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Abstinence vs Indulgence
Posted:May 15, 2020 12:10 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2020 9:36 pm
It seems , the Stay at Home policy has had a terrible effect on some people, and I include myself. For us that are single, we have been put in a Form of Isolation that has pushed some the edge of keeping their total sanity.

I noticed this by having many discussion on this site with both men and women since the Lock Down began back in March. The internet allow us to talk to others in various states and other countries. I have many friends throughout this country and overseas and a common subject in our discussions is “How are you doing?” and this has taken on a completely new meaning from when that was just a simple Greeting.

It use to be just a simple way to start a conversation but in the time since the Covid-19 and the Lock Down it really has become a question of “How are you holding up under this Shut Down?”. Everyone wants to know the impact this forced isolation has had on others.

As usual, I view this in a Sexual light. It is so obvious to me that people denied all activities and the resulting emotional release have nothing else to think about but our most basic needs. Food, water, shelter and sex. And the order of importance has has been reversed.

Our benevolent city and state officials have graciously allowed us access to Food, Water and of course the Shelter where we must remain. Household pets get the same for that matter.

What our wonderful leaders have in a sense denied us, is the freedom to have sex. Think about it, don’t bars, clubs, restaurants serve as meeting places and often a prelude to sexual activity?

Take those away and then demand we Social Distance and there no means to express your sexual temperature to another person. Internet meetings are the only recourse to those of us who live alone. Is like in the movies of someone in prison getting a visitor and only being allowed to talk from behind a glass barrier. No hugging or anything like that just the ability to see but not to touch.

Being denied sexual freedom has several possible negative results besides being just Horniness which is a legitimate symptom. WED MD sites potential emotional problems, high blood pressure, anxiety, stress, loss of memory, inability to concentrate and others. Even frequent masturbation can’t fully help they mention.

Please note, the potential problems associated with not having frequent sexual relations are common to older people and they are considered “The Most Vulnerable” to the virus.

In my mind, that makes younger people who have to go without sex also very vulnerable to the virus also. This just doesn’t make any sense.

We all know the risks the virus may have. We also know that not everyone who contracts the virus will have a bad reaction to it and many don’t even realized they had it. Certainly not everyone who has the virus will die from it.

I believe it is up to the individual to decide for theirselves if the risks outweigh the possible pleasure or vice versa. We’re adults. The officials that were elected must think some of us are smart, we voted for them so we must by their own definition be Smart.

In all cases, if people willingly consent have sex they should be allowed the freedom have sex.

How about a compromise. Let the bars in NYC open one day a week without social distancing, without masks and gloves and let the people have a little fun. Call it a Sexday instead of a Friday. It could save our sanity.

Let the people FUCK!

Be Prepared for when It’s Over
Posted:Apr 15, 2020 10:35 am
Last Updated:Apr 22, 2020 3:50 am
Thinking forward the end of the LockDown should not take you by surprise as the “Stay Home” did. This will be over soon so you should be prepared for that day. Here’s a few Tips make sure you’ll ready for the day we start return Normalcy.

Have a date, or more than one, lined up in advance. The end of the LockDown will be eagerly anticipated and good men will be in short supply for awhile. Plan ahead and keep him interested.

Keep your house or apartment well supplied with everything you need for a good dinner for . Restaurant, bars and clubs will not be able open instantly. Be prepared have your date at your home. Make it a special evening.

In addition keeping plenty of food on hand, remember have a good selection of wines and other alcoholic drinks also on hand for those first few dates.

Have some new Outfits ready. Since most malls and department stores are closed you probably will need to shop on-line. Delivery may vary so order well ahead of time. Make sure of the proper fit when new clothes arrive in case you need to alter them before wearing them for your date.

Stay as well groomed as you can in Isolation to be prepared for the Big Day. You may need to figure out something to do with your longer that normal hair. Try different hair styles if you can.

Be sure to have plenty of Condoms and Lubricate on hand. Don’t risk an STD just because the Corona Virus is contained. Don’t count on your date to have some condoms, always be prepared.

I’ll pass along more Tips as I think of them. Remember, Success comes from good Planning.

Some Recents Things
Posted:Apr 12, 2020 10:56 am
Last Updated:Apr 14, 2020 9:16 pm
I joined a Weight Loss Program because they ship food you.

