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Submissive wife
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Blindfolded blowjobs
Posted:Sep 18, 2020 8:04 pm
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2020 7:00 pm
Hubby and his friends always like to use me to satisfy their cocks, especially when my hubby arranges a night in for drinks at our place.
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Paraded, fondled and fucked by group...
Posted:Sep 13, 2020 12:15 pm
Last Updated:Sep 17, 2020 4:19 pm
Hubby and I were a bar having a drink together with the intention for to meet a of men and take them back to the room we had booked that was close by in walking distance of of the bar so he could watch them fuck my pussy again and again and again!!!

This was in the early days of us exploring our sexual relationship together and although I was nervously cautious I was also just as eager to please hubby. I truly trusted hubby and although this wasn't the first time we had played our little sex games together it was the first time hubby wanted me to fuck other men bareback.

I wore a pair of jeans and a red cotton stretchy tank top which did get me plenty of attention as we wandered through the bar looking for men. Hubby likes to choose the men he wants me to have sex with and still does and this night he was super picky.

He paraded me through the bar like a show piece, looking for men he wanted me to fuck and it did not take long at all before I caught the attention of a of men in their late thirties who took a deep interest in me. I told them hubby was just a friend with occasional benefits looking for and I was looking for a to fulfill my fantasy.

They took an instant liking to when I told them that and became very friendly toward me. At first there were only two who were really interested but then after about 30 minutes they slowly realised I was serious about wanting them to gang fuck me. I stood near the bar with the of men and hubby sat on the other side of the bar watching me being fondled and flirting with these men through the crowd. I was quite drunk and they were all very hands on with me, touching my ass and putting their arms around my body and kissing me and very frequently groping my breasts. All I did for the next hour was get as drunk as I could and let these guys fondle my body to give them a taste of what they could expect and letting hubby know I was loving every minute of it.

I could see hubby intently watching me flirt with these men and I constantly looked over at him smiling to assure him I was okay as I let these men touch and fondle my body.

I was dancing with them and they would slip their hands up my top groping my breasts and I just kept looking straight them and let them do it. These guys started getting really pushy to go back to the room but I was having too much fun teasing them and was really getting horny with hubby watching behave like a total slut.

A lot of other men the bar started staring the things I was letting these guys do with and some men even came over to join in with the fun. I was very fast becoming the bar room slut for the night going from one random to another. Kissing anyone, and letting any and all fondle my body as they please.

I was losing control of myself and letting any slobber over as I moved through the bar from one spot to another and It felt like the entire bar knew I wanted to be fucked and every one there was expecting to be a part of it.

Hubby just let it happen, watching behave like a slut with everyone and then I somehow found myself outside getting into the back seat of some guys car.

I was pushed down on my back and someone pulled my jeans off then the next thing I knew some guy was ontop of me with his cock inside me fucking me as hard and fast as he could and there were other men leaning over the front seats watching me being fucked by this guy.

It seemed to happen all so fast and to me everything seemed like a disjointed blur of men fucking me in the back seat of the car. I knew I was surrounded by men in the car and I could hear men outside the car looking through the windows calling me a slut and yelling out to each other.

The crowd of men and atmosphere had moved from inside the bar to inside the car but Instead of just behaving like a complete slut I was now being a complete slut!

One guy would fuck me and then be immediately replaced by another who would have his turn to fuck me in the back seat of the car. I was being made to keep my promise to let everyone fuck my pussy!

Every time I tried to get up and get out of the back seat, another half naked horny male would climb into the back seat with his hard erect cock out and ready to get on top of me and start fucking my already cum filled soaked pussy.

I could see all the cum splattered all over my legs, stomach and breasts glistening in the light. Most of the men were as drunk as I was and didn't seem to care because they still fucked my pussy with every one else's cum inside me and left me with their own hot gift covering my body or filling my pussy even more.

It very quickly became quite frenzied with men shouting and cheering each other on as they took turns to fuck me. I had been given away by hubby who I didnt get to see again until hours later after most of the men there had left.

I never went back to that place again because I felt far to humiliated allowing myself to become such a slut from drinking too much. Hubby wasnt the one who fucked those guys that night but he certainly encouraged me to do it.
Sneaky, sleazy, SEX...
Posted:Sep 2, 2020 1:18 am
Last Updated:Sep 13, 2020 5:44 am
I was recently thinking about something that was a moment in my relationship with hubby that opened my mind what we do together today.

This wasnt something I was expecting at all because it was when I was still learning about hubby and his deviate mind.

We were at a friends place sitting with a group of hubbies friends and acquaintances and I was sitting right next hubby. I did not know anyone there because this was when I was being introduced to the crowd he associated with at the time. They certainly were not my type of people and to me his friends were nothing more than pigs who drank too much, took too many other things and in general were sleazy losers who constantly tried to fuck me.

I always like to dress to impress and had a casual mid length dress on which looked both sexy and reserved because back then that is how I was. An innocent naive little girl with an untapped endless sexual appetite for men.

I thought I was a woman of the world with a very healthy sexual appetite but found compared to my hubby I was a complete angel.

I was sitting the table next to hubby when this guy David sat next to me and started talking. I thought he was a little weird and creepy but he had these amazing green eyes that just looked straight into your soul and kept me completely captivated in a trance like state the entire time he spoke. It may have been because of how much I drank or what I took but hours with this guy seemed like only minutes.

He was kind of thin but very strong looking with a very charismatic confident manner and he seemed to know about everything! It only took about minutes before I felt completely relaxed with this guy and he was sitting right over leaning against like he owned .

Hubby did not seem mind one bit this guy was all over behaving in this sleazy expectant way like he knew I was going say yes sex. Whenever hubby left get another drink this guy was really pressuring for sex and made doubt my loyalty hubby.

I sat there getting more drunk and flirting like a total with this guy trying to make hubby jealous but he almost seemed to be encouraging it. This guy had his hand on my thigh gently squeezing my leg while he wispered obscene suggestions in my ear about how he wanted to fuck me and share me with his friends.

At first I thought he was joking but then realised he was serious and what he was saying did peak my interest and sounded quite exciting! He wanted to take me inside with his friends and fill my pussy with their seed and at first I kept saying no but then they started to wear me down a little and my persistent stern "NO" started to more frequently mix with little wispy maybees.

Four of them were very persistent and just as persuasive and hubby kept disappearing which made it so much harder for me to stay focused with what was the right thing do. Right in front of everyone at the table they were were being very disrespectful toward me. Openly saying how hot I looked and how much they wanted to fuck my pussy and make me swallow their cocks and cover my body in cum.

I couldn't stop giggling because I simply didn't know what to do or how to respond to the pressure of their suggestions. There were all around me at the table now telling me I should just do it and let them all fuck me.

My firm mind was wavering a huge amount and I was seriously starting to consider letting these guys take me inside and fuck me. It was non stop harrassment from these guys and even hubby was pushing me to let them all fuck me.

I ended sitting on Davids lap at the table, his hand right up my dress teasing my pussy into a soaking wet mess. At first I tried to stop him fondling my pussy in front of everyone at the table but then I just completely let go and totally resigned to letting him slip his fingers inside . I started kissing or of the guys there letting them fondle my pussy too.

Hubby had disappeared again and I couldn't see him anywhere!!

I was being smothered by these guys with several of their hands up my dress as I continued to sit on David's lap with my legs spread wide.

I was sofly murmuring to myself in delightful rythyms as I could feel their fingers pushing deeply into the sloppy softness of my incredibly sensative pussy. Just the touch of their slippery fìngers against my soft supple skin made my entire body quiver. I had my eyes closed, my legs spread wide apart and was leaning back against David as I sat on his lap. I could distinctly hear the sound of my soaked pussy sloshing from the multiple fingers stretching my pussy in all different directions and could feel even more hands upon my legs sliding up my inner thigh.

I spread my legs even wider and could feel my juices tricking between my legs and down my ass pooling between my bum cheeks. The sweetness of my scent was over powering all others and I simply couldn't hide my immense pleasure at what they were doing to me. I then felt hands slipping through the broken buttons of my top, massaging my breasts, circling and tweaking my intensly erect swollen nipples. The evidently over powering strong sweet aroma of my juices were filling the air with such an addictive scent it was more than obvious I was ready for their cocks!

David stood me up over the table holding me from behind and ripped my dress open, popping the buttons that ran down the length of the front and let it fall to the ground around my feet. My body fully exposed, my nipples superhard and erect, my legs spread and my pussy more than ready to feel the girth of someone's cock penetrate deep inside my body.

I was put on show for everyone at the table starring at my bare body, witj several men forcibly fondling my body while David jeld me tightly from behind.

He kept whispering in my ear "You like this don't you bitch" I stood there with my eyes closed, my nipples superhard and erect and with my legs spread wide apart being offered to any at the table by David. Asking who wanted with my body, who wanted fill my pussy with cum first and who was going be next, then next, then next! In seconds I had gone from having total control and options to having none.

David held firmly from behind while the others gathered my front fondling my pussy and body. It was so exhilarating feeling so vulnerable and exposed, so not in control, being commanded by a man so confident and in control of the whole situation, having him tell spread my legs wider, tell shut up! Tell get down on my knees and suck some random guys coc

I saw hubby standing a little off the side of the crowd that had gathered watch give some guy a blowjob.

He just stood there quietly, with a kind of shocked yet approving expression on his face, watching me jerk this guy off with my mouth wide open ready to catch his cum in my mouth. He didnt try to intervene at all and actually looked quite excited at what I was doing and I knew then, that everything he had told me about himself wasn't a lie and he was serious about me wanting fucking other men!
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Hubby's Naughty Cum Bucket
Posted:May 29, 2020 3:29 am
Last Updated:Sep 2, 2020 12:58 am
Hubby and myself were going for a walk through the streets at around 11pm in a friend’s neighbourhood just admiring the houses we dream to have one day. We had just left our friends place and decided to go for a stroll instead of heading straight home just for something to do because we didn’t want to behave like old people and be in bed early on a Saturday night.

We came across a house that looked a little unkept with three men sitting on the front porch one floor up having a drink and being obnoxiously loud and vocal. As we walked past they obviously liked the dress I was wearing and made a few very lewd comments referring to what their cocks would like to be doing to my pussy bent over the railings of the porch.

I looked up at them and smiled but hubby didn’t seem very impressed and just ignored them and kept walking not even acknowledging he heard them say anything. I did have a few wines at our friends place so was in a playful flirty mood and made a few friendly suggestive comments back at them. This turned into a good little bantering session between them and myself for a good twenty minutes or so and hubby just ignored them and me and kept walking back to the car leaving me alone engaged in this friendly flirty session with these guys.

I kind of became engrossed in a little light conversation with these guys and expected hubby to return to get me because I had no idea where to go to find him. Standing on the street talking with these guys above me with my boobs jumping out of my dress did seem to captivate their attention which was mainly focused on sex and exploring the possibilities of having sex with me. I kept teasing them and flaunting my body to stir them up and I must have been there for a little while before hubby finally turned up with the car and parked right outside this place.

I stayed leaning against the car with hubby sitting in it waiting for me and totally brooding because I was full on flirting with these guys. I think he wanted to go home but I was enjoying myself behaving like a drunk with these guys. They were older than myself but not by a lot and very friendly and easy to talk too. Hubby kept telling me to get in the car so we could go but I kept ignoring him because I was still having a great old time then being outside finally had its affect on my bladder and I was absolutely busting to go for a pee.

I asked these guys if I could use their toilet and they were very obliging almost tripping over each other to get to the front door first to open it to let me inside. Hubby stayed in the car and he was fuming that much I could actually see his head turning red but there was no way I could hold on any longer.

I went inside and used their toilet and much too my amazement the place was quite clean and tidy although they were some kind of foriegners with a very disciplined manner about themselves which was quite a nice change. Two had beards which I couldn’t resist touching because it really is quite sexy and we stood in the hallway of this place talking about nothing with me trying my best to stand upright and not fall over. The dress I had on was just an old casual flowing knee high dress with straps and an open low cut showing quite a bit of boob which is normal for me but these guys eyes were almost popping just ogling at my breasts with this full on fixated perve and I did kind of like the way they were making it so obvious too because for me it was quite a turn on making me just a little horny.

I wasn’t in any hurry to leave and they weren’t in any hurry to kick me out either and with me shamelessly flirting with them, I couldn’t blame them either. I knew hubby would be absolutely insanely angry at me by now but I just didn’t really care and kept talking with these guys just behind the closed front door and without being derogative in any way, these three were the sleaziest, smoothest and convincing men I have ever encountered but with me being quite very drunk and flirting the way I was it wasn’t really that unexpected.

