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The Advantages Transsexuals Have Over Females  

JaniceJanes 45T  
544 posts
9/22/2020 10:56 am
The Advantages Transsexuals Have Over Females

Beside the many obvious differences between Transsexuals and natural Females, there are several not so obvious advantages Transexuals have.

Lets take a quick look at the more apparent disparities;

Transsexuals don’t get Pregnant. We’ll never show a year after having sex with a man asking for support.

Transsexuals never have the monthly time when females usually abstain from sex. It’s just too unpleasant a “Period” for females to have sex.

We don’t have Headaches that deny men sex. I checked the medical history of this and found no history of Transsexual Headaches. NEVER.

Transsexual do not have Menopause. Theoretically, we will want to have sex forever. We will never suffer Vaginal Dryness and the painful intercourse that it causes.

Now, I want to explain some Transsexual attributes that I believe gives us the real advantage over the ordinary female;

Appearance - I have written about this before and truly believe this is one of the major factors that attract men to Transsexuals. We take the time and effort to always look our best when with a man. Looking beautiful is the most common goal all Transsexual have before meeting with a man or even another Transsexual. We take great pride in being as sexually desirable as we can be.
We spend hours getting every aspect of our appearance just right before a date. The process of becoming as beautiful as we can be is almost foreplay to us. We become aroused becoming glamorous.
We never just grab a shower and flop on our back for sex. Our attention to every detail when preparing for a date is what we enjoy.

Appreciation - As Transsexuals, we know that not every man chooses to date us. For various reasons (not understandable to me) some men just never desire to spend an evening of pure passion with a Transsexual.
Therefore, the men that court us are very Appreciated by us.
Men that respect and admire Transsexuals are the true reason we became Transsexuals. We need the attention of men to justify our existence and satisfy our feminine emotions.

Understanding - Since all Transsexual spent part of their life as a man, we have a better understanding of men. We use to live among them so we have a greater understanding of what men want from a woman.

We have spent time in the boys locker room and know what they talk about and how they think. We know men can just see a pair of<b> breasts </font></b>or a nice ass and nothing else. We know they don’t always think in terms like emotional connection or mental compatibility. They just see women as sexual objects for the most part.

Since we know this, we are willing to be just that, a Sexual Object. That’s what men want and that is what we are here for. We’re not looking to find a husband, unless he a real Daddy of course.

It’s OK guys, you can Find Us, Feel Us, Fuck Us and Forget Us. We accept that.

Size Matters - Not the size you may be thinking of but our personal size similarities. We are often somewhat taller than most females, closer a man’s size. I have heard from many Transsexuals that men who date Transsexuals will venture into the world of Crossdressing with her. This is not really unexpected to me.
These men have a desire to also be beautiful, even for just a few hours. A Transsexual about the same size can share her underwear and clothing to give a man the same feelings we have when we dress. Some of these men will go so far as to become Sub-Dominate and begin to dream of being fucked by another man.

The FWB Thing - I have never been with a man that did not want to with my little Penis. Although I don’t have much feeling down there anymore, men are fascinated with another Penis and can’t stop wanted it in some way. It has been Kissed, Sucked and even jerked. Things they can’t get from a female.
Yes, we are the complete package. We have everything men desire. We have so much more than a female can offer. We ARE the answer to men’s dreams, their dreams.

Female know they can’t compete with us sexually so they refuse accept us. They insult us, they demean us, they slander us. They will never understand why men prefer us and love us. They don’t and never will respect, appreciate and admire a man’s cock like we do.

Transsexuals should be Proud. We are the better Women.


jennie_starr 59T  
2 posts
9/22/2020 5:02 pm

Well said girlfriend!

pghpa333 62M
74 posts
9/23/2020 4:25 am

We may "find you, fuck you", but we never forget you. NEVER!

TicklePlease 52F  
12890 posts
9/23/2020 5:43 am

This is so sad.... I hope you're feeling a little more positive about yourself this morning.

Bettibenobo 64F  
417 posts
9/24/2020 7:48 pm

Crappy photo pic. You think you're better than A REAL woman and men want you more. Wrong.

SOME men might must most men want a real pussy not your asshole.

You spend hours on making yourself look good because if you didn't you'd still look like what you are - A MAN!

You hate real women more than you THINK women hate you.

If you want to be a woman so bad then get the surgery and become one but until then our vaginas rule over your used anus.

And you wonder why REAL women don't accept you and slander you.

You mean how just like you slandered us with this story?

JaniceJanes replies on 9/26/2020 10:02 am:
I did not slander you in any way. I pointed out the Differences between a Natural Female and M-F Transexuals.

tsgroupie2012 63M  
34 posts
9/26/2020 5:57 am

Absolutely stunning

Leegs2012 47M
56505 posts
10/5/2020 12:22 pm

Great post and may I say that you have a sexy..sexy Body!!

7u2w 57T  
1 post
10/14/2020 8:52 am

I agree. You are absolutely correct here.

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