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Our first time  

JandJdovercouple 50M/51F
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9/15/2020 1:49 pm
Our first time

It was a hot day and James and myself had been for a walk along by the seafront. It was nice and there was a breeze blowing in off the sea. We had walked the way down the harbour in Folkstone where there's a hotel we occasionally stop off for a quick drink on our walks. We were going to do the same on this occasion but I noticed that the hotel was doing a special offer of a 3-course meal for £10. It wasn't anything fancy but I thought it would save me cooking when we got back.

We got seated in the restaurant close by this guy who was alone. He was roughly our age, broad shoulders and looked like he could handle himself if you get my drift. He didn't notice us sit down because he was reading a book.

James and I chatted for a bit when two waiters turned with four desserts for the guy the next table. Not only were the waiters surprised find the desserts were just for him, but it also shocked both James and me.

He looked from his book and gave us a little smile as he began tuck into what looked like a chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream.

James leaned over and asked if he had had and meal beforehand, to which the guy replied in a soft voice which didn't seem right going by his looks, that it was too hot to eat anything else but desserts
Both James and I chuckled as a waiter turned with our starters and wishing we had the same idea. The guy devoured for four desserts quickly and got the leave the restaurant.

As he left he said he could recommend the cheesecake with a cheeky grin.

I happen the glace at the book he was reading and it was behavioural psychology. Again it didn't match with this guys outward appearance.

Once we had finished our meals we both went and sat in the bar for another drink. As we sat there wondering whether or not have one more the guy from the restaurant entered the bar and ordered a drink. He spotted us in the corner and came over and asked if we'd like a drink. James and I both said yes instantly, any excuse not go out in the heat.

The came back with the drinks and sat down next us. We chatted for a while about where he was from, is he staying here, etc. James then got more drinks, then shortly afterwards the guy got even more. I was feeling a little tipsy now and James will tell you I get a little flirty when I'm tipsy. I also say whatever is my mind, so I had ask why he was reading that Psychology book because I didn't look the type read that kind of thing.

He smiled and explained he wanted be a Psychologist when he was younger but he ended doing something else because it paid more, but he never lost interest. Also, his job requires the ability read peoples behaviour. Both I and James just sat there listening every word.

Both James and I asked question after question. Then I asked what his opinion was on why people swing or go dogging. Both James and I had talked about doing it for years but we've never plucked the courage do anything about it. We both sat there and listened intrigued by his explanation. Jame got more drinks and my questions got more suggestive. He excused himself at one point return his room, which left James and I talk freely.
James likes call , Little Miss Flirty when I've had a few and I certainly had had more than a few.

The guy came back as I left powder my nose. When I returned, the pair of them were laughing. James went off the little boy's room and the guy leant over and asked if I'd like have a giggle. I was feeling a little naughty and asked what he had in mind. The guy pulled something out of his pocket and handed me a bullet vibrator, just like one I have at home. He said to switch it on and put in in my underwear before James got back and see if I could sit still without James knowing.

To be honest, if any other guy had said this to me I would have told him where to get off. But there was something about this guy I liked, mind you, it could also have been the drink, so I did it. I turned it on so it wasn't too strong and I got it placed just right. It felt naughty doing this in a public place, but at the same time, it was exciting.

Almost instantly it was having an effect on me and I thought about turning it down further, but James returned from the toilet. We carried on talking and I found myself beginning to squirm. As Time went on I was starting to do anything I could to stop myself from moaning or gasping. I excused myself quickly and almost ran to the ladies toilets. The moment I was in a stall I groaned loudly as I orgasmed. My legs began to shake so I sat down quickly and pulled the vibrator out and just sat there trying to catch my breath and feeling flushed

When I felt ready, I checked myself in the mirror to see if I was flushed. I splashed my face with some cold water and headed back to find a fresh drink waiting. James then said that the guy had offered to show us the view from his room which looks towards the White Cliffs of Dover. Still feeling a little weak-kneed I thought some fresh air might do me some good. James started to walk towards the lifts which gave me an opportunity to hand the guy back his vibrator. he smiled and placed it in his pocket.

Once in the room, the guy pulled open the curtains to reveal a small balcony with a set of chairs on it. There was a cool breeze coming through the open door and I plonked myself down on one of the chairs. The guy excused himself and I whispered to James what he had me do and how it made me feel. James sat there open-mouthed, then smiled. He then dared me to shag the guy. I said No at first, but I was still feeling horny.

I don't know how long we sat there and talked, but it was starting to get dark enough for the lights to come on around the harbour. I suddenly got and took hold of the guy's hand and asked him to come with me. I lead him inside and I stand next to the bed and pulled off my knickers. I sat down the edge of the bed and spread my legs and told the guy to kneel and lick my pussy. The guy smiled at and did as he was told. As I felt his lips press against my pussy I grab his head. I felt powerful for a moment. I had this guy doing whatever I wanted.