I knew what they wanted and I wanted to let them have it but there was still that unseen wall between us stopping things from happening. I could feel the sexual tension between us as I stood there with my hand on the doorhandle ready to walk out but not wanting to open that door just quite yet. They were all standing so close to me, almost surrounding me to prevent me from leaving and I could feel that tingling surging through my body that I get when I am aroused. I hesitated opening the door just for a moment and that’s when I felt the slightest touch upon the inside of my leg. One guy was standing to my side so close to me he could have kissed me and dangling his arm down casually touched my inner leg.

The other two were standing just as close on the other side and to my front in this very intimate close proximity to my body with their chests almost pressing against my breasts. I could feel this unbelievably intense sensual electricity between us. I had my head hung low just standing there with my back against this front door looking down at the floor just waiting. Everything had gone quiet and it felt like the moment had gone into slow motion then paused. The touch I felt upon my leg turned into a deliberate feel sliding up and down my inner thigh, then I felt the strap on my dress being pulled away and could feel the material of my dress falling away from my breasts.

I held my breathe in anticipation, trying not to move, trying not to provoke their advances any further but then not resisting them either. For some reason this moment brought back a flood of unwanted memories along with an even bigger flood of responses from my body. My mind was torn, I was fully in the mood for sex, I absolutely wanted to have sex with these men right there and then but I knew I was just being used yet again for sex by yet another group of Randoms taking full advantage of my open friendly nature and sense of sexuality.

I tried to stop myself falling deeper into the abyss of my sexual nature but every touch upon my flesh truly felt like I had been pierced by my demon pinning my feet to the floor where I stood. I simply couldn’t move and in not moving let these guys fondle my body at their pleasure. In seconds my breasts were fully exposed with two of the guys sucking on my nipples with all three with their hands under my dress fondling and fingering my pussy. I kept thinking I shouldn’t be doing this at all, my husband is right outside waiting in the car for me and here I am being felt up by three strange men in a house I had only been in for a very short while. I felt so ashamed of what I was doing but then at the same time I also felt compelled to let them fondle my body as hubby has trained me to be with any man. I felt like a zombie letting them do these things with me because that’s what I have been brainwashed to do with men. It was almost like I was looking down upon myself as if the person being fondled wasn’t actually me but another version of myself.

One of the guys knelt down before me and lifted my dress then started to lick my pussy making comment on how perfectly shaped and smooth my pussy looked with the other two still fondling my breasts making my body and mind respond in these crazy waves of intense pleasure and deep guilt like my body and mind were fighting each other in this intense battle of good and evil. The fact I shouldn’t be doing this right in that moment was what made the sex so incredibly intense and I couldn’t stop myself enjoying what they were doing and how unbelievably wet I become in just a few moments brought quite a few comments from these guys.

I was then turned facing the door, my hand clutching at the door handle so desperately wanting to open the door and flee but I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want them to stop now and when I felt my dress being lifted from behind, I automatically braced myself against the door and spread my legs. We probably had only been at the front door doing this for about ten minutes but in my mind, it already seemed like hours. I reached behind me and grappled at the front of his shorts then felt his cock in my hand and without even looking at it I knew it was going to feel really good. He took me by the hips and in one smooth action he slid his cock deep inside my pussy and didn’t waste a second on any niceties fucking me as hard as he could and slamming my entire body hard up against the door with every natural impulse in his body to push his cock as deeply into my sloppy saturated pussy as he could until he cum deep inside me only moments later.

Then the second guy did the same thing and then the third, all fucking me standing up against this front door and each using me as a cum bucket to dump the seed of their forbidden passion with a girl they had only just met. The sex with all three from start to finish probably only lasted maybe ten minutes or so and when they had finished with me it felt like I was a piece of unwanted dirt that they were desperately trying to sweep out the door.

After they had practically pushed me out, I stood outside the front door for a moment trying to get my head around what had just happened. I wiped the cum still dribbling out of me with my dress and sat in the car with hubby trying not to give him an excuse to yell at me but I think he knew what took me so long because he forced his hand between my legs and felt the undeniable proof of my cum soaked pussy.

He just looked at me with this really deep expression of disgust and called me a slut!

I don’t blame myself for what I do because hubby is the one who started me on this road of self-exploration but I do sometimes think he regrets what he has created because now the thrill of sex with men outside our relationship truly has become a drug for me I simply find it almost impossible to control.
Submissive Wife- A Disgraceful Slut
Posted:May 24, 2020 2:31 pm
Last Updated:Sep 2, 2020 12:59 am
I was my knees with my lips lightly pressed against the underside of his cock as he cum hard shooting his seed over my face. I had cum in my eye from the previous guy and couldn’t see properly with someone else grabbing my hair with a vice like grip. I’m not exactly sure how I ended in this situation but I always seem be so easily convinced into being a slut for every man I meet.

I think it may be because of the reputation I now have amongst my friends and acquaintances because they know I can’t help myself and love the attention I receive from them wanting my body but am I the one blame for my behaviour or am I the victim? I only went my girlfriend’s place have a couple of drinks and help her fit her dress but ended up doing a lot more than just that!

The night was going well until my girlfriend’s roommate turned up with his asshole friends and decided start behaving like dickheads. They had been drinking and mixing and these guys really are absolute bastards when they’re like that and just wouldn’t leave alone. He is only still there because he has nowhere else go and for some reason my girlfriend feels sorry for him so she puts with his bullshit.

I was trying help my girlfriend and they were putting heaps of pressure fuck but I really can’t blame them because I do have a reputation amongst those who know me but I really didn’t want become distracted and be disrespectful my girlfriend.

I was trying fix my girlfriends dress and they would come and dry fuck from behind telling they knew I wanted their cocks and touching my legs or groping at my boobs and pussy. They really were like annoying flies that just wouldn’t go away and die!

At first, I was really annoyed and angry because I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing but then after a few wines and with being the way I am I was kind of enjoying what they were doing and was really starting sway and actually accept being groped and fondled by these pigs. My girlfriend kept telling leave as soon as I had finished helping her but I decided stay for another drink and thought I know what I’m doing and could handle these guys, stay for a few more drinks with my girlfriend then leave before anything would happen.

Damien, who is my girlfriend’s roommate is thirty-four, a complete loser, a total sleaze and so are his friends who are also around the same age. They had been out riding and decided meet at Damien’s place finish with a few drinks which was unfortunate for myself because I was really looking forward just spending some time with my girlfriend and catch .

I was sitting at the table doing what I was doing with Damien and his pig mates sitting around blatantly ogling my boobs and body. I wasn’t even dressed at and just had an old scrappy pair of jeans and a pale-yellow cotton blouse which was so worn and old it was almost falling apart but apparently, according to these guys I looked like a goddess on steroids. At first, they would just playfully grope at my breasts and touch my pussy through my jeans trying to stir a little and I didn’t want upset them so I just played along with their humour and laughed it off. It was annoying but only because I was trying concentrate although it was also quite flattering and very stimulating that Damien and his friends wanted .

They kept asking about my hubby and what the situation was with us and I lied and kept telling them I wasn’t allowed fuck anyone anymore but that didn’t seem bother these guys one little bit. They really started putting some pressure on me saying it wouldn’t get out and they swore not tell a soul and although I knew that wasn’t true, I convinced myself they wouldn’t say anything because I wanted believe them. I was becoming seriously horny from the wine and the flirting and body touching that was going .

These guys know I can’t say no men and my girlfriend wasn’t much help and was now kind of their side trying convince finish another bottle of wine with her. I was at the table and had finished what I was doing and went into the kitchen to pour myself another drink and while I was standing at the sink pouring my drink Brett came right behind and stood so close I could feel his breathe upon the back of my neck. He put his hands on my waist and squeezed slightly, saying I had the sexiest tightest little ass, then slowly slid his hands around the front of my body pushing down on my pelvis and grinding his fingers into my pussy.

I had my hands on the glass and bottle of wine while he did this but I didn’t bother to stop him. I just froze and let him do it, enjoying the sensations it was conjuring in my body with my senses coming alive and sensitivity increasing ever so rapidly making murmur in response. I really like Brett and always have so it was easy for let him do what he was doing. I put the glass and wine down and placed my hands the edge of the bench pushing my ass into his crotch I started to grind myself against his body. I was buzzing with tingling sensations surging through my body awakening every sensual nerve and stimulating my mind turning my most profound thought into a frenzy of sexual desires.

In minutes of him touching my body my thoughts went from having to leave to wanting to stay!

I turned around and started to kiss Brett with his friends watching what we were doing from the table. My girlfriend didn’t care because she knows what I’m like and went to get ready leaving alone fend for myself. I went into a bit of a dreamy state of mind and could feel my body responding to what I was doing with such an intensity it was almost impossible to control. I could feel Brett undoing my jeans as we kissed but I didn’t bother to stop him and just let him do it in front of his friends. I knew he wouldn’t be the only one who would want to take advantage of but I didn’t care, I wanted his friends touch too, I now wanted them touch my body. I was really enjoying the moment then Brett turned me around facing the bench, pulled my jeans down slightly to expose my bare ass and slapped my ass saying he was going to destroy my pussy. Still in full view of his friends he bent me over the bench top and with his cock in his hand he pushed it inside my very ready wet pussy. His friends were all behaving like excited monkeys telling him to fuck me hard but he didn’t, he was very gently and almost loving in the way he started to fuck me but then after a few minutes he couldn’t control himself.

He listened to his friends and completely ignored me grabbing me by the hair and wrenching my head back with every hard thrust he made. I obviously wasn’t screaming out enough for him or his friends and he kept doing it harder and harder until he was almost wrenching my head clean of my shoulders and had me screaming out so loudly, I’m certain the neighbours would have heard.

My girlfriend knew what was going on and put on some music then went back upstairs to continue getting ready. Brett fucked me from behind in a hard and determined manner like he was in a hurry to cum and the second he cum he grabbed me by the hair wrenching my head back, slapped my ass and cum deep inside my pussy. He paused for a moment then offered me to his friends watching. I wanted to fuck his friends too but I know what they are like when they get together and I knew they wouldn’t be kind. They have fucked me before as a group with hubby watching and were absolutely brutal, tearing me apart like a pack of dogs and when they bound me all I did was scream the entire time they used my body for sex.

I struggled a little trying to pull my jeans back up but Nick came over to me before I did and started kissing me slipping his hand between my legs and touching my pussy in such a way it made my entire body quiver, then I went limp as I gave myself to him too. I wanted to leave but I couldn’t because it felt so good being fingered and touched by Nick in full view of everyone else. I leaned against the bench spreading my legs giving Nick more room to and let my jeans slip further down my legs. I started moan a little as he fondled my pussy making even wetter and with Brett’s cum inside it felt like silk when another two guys came and started finger my pussy too.

There was a huge scramble for the rest to get in around and join in the fun then I just closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensation of having so many fingers slipping in and out of my pussy. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling and kept giggling as my hands wandered from one cock to another feeling the hardness of their manhood pressing through the material of their thick riding pants. I looked at each one of them with an expression of coyness as I let them push even more fingers inside my pussy altogether making moan loudly.

I looked down and saw many hands moving between my legs with many more fingers inside from both the front and from behind. I couldn’t stop myself enjoying this and was very quickly becoming so very lost in my own inward sensations of sensual satisfaction. I started to pant and grabbed at the men around me trying to hold myself because I could feel my legs starting give way from the uncontrollable shaking from being fingered so intensely by so many at once. I felt so naughty, so vulnerable and so excited, wishing this will never stop! I tried to walk away because I just couldn’t cope with the tingling inside my body building to such an extreme level readying to burst with an explosive finale. I was stopped by the group fingering my pussy holding me up between them and making me endure the intensity of the heightened level of stimulation I was feeling. I started to squeal in little bursts and was holding onto their shoulders breathing so erratically and feeling my legs tighten and straighten, then suddenly I just couldn’t stop it from happening! I started to gush all over the floor then collapsed in a heap upon the ground in the middle of this pack of men.

I started to whimper a little from the intensity of the climax I just had and couldn’t move but not one of them would help me up and instead started to get their cocks out for me to suck saying they hadn’t finished with me yet! Mick picked me up and carried me to the couch throwing me on my back with my jeans still down around my ankles he used the legs to tie them around my ankles saying that will stop me from getting away. He then rolled me onto my stomach and positioned me on the floor leaning over the couch.