Did all my Christmas Cards, and mailed them.

Started cutting my Fingernails and Toenails yesterday. I do one a day so when I’m done the Lock Down maybe over.

I signed up for another Grocery Delivery service the other day. They asked for my Mobile Number. I thought WHY? Is it still a Mobile number if you can’t go anywhere?

For company, I started talking to myself in the mirror. Sometimes I have very good conversations.

I thought of a new way to described Transsexuals, “Uniquely Configured”

I made dinner for last night just stay in practice. Guess it wasn’t that good. There were plenty of leftovers.

I tried making Brownies the other day. I didn’t have any Cocoa so made Whities instead.

Stopping sex “Cold Turkey” can cause psychological issues. I have Flashbacks every time I go in the bedroom.

I found a pimple and got excited. Something to do tonight.

I tried Self Bondage but it didn’t wor I kept escaping.

Seems that guys are forced masturbate more during the “Stay at Home” era. Guess that’s why there was such a rush on hand sanitizer.

I’m really getting tired of people on TV that live with someone saying “We all in this together”. Try living alone you idiots.

A Conversation with my Ass
Posted:Apr 5, 2020 11:29 am
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2020 8:59 pm
Last night after several comforting Nite Caps I was in bed just starting doze off when I heard a voice calling .

“ Janice, Janice wake up”

Somewhat startled I answered,

“Yes, who’s there?’

“Down here, it’s your ass”

“Oh Hi, precious, How are you”

“Is there something wrong? I haven’t had any visitors for a long while. Is it something I did?’”

“No, not you, every body was told to stay home and alone”

“ Why?”

“The whole country is having a nasty virus, very serious”

“What’s a virus?’

“Bad bacteria that is spread from person to person by coughing, sneezing even just normal breathing and it gets in the lungs and can make us sick”

“Can it be spread from mouth to ass?”

“There is not enough medical data on that but I think not”

“Who told us to stay home?’

“The government”

“Who’s that”

“The elected people that make rules for us”
“Does the government have asses also?”

“Yes, but they only take care of their own asses mostly”

“When can I have friends over again?”

“I’m not sure, it may be awhile. You will have to be patient but when this virus is over, I expect you will meet several new friends, all glad to see you”

“New playmates? I want to have fun with them””

“Yes sweetheart and you will have some with old friends that have missed you they tell me”

“Thanks Jan, I feel better after talking with you”

“I know how much you miss your friends, believe me and remember, We Are in This Together. I hope you can sleep now”

“Yes, I will dream about what will happen after this is over. I’m very excited”

“I promise you that you will be first one I tell when this is over so you can be ready to entertain your friends again”
Fun Things to do on Lock Down
Posted:Apr 4, 2020 2:34 pm
Last Updated:May 8, 2020 5:56 pm
Sorry, I can't think of any.
Just Some Things From Over the Weekend
Posted:Mar 30, 2020 11:14 am
Last Updated:Apr 4, 2020 2:28 pm
Shouldn’t it be called “Anti-Social Distancing” ?

I keep hearing politicians saying “We’re all in this together”. I went around my apartment asking “OK, who’s with me?” No answer. I must not be Together with anyone.

I tried to order a Dildo from Amazon. They said it didn’t qualify for Priority Shipping. I beg to differ.

I noticed I was still closing the door when I go to the bathroom. I don’t know why.

I found it ironic that initially April was the day we would be allowed go out. Isn’t that the last day send in your Taxes? I don’t think this was just a coincidence.

And, shouldn’t April Fools Day be delayed? No one prank if we’re in Isolation.

In my area, Grocery delivery is now two days but wine is still 2-4 hours. I haven’t figured that one out yet but I’m happy while waiting for my food arrive.

When deliveries do arrive, I just open the door just enough slid out a Tip, and then wait for them leave before I quickly grab my stuff and immediately wash my hands.

I had a Video Conference Call this morning from work. Everyone called in from home. I couldn’t stop wondering what everyone was wearing, or not wearing, below the screen.

What would we do without the internet during this Isolation time?

I saw the markets in Wuhan, China are reopening and still selling live Bats, Dogs, Spiders and Lizards. No wonder doctors are saying it’s just a matter of time before another Pandemic.

