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Just Wondering,  

JaniceJanes 45T  
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3/20/2020 8:54 am
Just Wondering,

Like many people working from home, I have a problem concentrating on wor The normal intensity of the office environment is missing so my mind wanders more. Anyway, here’s a few things I’m wondering about.

If everyone is told to stay home, Do we need Weather Reports anymore? What will happen to the people who do the Weather Reports? Will they be able to receive special compensation for losing their jobs “Through No Fault of Their Own”?

I read that in many areas that had not previously allowed home delivery of alcoholic beverages is now allowing them due to people being told to stay home. Almost makes me laugh that those permissions are called “Emergency Actions”. Now I’m sure this is good news to people in those areas but I wonder, why not allow home delivery of Recreational Drugs also? These are extraordinary times, we need extraordinary solutions.

I read this story on the internet, “Experts Predict a Baby Boom from Stay at Home Guidance” I just wonder, what kind of Experts are these? Are they Experts at being able to predict how often people will have sex? And what is their specialty called, Sex Counting or what? And do we really need any kind of Expect to tell us this is going to happen? If data was available to support this, I would think most pregnancies begin on a weekend when PEOPLE ARE HOME TOGETHER.

If there is a Baby Boom from this virus outbreak, what will they call that Generation in 20 years, The Corona Generation? Maybe not a good idea because there are other types of Corona that cause pregnancy. Would be difficult to differentiate between the .

What about all that Hand Sanitizer people panicked buy. If every one is staying home, do you still need it? Also, I wondering, can Hand Sanitizer be used in a Lubricate in a pinch? Might be needed now that booze is getting delivered.

I noticed I get more requests watch guys masturbate on CAM. Were these guys also told to Work From Home? And what kind of job do they normally go to, Sperm Donors?

I’m getting a lot of messages from clothing stores about Sales on the internet while their stores are closed. I’m wondering, why would you need more clothes to work from home? No body will see your new wardrobe anyway.

I wonder why employers don’t give some toilet paper to every employee told to work from home? Surely there is a large supply in the Janitorial supply room at the office and no one is there to use it now. They should give everyone rolls of toilet paper along with a lap top when telling employees to Work From Home.

I saw several celebrity chefs offering to provide tips about cooking at home. Won’t this have a lingering effect on the restaurant business if this catching on, Cooking at Home? Imagine, people cooking their own food.

Almost unreported is that crime is down during this virus Emengecy. I sort of feel sorry for the criminals, I don’t think they can Work From Home.

I better get back to working from home.


6inchjoey 51M
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3/20/2020 10:09 am

Wow you sure look sexy mmmmmmmmm

kelly50505 52M  
22 posts
3/20/2020 10:19 am

LOL!!! Jan for President! You need to hold a press conference and give the public these important things to ponder.

nonameyet23 71M
39 posts
3/20/2020 10:33 am

valid points, at least you are truthful lol

CleavageFan4U 63M  
63553 posts
3/20/2020 11:32 am

CLEARLY (based on this post and the previous one about anal sex) working from home has awakened your smart-ass comic side. Can money be made from that - while at home?

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CleavageFan4U 63M  
63553 posts
3/20/2020 11:34 am

Oh and if THAT how you really dress when working from home? what job is that again?

HOT as a Fireman, on HNW
My Plan B Then
Private Cleavage My Private Blog - Tell Me ALL Your Secrets

Tmptrzz 58F
88903 posts
3/20/2020 12:15 pm

What a great read, and your so right about recreational drugs, I know that they have mobile units here now for Marijuana and you can have that delivered at home.

I and another member were on IM earlier and he thinks that there is going to be a baby boom come from this State Of Emergency regarding the Coronavirus.

I think this is a good time to use that time we all have at home to bond with our family members, as everything is all about electronics, I kind of wish for one day there was not electronic gadgets available so that people would have to coexist in the ways we used to years ago.

I have to say you look great, and there is so many things now a day's to keep us busy at home. I know I am bored to death here as I don't do online shopping ever. And I am missing the Senior Club and helping others as we can't even do that anymore.

I hope you stay safe and healthy hun..And don't work to hard..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

jajo696 65F
2703 posts
3/20/2020 12:26 pm

All very good points....This working from home stuff has inspired soooo many minds.

I too , wondered about the criminals and how could they work from home. hmmm . Here they are allowing some " not dangerous to the public" criminals out on furlough. So that crime stat may change.

No....to the office sending us home with toilet paper...that stuff is way too hard and not soft enuff on the ladybits.

Then again, these are extraordinary times...so who knows...~~

Blueyedguy823 54M  
657 posts
3/20/2020 12:35 pm

LOL. You made me laugh out loud for real! You do NOT want to switch out lube for hand sanitizer. That's a big nope! Trust me on this one.

SirPeterStone 64M  
157 posts
3/20/2020 2:47 pm

Just some Thoughts on "Just Wondering"

I know that at least a good part of this Blog Post is tongue in cheek and very funny. So here is my response to parts of your post.

We will still need weather reports for those emergency and essential services who will still be going out and working. People will still have other health problems or emergencies, there may even be more home fires that have to be responded too. It is not that late in the season for a good snow storm.

I agree that home delivery of Recreational Drugs should be allowed. They can help some people pass the time in Quarantine like alcohol does.

And the NYS legislature should get off their rumps and pass the law allowing for Decriminalization of Marijuana. If they are required to work from home. The electronic devices that they use to vote on while in session at the Capital, can be modified to work from their homes or an App on their phones. Maybe they would be kept busy enough not to add to the mini Baby Boom that is on its way.

When I was in Junior High school in the 60s, there was a massive black out covering the areas east of the Mississippi (did not check this fact). But I remember the black out well in NYC.

Statisticians noticed an upward spike in the birth rate 9 months after the black out. Think of all those people stuck in elevators or hotel room sharing and those people we were caught at home without TV.

Since this crisis has been and will be longer than a one-day blackout. The spike would probably be a slow rise in 9 months and reaching a plateau that would last longer. Closer to whatever the period of home confinement, ends up lasting.

Hand sanitizer is mostly alcohol 65% in the case of Purell (I found 1 12 oz. bottle in my linen closet). And then glycerin. Would not make for a good sex lube. The alcohol will evaporate or get absorbed by your body; the glycerin would be quickly absorbed by the body just like it is quickly absorbed on your hands.

The next few are very funny. Sperm Donors, got me thinking about some of the women (cis & trans) on AdultFriendFinder that request tribute photos from their followers. The men will be able to do more of those.

As far as clothing sales now may be the time to purchase sexy lingerie. Which could also add to the spike in births 9 months from now.

What is this thing about hoarding Toilet paper? But getting your supply from your employer is an interesting idea. But I wonder if employers my consider it as a bonus thereby making it a taxable benefit and your 2020 -- 1099 might have a space for it.

And I agree with you, how will the restaurant industry ever recover, if people are cooking at home.

As far as the downsized criminal element in NYC, could make closing Rikers' Island Jails with smaller ones in each Borough.


pghpa333 63M
79 posts
3/21/2020 2:58 pm

Love your observations. Oh and the photo works for me too! \8

tsgroupie2012 63M  
34 posts
3/25/2020 6:19 pm

Damn sexy picture. Looking righteous.

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