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Submissive wife
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Submissive Wife- The Party Slut!
Posted:Mar 21, 2020 4:03 pm
Last Updated:Mar 26, 2020 1:58 am
I met hubby for a few drinks at a bar after work and we had decided to do something different so we went to a place neither of us have ever been to before because I just wasn’t in the mood to be hassled by men all night long for sex. I wanted to be just another girl at a bar having a drink with her hubby and not some well-known slut!

We found a spot at a table near the entrance so we could see everyone coming and going and at first it was fairly quiet but as the night progressed it did become quite packed and rowdy. Hubby and myself were sitting together at the table alone just enjoying each others company until we had these two drunk idiots sit down with us. Yes, they were both very loud, obnoxious and very drunk but for some reason I was really aroused by these two. They weren’t hot looking or anything but there was something about them that aroused me and made me feel very horny at the thought of them both fucking my pussy. Also, it may have had something to do with the fact hubby hadn’t allowed me to have sex with anyone for the past eight days! This was part of my punishment for doing things I shouldn’t have done along with a few other restrictions.

It was like in one second, I was being a loving attentive wife to my husband then the next second I just wanted to be fucked by these two guys. They were about late twenties, fit looking but quite disgusting with the comments they kept making about me and then as usual I wasn’t holding back in the way I was flirting with these guys either plus the dirtier they spoke to me the more aroused I became. They had only been sitting with us for around twenty minutes or so and I already had them both drooling over my breasts as I sat between them being as provocative as I possibly could.

Hubby was just sitting there, calm as ever, watching me flirt like a complete slut with these two and no doubt enjoying every second of it. I don’t think they even realised hubby was my hubby and thought he was just a friend so we went with that and let them both believe he was just a friend. I sat between them drinking, flirting and kissing them both letting their hands roam freely over any part of my body. This continued for a while and just as I was starting to become extremely wet and had gone past the point of being able to control my desire for sex hubby said he wanted to leave! I didn’t and begged if I could invite my two new friends along for some play time but hubby flatly refused and told me his slut didn’t deserve to be treated like a queen yet!

He wanted to head to Jason’s place to meet with him and his friends and along the way told me to behave myself or there will be consequences if I disrespected him and play up without his permission.

I knew most of the guys there and they know me and what I am like so it was no surprise for me to walk in behaving like a slut with hubby walking in behind following me and just watching me let his friends slobber all over me right in front of him. I sat down with Jason’s friends in the entertainment room and started flirting with everyone there because I was so horny, I could have fucked a thousand men right there and then and was desperately wanting someone to fuck me! I could feel my clit tingling in this super intense hard to ignore way, just consuming my every thought and my pussy was dripping just sitting there surrounded by men thinking of everyone there fucking me.

I knew I was not permitted to fuck anyone, unless I had my hubby’s permission and that was a very strict rule, he had imposed upon me. He will let me do everything except fuck and if I’m on my own I have to contact him and ask for his permission first which I have done. Hubby sometimes has a cruel demented mind but I love him and will always try my very best to do as he asks except this night my mind was not where it should have been and I had become obsessed with wanting sex. I think this was just another cruel way of hubby controlling me and forcing me to disobey his wishes because he knows full well when it comes to sex, I am weak of mind.

I was roaming from one male friend to another flirting in the sluttiest manner tempting them to take me into the back bedroom and fuck me but they knew not to cross my hubby and upset him unless they had his permission. These guys were all for it and I was now far too drunk to have any control over my desire for sex and I knew hubby was keeping an eye on me so I was trying to be as promiscuous as I could kissing everyone and rubbing myself against them and letting them touch me in any way they wanted. Hubby knew what I was doing, he knew what I was trying to do to make him break his own rules and let his friends fuck me so he made me stay near him to stop me sneaking off with someone. I could tell he was getting a little upset with me for trying to sway his decision by teasing his mind because he is also weak of mind when it comes to watching me have sex with other men. To the both of us it is like a drug that neither of us can get enough of and will stop at nothing to satisfy our cravings.

I was teasing him and could tell he was wavering and ready to change his mind and let his friends fuck me which I also so desperately wanted because of how incredibly horny I was from all the things I had before. I was so horny I was almost about to burst rubbing myself up against many men as I was kissing them with others hands on my ass and fingers inside my pussy. I was standing right next to hubby and I kept looking at him begging with my eyes to let his friends fuck my dripping pussy but he kept slowly shaking his head back at me.

I had a skimpy short dress on with the hem line barely covering my pussy which is exactly how hubby likes me to look. He loves to let other men have easy access to my pussy because he knows just the slightest touch of my pussy is enough to turn me into a sex crazed monster who will stop at nothing until I am properly fucked by as many men as I can find.

He loves the fact I have no control and he can manipulate my mind so easily.

These men I was with were getting me so wet and horny with the way they were seducing my mind into giving them my body. They smelt so good and just the way they were touching me made me so hot. I had my legs wrapped around one guys leg as I was kissing him with him leaning against the wall and another guy standing right next to me feeling my ass. I knew my dress had ridden up over my ass and my pussy was bare for all to see but I didn’t care, in fact it turned me on knowing everyone would be looking. I was so fixated on this guy concentrating on rubbing my pussy against his leg with my hand down his pants wrapped around his hard cock squeezing it and feeling the pre cum soak my fingers I didn’t even notice several other men had come up behind me and were feeling my ass.

They stood hard up against my body and started to finger fuck my pussy from behind making it feel incredibly amazing being finger fucked from both in front and behind whilst kissing this other guy. I looked behind me and saw this bearded older male in his thirties with an enormous smirk across his face like he was thrilled he was fingering this hot looking sexually hyped young slut! I loved what was happening and kept kissing this other guy and jerking him off then I felt another hand feeling my ass and pussy. I looked behind me again and there were several more men all slipping their fingers inside my pussy from behind so I spread my legs wider for them and didn’t care men where just randomly coming up and finger fucking my pussy from behind while I was kissing and jerking off this other guy.