The others followed him like a pack of excited hyenas making wolf sounds and being total jerks saying what they were going to do to my ass and pussy. Gavin came up behind me and took hold of my arms holding them behind my back with one hand while he undid his zipper with the other and pulling his erect cock out. The entire time he was doing this he was telling me what a slut I was being fucking them behind my hubby’s back and he threatened to tell hubby if I complained about anything. I just nodded, too paralysed in fear to do anything else as the others readied themselves for their turn to fuck me too.

Gavin is quite a sizable man and his weight against my petite little frame was almost crushing me. He slipped his cock into me from behind and started to fuck me like a would fuck, huffing and puffing heavily because he is so overweight and unfit. It still felt good feeling his sizeable cock inside my pussy with his thumb lodged deeply in my ass and with the other hand grabbing at my hair pulling my head and shoulders back. There were eleven men there and not one of them cared about how the sex felt for me at all, fucking me like a pack of dogs would fuck a bitch on heat hoping on and off me like I was a show ride and fucking me in every position possible.

These guys really were utter pigs and my girlfriend must have slipped out unnoticed because I never saw her again that night. I was used by these guys as any group of men would use a slut that had something to hide. They did whatever they wanted with me because they knew I wouldn’t say anything to hubby and as sad as this may sound, I actually really enjoy being treated that way now. Rough sex has almost become like a drug for me and deep down I know I need my fix whenever I can get it and so does hubby. He knows what I am like, he knows I sometimes just cant help myself and he knows no matter what I do with other men he will always be the man I will love, even if I do stray a little sometimes.
Submissive Wife- Sprung by Hubby!
Posted:May 6, 2020 6:46 pm
Last Updated:May 8, 2020 12:29 am
The atmosphere of the night really changed for me when hubby walked into the room. I was being showered in cum by three men all jerking off over my face whilst straddling Mathew on the floor with his cock deep inside my pussy and waiting for their turn to also fuck me yet again was Nick and Brad, guys I had only met that night! That’s when hubby walked through the front door and saw what was going on but he wasn’t upset at me for fucking his work friend again and his four mates, he was upset because I had done it behind his back!

I wanted to make hubby feel jealous because he had been ignoring me but I didn’t expect the reaction from him I received. I hadn’t planned to be sprung by hubby at all and was going to tell him what I did later to get him to give me more attention so when hubby saw me, it looked like his head was about to explode! I hadn’t planned anything either but being at home all by myself with hubby gone for so long days and nights working I was feeling very lonely and horny. I was online with a bottle of wine looking for men to meet and one bottle turned into two and yes, I was quite tipsy and horny. Then out of nowhere I thought of Mathew who was the guy I was with a short while ago who was right into the rough sex scene with his friend which I did immensely enjoy.

I found his number in hubby’s little sex book of contacts and called him pretending it was a work matter, which he saw through pretty quickly and promptly worked out I was horny and just wanted sex so after a short chat I had somehow agreed to letting him and four of his friends to meet at my place for a little play time fun.

Hubby is always really late home from work so it didn’t bother me they would be arriving when he was due home but I suppose I should’ve told hubby but was in one of my bitch moods so felt why should I tell him. Mathew arrived first then in a space of around twenty minutes the other four showed up too. Mathew was definitely the dominant male and Justin and Nick very similar in build and attitude with Dan and Brad still arrogantly confident but much more sexually considerate. Once the last to arrive showed none of them wasted a minute further before having sex with me. I was sitting on the couch with my wine in hand feeling quite tipsy and very horny dressed in my skimpy little black dress surrounded by five men all licking their lips and ready to pounce for sex.

I was wanting to have a few more wines and maybe chat a little to get to know more of Mathews friends but didn’t get that chance. Mathew being as he is took the wine from my hand and set it down on the table then picked up my petite tiny frame and sat me down on his lap straddling his cock. I started to giggle a little when he hurriedly pulled his cock from his trousers then grabbed me by the hips and pushed me down over his very adequately sized hard erect cock. I felt it slide inside me filling my pussy making my entire body tremble as all my senses started tingling. I looked around at the other guys watching on and could tell in their eyes they were very excited and sexually stimulated watching my petite well shaped body being impaled by Mathews sizable cock and enjoying the response I was giving as he bounced my body up and down the shaft of his circumcised thick veined cock. I was wetter than wet and two of them even commented at how seriously responsive I was to the sex saying they have never seen a chick “Go off” the way I was reacting.
I just couldn’t help myself screaming out and clutching onto Mathew as he spoke dirty to me telling me what a dirty little I was and he was going to fuck my ass next and watch his friends use me like a complete slut. They all kept saying “C’mon slut, ride his cock harder!” The derogative, demeaning verbal abuse was non stop from all five of them and so was the physically torturous painful sex. I was bouncing on Mathews cock and the others kept grabbing my nipples and pulling and twisting them really hard making me scream out and winch from the pain. The more intensely I responded the more enjoyment they received laughing at my discomfort and pain which only made the sex even more intense for me keeping me right on the brink of gushing.

Mathew hadn’t cum yet when Justin came up behind me and with one hand leaning on my back and the other on his cock, he slowly filled my ass. The angles were all wrong and it hurt like hell as they brutally tore me apart going at it as hard and fast as they could fucking me like excited dogs! I threw my head back in pain knocking Justin in the face then he grabbed me by the hair and aggressively pulled my head back as he fucked me in the ass with Mathew still holding me by the hips and bouncing me over his cock. They kept looking at each smirking as they both took great pleasure in making it as painful for me as they could and listening to me screaming out begging for them to stop.

The deafening screaming, I was doing along with the desperate pleading for them to stop only seemed to excite them all even more!

Nick jumped up on the couch and grabbed my head forcing my mouth over his cock and started making me gag on his cock while Mathew and Justin were still fucking me in the ass and pussy. I was being pulled in every direction and not one of them cared a bit at how the sex was for me and were only interested in how much they were enjoying it. I felt so used and disrespected by the way these guys were treating me but I truly felt I deserved to be treated this way by them because I am worthless to them other than for them to use me for sex. I let men treat me this way because I enjoy being treated this way and deserve to be treated like this because as my hubby always says, I am only alive to pleasure him and every other male I meet, to let them enjoy me in any way they please.

Then Dan and Brad joined in behaving like excited puppies wanting to fuck me too. I think originally, they only came along to watch but I think the way I was reacting so very intensely to the sex was just too much for them to stand idly by anymore and not be part of the fun. I was abruptly dragged away from Mathew and Justin by Nick as he held be by the hair and literally pulled me out from between them. I was confused at first and didn’t know what he wanted with me but his strength and the pain of him pulling my hair was my guide. He pulled me to the end of the couch and lay me down on my stomach with my head over the edge then demanded I get up on my knees and held my head in position against the couch arm. Brad and Dan and Mathew then started taking turns fucking me from behind while Justin and Nick were face fucking me as fast and as hard as they could.

They stood next to each other grabbing me by the hair and fucked my mouth forcing their cocks down my throat while the other three were taking turns fucking my ass and pussy from behind. The entire time I was being pinned down by their weight upon my back or some other physical force preventing me from moving. I could barely catch my breath and really had no idea what to expect from any of them as they all just individually whatever they wanted with me but all at the same time. They were verbally abusing me, calling me a cunt, a slut, telling me to move here or there and put me in a heap of different position and fucked me with such contempt it felt like I was just a fuck cushion for them to cum all over.

I didn’t even realise hubby was standing there watching until the guys just suddenly stopped fucking me and a deafening silence fell upon the room like a cloud of doom. My heart simply sank and I suddenly started to tremble a little because I knew I was in serious trouble with hubby. He just glared at me and went straight to the bedroom, probably to calm down a bit. I didn’t want them to leave but the guys thought it would be best and left me there alone to face the wrath of my hubby who was still in the bedroom.

I put my clothes back on and wiped my face clean of cum, then just waited in silence in the lounge expecting hubby to come out and be seriously angry at me for what I did. He came out of the bedroom and made me wait for a very long time while he did his things before he finally spoke to me and when he did he simply said in a very calm precise tone and manner “I am not upset, just disappointed and you know how much I dislike being disappointed by you so from now on things will change for you” Then he went out again and left me there on my own and didn’t come back until the next day.

I obviously hurt him deeply and so will have to make amends, but how is obviously a mystery at the moment but no doubt I will find out soon enough.
Submissive Wife- Forbidden Sex with Monsters!
Posted:May 5, 2020 7:30 am
Last Updated:Sep 22, 2020 3:43 am
I had been wanting to have sex with my husband’s work friend ever since I first met him but because he was my husband’s co-worker he was deemed to be strictly hands off by hubby. I know I can have any man I want but this guy was just so very sexy and every time we saw each other I always felt there was this strong sexual magnetism between us.

He was no nice guy though and I could tell he was a bit of a sleaze and although he had a partner, he did like to flirt with me whenever he came by the house for something. One of those guys who appeared to be just perfect, good looking, hot body, devoted to his partner but I could always sense deep down he wasn’t as good a person as people thought. I just always had this feeling if he had the opportunity, he would fuck me hard and waste absolutely no time doing it either.

He had that typical He-Man look, hair just perfect, nice muscular body and that tense control freak look about him. He came across as a domineering arrogant bastard but I always seem to be very attracted to that type and his friend who always seem to be with him when he dropped by was pretty much the same but just not quite as bulky and large. Together they both looked like an intimidating force and not people you would want to upset and expect them to just shrug it off.

Him and his friend came by around midday to catch up with hubby so being the kind hearted person I am offered to fix him and his friend something to eat if they wanted lunch. At first, they said no but after a little prompting from me they decided to change their mind and stay but just for a while.

I was fine with that because I wasn’t doing much anyway and I wanted the company just to break the boredom so I joined them for a few drinks in the entertainment room. We made a little small talk, had a few drinks, then a girlfriend of mine called so I was on the phone for about an hour to her whilst hubby and the two guys were playing some game in the entertainment room.

I was in the kitchen talking to her and she kept telling me I should fuck these guys which was a little embarrassing because she was on speaker phone and I was certain hubby and these two guys could hear so I kept making a joke of it but it did get a few laughs going between us because she has heard me talk about them many times before and knew I wanted to fuck them. I finally finished making lunch and I was kind of expecting to see hubby when I took it into the entertainment room but he had already left for an appointment he had to attend soon although that isn’t anything unusual because that’s just the way he is so I had lunch and a few more drinks with his friends who were waiting for hubby to return.

They really started to open up to me and were quite candid too in these fairly deep conversations we were having and especially when the topic of conversation kept getting dragged back to sex by them, I couldn’t help feeling a little horny.
With these two guys there was just something about them that was creating a lot of sexual chemistry between us, although I knew I couldn’t act upon, deep down I really did want too. I kept thinking to myself I could easily fuck these two and hubby wouldn’t even know and it was starting to feel obvious they also wanted to fuck me and after a few more wines I was certainly in the mood for sex!

I was sitting in the chair opposite these two guys with just my thin black cotton leggings on and a sloppy off the shoulder thick cotton top. I had no make up on, my hair was a complete mess, I must have looked totally hideous and they still complimented me on how beautiful I looked. I couldn’t believe it and kept thinking to myself, surely, they wouldn’t want to have sex with me looking like this! I just kind of ignored their compliments because I thought they were just teasing me but then after a while it became obvious, they were both trying to seduce me.

Then I started to wonder, did they come over knowing hubby couldn’t stay? Did he mention something at work? Then, I started thinking had they heard of the rumours that I knew were circulating about my promiscuous ways with men?

I knew in the back of my mind fucking these guys would be a huge mistake and hubby would be absolutely furious but there was just so much sexual chemistry there between us and the wine was definitely starting to take its effect on my inhibitions and self-control. I started to really flirt with these guys and they were certainly responding especially when things started getting a little physical between us as we were being playful with each other.

I had that one wine too many and it really hit me hard making me feel quite relaxed and extremely horny. I started to feel really quite attracted to these guys and was now finding it very hard to resist the temptation to fuck them but I knew hubby could be home soon and I kept thinking was it really worth the risk. I was so horny now flirting with these two and my body was screaming YES but my mind was still saying NO!

Now that I had too many wines, sitting between these two was just too dangerous for me because now that hubby wasn’t around, they had both changed and were trying their very best to fuck my pussy. Was it because I was a little too tipsy and flirting with them giving them every signal, I wanted sex, or was it because they had planned this and came here to have sex with me? I know we were being physically playful and flirting, a lot, but these two were getting very hands on with my body and I knew if I didn’t do something things would get out of control.

I got up to get some more drinks and I could feel I had become a little moist from all the touching that was going on between us and I truly think the only reason nothing too serious had happened yet was because none of us knew when hubby would return. I was in the kitchen and out of their view and I just couldn’t stop thinking about having sex with the both of these guys, so I slipped my hand down under my leggings and started to touch myself.

