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Domestication, My chosen Path  

JaniceJanes 45T  
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1/9/2020 1:41 pm
Domestication, My chosen Path

My Transition to Womanhood has gone far beyond just appearing to be a woman. I have also Transitioned in to the roles women traditionally are expected to perform and I love it.

Putting on a Dress and Heels and going to work everyday is still something I enjoy but it is also all the little things that define being a woman in today’s society. This is the total Transition; Body, Mind and Spirit.

Changing the Body to a more Feminine Body was the first step in my Transition. Taking Hormones (Estrogen and Testosterone Blockers) brought all my secondary Feminine characteristics slowly outward. I rounded out and became smooth and softer, less muscular and more womanly. Looking back, this was fairly easy with the of today medical science.

When it came adjusting my Mind to thinking as a woman this took some time. Men and women have different ways of thinking on many matters so the side of me that was more outgoing and adventurous had to be put aside and replaced with a much more reserved and cautionary thought pattern. Some might think this is contrary to women of today that want equality in all things but I was learning how to think as a traditional woman before injecting competitiveness in to the process. That came later as I gained confidence.

I have had to learn empathy, humility and to let my emotions out. Different from men who feel the need to be macho and tend to brush sensitive matters off with “Screw em!”, I have learn to be more compassionate and understanding as I imagine a woman to be.

To my way of thinking, a woman’s Spirit embraces all things that a traditional woman, in a relationship, has to undertake. I grew up without being in a typical /Father family environment. I never knew who my father was and my drifted from boyfriend to boyfriend while I was growing up so my views on the role of a woman are mostly the result of what I saw on television or heard from my friends in stable two parent homes.

To complete my Transition to Womanhood I have taken on all the things normally done a woman.

I enjoy keeping the apartment immaculately clean everyday. I never leave used dishes out overnight or when I go to work. When needed, I vacuum and dust the living room often before I go to work. This rushes me some mornings so I may be putting on makeup during the ride to work but my apartment is clean when we get home in the evening.

I look forward to getting up early and having his coffee ready and making him a good breakfast when my partner gets up. I feel compelled to make sure he starts the day the way I know he likes to. He usually leave for work before me so I get up about 6 AM to make sure I can be ready for him when gets up around 6:.

I also make us a good dinner at home. I love to cook and shop every couple days for fresh food. I often call my partner during the day to ask what he would like for dinner. If he has something special in mind, I pick up what he wants on my way home and hurry home to start preparing dinner.

I never say I’m too tired to make dinner and order a carry out or delivery. It is a woman responsibility to always have a nutritious meal for her loved ones and I take that seriously. My Partner may have a Fast Food lunch of something not too healthy but I also try to offset that with a good nutritious dinner that includes fresh vegetables and plenty of protein.

I make sure the laundry is alway taken care of drop it off in the morning. He never even has to think about how it happens that he always has clean clothes. That my job as a woman as I see it. That’s what your did and to a certain measure the female in a relationship takes over for the in your man’s life.

And if and when my partner wants to make love, it’s the woman role to accommodate him. He is biologically different and his sexual appetite is stronger than a woman’s so a woman should understand his needs and always be willing to accept him. This is something I did learn from my , she never said no to a man.

As a Transexual, this is easier for me. I never have to deal with what is sometimes delicately described “my time” so I never have to put him off having a “headache”. There may be times when I’m just not in the mood but he’ll never know when I’m faking an Orgasm and he’ll always believe he completely satisfied me.

This may all sound like the old saying, “Barefoot, Naked in the kitchen” but it isn’t. That sounds like total subservience whereas I am there choice. I am not like most female who have these responsibilities thrust upon them simply being born a woman. I have chosen to assume this life and all that goes with it in order to make my Transition as complete as possible.

The fact that I have a Penis instead of a Vagina won’t slow me down as I seek to fulfill my role as a Woman in this life. I embrace everyday as another opportunity to become a Total and Better Woman.


Geiler_Bi_Lover 56M
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1/12/2020 12:39 am

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Leegs2012 47M
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1/17/2020 2:09 pm

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