The guy I was jerking off finally cum and left but there were plenty more wanting to take his place. I became surrounded by men all finger fucking my pussy and slobbering over my breasts. I was thrusting my hips and trying to push their hands further inside my pussy then I turned around again facing the wall with my arms stretched out high above me with my hands flat against the wall. My legs spread wide with many fingers inside my pussy all thrusting in and out stretching me wide and making it hurt like hell but I was loving this and wanted more.

I slipped down to the floor and turned around squatting on the floor and leaning back against the wall surrounded by a wall of cocks in my face. My mouth slipped from one cock over another barely able to take a breath between each one finding the back of my throat. In the first minute I would have had at least five different cocks in my mouth with more in my face wanting their turn and everyone shuffling against each other trying to get in first.

The wall of men surrounding me was thick and it was total mayhem!

I was picked up and turned around facing the wall again and I stood there with my arms stretched out leaning against the wall with my legs spread wide letting everyone play with my pussy from behind. I was like a on heat simply loving the fact everyone so desperately wanted to fuck my dripping wet pussy but hubby still would not allow it!

This guy even had his cock out sliding the head of his cock up and down my pussy slit with my hubby standing right next to him threatening him if he slid it inside me, he would suffer!

It felt absolutely amazing with this guy’s cock sliding against my pussy and I just couldn’t stop myself pushing against it, then it just happened! It slipped inside me and I could feel it penetrating my pussy sliding deep inside me making me gasp in pleasure. I held my breath as I was slammed against the wall while he fucked me like a complete maniac! I just stood there with my hands against the wall being jingled around, my legs spread wide and my breasts bouncing around out of my dress feeling like a dirty naughty little girl letting this guy fuck my pussy.

Hubby can’t blame me because he knows what I’m like and he knows I can’t control my urges and say no to anyone who wants to fuck me when I’m feeling like this. I could feel myself going into my special little place of sexual bliss concentrating on the magical feeling of this guys cock penetrating my pussy. He must have had a big cock because I could feel a really sharp stabbing pain deep inside my body with every deep hard pounding thrust slamming my entire body against the wall and almost knocking me out cold. I started feeling a little dizzy because I couldn’t breathe properly from all the exhausting screaming I was doing from the way this guy was fucking me, then I felt this piping hot cum being shot all over my back with this guy yelling out “OH YES!” In an instant another guy was inside me fucking me as hard as he could against the wall. Then two more fucked me against the wall in this group frenzy fighting with each other who was to be next before I was taken to the bedroom.

Hubby got really angry and demanded no one else was to touch me, then he grabbed me and dragged me to the bedroom where I was tied spread leg to the corners of the bed end with restraints he had and declared I would be fucked by everyone and filled with cum.

I struggled and begged for his forgiveness but he was very upset at me for disrespecting his wishes and stood there and watched me squirm and wriggle underneath the strength of six men who bounded me to the bed face down, listening to me beg for hubby not to punish me. There were around another fifteen or so men in the room watching me being forcibly restrained to the bed with my pleas falling upon deaf ears. My hubby whipped my pussy in front of everyone telling me I should obey his demands and expect punishment when I don’t. He then whipped my ass several times more whispering in my ear he was going to enjoy watching his friends punish me with their cocks.

I knew what was coming but those seconds that turned into minutes when I was just waiting, bound face down on this bed, my ankles bound to the posts of the bed end, completely naked, feeling so vulnerable and helpless, listening to a room full of men talking to each other discussing who was going first and who wanted to fuck me in the ass or pussy and deciding whether they should DP my ass and pussy was absolutely tormenting!

I had begged, I had pleaded and I had struggled to resist but to no avail trying to change my hubby’s mind not to punish me for being bad. I started to shake a little from the suspense feeling my entire body quiver not really knowing what will happen. My hubby can be quite sadistic sometimes especially when he his upset at me for some reason and I knew not to keep pushing my luck with him!

I jumped when out of nowhere I felt the super sharp sting of the cane hubby uses on me across my ass leaving this very painful intense lasting sting, then I felt another and another. I started to whimper a little and was told to shut up then I could hear the men in the room moving. I was lying face down upon the bed with my face buried into the sheets on the mattress sobbing a little from the pain of the cane across my ass. I had my eyes shut tight feeling scared, vulnerable and yet extremely aroused and excited in this mix of emotions. My heart was pounding and my entire body highly sensitive when I felt the mattress move and sink as several men gathered around me on the bed. The room was silent and all I could hear was my soft sobbing and the collective heavy breathing of the men in this tiny room with me. I felt their hands upon my body feeling my body and fingers entering my pussy. Then my head was lifted by someone pulling upward on my hair until I was forced to lift my body resting my shoulders on my elbows. I was slapped on the ass several times by someone and I could feel someone else rubbing the head of their cock against my pussy from behind.

Then one of the men said “We’re gonna fuck you until you split in two BITCH!!!”

I was petrified! Frozen with raw fear because I knew hubby was angry at me and really wanted to punish me properly to make me learn my lesson. The first guy fucked my pussy from behind smashing my body into the mattress as he slammed himself against me forcing his cock deep inside my pussy with several others holding me by the hair and moving my head around as they took turns sliding their cocks down my throat making me violently cough and gag.

They rotated through me several at a time fucking me in the ass, my pussy and using my mouth filling me with cum, covering me in cum and making me swallow their cum. I could hear hubby telling them to fuck his slut hard and make me scream, which I did, almost continuously!

Each one of the men in that room and the others that followed filled me with cum and I could feel it flowing down between my ass cheeks over my pussy and onto the bed sheets soaking in around me then feeling cold and icky against my skin.