I keep hearing about a Doctor shortage. Could it be that it seems they’re ALL on television instead in the hospitals?

I don’t mean to sound indifferent to this crisis but do we really need to be updated hourly on the exact number of reported cases? We know it’s bad already.

I need to work on taking Selfies with no one else to take my pictures.

Observations from Being Quarantined
Posted:Mar 28, 2020 12:16 pm
Last Updated:Apr 7, 2020 3:34 am
First, I want toThank Everyone that took the time to send me notes of encouragement, checked on my well being or just helped me pass the time with a friendly chat. I appreciate all of your concerns and well wishes. I really meant a lot to me and showed me that so many people are truly friends.

I have been on Quarantine for weeks now and am doing fine. No symptoms of the Covid-19 Virus and for that matter no one from my staff also on Self Quarantine has shown any symptoms. I plan to be on “Lock Down” until April 15 to follow the guidelines here in New York City.

I am amazed at how well this city is observing the Lock Down. I can see both 5th and 6th Avenues from my balcony and there is very little traffic and few people. The City That Never Sleeps is at least Resting right now.

I believe it will not be “Life as Usual” here for quite awhile even after the stay isolated directive is lifted. Bars and restaurants will need to time reopen and bring back staff. Some places may never reopen due to the financial burden. Without being able to operate and still having to paid rent, many of the small, privately owned businesses will not survive. Even during GOOD Times, they were working with a small profit margin.

I think the Food and Grocery Delivery will see an increase in business even after this is all over. People will see the convenience and safety of this as important. The joy of cooking at home will be rediscovered. New York City will see and increase in the number of scooters and specialized small delivery trucks making deliveries thus probably a reduction in air pollution.

Also, Guidelines for Tipping Delivery will need to change. As many restaurant workers will turn to being delivery people, they will need to be tipped at higher levels. Besides just the Delivery Charge you will need to willing to Tip similar to the 20 to 30% Tip you leave in restaurants.

Talking with friends we also see the Casual Hook Up scene changing. I think fewer people will be willing to take the chance of having sex with a stranger until there are ways to guarantee he or she is safe to be with. Maybe after a Quick Virus Swab test is developed and readily available will people go back to casual dating. As I told a close friend, a good idea would be a 15 minute Swab Test that is highly accurate and sold in Drug Stores next to the Condoms under a sign “Stay Safe, Swab before Sex”.

Society will also change from traditional offices to more people working at home whenever possible. Although this was happening slowly in the US, I see a larger and faster shift to Off Site working. Already new and better means to Tele Conference are hitting the markets.

On a Personal note, I also see a decline in the business. I think that the normal Conferences, Trade Shows and Associations Meetings will be vastly reduced. People will be less likely travel so the number of people visiting New York will decline thus the demand by out-of-towners for an will decline proportionally. Another business that may suffer in the Post Virus world. I haven’t checked which industries are included in the recently passed Stimulus Package but I tend doubt will be getting any Government Assistance.

I believe new and innovative ways masturbate will be created. Forced stay home in isolation this is probably happening and word will surely spread. With the tend post anything new or different on social media, look for people share new and imaginary way of self pleasuring. New Toys will become available to allow people to have diverse ways to self satisfaction. I see a need for Self Squirting Dildo with a Head that gets enlarged as it get warmer or senses faster motion The Life Like Female Humanoid industry will see a boom.

I’m thinking too much. Must be from the Wine I had Delivered and Tipped for.

Staying Busy During the Lock Down
Posted:Mar 22, 2020 1:43 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2020 5:37 am
When I first was told to Self Quarantine at home, I made a list of things to do while at home. I’m trying to do busy things really to avoid watching too much news and also just busy.

Clean out my Closet - We all keep things we really have no intention of wearing again but put off getting ride of them for some reason, usually just laziness. I started cleaning out my closet and also my dresser drawers. Amazing how many things I found that I have no idea why I still have them.

Try new Recipes - I have a stack of recipes I downloaded from the internet that I meant to try earlier, but on a normal work day, when I get home it is just quicker and easier to whip something you already know. A few days ago, I started making something new every day.

