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The Season for Sex  

JaniceJanes 44T  
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1/5/2020 9:35 am
The Season for Sex

Thinking about the four Season we have each year, at least those of us in the more temperate areas, brings to mind how they affect us sexually. Obviously, since we now live in an Air Conditioned, Centrally Heated world we are less affected the weather outside but I believe we are still stimulated the outside conditions.

Spring is an exciting time for updating your wardrobe and getting in to some new clothes. Time to uncover the body that has been wrapped from head to foot in warm bulky sweaters and coats. You can start to again show a little skin and let others see what has been under those layers of cotton and wool for the last few months. From Nature we know this is prime breeding time when we emerge from the cold and become more active.

Summertime can be welcomed as the best time to really show what you have. Clothes become skimpier and more body hugging. It’s the time to be cool, both in regards to the temperature and the appearance. But of course this can be complicated when it becomes excessively hot and humid. Very few men are attracted to a sweating woman. It’s great to be HOT, as in sexually attractive, but not HOT as in slippery with sweat while having sex.

Fall is a wonderful fashion time. Tight jeans with a long sleeve blouse are a comfortable statement. The humidity comes down and the neckline can stay down. Almost anything is alright to wear during the Fall. It’s still easy to undress quickly and easily with only one layer of clothing so sex can begin without too much delay.

In my mind, Winter is the ideal time to enjoy good sex. Things start to slow down as we spend more time indoors and don’t feel the urge to go out for fun. This is the time of year for the perfect romantic night. You’d rather be inside away the winter chills and can set a proper atmosphere for making love.

I time this goes all the way back to the days of cave men and women. Imagine the Cave guy coming back to the home cave from a busy day chasing down dinner in the snow. There is Cave woman leaning over the fire with her ass sticking out go her bear skin wrap. Cave guy’s eyes light up as realizes how to warm up. He grunts and shows Cave woman the meat he brought home which instantly impresses her. She also likes that that he’s dragging some other stuff from today’s hunt.

While Cave woman tends to the fire, Cave guy warm his meat in her exposed Peter Heater. It feels so good to both of them, they forget dinner and get under the Bear skins and spend a winter night next to the fire fighting off the winter cold having primal sex.

Now, bring the picture forward a couple million years. Doesn’t this still seem like a good plan for a wintery night. Guy brings flowers instead of a dead animal. Candles replace the fire. Music is in the background instead of howling at the moon. Soft lighting has replaced the stars. A nice bed instead of a cave floor.

The one constant in both pictures? Primal sex.

Some things have changed slightly but not the enjoyment of sex in the winter.

Yes, winter is the very best time to have sex. I don’t know why more people don’t live in the Arctic.


cabernetTSLover 52M  
82 posts
1/5/2020 1:30 pm

Well written little screed on modern life but really nothing new under the sun since the days of the caveman. Although I would suggest the cavegurls didn't have asses like your around back then.

Leegs2012 47M
49792 posts
1/17/2020 2:11 pm

Very nice!! and yes winter is a great time be inside naked and snuggling!!

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