I was used like a Submissive slut, treated like a Submissive slut and abused like a Submissive slut should be by every one of those men and much to my hubby’s enjoyment they all filled me several times each with a fresh load of hot cum as they took their turn rotating through me to fuck me for their own sense of enjoyment. I was completely helpless, bound and tortured by these men, teased, tormented and abused by every one of them for hours on end. I was used as a fuck cushion for most of the night for anyone who felt horny and needed to cum. I was left in the room bound to the bed and men would just come and go as they pleased, fuck me in the ass or pussy, use my mouth, then leave me with their cum going cold against my skin and go back to drinking with their friends leaving me there bound to this bed to do nothing more than wait for then next male to come in use and enjoy my body.

The entire time hubby was with me reminding me what a worthless dirty slut I am, making many other derogative remarks and being extremely derogative and abusive. While some random was on the bed fucking my pussy from behind with a line of other men waiting their turn hubby would be pulling my hair and jerking my head back whispering in my ear telling me I was nothing more than his cheap slut and my only purpose in life now was too be fucked by any men he tells me to fuck. I would always agree, thanking him for the privilege to be his loving and beg for more men to fill me with cum. The whole experience was extremely intense and degrading reinforcing my position in our relationship.

When hubby deemed, I had enough he untied me and made kneel upon the bed on my hands and knees then whipped my ass and pussy in front of everyone punishing me for enjoying the sex too much!! I couldn’t stop myself from gushing every two minutes because I had become so absorbed losing myself in a hole of subversive sexual slavery.

Although I was released from the bed, they continued to use me for sex for several more hours while hubby drank with them. I would be taken back to the bedroom or just fucked in front of everyone wherever I was or made to suck some guys cock, finger fucked and fucked in the ass by whoever wanted me. My sole purpose was to be there for everyone to have sex with because that’s what hubby wanted and he now likes to see me being abused, used and treated like a by his friends and his friends love using me for this too.

I so often feel so ashamed letting men use me like that but I simply can’t stop myself wanting to be treated like this for hubby who I know loves me so deeply.
Submissive Wife- Overflowing Pussy
Posted:Feb 28, 2020 8:19 pm
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2020 1:15 am

Hubby has a very possessive controlling streak with what I can can’t do especially when I’m with him around people we don’t know. He paranoid I’m going sneak off with some guy suck his cock or have some guy fuck me in the toilet which has happened a few times but it wasn’t fault all.

He keeps close by his side never allowing speak or even other men unless he tells me too keeping me with him as some kind of show piece to impress all his friends I have no doubt fuck then behind back.

I know all his friends think I’m a complete slut I can tell by the way they treat when they fuck not of them have any respect for all the things I let his friends do does reflect on hubby but I simply can not help myself the like an addiction I crave especially when I drink mix things, even if I don’t want fuck some guy, just the slightest touch or sexy smile from another man makes me want to fuck I simply can’t control the urges inside I do fuck some guy then everything just spirals of control for I just won’t stop fucking there no left fuck!

I sometimes feel so worthless guilty with the things I let men do with me having hubby always encouraging be completely uninhibited makes things worse for especially when I’m with big groups of men. I crave the attention of other men flirt shamelessly get it right in front of hubby. Letting men finger fuck pussy in public with hubby watching giving blowjobs men I meet bars then showing hubby the cum still swirling in mouth prove him I did it.

It was less than a week ago hubby myself went bar while we were travelling interstate which had been recommended us by a friend had booked a room across the road in a holiday accommodation. The room was nice with a balcony overlooking a gorgeous night view a massive bed in a huge room connected a very plush bathroom with a small kitchenette, table chairs corner couch. It was perfect for what hubby wanted that was for bring men back from the bar fuck them.

Hubby wanted watch meet men the bar flirt with them, then take them back the room fuck them, then come back the bar meet another guy take him back the room fuck him keep doing he told stop. Hubby wasn’t going to have any with all just wanted watch from a distance flirt with other men walk with them. He would then follow back the room wait outside listening screams of pleasure as I was fucked by each guy I met the bar.

The idea was such a turn on for I was just thinking about doing it worked perfectly for the first guys I took back to the room fucked. I wore ripped jeans a red stretchy tank top to the bar which was perfect for the type of men I wanted to meet. The jeans emphasised the shape of split pussy bulging on either side of the seam top was about sizes too small squashing boobs together leaving most of white fleshy breasts exposed on the sides with a super low over stretched neck just covering nipples by a few millimetres leaving the hardness of super erect nipples clearly visible very noticeable for everyone ogle.

Hubby was already the bar before I arrived I walked in sat at the bar looked around see if I could find him. first, I couldn’t then a few minutes later I saw him standing at the bar about people away ordering a drink. It took about seconds be served another seconds before I had drunk sleazy horny men all over me trying fuck . The first guy I met I asked if he wanted go back the room fuck the time it took for me to walk in to the bar walked with him was less than minutes. minutes after that he was fucking doggie style on the bed. jeans around knees, top still on with guy pounding from behind as hard fast as he could then he cum in around minutes leaving feeling just a bit disappointed. Thirty minutes later after I had fixed myself up again, I was back in the bar looking for someone else fuck.

hubby kept sending messages telling me which men he wanted me hook up with It was just as easy find the second guy too it all happened just as quick the with the third guy. I was sitting the bar with the fourth guy I was about ask back the room for a little playtime when the second guy I fucked saw me came over try for a second time. I did feel a little embarrassed when the fourth guy I was about fuck found during conversation I had already fucked the second guy not more than about nighty minutes prior. I sat there between them feeling a little humble trying explain myself but they both seemed like the idea I was such a sexy woman openly admitted loving .
I was engaged in conversation with these when another guy over heard our conversation joined in on the developing debate whether or not a woman can be called a slut in today’s acceptance of such diverse sexuality.