I was standing beside the bench with one hand against the bench and the other down the front of my leggings rubbing my clitoris with my fingers. It felt so hot being so naughty doing this too myself with those two men in the next room. I could hear them talking to each other and I started to think of them fucking me and licking my pussy and it was making me feel so hot it turned my pussy into a saturated mess. I closed my eyes and started to really push my fingers inside myself and I could feel I was bringing myself toward a climax.

I really did feel like a naughty school girl doing something wrong but I kept going and so wanted to climax because that was making me feel so hot. I tried to stop myself but I couldn’t, the urge had gone too far, then my legs stiffened up, I wanted to stop but all my senses wouldn’t let me, in an uncontrolled spasm of little mini fits I climaxed, holding everything in and trying to be as silent as I could but luckily the game was loud so that covered my little outburst of verbal satisfaction but I didn’t quite fully satisfy myself and I was still super horny and in fact I think this just made me even worse because now I was almost jumping out of my skin and was desperately wanting to be fucked by these guys!

I went back into the entertainment room with the drinks and I could feel my clit still tingling like crazy so I brought out a few things which the boys decided not to have but I did indulge to try to relax but it only made things so much worse for myself.

I was sitting between these two watching them play the game with my legs crossed leaning into the bulky guy with my top so far down off my shoulder my entire right breast was showing almost down to my nipple. I kept trying my hardest to get one of these guys to notice and do something but I was kind of being ignored because they were both far too engrossed in this game. I grabbed the controller and laughing held it behind my back so they both tried to get it from me and I struggled then it just happened.

The muscular bulky guy, the one I really liked suddenly had his hand under my top fondling my breasts and was kissing me. We kissed for what seemed like a long time and he kept fondling my breasts the whole time which was feeling absolutely awesome. Everything went dead silent then the other guy sitting on the other side of me kissed me too and that was all they both needed.

In less than a minute, things became seriously heated but while I was doing things with these two the entire time my mind was screaming at me to stop! I knelt on the floor watching the two of them standing in front of me undoing their zippers, then slowly in what seemed like slow motion I looked on as two gorgeous looking fully engorged very sizable circumcised cocks were released only centimetres from my face. I should have stopped there but I didn’t and the way I was feeling just couldn’t! I was fully aroused and not in control of my senses. I had one cock in each hand and pulled them both close to me engulfing them with my mouth fully open and rubbing the softness of my lips over and around the head of both their cocks. I slowly slid my hand gently up and down the long shaft of each cock smiling at the size of both of them.

I couldn’t stop myself moving my hips in a back and forth motion as I gently sucked on their rigid hard cocks as they both fondled my breasts and played with my hair. I felt so very afraid of hubby returning but that fear was overpowered by my deep urge for sex. I wanted to stop and I knew I should have stopped but my body just wouldn’t obey my mind.

Then the smaller guy took my top completely off along with my leggings and slipped beneath me and started to lick my pussy. It felt like heaven feeling his moist warm tongue gliding over the extreme sensitivity of my clitoris. I then shuffled forward a little so I was kneeling on my knees with my legs spread wide above him while he licked my pussy, I was giving the other a blowjob while he stood before me. I kept thinking to myself hubby will walk through the front door any second now and I will be in so much trouble but I just couldn’t stop! I didn’t want to stop! I had gone too far to be capable of stopping myself now and my body was overwhelmingly controlling my mind, I so desperately wanted their cocks inside me, I wanted to feel them stretch my pussy and I wanted to feel the warmth of their hot physical lust against mine.

All my sexual urges totally ignored any self-dignity making me knowingly give myself to these two men against my husbands wishes to behave like a complete slut and practically begging for them to fuck my pussy and treat me like a ! I felt so ashamed at what I was doing but at the time I simply didn’t care!

I just couldn’t stop myself from smiling and giggling as these two took control of my body with one of them now inside me from behind and the other holding me by the hair lifting my head up and down over his cock making me swallow as much of it as I could to make me violently gag. The guy fucking me from behind slipped his hand around and started rubbing my clit as he fucked me and it was feeling unbelievably fantastic! I started to squeal and scream almost passing out from the erratic breathing as I edged dangerously close to having a full-blown climax. The thought of hubby catching me fucking these two forbidden co-workers was making me so wet and hot and the way they were having sex with me was making me feel so worthless and cheap it was simply exhilarating.

I kept having these fleeting thoughts thinking they must have heard rumours about me because they both seemed to know exactly how I liked to have sex. They were both dominating, rough and demeaning making me feel so devalued and completely worthless, nothing more than trash for them to use and abuse and they knew I was loving every second of what they were doing with my body.

The guy I liked seemed to love making me gag on his cock and kept doing it harder and deeper every time telling his friend to fuck me harder as well. I was fucked in every position conceivable, almost as if they had both rehearsed the entire thing and put in weeks and weeks of thought into everything, they did with me. They went from being these two nice, very polite charming men to complete sexual monsters using me to fulfill their every deranged sexual fantasy all in one night. They both used me like a fuck doll the entire time we had sex, concentrating purely on the physical to complete their sexual mission of fucking their friends wife as fast as they could and bragging to each other while they both did it to me, making me endure their sexual feats saying they should have brought more men with them.

The guy I liked became a real bastard, especially when he realised how much I enjoyed the pain of the rough sex. He made me kneel on the floor in front of him, then he took hold of my nipple between his thumb and finger and squeezed and twisted, making the pain feel almost unbearable for me, then slowly pulled me upward until my mouth was level with his cock, then would tell me to suck his cock and if I wasn’t doing it perfectly he would squeeze and twist my nipple even harder until I screamed in agony.

When they both started doing things like this to me, it was then I realised they must have planned this and they must have known hubby would go out and probably knew for how long too because they both left in a big hurry only twenty minutes before he arrived home. They also knew I wouldn’t say anything and they both warned me not too before leaving saying if I did tell hubby they would make certain they would tell everyone what I did with them. They weren’t anything like I thought they were and I couldn’t have misjudged them both more wrongly because they may have both looked decent, but they both definitely possessed the minds of demons. The way they looked at me with utter disgust and spoke to me with that tone of distain made me automatically succumb to their demands.

I was handled very abruptly by these two and they both seemed to really get off on making me beg for everything they were doing to my body. They kept slapping my pussy, slapping my ass and squeezing my throat, pulling my hair and making me often gag on their cocks and when they fucked me it was like they seriously wanted to destroy my body, my spirit and soul! They both refused to use protection and would always cum over my face telling me as they covered my face in cum that whores like me needed to hide their faces from the shame. They spoke to me in such a derogative demeaning tone and manner it made me shudder into submission. I was made to crawl into my shell of protection to survive their twisted evil sexual torture.

I felt completely at their mercy, on my own, vulnerable and unable to say a word of anything to anyone giving them both absolute control over anything they wanted to do and I realised they were very much aware of this. I was scared but that real fear was so sexually stimulating it made my entire body quiver almost the entire time I was being used by them. They were both so arrogantly confident in the way they physically handled me I felt I had absolutely no choice other than to perform the physically explicit sexual acts of depravity they made me do for them both. One of them made me lick the cum off the floor that had dripped of my face when the other one cum over me telling me a good slut never wastes anything. I never once refused anything they made me do totally giving myself to these two because I felt I had no choice. It was not my position to refuse them for what they wanted from me no matter how disgusting or repulsive.

I started to wish for hubby to return thinking his punishment would be far better then what these two were doing with me. Fucking my pussy and ass together hurt like hell and they only laughed when I screamed making it hurt even more to make me scream louder. Hubby had left me unattended with two sexual monsters and I was starting to think he had done this purposely to teach me a lesson because the sex with them was nothing short of brutal!

Luckily, I was able to hide the bruises they left on my breasts because at the time I felt if hubby ever did find out I had sex with those two men he would probably never forgive my disloyalty to him.

Although, the question still plays in my mind if hubby did know about it and had set me up knowing how weak I am and had actually planned the whole thing as part of one of his twisted sex games he likes to play or did his friends simply take advantage of my vulnerable state, saw an opportunity with me and just took it to enjoy the sex with me they may have heard about elsewhere?

Hubby has done this type of thing with me before and I can’t stop wondering if he has been purposely playing with my mind with these two. In writing this confession which I know hubby will read will only cleanse my guilt and clear my mind and the rest is up to hubby.

Either way, the sex was absolutely awesome and will be worth the punishment whatever that may be, because I haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since.
Submissive Wife- The Bareback GB
Posted:May 1, 2020 11:19 pm
Last Updated:May 5, 2020 7:27 am
It was our role date night again and when hubby picked up from my friend’s house, I was dressed exactly how he had asked loo He wouldn’t tell what he had planned for which only makes the sexual tension even more pronounced and he has had perform some really exhilarating sexual acts in the past so it makes me so excited when he keeps things a surprise.

He wanted me wear my skimpy little red shoe string top which clings very tightly to my body and my high cut white cotton shorts. The top is so transparent it is like wearing nothing at all and the shorts so frayed and high cut they are more like wearing a thong. You could even see my shaven pussy through the front side angles and when I sat down if I open my legs just the slightest it would bear everything!

I had a feeling hubby was going to have used by heaps of men tonight because he just had that special glint in his eye and that thought alone was enough to excite me but not knowing by how many or by whom was what really excited my tingling clitoris. We drove for about an hour and forty minutes and ended up in a very isolated area and despite my best efforts to convince hubby to tell me, he still wouldn’t say a thing about what his plans were for me when we arrived and it excited me beyond usual because the anticipation was overwhelming! All he kept saying on the way there was that my pussy will be worked hard with what he had organised.

He seemed very calm and self-assured which put me at ease too and when we arrived at this place which looked more like a fortress, I started to feel just a little anxious but definitely aroused. The area was very quiet but I could hear some music playing from the back of this small building with voices of many men sounding very boisterous.

Hubby led me through the side gate and I followed holding his hand trying not to trip in the dark in my high heels with the overgrown bushes scraping and tugging at my almost naked body and clothing. We came though to the back where the men where partying along with a heap of women most of whom I think were like me and taken by their partners to be used by the many, many, many men there.

Hubby had taken me to a privately organised night and there were at least ten times more men there than there were women. Without sounding vain, the other women there paled in comparison to how gorgeous and sexy I looked with my firm full breasts and bare ass attracting a huge amount of attention the second we entered the back area. A little unusual for me but I did feel a little coy as we walked through this crowd of men to put our drinks in the ice box hearing so many of them commenting at how much they wanted to fuck my perfectly shaped ass.

As we slowly moved through, I must have had every we passed grope at my ass while I stood behind hubby holding his hand. I kept thinking if I let go of hubby, I will probably be mauled by these guys, as it was I already had a couple of men slip their hands under my top and tweak my nipples but they were all drunk so I didn’t mind and it was quite stimulating. I kept wondering what hubby had planned for me here, did he expect me to fuck everyone here or just a few, or did he just bring me here to tease every for a while then take away which he has done before. Sometimes he just likes show off everyone, like he himself is teasing other men who are desperately wanting fuck then snatch away just before I am tempted sneak off with them let them fuck my pussy or give them a blowjob.

Sometimes at places like this he will hover over me like a hawk controlling absolutely every single little thing I do then other times he has just let me roam free, not even really caring what I am doing, who with or how many men I do things with.

This night hubby either purposely or mistakenly let me roam freely amongst the groups of men that followed my every move. I seemed have my own little following of very eager men following me everywhere I wandered all trying so desperately hard fuck but I had so much choice and quite honestly just didn’t know who choose. I know things can very quickly spiral out of control which has happened many times in the past especially if I have had too much to drink but I didn’t want to make that same mistake again tonight.

I wanted to prove to hubby I can control myself because he has tested me before like this and I have failed receiving harsh punishment for my mistakes and I knew he was testing my loyalty again and I was determined not to disappoint him. All night I was been tempted by these hot looking guys who all wanted to take me inside and fuck but I kept pushing them away by just being a complete rude bitch! This isn’t normally who I am at all and usually I am very eager to please any man who approaches me but tonight I just knew hubby was setting me up to fail. There have been a few times in the past where I have snuck off to fuck one guy which has turned into many men and then hubby has found out and made me fuck everyone there as punishment for not behaving myself.

I had only been there I think for a little over an hour or so and already I could feel myself starting to weaken. There were so many men there who wanted me and it was just so very hard to resist flirting with them. Most of the men there were around late thirties or early forties and I didn’t know any of them because hubby had taken me to a new place and different group we had never mixed with before. I felt like I was the fresh meat at the market and really was the bright like attracting every sleazy, horny sexual deviate in sight. I was by far the youngest girl there and certainly the prettiest and I do seem to have this natural ability to seem sexually flirtatious even when I’m not trying to be and all the attention, I was getting really was making me feel incredibly horny.