Work my Book - I have been working to put a book together “Food, Wine and Sex” for a couple years. I don’t think that I have Writers’ Block. Instead I have Writers’ Malaise so just have been putting this aside for awhile. So along with trying new recipes to possibly add, I plan to formalize the notes I‘ve been making and saving in to something more readable.

Improve My Baking - It can take some time to assemble the ingredients, the bowls and measuring spoons/cups, and to read the recipe before mixing the ingredients and being ready to pop it in the oven. Well, now that I have the time, I’ve been baking more and some different recipes. I usually share my Baked Goods with my one elderly neighbor and the Security/Door guys in the lobby. Now I found that with so many places closed, my Baking is more appreciated by others in the building. Really makes me feel good.

Refresh My Skin - New York City air is just dirty from all the traffic.
Unavoidable, and if you wear even a little make up the dirty air sticks to your face and clogs your pores. Even thought I am careful to wash my face really good every evening, I believe there must be some residual damage. Now being home, I’m not using make-up, well still a little bit, and replenishing my skin with more moisturizing lotions and I also have the time to really soak in the bath tub more often.

Trying to Keep a Normal Work Schedule - Being home all day can be the time you want to make friends with your sofa and TV. To stay away from that temptation, I try to maintain a normal work pattern. I still get up about 6 AM, make the coffee, shower and dress for work before starting on my work from home routine. I even take breaks about the same time I would in the office. I don’t put on my usual work clothes, a little more causal, but I don’t think I would want to get much work done if I were in my nightwear all day. Being on Quarantine is no excuse to get sloppy.

Just some things I’m trying to do to get through these unusual times and not let boredom take over. Actually, this Quarantine Life is not so bad if you stay active.

Please stay Safe and Sane,

Just Wondering,
Posted:Mar 20, 2020 8:54 am
Last Updated:Mar 31, 2020 9:15 am
Like many people working from home, I have a problem concentrating on wor The normal intensity of the office environment is missing so my mind wanders more. Anyway, here’s a few things I’m wondering about.

If everyone is told to stay home, Do we need Weather Reports anymore? What will happen to the people who do the Weather Reports? Will they be able to receive special compensation for losing their jobs “Through No Fault of Their Own”?

I read that in many areas that had not previously allowed home delivery of alcoholic beverages is now allowing them due to people being told to stay home. Almost makes me laugh that those permissions are called “Emergency Actions”. Now I’m sure this is good news to people in those areas but I wonder, why not allow home delivery of Recreational Drugs also? These are extraordinary times, we need extraordinary solutions.

I read this story on the internet, “Experts Predict a Baby Boom from Stay at Home Guidance” I just wonder, what kind of Experts are these? Are they Experts at being able to predict how often people will have sex? And what is their specialty called, Sex Counting or what? And do we really need any kind of Expect to tell us this is going to happen? If data was available to support this, I would think most pregnancies begin on a weekend when PEOPLE ARE HOME TOGETHER.

If there is a Baby Boom from this virus outbreak, what will they call that Generation in 20 years, The Corona Generation? Maybe not a good idea because there are other types of Corona that cause pregnancy. Would be difficult to differentiate between the .

What about all that Hand Sanitizer people panicked buy. If every one is staying home, do you still need it? Also, I wondering, can Hand Sanitizer be used in a Lubricate in a pinch? Might be needed now that booze is getting delivered.

I noticed I get more requests watch guys masturbate on CAM. Were these guys also told to Work From Home? And what kind of job do they normally go to, Sperm Donors?

I’m getting a lot of messages from clothing stores about Sales on the internet while their stores are closed. I’m wondering, why would you need more clothes to work from home? No body will see your new wardrobe anyway.

I wonder why employers don’t give some toilet paper to every employee told to work from home? Surely there is a large supply in the Janitorial supply room at the office and no one is there to use it now. They should give everyone rolls of toilet paper along with a lap top when telling employees to Work From Home.

I saw several celebrity chefs offering to provide tips about cooking at home. Won’t this have a lingering effect on the restaurant business if this catching on, Cooking at Home? Imagine, people cooking their own food.

Almost unreported is that crime is down during this virus Emengecy. I sort of feel sorry for the criminals, I don’t think they can Work From Home.

I better get back to working from home.