Then another joined in another before long I had a string of men all wanting take back the room fuck pussy. I went back the room with more guys just told the others where the room was meet me there which I think was a bit of a mistake because the news spread very quickly from friend another I was room willing fuck anyone turned up.

I had barely started have with the guys I took back to the room with when there were more knocking the door wanting come in too, then another another then another men wanting come in. I didn’t realise all these guys knew each other but they did they were all very keen fuck!

I didn’t know where hubby was but I knew I was all alone in a room full of drunk horny men all expected fuck! I did have some protection in the bathroom but was so overwhelmed with what was going on I completely forgot all about it. Within a minute of the last guys arriving I was kneeling on the floor giving guys a blowjob sucking on their various sized cocks another finger fucking pussy from behind with jeans still wrapped around ankles. A few others fondling boobs the others standing back watching everything that was going on commenting on what a they were going do with when they had their turn.

I was having with a room full of strangers loving every second of what I was doing! I ended up on the bed fucking guy after another in all these different positions with the rest sitting or standing around the room watching and waiting for their turn. A little while later I received several messages from hubby asking where I was and after the fourth message, I thought I had better let him know what was happening. He came the room almost immediately pretended he was just another guy waiting fuck too. He stood there with the others watching these men fuck me after another in revolving circle of men filling pussy with their loads of steamy cum.

There was massive wet patch on the sheets from all gushing mixed in with all their cum cold cum splatter spread all over the rest of the bed. Hubby was trying his hardest resist joining in but I think begging for everyone’s hard cock fill pussy watching beg for them cover fill mouth with their steamy pools of lust was just too much for him. I kept looking straight hubby every time some guy covered in his load spreading it all over with fingers then licking fingers asking him fuck too but each time some other guy would jump in first.

I know I shouldn’t but I just couldn’t stop myself wanting to watch these guys cocks fuck my pussy kept looking down their bare cocks thrusting in of cum soaked body, feeling the frantic explosive climax of their bodies violently shudder jerk when they each stiffened up filled pussy with another fresh sample of their white gift filling body then watch it all ooze from pussy like fresh cream flowing freely from a cup of red, swollen extremely bruised sensitive pussy.

hubby came up grabbed by the hair forced mouth over his cock literally in around seconds I could feel his cock throbbing as he pumped an enormous amount of cum into mouth filling mouth flowing over lips down chin. Even a of other guys commented on how much he had cum couldn’t believe I swallowed most of it then licked all the rest off his cock swallowed that too.

The was quite vanilla but it was also very exciting giving of random men a memory they will probably share with their friends for a long time in the future and I knew a few of them would be in touch again for some more.
After hubby had cum, he went the balcony with his drinks stayed there listening the rest of the of men with fresh guys joining in throughout the next hours fuck . He praised later telling how proud he was of his sexy little cum slut being able get so many random men fuck pussy in night how much it looked like I was enjoying it all that was the highlight for him. The next morning, I was treated like a princess enjoying all the love attention from him he could give with heaps of hugs cuddles real feeling of affection.
The long weekend
Posted:Jan 29, 2020 1:37 am
Last Updated:Jan 29, 2020 6:25 am

Hello, I have posted the details of my weekends fun time in the "Erotic Section" again, hope you enjoy reading about my latest experience with hubby.

Submissive Wife- A Faithful Sex Slut...

I love to read your feedback so any comments are welcome
Sharing my experiences...
Posted:Jan 22, 2020 3:31 pm
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2020 3:04 pm
Hello everyone, just wanted to let my followers know I have shared some of my experiences with the AdultFriendFinder community by posting my stories in the "Erotic Section" of the site, they are:

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Submissive Wife...

I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences and both hubby and I welcome any comments or suggestions you may have for me to further please hubby
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Just catching up...
Posted:Dec 27, 2019 12:18 pm
Last Updated:Aug 5, 2020 3:1 pm
Hello everyone

It is a great time of year to relax and catch up so I have made the effort to catch up on posting a few of my more memorable experiences in recent times in the "Erotic stories" sections on the site.

I normally post my experiences there now because my posts seem to reach a lot more people and sharing our thoughts, experiences and opinions is what life is all about.

If you look up Submissive Wife then my posts should all appear
Submissive Wife- Punishment or permission...
Posted:Dec 27, 2019 3:06 am
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2020 1:16 am
My hubby loves the fact all his friends use me whenever they want and I never refuse because I know not too and I can’t say I don’t enjoy all the sex but it would be nice to be able to be with his friends every now and then and not have to fuck everyone!

The rule for me now, is when hubby is with me, I can do as I please but when I am on my own, he insists I ask for permission first before I fuck anyone I may meet. Hubby has become very controlling and maybe just a little nervous because I have become so very popular with everyone having heaps of sex with other men and I believe, maybe he is also feeling a little jealous?

I was with a few girlfriends recently, going from one bar to another looking for a place with a good vibe, have a few drinks, catch up, have some girl time together and not worry about men or boyfriends, partners or anyone else!

We did find a place with the right atmosphere and found a table a bit out of the way so we weren’t being hassled by men all night. There was a band playing some very good music, a dance floor which we made very good use of and we were just generally having a really great night together but as usual, although I know I shouldn’t, I had a few drinks too many.

I was in a very playful jovial mood just having a lot of fun and enjoying the company I was surrounded by but with me, when I have had a few drinks too many, I always become this big flirt behaving like a complete slut with any man that passes by and my girlfriends hate me for it! I can’t help being that way, it’s just I become when I drink and I have been left on my own heaps of times because of it when my friends have abandoned me because I was too stubborn to leave when I should have done.

This is when things tend to happen and I make mistakes and bad judgements and end up in a lot of trouble with my hubby. So now the rule is, I absolutely must get his permission before I go off with anyone to do anything! There are no exceptions and if I do, he has told me the punishment I would expect to receive will be severe!