I started to sit on men’s knees while talking with everyone at the table and letting their hands roam a little more with each . If one guy was getting hands on with I would sit on another guys knee and let him with my body which seemed like a good way resist temptation by breaking their concentration and my natural submission but everyone else I think they thought I was just being the promiscuous party slut and purposely letting everyone and anyone have a little with .
I became kind of trapped at this table with around men all wanting fuck playing this drinking game and for some reason I kept losing and it wasn’t long before I was very drunk flirting like a shameless with every . Hubby wasn’t anywhere in sight and so I felt quite safe behaving the way I was behaving with this changing group of men. I became the loud, vocal, hot looking girl that was obviously horny and behaving very amorously with any guy there and became a target for every who wanted fuck!

I had been left totally defenceless by hubby who was obviously playing one of his little sex games with me again and so I thought if he wants me to fuck other men then that’s exactly what I’m going to do for him. I deliberately started to tease men and let them fondle my body giving them almost full permission to do anything they wanted and as much as they wanted which only attracted more men until I became the entertainment for a whole bunch of men crowding around this table where we were all playing this sex drinking game.

One of my straps had broken on my top so my boobs were left barely covered with the top sagging down and barely clinging to my breasts with men either side of me constantly arousing my senses by insisting on touching my pussy while I was talking to other men at the table. I didn’t mind at all and they all knew this and so fully took advantage of my horny state. I had other guys leaning over and slowly peeling my top down exposing my breasts and showing my nipples to everyone and I would just laugh and giggle and try to pull my top back up. I also had these new guys sitting either side of who were seriously eagerly finger fucking my pussy and it felt absolutely amazing being finger fucked by guys with everyone else watching. I couldn’t stop myself from verbally enjoying this and holding them both close to with my arms wrapped around the both of them and looking down watching them slipping their fingers into my pussy through the gap in my shorts.

I was an instant hit with these men and pretty soon I was the centre focus of every ’s desire. I just wanted keep drinking and having fun and kept getting up dance and flirted with everyone I came into contact with but these men who I was there with had other ideas and all they seemed to want to do was fuck me!

All night they kept trying to take me inside and I knew if I went inside with them that meant they would all probably end up fucking me and I didn’t want that so I kept using my hubby as an excuse saying I couldn’t because he wouldn’t want me to go off alone with anyone. These men tried so hard to convince me to go with them and even tried dragging me inside but I can be very stubborn and refused but not because I didn’t want to but because I was scared of how hubby might react. I was more than happy to keep flirting with them outside where I knew I would be reasonably safe and teasing every with by letting them treat like the complete slut I was behaving like with them but I didn’t want be punished by hubby again for disobeying his demands.

I resisted for a long time but they kept wearing me down, getting me hornier and hornier until I was almost ready give in and let them take inside. I did see hubby a few times at a distance look over at me watching what I was doing with these men but he never said or did anything stop doing the things I was doing with them. I started become a little confused and started lose my resolve be so stubborn and slowly I became more open the idea of going inside with this now very large group of men I had attracted. I was really flattered that so many men wanted fuck my pussy and at how popular I was at this place.

I was quite drunk by now and sitting on the table with men crammed around me because I had some how become the prize of a bet that they had all made with me. I don’t even remember making such a bet but I was sitting on the table with my legs spread and leaning back on my arms. I had noticed one of my boobs had now partially fallen out of my top and there were a heap of men playing with my pussy making me so wet my juices were trickling down my ass from my pussy and it felt absolutely amazing! It makes me feel so dirty and horny when I do things like this and let men use me this way to show me performing a live sex show for everyone to see.

I really don’t know how I ended up like this but then next thing I knew some guy had his cock in my mouth. I automatically started to move my tongue around the head of his cock while he held it in his hand with his other hand gently holding the back of my head. I started to move my hips to the many fingers inside my pussy and I could feel the tingling inside my body building. Then another guy knelt on the table placing his cock in my mouth then everyone else started to do the same getting their cocks out, all fully erect, rock hard and ready to use my body.

I was pulled to the end of the table, my shorts removed, my legs spread wide, then the first guy slipped his cock inside my hot saturated pussy. The rest of the men all crowded around watching closely as this guy fucked me, cheering him on and making seriously derogative comments about my behaviour. I think it took him less than a minute to cum and he held onto my hips tightly as he pumped his seed deep inside my pussy. I didn’t care he had just cum in me and just moaned like a when the next guy slipped his cock inside my pussy.

I was surrounded by men watching me being fucked on the outdoor table in the back area of this building with just as many others starting to wander toward the table wondering what was happening. The circle of men surrounding me became thicker and thicker with a lot of them shouting and cheering as they watched me being fucked by one guy after another on the edge of this table.

I was really drunk and didn’t resist at all just letting them take me one at a time, fuck my pussy, cum inside me, then go off bragging about what number they were in the line of men that had gathered to fuck me. Some of the guys cum almost the instantly the moment they slipped their cocks inside my pussy but others would fuck me for a long time and the one thing they all did was use my pussy as a cum dump. Even if they had used protection, they would still rip it off and jerk themselves over my pussy. The layers of cum were running of me and dripping over the table and onto the ground as it flowed from inside my body and over my cum covered pussy. Some guys started to fist fuck me too making me gush a number of times spraying everywhere much to the delight and entertainment of everyone watching.

I kept looking down at the men sliding their cocks inside my pussy and there was cum splattered all over my body. It was embarrassing how much of it was oozing from my pussy especially when men started fisting my pussy. I lost count of how many men fucked me that night but it was a lot! I was eventually taken inside to one of the bedrooms where I was continued to be used by every there sometimes , four or five at a time. I simple couldn’t stop myself and couldn’t say no to any of them. I was fucked in the ass too by quite a few of the men and many others used my mouth making feel so much like a sex slave .

Through out the night I would see hubby watch me for a while then leave and then come back a little later and do the same as if he was checking up on what I was doing to make sure I was being the best little slut I could possibly be for him. He likes to listen to other men bragging to each other about how good a fuck I was especially when they don’t realise who he is and brag about the sex they had with me directly to him. I think he really gets off on knowing how much of a cum slut I am even if he doesn’t get to see me being one just the reputation I now have amongst the people we know is like a badge of honour for him to know he has the best trained sex slave. When I was taken inside into the bedroom, I did become the best slut for hubby and everyone there gave so many compliments at how well I gave blowjobs and how willing I was to do anything for anyone!

I won’t go into the full details of what happened with me that night especially in the room because some of you may not approve but I know hubby very much enjoyed sharing me with his new friends. I went to this place looking so magnificently gorgeous and sexy and left the next morning with hubby looking so worn, exhausted and used but hubby was absolutely beaming with joy.

I was tied to the bed for awhile by hubby and he did blindfold me too and there were many toys used on me for everyone’s entertainment and the more I begged, the more intensified hubby made things for me, eventually controlling me in the most subtle way making me even beg for him to give me permission to climax! If I did before he gave me permission too, he would slap my ass red raw in front of everyone.

Everyone thought he was just another guy there to fuck me who had some seriously twisted sexual ways and little did they realise he was my master making me perform sexual acts of depravity for him to enjoy and from that I very much enjoy what I do for him too.
Submissive Wife- Bareback Cream
Posted:Apr 26, 2020 6:14 pm
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2020 3:11 pm
We had only intended stay for one minute, quickly drop something off and then head off again but things didn’t quite turn out that way.

Hubby and I had been having a romantic night together with a few drinks, some other things and a little sexy role . It started at my friend’s place where I went get ready for the night and hubby was pick for our date together.

For this date night, I wore my sexy short see through blue dress with thigh high stockings, my make perfectly done, hair tied and of course no bra or panties. I love the way the dress clings my ass and breasts highlighting every crevice and curve and flicks when I walk creating a fan effect over my pussy making it feel like I am wearing nothing at with the nylon type fabric feeling so soft and silky against my skin making it feel like I have a thousand fingers lightly touching my body at once which makes feel aroused as anything!

I had quite a few drinks at my girlfriend’s place and lots of other things so by the time hubby arrived pick for our role date night I was already unbelievably horny and ready for sex! We went Shane’s place and hubby took with him saying we would only be a minute so while hubby and Shane were doing what they needed do I was left talking Shane’s friends.

His friends are a little different the type of crowd I would normally spend time with and without sounding horrible I would say they were kind of boring and weird talk too while hubby was gone. I only intended have one quick drink with them and was expecting leave but hubby and Shane took a lot longer than I anticipated so one drink turned into several.

Shane had a number of friends there for a game night so it was a little awkward for me being with them experiencing some long silences in between the strained conversation.

They weren’t that attractive nor did any of them have a great body with two of them a little on the skinny side for me and the others a bit on the larger side but after about thirty minutes or so I did notice they had a quirky weird sense of humour which was kind of funny but also quite inappropriate. I think it was their way of trying to compliment me perhaps but it felt more insulting than anything else although I was so horny, I didn’t really care and my thoughts just kept wandering to thinking what it would be like if these guys fucked me.

I couldn’t stop myself teasing these guys as I sat with them on this stained cloth couch which I have been the focus upon of many men before at other events before the world fell apart. I couldn’t stop thinking of how many times I had been fucked by groups of men on this thing and I was actually starting to become a little moist with those thoughts consuming my mind and also sitting between two sex starved men and across from another openly ogling my body through the thin material of my dress was a bit arousing.

Then I started think, what if this was part of hubby’s planned night for me, what if he had deliberately brought me here to let these guys fuck me? Then my mind really started bubble thinking what did hubby have planned for me? I have never met these guys before and it just seemed a little strange we ended up here and both Shane and hubby had disappeared leaving me here alone with these guys so I thought, ok, I will go along with his little game. I started to flirt with these guys and encourage them letting my guard down and being a lot more responsive their obvious sexual lust they had for my openly displayed body.

They looked so horny I thought they were going start jerking off right there in front of me just from perving at me so intensely. I was slowly becoming very cosy with the two sitting either side of , leaning into them and touching them, deliberately leaning forward to give them a fuller view of my bulging breasts trying to escape my top with the help of gravity and of course I just couldn’t help letting my dress ride right up so I was almost giving them a full view of my naked shaved pussy.

I was openly flirting with these guys and giving them such obvious signals, it was painful for me that they just wouldn’t make a move! I kept adjusting my dress until my boobs were almost falling out of the low cut front and with both nipples hard and erect pushing through the light thin material, I was almost begging them to touch my body. I was leaning right into one guy sitting next to me when I felt his hand slip between the soft skin of my breast and the silky touch of the dresses material then slide his fingers down over the fullness of my breast and over the extreme sensitivity of my nipple.

I shuddered when he touched my nipples and I am certain I actually squirted a little because it sent this super intense tingle straight down to my pussy. I just couldn’t stand the teasing anymore and I instantly spread my legs and grabbed this guy and started to kiss him. I instantly became a wanting slut and responded intensely to their every touch upon my body unable to control my obvious verbal and physical expression of desire and satisfaction.

I hurriedly grappled at this guys trousers releasing his firm erect cock and then straddled him on the couch right in front of the others and I took hold of his adequate sized cock and just slid my very wet pussy down over the head of his cock then plunged myself onto the full length of his shaft. I shrieked as I felt his cock fill my pussy and I pushed my breast into his face moving my erect sensitive nipples over his mouth.

He wasn’t fucking me but I was definitely fucking him!

My mind just went blank and all my sensory concentrated solely on the sensations of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I started to shriek loudly as I bounced on his cock whilst I clung onto him with a super tight grip. It has been so long for me since I have had sex with another man it just brought on a flood of sexual excitement that I couldn’t control and I started to gush. I almost crushed this poor guy when I gushed holding him so tightly and I screamed out so loudly his ears would have hurt but it felt like all my penned up sexual frustration was instantly released in one massive expulsion.

I felt so relaxed and content after it was over and I couldn’t stop smiling when hubby and Andrew rushed in saying it sounded like I was in agonising pain and wanted to know what was going on. Hubby certainly wasn’t surprised to see me half naked straddling this guy with his softening cock still inside my pussy. I felt a little embarrassed I was caught out by hubby making so much noise and enjoying the sex so much but he seemed okay with that so I turned my attention to the larger guy who decided to take me from behind over the couch while the rest watched.