Timely Advice from a Transexual
Posted:Mar 19, 2020 6:52 am
Last Updated:May 26, 2020 9:36 pm
Something occurred to me this morning about being safe during the Corona Virus outbreak. I have sent an email to the CDC in order to confirm this but I haven’t gotten a reply yet. I imagine they are very busy answering everyone questions and they will sent me an answer as soon as they can.

My question to them is this,

“In order to help reduce the risk of passing the Corona Virus to a truly loved one, Is Anal Sex safer than Face to Face sex?”

To me, it makes sense to minimize facial contact, Kissing mostly, during sex during this crisis. Also, this way the heavy breathing that happens during sex won’t need to be eliminated as you will not be facing each other.

When Gasping during sex you likely are pulling in larger than normal amounts of air. This could heighten your chances of inhaling the virus.

So Ladies, to be safe, have your partner get behind you for much safer sex.

We all need to make some sacrifices during this epidemic to help keep America safe. Do your part, have more Anal Sex.

I actually have been encouraging more Anal Sex for years. Turns out, I may have been ahead of the times.

I’ve attached a photo to show the recommended position for safer sex.

doing my part to help
Women and Transsexuals
Posted:Mar 3, 2020 11:52 am
Last Updated:Apr 9, 2020 3:05 pm
This is a very fascinating subject . Mainly because I had never thought about it until relatively recently.

Within the last year or so I have been contacted by several women proposing “Hook up” and I don’t mean just for coffee. After first ignoring these message I finally got very curious about why women, CIS Females at that, were sending me messages so I decided follow up with some of them.

I wasn’t just playing naive when I answered these emails, I truly was without any knowledge of their motives. I didn’t know what expect.

After, sometime several, conversations I have a better understanding of WHY a naturally born woman would be interested in meeting me, a Transsexual. These conclusions are not scientific research but my own observations thru discussions and meetings with some women.

First of all, of those I have talked or met, the majority are married and in a seemingly normal Husband and Wife relationship other than the desire for a sexual relationship outside the marriage. They are more curious than experienced of sex with a Transsexual. This is very similar men I have meet.

The single woman I met were younger and and much more open all and any sexual orientation. They actually seemed be attracted sexual diversity.

Of the married women I talk with, for the most part were very aroused by acts other than intercourse. Kissing, caressing, fondling for example. I just assume these might be missing in their normal sexual activity. Long Foreplay or long periods of erotic stimulation seemed be what they were looking for.

Also, I never had a woman suggest she wanted give Oral sex. They would rather receive Oral sex than perform it with a Transexual. Again, this could be something missing from their regular sex.

Only a very few women even mentioned in the slightest, that she wanted have sex with a Transexual. I think this may be an understanding that most all Transsexuals have got through their Transition, either fully or partially, in order attract men and that having sex with a women would be a step backwards from that objective.

This brings me another point I want make. Most all adult humans can be Passionate. Women seem be able have Passion and COMPASSION much more than men. They want share their feelings but care about the other persons feeling also. It’s not always just about receiving sex but also about giving the other person a true feeling of romance.

Perhaps the most confusing thing about a Female/Transexual relationship is the women I have talked do not appear have Lesbian tendencies or proclivities. Maybe that’s because they do not want admit it much like the men that called themselves STRAIGHT but want have sex with a Transsexual.

As for Couples that have contacted saying they both want have sex with , I place them in a completely different category, mutually watching each other fulfilling some fantasy. In those cases, the woman often wants give Oral sex and the husband want have Anal sex with . I have leave this for another Blog Post until I actually experience this. The only times I met with a couple, it just involved the husband in one way or another.

I admire the women who have opened up share their deepest feeling with . Thank you for helping better understand the sexual complexities of people. We truly all have different desires and different ideas on how satisfy them.

So much more learn and explore,

Posted:Feb 14, 2020 11:01 am
Last Updated:Mar 7, 2020 12:53 am
“Legs, legs. it’s legs that I love,
Because I know there is Heaven above”


Clever little quatrain that some people credit to Omar Khayyam, but there is no proof he ever wrote this. I assume some slightly mellow horny old guy muttered this over this wine one night in a bar.

I also assume it really applies to a woman with shapely legs wearing a short skirt. Those are the only things I can think of that can possibly divert a man’s eyes from a woman’s breasts.