I had promised my hubby that very night I will never make any more bad mistakes and pleaded with him to let me go with my friends. He very reluctantly allowed me , but despite my promise, I did slip back into my old behaviour and ignored my friend’s advice to leave with them. I had attracted the lustful attention of several very bad men I have flirted with many times before but never had sex with and were used to getting what they wanted so I guess in a way I have been taunting them and this night they were extremely persistent in wanting my body. I was just having a great fun night, dancing with every guy there, getting one drink after another, going outside to mix some things, flirting with anyone dared come close and despite my girlfriends warning me not to around these guys I couldn’t help but let these guys become very amorous with me at every opportunity they could.

I know you are probably thinking how naïve and dumb I must be but sadly when I drink I just trust anyone and everyone and go off into my own innocent little world of enjoying the moment without a care of the consequences and that’s probably why hubby has become so bloody controlling!

These three men are quite arrogant which is an appealing trait for me, controlling and confident, quite stocky and muscular and just by looking at them I can easily tell they weren’t very nice men at all, also none of them were very good looking but there was just something about them that has always had me captivated and extremely horny wanting to discover what they were all about and I did have this type of sixth sense that had me hanging on, to want to let them lead me to the destination they so obviously wanted to take me too. I was intrigued at the possibilities of where things may go and simply didn’t want to miss out just because my girlfriends were afraid of something I am not and that is sexual experimentation!

They are around their mid-thirties, fairly unkept looking but clean and strangely worldly seeming to have an in-depth knowledge of a whole variety of things but with me they mainly concentrated on their knowledge of how to please women. They made some amazingly tempting claims saying they were experienced in BDSM and kept bragging with the three of them I would experience levels of sexual self-intimacy no one else could ever attempt to give me.

I can’t say I wasn’t interested and was intently hanging on every word they were saying and the things going through my mind of the pleasures they claimed they could provide were simply making my bodies urges go into over drive as my thoughts became intensely focused on what they were offering. The more interested I became with the topic the more easily it was for them to convince me to go with them to Johns place where apparently, he lived alone and had all the kinky sex equipment. I was a little hesitant to go with them and always have been but this night they were so convincing they weren’t going to expect anything and I was so intrigued about all this stuff they had been talking about it was almost impossible for me to resist the offer.

My curiosity was screaming at me to go with them and my common sense was screaming just as loudly not to put myself in such a precarious situation and yes, my curiosity won out. They were very pleased I decided to go to Johns house with them and didn’t waste any time getting me there and they were true to their word about not hassling me for sex. Johns sex room was a little like walking through a land of wonder, with an amazing array of vibrators and dildos, all sorts of whips, restraints and he even had the bed fixed with shackles. They showed me heaps of things which did get my blood pumping, my juices flowing and my pussy pulsating at the thought of these guys using some of this stuff on me.

Apparently, John used to have a partner who was very similar to myself and he and his friends would collectively use her for all sorts of things and share her with other men too. To John and his two friends I was like a God sent gift! They were amazed at how lucky they were to finally have me in this room full of fun toys and I was just as intrigued and tempted to just let them use me right there as they were to want too but I kept thinking of how much trouble I would be in with hubby.

I toyed with the idea for ages as they continued to seduce me to and slowly, I succumb to their collective convincing mannerisms and knew even before I made my decision, I was theirs to have for the night. I felt so bad about disobeying hubby, but the opportunity to experience something new was right there in front of me and I knew what I was about to do was dumb and unsafe but I was drawn into it, powerless to resist the temptation offered to me because of my state of mind and sexual afflictions. I willingly gave myself to these men against my hubby’s knowledge and wishes and that is something I knew I would have to deal with later.

While all this was going on Johns friend was contacting other men to join them and although I knew this was happening, I did nothing, deep down I wanted this to happen, I yearned for it and I accepted I was there for them to use me as they wished. It is hard for me to explain but I felt I needed this, I needed to fully submit and allow myself to be used by my choice and not controlled by hubby. In a way I guess I was rebelling against my master and wanted to be punished for it so I sent a to hubby telling him where I was and what I was about to do stating I was doing it with or without his permission. I guess for some reason I was perhaps angry at hubby for something, for making me become his sex slave and not allowing me to fully express myself maybe, knows and I was so messed up at the time I will never know why I did what I did that night.

I was restrained on the bed, face down, with my arms and legs spread wide to these adjustable ropes. I could move freely until I was locked in place into a position where they wanted me to be and they stretched me wide feeling like I was on a torture rack. I felt so vulnerable yet so aroused from the anticipation, lying on this bed, fully naked, knowing I was about to be gang fucked by these dominant capable men. I felt as I would imagine an animal would feel that had been hunted as prey and was at the moment of capture, knowing its fate, accepting its surrender to a beast more powerful and dominant, giving itself fully as a sacrifice and unknowingly accepting its position in the order of life.

That’s how I felt, I was giving myself as a sacrifice, knowing my position in the order of life and once again accepting my fate as a sex slave.

They moved around me slapping my ass, taunting me, telling me what they were going to do with me, telling me how many more men were coming and there was nothing I could do about it, saying they were going to leave me chained to this bed for days while one group after another come through day and night to fuck me until I became delirious. They sounded like they meant what they were saying and I became scared to death they were serious about what they were telling me. They loosened the bindings and made me kneel, ordering me to shut the fuck up! I was made to kneel on the bed with my ass poised high in the air as they continued to taunt me, whip my pussy and make me succumb to the tactics of extreme intimidation.

I was there sex slave now and was there to be fully used by their entire gang!

I was scared out of my mind now but too scared to say anything and I could feel my body tremble waiting for the next slap or whipping across my ass or pussy. I did tell them I was petrified and the response I received was more brutality, hair pulling, threats, taunting of what their intentions with me were and how many men they were going to offer me too. This went on for a while then their friends started to arrive!

