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I was his first...  

JennyLoves3 44T
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4/16/2018 8:06 pm
I was his first...

I will call this guy Number One, not being a ranking system as much as a clog in my wheel I call a timeline. I wasn’t sure what would come into my life until he opened the door. He stood there looking award until he didn’t, then he was just a bit dorky. Don’t think for a minute I’m not attracted to dorky men, I am, but a dork is a dork. His shirt was loose fitting as if trying to hide he was a bit on the chubby side. His pants were loose fitting and he was very well groomed and smelled like he just came from the barber. His clean smell made my crotch twitch for a bit, which in turn made me want to lick is body from cock to balls. He invited me to the couch where I sat thinking about him sitting on the couch looking like a little school boy about to lose his virginity. He offered me a drink that I accept with out hesitation. As we sat there talking he put his hand on my knee and I knew at the very moment how much I wanted him inside me, but I had to take it easy on him, it was his first time with a trans and the experience should be about him, well at least that’s how I made it seem.

After some loose small talk about our different lives he started touching me and rubbing my tucked chickdick. He was rock hard in his pants and his dick was pushing outward trying to explode threw fabric of his pants. I unzipped his pants and reached in to see what all the commotion was about. I feel past his boxers pulling out what I thought was a larger size dick, but blah, another averaged size ass pleaser. Well, at least this size doesn’t hurt, so I put it in my mouth. Hey, it’s the first reaction I get when I see a dick, which is put it where it belongs, right in the back of my throat choking me into submission. I kissed and teased it for about a minute when he wanted to move to the bed. This was about the time he asked me to be dominate him and without an ounce of thought I commanded yes! I told him to get on his subbie knees and pull my pants down to reveal my stocking covered legs, garter belt, and panties. I commanded he take the panties off and he pulled them down past my thighs to my ankles sliding toward my heels and across my heels. I could see the pleasure on his face as if it spoke to me tell me he had waited all his adult life for his chance to be with a transwoman.

The pleasure I give a first timer is a feeling I have of filling an empty hole inside someone who longs for the soft touch of a trans. Not only do I bring someone the pleasure of experiencing a trans for the first time, but to break down walls that have been put up for so long by people who shame others for natural desires. I’m very understanding of how shame can affect a person’s ability to resist the feelings they have from the fear of society and the judgments that come after. I can be very dominate, but I’m also very if not overly considerate of how the other person is feeling. I enjoyed this one for he was so submissive which allowed me to take a role that wasn’t played often by me, the dooming. So, I went easy on him with me being his first time and all, a curiosity to not be repeated in the future. I commanded him to lay on his back as I sized him up thinking about how hard I was going to suck him and then mount him. I layed on top of him gazing into his eyes assuring him that I was in charge of his pleasure and only I could please him in the way he dreamed of for so long.

I kissed his lips slowly, but forcefully all while planning my departure from his lips to his ears sucking and biting my way down his neck and across his lightly haired chest. As I approached his belly button I moved my hands forcedly over his balls and squeezed. I kissed my way down to the base of his Jenny Stick (Jenny Stick is a term describing a cock that’s about to bring her pleasure based on her terms) up his base to the back of his Jenny Stick and across the head. Now was the time to introduce the tip of his dick to the back of my throat for the back of my throat just loves meeting new people. Down that dick sinking faster than the Titanic all cracked up from<b> smoking </font></b>ice bergs. He was throbbing inside my throat as I sucked hard moving my lips toward his pulsating head, it was time to let him experience oxygen again. I started banging my head up and down on his Jenny Stick until he said four words that made me want to build a time machine and travel back in time 10 seconds to keep this Hindenburg from happening. I was just getting started, my ass wanted a cock inside it squeezing out my clear tgirl sweetness from my special place deep in my hole. I removed my lips as fast I could from the cock and jumped up demanding, “Don’t you dare cum”, “IF you cum I’m going to be pissed”! His cock was rock hard standing up trying to launch its self from his body and into orbit. What seemed like twenty seconds went by and then he said the words that I wanted to shove back in his mouth…..”I’m cumming”. I started slapping his leg hard bitching about cumming and me not getting anything. His cum filled up the condom and you could tell he listened to my instructions about not cumming for 5 days prior to fucking me. The load was huge and the tip was full of his big load that he so wanted to share with me. Yes, you saw correct, he was wearing a condom, for safe sex is safe sex. So, I bet you’re thinking the moral of this story is the great experience a first time can be and the social barriers the act tears down or the importance of practicing safe sex during a day when sexually transmitted disease is everywhere. Nope, neither, it’s I’m so hot I made a guy blow his load with in 30 seconds of a blow job wearing a condom.

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