I still had cum dripping from my pussy but he didn’t care and slipped his cock inside me from behind grunting and groaning as he worked hard to fuck my pussy. I could feel his stomach rubbing against my ass as he fucked me then shortly after he started, he cum inside my pussy too. I sat back on the couch and slipped my fingers inside my cum filled pussy then putting my fingers in my mouth tasted both myself and them. I love it when men cum inside me, I love to see it pour out my pussy like a river of cream, watch it flow down my leg and drip on the floor or couch beneath my body.

I was sitting on the edge of the couch when the other skinny friend came up to me and kissed me pushing all his fingers into my sloppy drenched pussy. He started to finger fuck my pussy hard then put his fingers in my mouth letting me taste the sweetness of myself and the texture of his friends cum, then he pushed me back onto the couch and continued finger fucking my pussy. I felt like such a dirty slut leaning back on this couch with my pussy over the edge and my legs spread wide for everyone to see while this guy furiously finger fucked my pussy. He then he started to gently bite my nipples, then kissed my stomach, then with his fingers still inside me moved down to my pussy and started to slide his tongue over my clit with his fingers still inside my pussy.

I was looking down at him watching his tongue flicking my engorged clitoris, then he slowly moved down to my pussy and started to lick my entire pussy along with his friends fresh cum mixed in with all my sweet pussy juices. He didn’t seem to care and lovingly continued to lash his tongue deep inside my pussy. He did this for quite a while then came back up to me and passionately kissed me. I could feel his cock pressing against my pussy and I looked down between our two bodies to see this massive cock poised to enter my body and split my pussy in two! His cock was literally as big as a ’s cock and I pulled away saying he must be joking if he thought he was going to fuck me with that! He looked a little disappointed with what I said but he still took me by the hips!

I tensed up as he tried pushing this thing inside me and it really hurt so I turned over leaning on the couch and ask him to fuck me from behind instead. I was kneeling on the floor with my elbows resting on the couch and my legs spread wide and I could feel the head of his cock pressing hard against my pussy. It really did feel like he was trying to squeeze a light pole into a garden hose with this thing and I kept tensing up which only made things feels worse.

He slowly entered my pussy bit by bit and I almost kept passing out from all the screaming I was doing as this guy was determined to fuck my pussy and cum inside me too. It really did feel like the inside of my body was being torn apart when this guy started to properly fuck me. He had this vice like grip upon my waist jerking my entire body toward his body and impaling me with his monstrosity cock! I jingled on the end of his cock like a rag doll and I could feel my pussy being stretched and torn apart with from the strength of him thrusting himself inside me.

My husband and the others watched this guy fuck me for a very long time with the others taking turns in between to fuck my now very sloppy loose wet pussy saying they couldn’t feel a thing anymore. I had been stretched so much one guy said it was like fucking a bowl of warm jelly. They each fucked me in a variety of positions on this couch and made sure they cum inside me every time.

One very large guy would grab me by the hair wrenching my head back to look at the painful strained look on my face as he fist fucked me from behind. He continually slapped my ass and reached around squeezing my nipples as hard as he could telling me what a good little I was and he did this for hours through the night.

Him and his other friends continued to fist fuck me, filled me with cum and licked my pussy until I was literally numb and couldn’t feel anything at all.

I was fucked to near collapse by the guy with the monstrosity cock because he wasn’t lying when he said he could fuck for hours. I was used by these men who initially seemed like lambs but turned out to be ravenous starving tigers, just as desperately hungry for sexual release as I was but their determined manner was so intense it was hard even for me to accommodate and endure the intensity of their level of sexual energy.

By the time I had been fucked by all of them a number of times each I was exhausted, my pussy bruised and swollen, my nipples sore and bleeding and my body aching. They took great delight in taking my petite frame and fucking my pussy raw just to cum inside me that one more time then watch the cum drip from me while they all played with my pussy watching each other’s cum dripping from me like they were all fingering a bowl of icing fascinated at the way it covered their fingers.

It felt so stimulating sitting on the edge of the couch with my legs spread wide after each one fucked me with them poised in front of me inspecting my raw pussy. It was erotic but weird too and strangely weird watching these geeky looking men play with my pussy.

After several hours, hubby took me home, gave me this beautiful and made love to me in the most caring loving way I have experienced with him for a long time. I think he enjoyed what I did for him and appreciates the effort I go to please him. I wont lie and say I don’t enjoy being used like a or playing our little sex games or given to other men for hubby’s pleasure and used as their sex toy because the truth is I do love sex, I love the relationship we have and I love the lifestyle we have together.
Submissive Wife- The Deceitful Party Girl
Posted:Apr 14, 2020 7:21 pm
Last Updated:Apr 16, 2020 7:02 pm
We were at Ricks place mixing with his revolving group of friends at one of his regular Friday drinks night he has with his mates. It is always more like an open invite for anyone to drop by, drink, take other things and try to hook up with any female brave enough to be seen there. Hubby used to always take me there and it was common knowledge that after a few drinks I would become the good time party girl for everyone to share. At that early stage hubby was still very over bearing and extremely possessive and protective of me, scared I would become emotionally involved with someone else and want more than just the sex.

I was outside sitting at a table with a bunch of Ricks friends having a drink wearing my black dress which is quite revealing but not obscene either. It is a short length tight fitting black dress, thin cotton material, nothing special about it except I did have the front buttons undone down to the bottom of my boobs giving quite an abundance of skin for everyone to look at and enjoy. Compared to other things I have worn out this was quite a casual tame dress just perfect for these fun nights at Ricks gatherings.

Hubby was inside while I had been sitting at this table outside in the patio area getting quite friendly with Josh who I had seen around but never actually had a chance to talk with and I found him to be quite an interesting and funny guy. He wasn’t like the other guys who only ever seem to want to fuck and that’s as far as it goes with them, Josh seem to be genuinely interested in what I had to say and I felt we definitely had a connection there above just the physical. We became quite comfortable with each other sitting outside together and drank for a very long time blocking out everyone else around us almost like we were the only two there that night.

I was really very captivated by this guy and to look at he seemed to be nothing special, just another out of shape guy around his mid-thirties, a scruffy black beard but he had really kind looking brown eyes and very big hands! I was really infatuated with this guy and was hoping he wanted to take me somewhere quiet for a little fun play time but he just didn’t seem that interested and seemed more concerned drinking and mixing things than he was in wanting to fuck me. Then I thought maybe he was gay and not into women but he kept perving down my top at my breasts and there was definitely a physical magnetism there between us.

I was a little confused because this guy showed all the signs he was right into me but was so stand offish as well like he was playing a game with me as some sort of test. We were sitting right next to each other and very close, almost close enough to kiss and even our legs were pressed against each other as we sat in the tight circle around the table with the rest of the men there.

All he had to do was touch me and I would have been his to take and eventually he did, he was very laid back about it and just put his arm around my shoulder leaning into me with his other hand on my leg and asked what the situation was with hubby and myself.

He told me he had heard rumours about hubby and me and heard that I was freely available for any man to fuck at these gatherings. I couldn’t deny it so I just admitted to being the party slut for hubby because that’s what he enjoyed. I could see his mind ticking over then he said to me, so if your husband wanted you to give everyone at this table a blowjob would you do it?

The other men at the table started to join in on our conversation and instantly volunteered to offer me their cocks to suck too. I started to nervously giggle because I knew I was supposed to get hubby’s permission first and at that time he was very strict about that! They were all pressuring me to give everyone at the table a blowjob but I kept playfully saying no I can’t but of course, deep down I really wanted to give them a blowjob but was just scared how hubby might react.

Josh kept hugging me with his arm around me kind of pushing me down toward his cock saying go on, hubby won’t know, with the other five guys at the table all eagerly agreeing. I really did want to suck Josh’s cock because I had heard he has a really nice one but I was also really scared of hubby’s possible reaction. I put my hand on Josh’s crutch and could feel his cock moving under the material of his trousers from my gentle light stroking with my fingers. I was getting excited, really excited as I huddled into josh’s body with his arm around me and my hand on his cock with the other men at the table watching me with wide eyes and gaping mouths, holding their breath in in anticipation to see if I would actually suck Josh’s cock!

I poised for a little while teasing Josh, still gently touching his cock and nestling into his body and slowly sinking lower and lower bringing my head slowly toward his cock. He slid his chair back a little to give me more room, leaned back and undid his zipper and belt. I kept saying to him I really shouldn’t be doing this but with every word I sank lower and lower letting myself slide from my chair to kneel in front of him. He pushed his chair back a little more and pulled out his very beautiful circumcised large lengthy cock.

I held it in my hand, slowly stroking it and looking up at him asking him not to make me do this because of how much trouble I can be in with hubby. He just smiled and softly told me to suck his cock, then gently pushed me on the back of my head guiding my mouth over his cock. I tried to resist a little but couldn’t, I loved the beauty of his cock, it stood so strongly and proud, a beautifully veined large pink cock already pulsating a stream of pre cum down the shaft onto my hand. I licked the pre cum from his cock like I would lick a melting ice cream. I looked up at him once more begging him not to make me suck his cock and this time in a stern low voice commanded me to suck it!

The guy sitting next to him reached behind me and started to finger fuck my pussy pulling me onto Josh’s cock then his cock effortlessly slid into my mouth. The taste so delightfully yummy and smelt amazingly wonderful with his hairless cock and balls looking so appealing compared to many others I have sucked. I looked up at him and his eyes rolled back along with his head then slumped in the chair. I had one hand cupped around his hairless balls feeling a little like the skin of a hairless cat and my other hand gently stroking the shaft of his cock with my mouth engulfing the head of his cock as I lovingly moved my tongue and lips over the sensitivity of the head in a circular motion.

I could hear Josh getting really excited with what I was doing for him but I couldn’t stop thinking about hubby and how wrong it was. I felt so bad and I stopped, telling Josh I really shouldn’t be doing this but he was just so convincing and kept convincing me to continue. The other men at the table were in awe at how skilled I was at giving head and were jumping out of their chairs to watch me wrap my lips and tongue over Josh’s sizable cock. Another two sat on either side of Josh and unleashed their firm erect cocks for me to suck and all three were amazed at how good I was at giving head.

I was so worried about hubby I hid under the table making sure I was hidden from view from anyone else there because if he found out the consequences would have been severe. I finally made all five guys cum and swallowed every drop of what they had to give and about forty minutes later hubby came out looking for me, absolutely furious, accusing me of being a saying some guy was inside bragging about some slut giving everyone a blowjob. Hubby knew it was me, but I vigorously denied it and because he was so mad even the guys still with me at the table vouched for me saying I had been there drinking the whole time but what they left out was that I had been drinking their cum the whole time!

I think back then hubby wasn’t feeling that secure about us because I was running a little wild and being very difficult for him to control. I must confess I was being a totally deceitful bitch and had sex with many men without him knowing anything about it. We had a huge fight that night about it in front of everyone and he ended up storming out and leaving me there on my own.

A big mistake on hubby’s behalf because I didn’t go back home for three days and being the spiteful bitch I was back then because of the growing pains we had in our developing relationship, I fucked almost every male that visited Ricks place during that time and there were a lot of men who visited especially when word had circulated about what had happened.

Every night I was the party slut for everyone to share and it was only on the fourth day when hubby came by to apologise I stopped being the local free and went back to being hubby’s obedient submissive wife, but that didn’t last long until I once again strayed at a bar we were at only a week later.
Submissive Wife- Back Alley Line Up!
Posted:Apr 13, 2020 2:41 pm
Last Updated:Sep 22, 2020 3:43 am
In the earlier days with hubby and myself doing what we enjoy now, I used to get quite confused and emotionally fragile fucking other men for hubby. Sometimes I was all for it then other times I would question his motives and it did take me a long time to realise he did love me deeply and what we were doing was just the way he was, the way he expressed his sexual dominance, the way he showed he loved me.

I can’t say I didn’t enjoy doing what he would ask of me but initially I did struggle quite a lot coming to terms with the things he wanted me to do for him and always questioned how could a man possibly love his wife if he always wants her to fuck other men for him? I used to cope with this uncertainty by getting drunk, because when I drink, I am any man’s slut! Even before I met hubby, I had a very bad reputation for being a promiscuous slut and very well known in my local area for giving really great head. I shudder at the thought of the amount of cocks I sucked before I met hubby and some of the situations I managed to get myself into and this situation I found myself in this night from a suggestion hubby made when I was drunk reminds me of the many other times I regretted mixing alcohol with men.

Hubby and myself were at a bar that we very regularly had more than a few drinks at and played pool with other regulars we had made a close acquaintance with and some were more like male friends but others we only saw at this bar although most were just faces, we knew well. Hubby and I would always walk in together and leave together unless I had hooked up with someone but would quite often separate whilst there with me being drunk and flirting with every guy like a total slut and hubby enjoying watching me from the background behaving exactly how he liked to see me behave.