I think a nice pair of feminine legs can send a very powerful and sexually covert massage to a man. He may not even realize a message is being sent, but in most cases his sub conscience senses it.

Women for at least the last century have been gradually showing more and more of their legs, and other areas of her body. The reason for this is to attract men, nothing else.

Legs have taken on more importance as skirts have gotten shorter. It seems to me, the shorter the skirt, the more a woman is signaling she wants sex. It suggest a shorter and easier path to the to her erogenous zone.

Men view women’s legs as somethings that needs to be spread open so that they may have unhindered access for sex. The farther apart they can get a woman’s legs, the more accessible the Heaven ol’Anonymous was musing about will be.

I read several years ago that when a woman is seated next to a man, her crossed legs send clean signals. If her legs are crossed away from him so as she is showing the outer thigh, she is not interested in having sex with him. However, if her legs are crossed toward him and showing him an inner thigh, she is willing to have him as a sexual partner. It also makes turning toward him or away from him easier and legs mays be re-crossed at any time if the woman’s intent changes.

It also suggest that if a woman is seated, and crosses her legs at the ankles, she is open to negotiations about sex. You may have to wait to see how she crosses them at the knees later.

In the same article was mention that if a woman is standing and crosses her legs at the ankles, she is telling everyone to stay away, don’t even think about having sex with me.

If any of this actually valid, I don’t know for sure. But I do know this, when you sit down, in a short skirt, the slower you cross your legs the more sinuous it appears to men. I guess it’s even OK if you let them get a quick view of your crotch as you slowly entwine your legs.

Finally, dressing the legs with a nice pair of stockings and heels is another way to give your legs a voice. Men just seem to hear legs that are well appointed much better. Men can hear legs in Stockings saying “Yes, we want to fuck”.

It doesn’t matter how hard you squeeze your legs together, men can hear what they are saying.

A Winning Poker Strategy (maybe)
Posted:Feb 10, 2020 12:49 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2020 7:40 am
Partner took me to Atlantic City this last weekend as an early Valentine gift.

He has been trying to convince me to Play Poker whenever we go to Atlantic City. Poker is his game of choice whereas there are some other activities I prefer. But, since this was his gift idea, I decided to spend some time in the Poker Room with him.

I’ve tried playing Poker on other visits but never had any real success. I think I may have been too nervous and knew I had very little chance of winning.

As we drove down there Friday evening he again was doing his best to give me tips on being a successful Poker Player. He was telling me so much about different situations it was getting confusing. I asked him to please just give me a few basic rules so I wouldn’t embarrass either of us.

Without much thought he gave me a couple tips. Not necessarily how to be a better player but how to improve chances of winning.

Rule 1

Show boobs. Not everything but wear something low cut that shows off cleavage as much as possible AND is still within the rules of the Poker Room Dress Code.
Occasionally, lean forward as if straining to see something across the table like someones of chips

Rule 2

Before the Flop, when you look at your cards, Only stay with a Nice Pair. Easy to remember, show pair but only stay with a nice, relatively big pair.

So Saturday evening he signed us both up a Omaha Poker Tournament. Before the Tournament started we had our table and seats assigned but we were not at the same table as it turned out.

I think there were only two or three other women signed up to play but I was showing the most boobs. I started to wonder about the advise Richard had given me, was it correct or not.
I played very conservatively as I had been told and actually held on even though strategy was easy the other players to quickly figure out. As I gained a little confidence and I stayed with two big cards of the same suit, the others assumed I had a large pair so they didn’t stick around.

After the first break, I was about where I started and still in the tournament. As more players were eliminated, including Richard, the other player we're watching to see if they might make the Final Table.

Long story short, I made the Final Table, first time ever, and wound up coming in Forth Place. Just enough to win some .

I think the other Final guys wanted me to keep winning so they could look at boobs between hands.

So in short, I may have won using the Boob Strategy. Maybe it was coincidence and it was just time to win but I prefer to think not. We all know how distracting a woman with nice tits can be to a man in normal circumstances. Their brain won’t let them forget it.

Next time we visit a Casino, I’ll try the Boob Strategy again. This could be the best Poker advise I ever received.


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