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Myths about going down on a women  

Jake620127 59M
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7/15/2021 11:08 am
Myths about going down on a women

Myth: You're going to hurt your partner's feelings if you tell them what you want.
Constructive criticism is great! Sure, it might be a little embarrassing for them when you correct their technique. But they should promptly get over that upon realizing how hot it is that you know what you want and are able to describe it.

Myth: You should be so loud during oral that running into your<b> neighbors </font></b>becomes really awkward.
Thank you, pornography, for spreading this falsehood. Cool if during good oral, you moan, scream, or get particularly inventive with your dirty talk at top volume. Also cool if you're pretty silent as it happens because you're concentrating on how good it feels, you're just not very vocal during that kind of sex, or because every time you get really loud the person you're with changes what they're doing and chases away your orgasm.

Myth: You should be all about that direct clitoral stimulation.
True, a lot of people need intense pressure on their clitorises to orgasm. But the clitoris has around 8,000 nerve endings, meaning that for some people, anything more than a feathery-light touch feels like someone's trying to break their vagina. There's no "one stimulation fits all" rule with oral, so don't feel weird if you need someone to either barely touch your clitoris or go at it with the suctioning power of a Hoover.

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