I was a little puzzled why no one had fucked me yet, after all it wasn’t as if I could stop them! I kept thinking how did I end up in this situation and was angry at myself for allowing my stupidity to control my mind trying to constantly satisfy my lust for sex. Two groups of four men entered the room within a short time of each other and the whole time they were almost licking their lips at the tasty treat laid out before them. I constantly had hands all over my body, feeling every crevice and contour of my quivering flesh, fingers abruptly exploring the depths of my pussy and the frequency of my ass being slapped had left a persistent stinging. I struggled to get away from their tormenting and the more I did the more they loved it. Most were around their thirties with a few older guys and they were taking their time with me, enjoying the teasing of my mind and flesh, getting off on the control rather than the sex itself.

I started to get a little angry because the whole thing was getting a little creepy for me and demanded they untie me and at first, they wouldn’t until I totally lost it and went berserk at them, then they decided to let me go but I couldn’t leave the room. I was so disoriented and light headed I just sat on the edge of the bed for a while trying to stop my head from spinning and stop myself from spewing. I wasn’t very successful and puked all over the floor and over some guys legs who was standing in front of me.

I felt like I was a jellyfish, just flopping everywhere and unable to control my body properly. I couldn’t walk, stand up or even speak properly and this seemed to be very amusing to the men around me, laughing at me trying to regain my composure. I was taken into another room and sat on a large wide lounge where I just flopped on my back between two guys either side of me.

I was repositioned kneeling on the floor and bent over the chair with my legs spread wide by this bar that was attached to my ankles, then had my wrists tied off together and attached to a ring fixed in the wall so I was slightly stretched out with my pussy made available to everyone. I knew they were doing this but didn’t care and just went along with it, knowing their little sex games with me had only just started.

One guy had this whip resembling a miniature straw broom stick and started to whip my pussy with it, asking if I enjoyed it and strangely enough, I did enjoy it! It felt so stimulating being rendered so hapless and having my pussy whipped by this thing with the rest off the group watching and cheering him on to whip me even harder saying I wasn’t bucking enough. He did whip my pussy even harder and in between each pussy thrashing I received they all felt my pussy, fondling my pussy with their many, many fingers and commenting on my juices which were now freely flowing.

I felt I was in this dreamy world and everything happening didn’t seem quite real but I knew it was especially when I was repositioned on this chair lying on my back with my arms stretched out above my head. My wrists still bound together and tied off to this wall ring with rope then they stretched my legs really wide and tied off my ankles to the very edge of either side of this chair. I was now firmly restrained with my legs spread as wide as they would go with my ass on the edge of the chair and my pussy hanging out ready, swollen, raw and waiting for their cocks to fill me full of cum.

I was almost climaxing just being tied down like this, then when I saw the whole group starting to get their cocks out to fuck me, I almost started to gush. I was so focused on my pussy pulsating and the tingling of my clit was making me insane, desperately wanting someone to fill me with their hard-throbbing cock. I started to scream out begging for someone to fuck me because I simply couldn’t handle being teased anymore but instead, they continued to torment my mind and body.

Some of them then started to with my nipples, twisting them, flicking them, pulling hard on them, biting and applying pressure with clamps and others were teasing my pussy, with vibrators, dildos, and when they applied a clamp to my clit I almost passed with excitement. It felt fucking awesome being spread like a bird’s wings, teased and endlessly tormented. I had so many mini climaxes I lost count and the amount of times I almost gushed was incredibly amazing but they always seemed to be able to keep me right on the edge. I felt like a dam that was so full almost bursting its banks but never quite reaching the point of releasing all its power and energy. I was teased, kept tinkering on the edge of release which just kept building up and up like when you are just about to sneeze but just quite don’t get to sneeze.

My whole body felt like that until finally someone decided to fuck me! He knelt on the ground before me gently fondling my pussy with his fingers and I could see his quite sizable rock hard cock resting against my inner thigh only centimetres from my pussy then I intently watched him as he took his cock in his hand and guided it inside my soaked pussy disappearing fully inside right up to his balls. He lifted himself up slightly and started to fuck me hard making me scream out with absolute divine pleasure feeling his cock plunging so deeply inside me.

He cum very quickly and pulled out just before he did to stroke his cock several times then covered my entire pelvis area with this massive amount of near transparent runny cum which flowed almost like water down over my pussy and in between the crack of my ass. He looked like he was about to pass out when he cum and was quickly replaced by the next guy who cum almost just as quickly and did the thing. Then another and another, each of them using my pussy as a convenience to help them cum in the finale of their wicked little session with their newly found slave slut.

I was used by every single one of them multiple times and I could have easily being used by many, many more men because the whole experience was just an amazingly awesome intense session of pure uninhibited physically gratifying sex engulfing my mind, my body and soul taking me to a level I have never been pleasured with before.

Their whole attitude was different from the usual, focused with a level of determined effort I have not seen before emphasised on my stimulation rather than their own. Collectively they were like Gods of sex and seem to know exactly what to do with me, when and how to do it to keep me screaming and begging for more!

The most profound and deeply affecting part of the whole experience was when I was taken to a wall and the bar they fitted between my bound wrists was fully extended and placed over two hooks so I was standing almost on my tippy toes with my arms stretched high above me, then they placed two large boxes under each knee, spread apart and away from the wall so I had no choice but to be stretched against this wall with my ass protruding just at the right height for them to fuck me from behind. Then they placed a blindfold over my eyes and made me wait like that for what seemed like a life time, all by myself with no one else in the room at all just waiting there in the dark wondering what the hell was going on, until I could hear the sound of voices coming down the hallway toward the room.

I was kind of shocked of my progressing slumber and rudely awaked to the bright light being turned on and the room filling with men. I just froze solid and felt my stomach drop when I realised what they intended to do with me, then I felt the first strong sting as this whip struck me upon my ass. I yelped loudly and begged them not to do it again which was met with a room full of laughter and then a moment later another hard-sharp sting from this whip that was being used upon my already tender flesh.