There were many times I would hook up with some guy and go out to the car in the parking lot down the road a little and fuck him then come back into the bar and tell hubby all about it. He absolutely loved when I did that but of course it didn’t take very long at all to build up a reputation so hubby and myself almost had a double life. Who we were at this place was the complete opposite to who we were in our normal daily lives and we made certain we kept them totally separate to protect ourselves.

We both enjoyed being who we were there, acting out our fantasies, learning a lot about life, people and our sexuality. What turned us both on and what disgusted us but everything was new for us, exciting and sexually stimulating and together we both grasp this life with both hands and couldn’t get enough of what was on offer.

We were like two in a candy store who wanted to taste everything all at once!

I was playing pool with a group of guys who had been chasing me for a while always making suggestions, touching me and flirting, trying their very hardest to fuck me every time I saw them there. Hubby was on the other side of the bar watching sport and chatting to some friends and not really that interested in what I was doing at all. These guys I was with were really putting a lot of pressure on me to go with them into the back alley behind the building for a little play time but I was in one of my confused moods and just not interested. I kept drinking, they kept pressuring me and hubby had finally wandered over to watch me play joining me and the group. There were three tables all lined up with bar stools along the walls to sit on and watch which is where hubby was having his drink and being entertained seeing these horny mostly older men groping my ass and looking down my top every time, I had my turn.

A few hours had passed, I was now really drunk, this ever growing group of guys who wanted to take me outside for some playtime were still really pressuring me for sex and hubby casually walks over to me and whispered in my ear saying “I think you should fuck these guys” then wanders of over to the bar again.

Hubby had just given me permission to fuck these guys who had now grown to a number of around fourteen that were all as horny as hell wanting to have some playtime! Hubby must have been waiting for the right moment to plant the seed in my head because he knew I was in one of my moods earlier on in the night. The idea continued to grow in my mind and I was starting to give serious thought to letting it happen. I was drunk and now as horny as anything, hubby had practically ordered me to fuck these guys and these guys were definitely wanting my body.

I can be stubborn and so was determined not to give in to hubby yet again! This wasn’t the first time he had done this with me when we were out and suggested I fuck some guy then just sit back and watch me succumb to his controlling mind. Watch me cave in to the pressures of the situation to submit to his desire to watch me being fucked by other men, then like the sudden shock of a loud noise awakening you from a deep sleep, my mind just suddenly flipped and I thought to myself why not!

Amidst all the hostile tension that had built up between hubby and myself during the past week over the sex between us I had an instant complete change of mind, from being a stubborn spiteful bitch to suddenly feeling like a tiger on heat prowling for a mate. Deep down I knew I wanted to be mauled by these men, to feel the power of their physical lust for my body overwhelm my mind and dominant my flesh. I wanted to be drowned in cum, overpowered by their strength and give my pussy to as many cocks as I possibly could to prove to hubby, I can be both a submissive slut and a loving caring wife for him. By denying hubby, I was in turn denying myself what I know I loved to do and that was to have sex with random men, to feel the heat of hot lust between them and myself, to submerse myself into the shocking acts of pure physical self gratifying lust I so desperately craved for day and night.

I could see hubby watching me from the bar pretending not to know what I was doing when I started to kiss several of the men surrounding me at the tables. I started to carelessly flirt with them, not concerned at all with who was watching me behave like a slut with these guys. I wanted to get a reaction from hubby, I wanted him to come over and stop me, stop me behaving like a slut with all these men and save me from myself but he didn’t. He just continued to sit at the bar watching the sport pretending he didn’t know what was going on, pretending not to notice his wife was practically having sex with these men in the room right next to where he was sitting.

There was no reaction from hubby at all, no sign of jealously, no hint of rage and certainly no indication of change of mind. It was now undeniably obvious hubby really did want me to go with these guys and let the whole lot of them fuck me in the back alley behind the building. My mind went kind of numb with the realisation this wasn’t just a fantasy hubby had, he really wants his wife to be a slutty for him!

So, I thought if that’s what he wants then why not, I can be that girl, I have done it many times before and just had sex with men for the sex. I know I can separate love from sex and I love having sex but I had always been scared of ruining my relationship with hubby like I had ruined so many others. I had always had doubts if that was what hubby really wanted or if that was just him testing my love and loyalty.

The men I was with knew I was a complete slut when I drink and they knew I was super horny right now almost begging for them to take me outside and gang fuck my pussy and not one of them seemed to care knowing I was with hubby who was still in the other room pretending not to hear or know what was going on.

I started to kiss one of the guys against a table in full view of the rest letting his hands wander over every part of my body. I heard one guy say “She must be a slut to let him do that” He had his hand down the front of my top and was fondling my breasts in front of everyone and I knew he was doing this but it was such a turn on for me behaving so badly with an audience. He sat me on the table then another guy started to kiss me and in an instant, I was surrounded by men with their hands down my top fondling my breasts and with just as many up my skirt fondling my very reactive pussy. I became instantly saturated losing myself in the sensual feelings of having so many men fondling my body altogether.

They didn’t waste any time and a few minutes later the group of men took me outside sneaking me out through a side exit where my hubby wouldn’t see me leaving with them. I was now outside and the fresh night air really hit me making me feel seriously drunk and horny but still very much aware with what was going on. There was a row of cars parked in this alley way and I was taken to the very end surrounded by men feeling like I was being protected by an armed guard all trying to conceal my existence.

The dead end of the alley was very dimly lit, very quiet but echoed quite loudly and there was a multi storey car park adjacent with a lot of movement with people walking past on an over head. I’m certain passers by would have been able to look down and seen us but I didn’t really care and loved the excitement of being caught out. All I was concentrating on was the many fingers now probing my pussy making me as excited as ever and so much wetter than usual. I think it was the whole electrified sexual atmosphere that was making me feel so hot! The whole group had followed me out here so there were definitely at least fifteen or so men with me now, all of them expecting to fuck me and fill me with cum which was such a turn on for me.

I was sat on the bonnet of this BMW, a very expensive flashy looking car which had quite a low height so my head was pretty much in line with everyone’s cock standing around me. I was flopping around on the bonnet of this car with my top completely undone with my breasts completely exposed my legs spread and my panties gone giving everyone full and inhibited access to my very responsive saturated pussy. Some guy stood directly in front of me, unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out waving it around in my face. Purely out of instinct I took hold of it in my hand and engulfed the head of his cock in my mouth drunkenly giving this guy a blowjob. I still had hands all over my body whilst sucking this guy’s cock.

Then things moved super quick, more men started to get their cocks out feeding them into my mouth as my head was pulled from one to another by my hair going from one cock to another giving at least six or seven guys a blowjob all at once. Some of them cum very quickly dripping cum over my breasts or rubbing their cocks over my nipples as they cum all over my breasts while the others clapped and cheered them on telling them to cover me in cum. I think I must have given at least half the men there a blow job with others continually finger fucking my pussy the entire time.

I was being pushed, pulled and shoved around like a rag doll with so many men all wanting to have sex with me all at once!

I could hear people yelling out from the upper floors of the multi storey car park who had obviously heard me or the gang of men I was with and were making comments like “Yeah fuck the slut” and another one that was bellowed out “ Fill her ass with cock!” I didn’t care that I had a passing audience watching everything that was going on from only as little as one storey height above and the group of men with me loved the banter spurring them on even more to treat me with complete contempt having a total disregard for me as a person and treating my body like a lump of warm meat.

After a number of men had used my mouth to fuck and cum in, they decided it was time to use my pussy as well and I was completely stripped of my skirt, ripped off and was roughly handled positioning my petite frame upon the bonnet of the car on my hands and knees. Some guy then took me from behind and hurriedly filled my pussy with his cock firmly holding onto my hips with one hand and sliding his cock into my body with the other. I was so wet and excited I could barely feel his cock inside me then fucked me as hard as he could to the cheering of the others, burning my knees on the metal of the car as I was dragged back and forth, jiggling my tiny frame around like I was nothing and then bellowed out when he cum deep inside my pussy yelling “Oh God” over and over again.

He was just the first of the group but I was fucked by everyone of them in so many different positions on different cars, against the wall, sandwiched in between men filling both holes and was treated like I was a gutter . The mood of the group shifted quite dramatically when they started to fuck me like they were all trying to fuck me to death. Fucking me straight after one another, passing me around from one male to another then back again and most of them didn’t bother using any protection and fucked me bare back with almost every one of them using me like a cum dump filling my body until it flowed from my pussy like a hot river of goo running freely down my legs. I am positive more men joined the group as others left and I was used for several hours and ended up in the back of a sedan nearer the entrance of the alley being fucked by whoever in the back seat with both back doors open for others to watch their mates fuck the alley slut!

The comments men where making about me was nothing more than disgusting and the way I was treated wasn’t any better but I did enjoy every single second of being the fuck slut that night. It completely changed the way I felt about my relationship with hubby because he only showed me complete and utter love from what I did for him that night, although things did get out of control but he still loved me for everything I am, including being the hopelessly addicted cum slut he loves me to be for him. Back then I used to be so confused and to an extent still quite often feel the same because hubby loves to see me being treated so badly by other men, loves me to be a total and utter slut for him but then he treats me like a queen and showers me with wonderful thoughtful gifts and surprises with things he will do for me.

He knows I love being a slut for him and I know he loves me for it and that’s all that really matters because it works for us in our committed relationship together as Sub and Dom although we never went to that bar again for around 18 months because back then I simply felt too embarrassed to be seen there after what I had done with so many of the men who frequented that place. I couldn’t handle the thought of people looking at me thinking to themselves that’s the girl that was gang fucked by half the men there that night in the back alley. I guess back then I felt ashamed of being who I know deep down I really am, I cant help loving sex and I cant help not being able to control my sexual urges when I drink and I cant help wanting to feel wanted by men outside my relationship, even if it is only for sex.

Hubby had been mixing in with the group unnoticed for quite a while, silently watching me being fucked and filled with cum by so many of the men there that night, listening to my screams of pleasure, my moaning of pain, my begging for more cock and seeing me in my true form, a drunk unable to control my desire for men’s sexual attention and unable to stop until there is no more for them to give.

I was eventually recued by hubby when I was in the back off the sedan. Some guy had just fucked me and like so many others had done before him emptied everything he had inside my pussy when hubby dragged him of me telling me to get out of the car. I was naked, covered in cum and so drunk I was barely able to walk anymore. He carried me across the street wrapped in his shirt and put me in our car, then took me home.
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Submissive Wife- Hubby's Naughty Girl!
Posted:Apr 11, 2020 7:05 pm
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2020 1:13 am
Back in the days when it was safe meet men online, hook and fuck, I did something for hubby which in most people’s mind would probably make me a super slutty ! This was when hubby first started pimping my body other men and at the time I still didn’t really understand why he wanted me fuck other men but it did make him really happy so I did it for him and very quickly came enjoy the excitement of the secretive sex I was having for hubby.

Hubby had been wanting me do this for a long time and after a lot of organising things slowly came together. I had organised to meet a string of men at a bar throughout the night and hubby watched me meet them, flirt with them and disappear to fuck them at an upstairs room. He didn’t have any contact with me or them and just kept a close eye on me.

I organised to meet up with eight men spaced apart expecting only half that amount to actually show up and my first hook up was at 10pm. He was an older guy about thirties something and he met me, fucked me and cum in less than twenty minutes from when I met him at the bar to the time, he cum! Hubby was sitting right next to me pretending not to know me and could hear and see everything, then would watch his beautiful wife walk out the bar with another man to fuck them in a room my hubby paid for. Hubby wanted me to keep all the used protection full of cum to show him at the end of the night to prove I actually had sex with these guys.

Some of them were obviously married, but I did portray myself as a girl wanting NSA fun on the profiles, I advertised wanting to teach a cheating hubby a lesson. We thought that would explain why I wanted to keep the protection full of cum to show my hubby which wasn’t actually a lie at all and seemed to make sense. I tied a knot in them and placed them in the drawer next to the bed out of sight so the next guy wouldn’t see them. Then while I was waiting for the next guy to show some random male came up to me at the bar trying to hook up with hubby once again sitting right next to me. I kept glancing at hubby silently asking what I should do and he just silently nodded his head so I took this guy up to the room as well and let him fuck my pussy. The sex was really good and I didn’t want it to end but I had to get back to hubby and be ready to meet up with the next guy who had messaged me while I was having sex with this other random guy. How many girls could say they have organised to meet with one guy whilst fucking another?

