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Jase0818 41M
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9/1/2021 5:35 pm
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Look I am not looking for a relationship. I actually am scared to have sex with anyone because they become unrational. My exes even message my niece so they don't "stalk" me... I am nothing special, I don't have a big one or anything. Just always had feminine side so I kinda get into their mind and how I make them enjoy it.

My longest time (without me reaching orgasm) was 6 hours, only because every day she manipulate me to see her, thinking I was just gonna cuddle and pass out then get jumped instead. Anyways I am here, just for friends, and even promise that sex won't happen, specially the first day. 5 times I did, before the week was over they said they loved me and if I didn't reply to a text in 5 minutes, my phone be blowing up... Yet they knew I was at work. I don't lie and I don't cheat. I've had guys girlfriends all over me, I'd call their BF or if at a bar, drive them home.

Yes, I am a nice guy yet also a bad boy too believe me. Also Empath here, IT'S A TERRIBLE THING. Yes it has benefits yet feeling 3x times the pain I see on TV or IRL is a bitch. Even if I had the same thing happen to me, stay calm and worrying about the other people with me. Would feel that I am in pain, possibly life threating, yet say I am fine.

I have to stay away from narcissists because they are TOXIC for empaths like me.
Plus I already have 1 in my life.... My Older brother, which I had to promise my Dad I'd take care of him and since he has no friends be there for him, Sucks but that's life, plus I grew up being told he was the golden boy, be his scapegoat when did something bad and even hearing my parents tell me I wasn't wanted, I was weird, to sensitive. My only good quality is that my brother would always have a friend.

I am not whining or asking for pity. Just laying it out there. There is way WAY more yet is to morbid and dark.

I am pretty positive person (despite how I grew up), if there is a 1/10 chance of me being hit by a car if I cross the street... i'd get hit - only luck I have is bad luck. Except all the good luck used to keep me alive... Though story for another time, may post a list of all the times I almost died (Long list though)

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9/2/2021 3:06 am

hey now !

Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

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