I have a visitor and I am to go and greet this person and do as they as I am give him my phone so he can record all that happens and send you the recording.

I open the door and am greeted by a handsome young man – about my height, well-built and obviously horny with a large bulge in his pants. We say noting as I let him in and lead him the living room. I sit on the edge of the sofa and slowly unzip his pants. Out pops a beautiful, 8” cock and smooth shaved balls. I wrap my lips around him and begin suck as he videos the encounter. I take him as deep as I can and begin enjoy stroking him into my mouth. I love sucking cocks as you know, and I feel his hand gently on my head encouraging take him deeper. I can taste something familiar in his cock and after a moment I recognize the flavour of your pussy and ass on him. I know he has come from your bed within the past hour and has come finish what he started.

After about five minutes he steps back and indicates that I am stand up and turn around. He lifts my skirt and removes my pink panties. He bends down and can smell your pussy, which I suspect he has also tasted recently, all over my cock and balls and ass. He pops the butt plug out of my ass and slowly inserts his wonderful huge coc I am always lubed for just such an occasion as this, so he slides in smoothly and all the way. I love the full feeling as he begins fuck from behind. All the time he is recording every detail and I know you will be pleased and horny tonight when you see it.

After about five minutes of fucking he begins to swell in my ass and I know he is about cum. He pauses for a moment and puts his phone in my hand. I push on the video he has set up and there you are, obviously just having gotten fucked by him. You tell that you are proud of and that he is here breed and I am accept all of his seed into my body and plug my ass after he is done. I am also to clean his cock thoroughly after he is done and that includes licking his bum to make sure his pleasure is complete.

As you speak I feel him swell even more and begin to squirt his cum deep inside as he thrusts as deeply as he can. I am hard as a rock but have not been told to touch myself yet so I can feel my cock bouncing as he cums inside . When he is done he pulls gently out of and hands the plug which I pop back in save all his cum. I turn and kneel and begin lick and suck all the excess cum out of him and clean his cock completely. He turns and a greedily suck and lick his ass.

When I am done he smiles, puts his clothes back on and returns my phone . I send the video you and you will use that determine if I have earned the right touch myself and cum later.

About an hour later I get a message from you that I have done well and that I have permission to<b> stroke </font></b>and cum. I must do it while broadcasting on-line, chatting with whomever I can and stating each time that I have been properly bred today. I am to<b> stroke </font></b>for at least an hour and record my cum to show you later.

After my hour of stroking and my cum I am exhausted and send you the recording. You tell me to go and shower and relax and that we will cuddle again soon.

Thedude52808 39M
7 posts
6/10/2020 4:36 am

Very hot story. Would love to hear more

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