In between each session of whipping I was fucked from behind and filled with cum until I could feel it flowing down my legs like a river of strongly scented goo. There were a lot of men in that room and I think most of them fucked me because there was a huge puddle of cum that had formed beneath me on the floor. I could hear it dripping from my pussy and hitting the floor like the sound of a dripping tap.
Some guys just jerked off splattering cum all over my ass, unwilling to put their cocks in a cum soaked pussy that belonged to such a promiscuously disobedient slut, dishonouring her hubby with such flagrant disobedience and giving herself to so many other men without permission!

The aftermath when hubby found out several days later, well that is a private topic I don’t think should be shared, but I can assure you he made certain I was properly used again and again and again at the next gathering of his many deviate friends.
Looking for men/groups/couples
Posted:Dec 22, 2019 2:34 pm
Last Updated:Dec 23, 2019 1:25 am
I'm Jess and just wanted say hello fans and followers let you all know how much I love your support in following transitional sexual journey from the vanilla the extreme.

Hubby and I started all this a few years ago and I have now become his slave/submissive and ever since we have both comfortably adapted our roles in our relationship together hubby has led the way in pushing shed inhibited sexual boundaries.

I have decided use this personal blog for own thoughts and feelings about our journey together as a in the never ending expansion of our sexual relationship and post experiences in the erotic stories section on this site.

If you would like to read about experiences then just up "Submissive Wife" in the erotic stories section and if you would like to know more about or hubby then please feel free ask.

I love this site, I love the people I have met so far and I love the thought of meeting as many more people as I possibly can share future experiences of lust, passion and experimentation together
Submissive Wife- Bare Back is Bad!
Posted:Nov 27, 2019 5:58 am
Last Updated:Dec 27, 2019 3:06 am
Hubby was in one of his tense moods and I just knew on the way to Nathans place something was going to happen.

We arrived at Nathans place and hubby insisted I go in to get his jacket and just before I went to get out of the car, he looked at me with those piercing eyes he sometimes gets and told me not to be too long.

I just nodded, got out the car and walked down the driveway to the front door, knocked and stood there waiting for someone to answer the door. Hubby had already rung Nathan to let him know we were only a few minutes away so I knocked again and just quietly stood there waiting. I had never met Nathan before so had no idea who he was or what he looked like and really wasn’t sure what to expect but I could hear someone walking up the hallway toward the front door.

My hubby could see me from the car where he had stopped on the verge and I knew he wanted me to be as quick as I can and expected Nathan to bring the jacket to the door.

The door opened and the first word I heard was “WOW!” Nathan was a tall thin guy with a friendly look who seemed very confident and educated but with a heap of tats making him look a little like a rough bikie type. He had his jeans on, no footwear or top and his lean muscular tanned body certainly took me by surprise! He looked me up and down seemingly impressed at what he saw nodding his head at me as he checked me out wearing my favourite Denim high cut shorts and red tank top. I feel very comfortable in this and always wear these as casual but it is almost the same as walking around naked and does get me lots of comments and attention from men.

I felt instantly aroused at the sight of Nathan and thought to myself if he asked I would really enjoy having sex with him. He asked me inside so I went in and waited in the hallway of this older style house and while he wandered off to get the jacket I waited quietly just looking around at the scattered bits and pieces of memorabilia he had displayed on the walls of holiday snaps and similar things. He came back quicker than I expected and caught me leaning over looking at a crafted wood statue he had standing on the polished wood floor. I must have impressed him because he stopped short of me just staring at my ass with the shorts pulling tightly between my bum cheeks showing the smoothness of my firm ass and probably a glimpse of my shaved pussy.

I turned and smiled at him knowing full well he would fuck me in a flash but pretended I was oblivious to his obvious perving and casually asked him about the things he had on display.

We talked for a while about his holiday memorabilia and other things while I flirted with him a little with my usual shy coy manner which seems to make men crazy for my body. He fixated on my body almost drooling all over me while his eyes feasted on every part of my boobs. My boobs were barely covered in my red tank top showing a lot of side boob and just barely covering my nipples. I felt comfortable with what I had on but I have been told before I do sometimes look like a prowling for sex and I was deliberately teasing him because I could feel the sexual tension between us grow and as the seconds passed, for me that feeling just became stronger! I knew he wanted to touch me as I slowly walked from one item to another displayed in the hallway drawing Nathan along with me and stayed talking a little longer feeling the energy between us getting stronger and stronger.

He saw my car out front and asked who I was with and I told him my hubby was waiting, he seemed quite inquisitive and asked a heap of questions about hubby and myself then suddenly, his face lit up like a switch had been flicked and he was awake to who I was suddenly saying “Oh your Jessy” and looked me up and down again saying I had sex with him recently at Ricks place . I guess that was a compliment but I did feel a little embarrassed knowing that and coyly agreed but I simply couldn’t remember having sex with him. He became super excited and wanted me to meet his friends saying I was kind of famous amongst Ricks friends, known for being the regular party girl at his house.

Nathans two live in friends came out from their rooms wondering what was going on and it was really tuff to resist their charms. They were both European men, very confident and had the most amazing accents dazzling me with their nonstop compliments about my body and their sexy mannerisms were impossible to ignore. They were practically fucking me with their eyes as they flirted with me confidently touching my body as they explained to each other how beautiful and sexy I looked.
Their touch was so light and sensually arousing it made me tingle all over and I just stood there smiling not knowing what to do as they touched me and lightly fondled my boobs. I was getting so hot it was almost impossible for me not to show it, especially when they kept slipping their fingers under my shorts and brushing their fingers past my pussy. I stood there only meters from the front door being pawed by these guys getting weaker and weaker by the minute in resisting their attempts in seducing my mind to let them fuck me but I just managed to stay strong enough to get to the flyscreen door which had been locked.

