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Raiders in Vegas!  

Jager_Girl 23F  
45 posts
7/31/2017 11:52 am
Raiders in Vegas!

I know ive chatted with some of you before and you are probably bored of hearing me say it lol... But Im sooooooooo excited for the Raiders coming to Vegas! Finally a big name sports team! Im getting season tickets for sure! Will be a fun thing and Im sure I can always sell the games I cant make it to.

Im wondering if it would be risky to buy 6 seats! Its a big investment (for me) but I think it will pay off being I could sell the tickets to games and also go to the games as well.

My theory is to go to every game with a friend, sell the other 4 tickets for huge profit and then its like Im going to the games for free, with those profits!!

So who wants Raider tickets! Lol. get on my list early!


Did I mention Im excited!
Raider Nation!

redrockrascal 62M
22891 posts
7/31/2017 1:36 pm

Been a RAIDER fan since the 70's, was in L.A. when they were there. The move puts them a bit closer so me and some friends might zip up to Vegas for a game or 2.

BTW, always capitalize RAIDER and Just Win Baby ! ! ![/B]

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

benard69 63M/63F  
5919 posts
7/31/2017 1:37 pm

What's a Raider???

valdezvicvic 63M
996 posts
7/31/2017 3:05 pm

50 years in NorCal (me) - they ain't what they used to be, you are welcome to them

OlBlueEyz46 54M
739 posts
7/31/2017 9:30 pm

I know 1 thing...u'd look pretty HOT in Raiders colors

sxysbskr15 61M

8/21/2017 1:20 pm

LOL, not to rain on your parade, but it isn't a done deal. 3 years is a long time and the monkey for an owner (just look at his haircut....lol) will turn on Vegas if Los Angeles becomes available again.
Indy Colts (should be the Baltimore Colts), Baltimore Ravens (should be the Cleveland Browns), Tennessee Titans (should be the Houston Oilers) and the Arizona Cardinals (should be the St. Louis Cardinals) are all a joke. And the Raiders should be the Oakland Raiders).
Anyway, Vegas should want their OWN team, not a team that has no loyalty to the city they started with.
What comes around goes around. Just saying.........

charmade117 39M
3 posts
1/11/2018 3:20 pm

I'm very pumped for the NFL and the RAIDERS! I would love to buy a ticket and go with you or be your plus 1! That would be a F'n blast!!!

silvernblack4u 56M

3/10/2018 12:55 pm

Have i mentioned to you that I've been a a raider fan my whole life? Season ticket holder the past 6 - they are the reason I moved to vegas

gramp4u 72M  
33 posts
6/20/2018 3:04 pm

Hmmm can you say scalping? LOL
But then this is the NFL (any New Funding League) and the Raiders

Slyrod4u21 49M
2 posts
7/13/2018 6:28 pm

Can't say I'm really excited for the move. I grew up a Raiders fan in the Bay Area, my dad had season tickets when I was just a wee little Raider fan. But if it can get them a new stadium(which they have needed for 20 years) then I guess its a good move.
I live in Arizona now anyway, but I would love to go to a game with you sometime, maybe make a weekend of it. I think you and I would have a ton of fun together.

timmthom 54M
87 posts
8/2/2018 11:42 am


FordtruckWorld9j 76M  
69 posts
8/11/2018 10:54 am

Hell yeah,"RAIDER NATION" baby, LOL... Me and my friends go to a game once a year, whether we need it or not, LYAO... Stay in touch? ?

69usene4fun 47M

12/29/2018 1:34 pm

very good idea. Count me in. I cannot wait for them to get hear just need to camp out to get good seats,

GddMnn 62M
5 posts
12/31/2018 4:04 pm

Like most that have posted, I've been a Raiders fan since Daryl Lamonica, The Snake, The Assassin (Jack Tatum) etc. Let's hope Chuck can get his s---t together!

Stoph8ten 34M
159 posts
3/6/2019 8:36 pm

Raider Nation!!!!

Stoph8tenMake sure to like, comment, vote, and watch. Participation is the key over here.

Rockhard16202 36M
2 posts
10/26/2019 6:53 pm

Only if you go with me

OneGratefullover 68M  
622 posts
1/7/2020 3:08 am

Go Pack Go!

Travellall 59M  
14 posts
6/5/2020 1:08 am

At least I will get to see my team every year for one game.

tastemeY 54M  
93 posts
6/10/2020 5:14 am


tastemeY 54M  
93 posts
6/10/2020 5:17 am


Lust2EnvyUs 30M/30F
1 post
6/30/2020 5:32 am

Thank You for the Raiders Season Ticket Guarantee Invite for 2 Tickets! and a Exclusive Dinner Everytime to Join You Always.

sfc61 59M  
1 post
1/24/2021 3:16 am

check this out whenever you have free time id l'd enjoy taking you out to dinner , or even cook you a nice dinner , it would be your time to enjoy !!

scarpenter 7024232428

Smokie1189 48M  
2 posts
4/29/2021 4:28 am

six could be a bit risky especially during the losing years. But you shouldn't have an issue for the first year.

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