I was still fucking him when the next guy showed up at the room which was a little awkward but he waited outside and don’t worry, he still fucked me, cum inside me, then left in a huge hurry!

It was now around midnight and I went back to the bar to see hubby again and I must have been beaming because I was so excited with what I was doing because it was just so bloody naughty! I was bursting to want to tell hubby everything about the sex I was having but he didn’t want me to be seen with him and just kept close to me while I waited for the next guy to show up. This guy brought his two friends as planned but I didn’t mind and neither did hubby because he was grinning with that glint he gets in his eye when I left the bar with those guys heading back to the room for some more sex. Those guys fucked with so much energy it almost completely drained and we were at it for just a little over an hour during which time I received two more messages from men who were waiting for me at the bar already! I was a little shocked because so far, every guy had turned either early or right time meet with me and I really didn’t expect that at all.

I eventually made it back the bar and messaged hubby asking him what he wanted me do and he told fuck them altogether. I now had guys at the bar I was having a drink with asking them if they wanted gang when my fourth and fifth date showed too. I now had a group of five who were very willing go back the room with and tag team. I was really excited! I had already had sex with men that night and was about be tagged team by another five!

Back then I just couldn’t believe hubby was okay with doing this but I was really loving it!

I was in the room for just over two hours with these guys and I think they must have fucked at least times each but never altogether. I would have one of them cum in my pussy then when he finished another would hop on the bed with me and fuck me too. At first it was a little awkward but once everyone started to relax the sex was a lot of fun! Hubby kept sending me messages asking what I was doing but I didn’t have time to message him back. I could hear my phone going off every two minutes but I was having way too much fun to stop fucking these guys and spoil the mood but I did get into trouble later for ignoring his messages.

After I had enough and was way too sore to be able to have any more sex, I went back down to the bar to see hubby brooding away for ignoring his messages. He wasn’t one bit happy about that but he soon perked again when we went back the room and I showed him the used protection full of cum spread through out the room and my little pile still in the drawer. I knelt down before him and slowly sucked his cock, teasing him, telling him every sordid little sexual detail of the things I did with those men and when hubby finally cum he literally covered my face! It took him a long time to cum because I teased his cock so much and would hold him on the brink of but the details of my night were just too much for him and he shot his load of hot slimy cum all over my face, over the floor around me and even the wall behind because he exploded like a canon!

We both really enjoyed that experience together and for us that really was the start of our committed sexual relationship as a Sub and Dom couple.
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Submissive Wife- A Natural Slut!
Posted:Apr 9, 2020 4:34 pm
Last Updated:Sep 22, 2020 3:43 am
Now that I’m thinking of my past sexual experiences and especially when I was nineteen through twenty-two, I am coming realise, compared my friends, I have always been a very promiscuous and sexually mischievous girl. I had been with quite a few boys this one particular year and had quite a number of boyfriends all of whom broke with because of something I did with other men. I just couldn’t seem be able stay faithful anyone or hang onto a boyfriend for very long at but back then I didn’t really care either. There was this one time at a party I did something that completely horrified my friends and I really can’t blame my boyfriend at the time for breaking it off with me either.

My boyfriend took me to a party of a friend who we kind of knew but not that well so we didn’t really know anyone there but to me that didn’t matter because it was just an opportunity to make more friends. I have always been a bit of a party girl when I drink but sober, I am a very shy girl, so I stuck by my boyfriend’s side most of the night until both he and myself became quite drunk which is when I started to stray a little. I have always had a split personality, a shy miss goody two shoes when I’m sober but when I drink, even at that age I would turn into this total slut who was anyone’s for the taking!

My boyfriend and I became separated and I had been spotted by several hot looking men at the party who took a deep interest in trying their very best to get me even more drunk. We were at a raging house party which resembled more of a packed night spot than a house party and because I didn’t know anyone and had lost my boyfriend I was now left on my own, feeling very drunk, full of confidence, behaving like a complete slut and looking and feeling as sexy as anything and was flirting quite amorously with these horny deviates I had met at the party. They were kissing me, groping my breasts and touching my pussy with their more than wandering hands. I remember spending most of the night pushing their hands away from my boobs and pussy and because I was so drunk, half the time I didn’t even realise they had their hand my dress or had their hands down my top and under my bra fully fondling my breasts for see.

Yes, it is true, I did encourage these guys do what they were doing because I was flirting with them like a complete slut and yes, I was as horny as hell and loving the attention I was getting from these guys who were over my body!

I remember spending a large portion of the night on a couch in the main room kissing many different guys and being fingered by even more! It was a bit of a blur for because every time I turned around there always seemed be a different guy next wanting with my pussy or grope my breasts. At the time I didn’t care who I was with, whoever sat next and kissed would get a feel because I was horny and very drunk. I knew what these guys wanted from and I knew they would think I was a slut but even then, when I drink, I simply cannot help being that way. I know a lot of girls I used mix with back then didn’t like very much because of my reputation but I did have a tight circle of friends who were very much like and none of us ever had a shortage of boys wanting hook with anyone of our group. We were very popular and very promiscuous and we had a very bad reputation for being the local sluts!

I ended with this guy who was much older than myself who took out his car down the street a little and we drove this quite little spot only a few minutes away. We stopped and straight away he started to kiss and in less than a minute had my panties down my ankles and his hand my pussy slipping in several fingers and getting very wet and excited! I didn’t fight it at and just went with it when he pulled my dress and went down licking my pussy which felt like absolute heaven! I had my legs spread as wide as I could in the front seat of this cramped car lying across the two seats with the hand brake digging into my back and my dress thrown over the top of my head with this guy going berserk on my pussy with his tongue and I was absolutely loving it.

We then moved into the back seat where he very promptly fucked from behind and kept slamming my head into the door handle and as quickly as the sex started it was over. He had cum inside and was finished with , no longer interested in knowing at . He put his clothes back and sat in the driver’s seat listening the radio leaving still in the back seat scrambling around trying get my dress back in this drunken physically dysfunctional state. I was a little puzzled but this wasn’t the first time this type of thing had happened where some guy had fucked me then the second, they cum, they totally lost interest in me and just completely ignored me!

I finally fixed myself in the back seat and sat in the front trying get this guy interested again but he just ignored being very rude and distant. I thought he may have just been a little embarrassed because he had cum so quickly and he wanted some more and that’s why we were hanging around but then another car drove into the quiet spot we were in and pulled right next us. I was initially a little worried with what they did but the guy I was with seemed be expecting this and got out of the car greet them. It was his friends who he had obviously intended meet with and told them where he was going and who he was going there with! As I have said before I did have a bit of a reputation for being the local slut and what I did with these boys that night is probably why I never really shed that reputation for a very, very long time!

For a long time I kept blaming the fact I was drunk but deep down I always knew I did what I did that night because I wanted them to fuck me, I wanted to be a slut for them because I knew that’s what they wanted me that’s why they were there, have sex with the known local slut who will fuck anyone.

There were five guys in the car, of them much older than myself and of them looking at with this expression of excited expectation. They were initially very friendly and made feel very comfortable and at ease being there with them standing around and talking between these two cars with the music playing, drinking and having our own little party. I did flirt like an animal heat with these guys almost begging for them fuck as I teased them nonstop, laughing with them, kissing a few and letting them touch with their wandering hands in places they shouldn’t be touching. I was pretending I didn’t want them to treat this way but deep down I was screaming out for sex. I wanted have sex with these guys but I was hesitant because I didn’t want be branded with the reputation that would no doubt come out of this if I did.

We were there for quite a while and they didn’t seem be in a hurry be anywhere else and the longer we stayed there altogether flirting and having a laugh the more relaxed and comfortable I was becoming with these guys. I remember having this feeling that I knew they were going fuck that night because the moment and the situation and atmosphere was just perfect for something like that happen and the trigger, what started the sex that earned my reputation as the gangbang girl for the next several years was that one long passionate deeply absorbing kiss with one of the guys that simply tipped over the edge.

From that moment onwards for the next two hours they were like a pack of hyenas fighting over a piece of meat.

I was leaning against the side of the car deeply engrossed in kissing this guy and so intensely absorbed into the long passionate kiss we were having I just didn’t want it to stop. I could feel his hand under my dress pressing hard against my pussy with his fingers entering my body but instead of pushing his hand away like I had done so many times before that night with so many other guys, I just let him do it and I was loving the way it felt!

I could hear the other guys there talking while I was engrossed kissing their friend and I heard one of them say they should fuck before taking back the party and when he said that, the idea planted in my mind and it just grew and grew and I kept thinking how popular that would make ! I wanted be liked and there was so much competition between my friends who was the most popular it just seemed like a chance do something that would elevate my standing amongst the group of slutty bitches I used call my friends into some kind of famous stardom.

I was drunk, but as always, I was aware of what was going around and I could sense these guys knew they were going fuck my pussy.

While I was still kissing this guy and letting him smoothly finger my pussy into a very wet sloppy mess another guy moved close to me and started to fondle my breasts. I turned to look at him and simply smiled and kissed him too. I then had two guys fondling my pussy and my breasts in front of the rest with my panties pulled down to my knees, my bra clip undone and both my boobs looking perfectly perky and my nipples looking very much aroused

It felt absolutely amazing letting them do this, just being a total slut with these random men and loving every second of being mauled by these horny studs made me extremely wet! I made a very feebly effort to stop them touching me but the overpowering sensations that their overwhelming fondling induced through my body were far too powerful and intense to ignore.

I stood there frozen in place, unable to move a muscle, standing against the side of this car with my pussy and breasts exposed in the night air with this group of horny eager men touching my body, altogether and so energetically. I knew I had let things go too far this time and there would be no turning back, this time I had allowed myself to enjoy this far too much and had lost control, succumbing to the intense pleasure of their touch upon my skin.

Altogether, they made me wetter than I have ever been before!!!

I knew by the look in their eyes they were fully intending on fucking me whether I wanted them to or not, but I was wanting this as much as they wanted to gang fuck me too. I was turned around and bent over the bonnet of the car, my panties still around my knees, then one guy tried to pull them down as I was feebly trying to pull them up, barely hanging on to them with the tips of my two fingers. Some other guys were finger fucking my pussy from behind with others fondling my firm breasts and nipples. I wanted this but didn’t want this, my mind kept flicking from one choice to the other every second and I was feeling so confused, so overwhelmed because I just wasn’t expecting this and yet so absorbed in the sensuality of being mauled by so many men altogether!

I stood there with my legs spread wide, leaning against the side of the car bending over the bonnet with a number of fingers penetrating my extremely wet saturated pussy. I was moaning so loudly it would have woken the dead with my hand between my legs, my fingers barely holding onto my panties. I knew if I didn’t stop this now there would be no going back for me, I will always be known as the local slut and treated that way but the sensations these guys were making me feel, how my body was reacting to them mauling my body and how my mind was slowly sinking into complete submission allowing them more and more control by the second was simply too much for me to resist any longer.

I let my panties go and seconds later the first guy had slipped his cock deep inside my pussy from behind. I couldn’t stop moaning out loudly as he fucked me bragging to his mates what a tight hot pussy I had and how fantastic it felt. The others were all gathered around clambering over each other to be next! This guy fucked me hard and he fucked me fast, jiggling my body around as he rammed his cock deep inside my pussy and then moments later, he yelled out screaming “Yes! Yes!” He cum inside my tight saturated pussy and held me in position, holding onto my hips from behind as he gave me those last couple of hard deep thrusts before he pulled out and wiped his cum covered cock over my ass.

Then the next guy had his turn, bragging to his mates how he was going to make me squirt and the next and the next until all five fucked me at least several times each during the next two to hours.

The original guy who took there had left after fucking once again before he did. I was left with his friends almost as a gift for them enjoy with of them filling my pussy with their hot seed. The cum was running out of like a flowing river, down the inside of my legs but that didn’t stop any of them from fucking my pussy straight after each other! I was used like a trophy toy, a triumph of victory for them, I was now their bragging rights for every sex story they would tell their friends, about the girl who they gang fucked the bonnet of their friends car in a quite car park that their friend picked at a nearby party and set for his mates. This was the story that later circulated around about and my friends would ask if it was true. At first, I denied it, but then the rumour took hold and I had no choice but to admit to being the girl that was gang fucked that night, the night I lost control of my intense urges for sex and yet again succumb to the pleasures of giving myself to men.

From then on, for a long time I was the most popular girl in my group but the price I paid for that popularity was the expectation I would give my pussy to practically every male I met. I became sick of being known as the gang fuck slut and eventually had to reinvent myself but looking back that time of my life really was an extremely awesome period for sex.

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