That feeling didn't last long as his tongue started to explore every inch of my pussy. He knew what he was doing and he had me moaning almost instantly. James had come inside and closed the door. I'm guessing to stop people in the other rooms from hearing me groan. I looked over at James for a moment as he sat on a small stall at the end of the bed. His eyes were wide open and he had a big smile across his face.

Suddenly I felt something vibrate on my clit. The guy had got the vibrator out and was using it on me. I had to bite my finger had to stop myself from crying out. James knows when I'm about to orgasm, so when he heard me go quiet he encouraged the guy on by saying eagerly, make her cum, make her cum.

I lost all control of my body at that point, I grasped this guy's head tightly between my thighs. I think I may have pulled some of his hair out of his head I had hold of it that tightly. But, he seemed to be undisturbed by it all and carried on. No sooner had I just about recovered from the first orgasm, I felt a second one building . I couldn't keep quiet any longer and let out a loud groan as I came again.

I had push the guy away from so I could catch my breath and rest my legs the floor. I lay there for a moment panting for I was worth. My mind had gone completely blank. I didn't know where I was, who I was with, I was just enjoying a moment of bliss. I remember letting out a little laugh as I heard James say, Wow.

Then I felt the bed dip beside my head. I opened my eyes see James with his hard cock in his hand. He was pushing it towards my face and without thinking I grab it and took it in my mouth. It was rock hard and throbbing, I could hear him moan as I flicked my tongue around his head, I know that drives him mad. I had only been sucking on his cock for a few moments before he quickly climbed off the bed and walked around to lift my legs. He pushed them hard against my chest as I felt him guiding his cock down along my pussy the where he could push it inside . I then felt him slowly push himself inside . It felt bigger then I have ever felt it. I couldn't help but moan as it slipped inside of . James got himself as deep as he could, then he began fuck slowly.

I suddenly felt a pair of warm hands sliding the straps of my dress down my arms. I bend my elbows so I could get my arms free. The guy then ran his hands down over my breasts, push the top my dress down at the same time. I felt my nipples getting clamped and squeezed between his fingers as he kneaded my breast. This seemed to excite James as he started to fuck me harder. It felt amazing, two men paying me this attention.

James was panting heavily which was a sure sign he wasn't going last much longer. But, he suddenly stops and pulls out. I watch as the guy now takes his place. I look over at James as he once again kneels down on the bed and pushes his cock towards my face. I grab hold of it tightly and looked down between my legs to see this guy cock heading towards my pussy. I feel him run the head of his cock gently over my clit a few times before sliding it down. I feel like I have butterflies in my stomach as his cock pushes against my pussy. I had to cry out, FUCK, as he pushed himself inside .

James turns my head towards his cock and pushes it against my lips. I could do nothing other than open my mouth. I could taste my pussy his cock. I was beginning get carried away as this was the first time I had a cock in my mouth while I was being fucked. It felt wonderful and from the way James's cock was throbbing on my tongue he was enjoying it as well. I soon found it hard to suck and moan so had to resort to wanking James and enjoy another man's cock inside my pussy.

It seems obvious now, but at the time I didn't think that every guy fucks differently. James likes to start off slow and gentle then build some speed and fuck me hard and fast. This guy was slow but hard, he also leaned back slightly which made his cock press against the top of my pussy.

As this was running through my head I felt another orgasm slowly building. I looked at James as I quickly wanked his cock. My hand getting tighter the closer I got cumming. James closed his eyes, I knew he was going cum so I pulled his cock in my lips as I felt his cum the back of my mouth. I swallowed it quickly so I could moan freely. My body then stiffened, my toes curled and my legs shook slightly as I came yet again. As lay there, I had James's cock in one hand, which was starting to droop and this guy now pounding hard into me. I could felt his cock twitch a couple of times. I knew he was about to cum. I was in no condition to say, don't cum in me. So I lay there as I felt him explode deep inside me. Like a reflex, I arched my back as I felt his warm cum fill up my pussy. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of another man's cum inside my pussy.

The guy slowly pulled out his cock and allowed my legs to drop to the floor. James then climbed off the bed and allowed me to relax. I felt wonderful, there was a warm glow inside me. It may be from that guy's cum or the fact that I felt totally satisfied. Whatever it was I allowed myself to enjoy it. Until that is my legs felt strong enough to get me to the bathroom to clean myself up. We ended the night off by finishing what drinks we had left out on the balcony. Both I and James thank the guy for a wonderful time and we left. As we walked home we both didn't say much, but we both had big grins.

Harryzhilton 55M  
7 posts
9/16/2020 2:54 am

Wow, great details on this exciting night. Lucky guy and lucky for you guys to find a good one.
Wonderful first experience. Hope you enjoy many more.
I would love to be one, if I ever get to travel again in this crazy world...

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