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Jennifer discovers nipple play  

Jennifertightly 56T  
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4/8/2020 8:20 pm

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5/9/2020 2:04 am

Jennifer discovers nipple play

Just wanted share a new discovery that i recently stumbled upon that was part of a packaged gift that hormones gave for allowing them plump my little breasts. i was looking for was bigger breasts so i could have a more feminine figure fill out my cute colorful dresses. The hormones and breast and nipple pumps and a massage with hormone based plant powder made my breasts grow faster than i could have ever imagined. It was like miracle grow used create huge produce in the garden some how found its way into my treatment process and my tiny man boobs suddenly ballooned large enough that now they had a little bounce them when i walked and my nipples constantly brushing against my shirt felt good, no it felt better than good because i began take notice and felt aroused. My nipples probably were now 4 times larger and they were very sensitive and almost constantly erect begging for attention. I did what any sane person would do and found a sex toy designed for the nipple so i could give them what they were crying out for. The toy is basically ran on two double a batteries with two lead lines go out with nipple clamps attached to the ends. The clamps were also equipped with mini but powerful vibrators attached with two speeds. To make it even more deluxe the clamps warm while it is turned and after running for a while they get very hot. So things were happening when i shackled these little sex hungry slaves be dominated by a flick of the switch. The first action was clamping the nipples by adjusting them with enough pressure they stayed put but wasn't too uncomfortable. Once they were secure it was game on and i had a blast teasing them with blasts of electrocution and heat that felt like i was branding my owners mark on them. this going the feeling was so intense i could hardly stand it and had frequently shut down, start , shut down, start . I became a nipple teasing torture addict and wanted to with them for hours. make a long story short, i did indeed with them for hours and pulled them, twisted them and even attached wooden clothes pins them. This sounds horrible and i swear i have never been a person seek out pain and always avoid it at costs. It was as if i was a puppet being controlled by an outside force making put my nipples through a hard core training program whip them into shape. What was happening when i kept testing them with more and more abuse they were becoming less sensitive and it was taking greater pressure to achieve the initial orgasmic sensation the first time i indulged. So there i do not get pleasure out of torture so please don't be a hater. It was comparable to a first time drug user getting that first high and instantly becomes hooked. As time goes on the person becomes addicted to the affects the drug provides but suddenly he needs more and more to get the sensation that first awoke his senses. Did i realize i became an addicted nipple playing, nipple abuser, and a nipple slave master and feel guilty about my action and but my little playmates in rehab to sober them ? Hell no! I don't like what i do them, i love what i am doing and have even upped the game make it worth playing. I don't see them complaining, they are begging for more! Okay thats my story i wanted to share and i never knew how fun it was to play with basically a tiny body part that for the most part was ignored, unless my tee shirt got wet. I would encourage any new comers to experiment with nipple play, hopefully you will discover a new playground that you can add to your existing amusement park for adults only! Take care and be safe, Hugs and more hugs, my nipples smothering yours, Jennifer

A great man once said, "The truth will set me free!" I read that advice while reading a Reader's Digest and he happened to be one of my favorite singers and inspired me to sing most of his songs hitting all the weekly karoke night at the clubs. Thanks Elvis!

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