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Be nice  

Jadeorjamie 34F  
38 posts
3/13/2020 4:57 pm
Be nice

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hammershoiv 56M  
1 post
3/13/2020 8:44 pm

I can't believe anyone would write anything nasty about you. You have been nice, charming and incredibly interesting in your profile and conversation. Look forward to talking more! You are brave and wise to be living as much as possible after what you have been through. It will be a pleasure to be nice to you every time!

Jadeorjamie 34F  
13 posts
3/13/2020 10:42 pm

thanks so much babe I just don't understand how people could be so rude and tell me that I look like I'm on crack and going to die if you don't like what you're seeing stop looking and go to somebody else's page LOL it makes me look so stupid anyway there's not going to make me not going on or not come I'm not going to lose any sleep over it I just was stating a fact I think that you know I don't understand what the point in going to someone's page and being mean to them as if you don't like it we don't have to be there to look at it like I'm forcing him to look at my pictures my videos usually it's because I don't get back to me right away cuz I have a lot of inbox messages and I'm new at the site since I figure it all out and if I don't get right back to them cuz I think they're the only person in the whole world a****** according to them or they'll just be mean where they all want me to video chat with them don't realize that I have 20,000 people ask me to do that and I can't come that many times I try to make sure I answer everybody but it takes a while sometimes it's not like instant because I have so many people texting me calling me trying to video chat with me trying to snap with me trying to catch okay with me and I appreciate everybody that is so kind and leaving nice message is it really makes me feel better knowing that there are people that are so kind and so overwhelmingly nice and I am so appreciative of all of it that's why I try to get back to everybody just take some time sometimes LOL thank you for being so kind

stan0166 49M  
1 post
3/14/2020 9:17 am

that's terrible what ass holes block them, i think you look sexy as hell sweetie

TrnshdKnght2 63M  
9 posts
3/21/2020 5:56 am

Who gives a tinkers damn what others think ... live your life to please YOU. You're not put on this earth to conform to others ideals ... walk your own path and enjoy yourself.

Phew77 55M  
52 posts
3/22/2020 8:20 am

Just ignore, ban and delete whoever is unable to appreciate your fountain of passion, especially after all you have been through! Why even spend a second on those who see women as live sex dolls, being attracted to only particular body shape??? Discover the pleasures of pushing "ignore" button, you may even learn to cum from that some day

Jadeorjamie 34F  
13 posts
3/23/2020 5:59 am

Thank you guys all so much for your love and support then I shouldn't even waste my time writing a blog because it was just people are just ignorant it's no big deal though I know that I'm not the best looking person ever but you know what I have fun and I live my life the way that I left so that's all that matters you guys all have a great day stay safe

funstuff3252 55M  
1 post
3/25/2020 2:14 pm

I have nothing but love and appreciation for you doll, you’re the hottest gal on AdultFriendFinder!

Jadeorjamie 34F  
13 posts
4/20/2020 5:36 pm

Thank you guys all so much you guys are so sweet I have no confidence obviously so I'll look at all in one negative thing compared to all the positive stuff you guys all say thank you I got to change that work on it shuttle with my body for a long time so it's really hard when someone comments on my body or my size people don't understand that calling someone too skinny is also hurtful and also triggering if you have suffered an eating disorder such as I have

SP1N33 46M  
1 post
4/29/2020 8:05 am

Now more than ever greatly appreciate you sharing. Ever since I discovered your post I have desired you and admired your body and you drive. Now I am writing to tell you that I admire your courage and have new found respect for you. Keep being a cum slut if that is what you want and I will continue to unload to your pics. But know that I also have a newfound respect for the person. You are gorgeous and incredibly sexy.

fithandyman 52M  
5 posts
4/30/2020 5:39 am

Still hot but where are my hose? lol

inmeonme 47M  
2 posts
6/5/2020 9:29 am

You're not alone

flguytally 43M  
1 post
6/16/2020 3:01 pm

Jesus, what kind of lowlife sad mother fucker would say those things to another human, much less one a cool and beautiful as you are.

Jadeorjamie 34F  
13 posts
6/18/2020 11:28 pm

Thanks so much for all the support and love you all make me cum dooooooooo much lol and Andy my son's father passed away right when that how it happened and I'm so sorry it took a little break for a while cuz I was morning I felt really guilty but I do have them I just never did a video or anything with them had to find them now my gosh they didn't package forever I'm so sorry things are just been a really crazy especially with the virus to him homeschooling and everything else he's at camp now thank God you got something to do but thank you all so much

Jadeorjamie 34F  
13 posts
6/18/2020 11:29 pm

oh and unfortunately something I teach my my child is that people who are insecure at them self try to put other people down so they feel Superior it's something that's really common in people that have low self-esteem so instead of putting them down I try to just build them up instead of likes to me and mean back I just tried kindness it works every time

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