Nathan and his friends were relentless, making suggestive sexual remarks, fondling my body as they spoke to me and when they realised I was getting to the point of letting them fuck me, they tried even harder to get me all worked up.

I kept saying no but my body was saying YES, YES, YES!! I stood there at the flyscreen door numbly fumbling with the lock feeling myself getting so wet with these three guys all over me, feeling so weak to resist, then Nathan just grabbed me by the arm, swung me around and kissed me and that was the end of me. I just melted away letting him take me in his arms and slowly fondle my breasts while he continued kissing me on the lips in this very soft passionate way I rarely experience with other men and it felt so genuine almost like he actually cared for me.

I came in close to Nathan, put my arms around him and kissed him back, letting my hands slip down to his jeans then undoing his zipper while continuing to kiss him. He was really getting into it with me and I could feel his stomach ripple as I tickled him trying to reach into his jeans to pull his cock out.

I stood there and kept kissing him while I gently stroked his cock in my hand until I could feel it was rock hard then knelt down before him, looked up at him, then took his cock into my mouth. His two friends were just standing there in total shock and amazement watching how deliciously eager I was giving Nathan a blowjob. I looked at both of them while I kissed Nathans cock, rubbing my lips along the shaft and engulfing the head of his cock in my mouth then sliding my lips down the shaft right down to his balls until I would gag a little as his cock entered deeply in the back of my throat, then back up to the head moving my lips around his cock and licking up the pre cum that was simply flowing like a river, moving it all over my lips and chin and eagerly continuing doing this until I could feel his cock get so rigid and hard it felt like it felt like it could almost snap in two.

Nathan just stood there almost frozen leaning against the wall with his jeans partly pulled down with me kneeling in front of him with and cock firmly lodged down my throat. I reached out to one of his friends and tugged at his shorts hoping he would get the hint which he immediately did and stood beside me with his cock out fully hard and veined looking like it was about to explode holding it in his hand and slapping it against the side of my face. I turned my head and starting giving him a blowjob too moving quickly from one to the other keeping them both close to my lips.

His other friend didn’t need any encouragement and immediately followed doing the same thing so I was now giving three guys a blowjob. I couldn’t stop myself rocking my hips while giving these guys a blowjob and was desperately wanting one of them to fill my pussy too but knew I shouldn’t because I would have to ride them bare back. Hubby doesn’t like me fucking other men bare back for obvious reasons but sometimes in the moment of intense passion it does happen, although I do try to avoid it.

I kept thinking I really shouldn’t be doing this and briefly stopped asking them to let me out but they insisted I stay telling me how beautiful I was and how well I sucked cock and how much they wanted to fuck me. I have become so accustomed to pleasing men, what they said, sounded almost like a demand, so in my mind I thought why shouldn’t I let them use me for sex.

I could hear my phone ringing in the pocket of my shorts and knew it would be my husband wondering what was taking so long and felt I really needed to get back to my hubby before he became upset.

These three were so hard I thought they wouldn’t take long to cum but despite my best efforts none of them cum. I kept saying to them I needed to leave but they were more interested in me continuing to suck their cocks and didn’t seem to care at all if hubby became mad at me for taking so long. I heard my phone ringing again then stood up and started fumbling at the lock on the door trying to get out. I was so panicked and confused I didn’t know what to do and started to get frustrated at the lock on the door not working properly. Then Nathan came up to me from behind and slipped his finger through the side of my shorts from the front and started massaging my clit.

OMG! I just froze and couldn’t move a muscle standing there leaning against the door with his weight against me moving his hand over my pussy as he slid one, two then three fingers inside my pussy and dragging the palm of his hand over my clit pushing against it downward and upward making my pussy uncontrollably flow with my juices filling the air with the sweetness of my scent.

I kept softly asking him to open the door for me but he knew I was enjoying what he was doing to my pussy far more than I realised. I felt really embarrassed because it felt like I had pissed over his hand and I could feel the sweet scented juices flow down my leg filling the air with that unmistakable scent of lustful sex.

I was hopelessly lost to the reality these guys were going to fuck me before they would let me leave and so I reached behind me tugging his cock while he continued to finger fuck my pussy and massage my clit. I couldn’t stop myself responding to his touch spreading my legs more and more for him as he held me very tightly from behind with one arm wrapped around my waist and the other between my legs. I was so excited and sexually out of control I started to squirm pushing my ass hard against his cock and bending over slightly to try and slip his cock into me from behind. His cock was soaked in precum and it just slipped so easily along the slit of my pussy finding its way past the shorts to the hot centre of my pussy then effortlessly glided inside me in one swift motion. I gasp loudly as he thrust his cock deeply into my pussy, then again and again speeding up the pace until he was pounding me hard against the door making such a racket the whole neighbourhood would have thought someone was trying to break in or something.

I simply couldn’t stop myself howling out loudly, feeling him inside, bringing me to a climax. I pushed back at him pushing against the door with my arms stretched out begging him not to cum inside me and barely able to speak because I was being jiggled around so much between Nathan and the noisy door frame. I could feel myself getting closer to another climax and started to involuntary scream louder and louder and louder!

I was screaming out so loud Nathan started shouting at me to shut up!

My legs suddenly went weak and I climaxed falling to the floor flooding myself and the floor, feeling so ashamed I was once again so easily coaxed into having sex, yet again, and the worst thing was despite me pleading with him not to cum inside my pussy he did and my pussy was now such a sloppy mess from how much cum he filled me with. His friends wanted to fuck me bare back too but I really didn’t want them too and gave them both a blowjob instead and swallowed their massive mouthfuls of cum.

They were both enjoying my skills very much when my hubby called again and I knew I had to answer it this time or he would probably get very upset with me which he already was demanding to know why I was taking so long. I told him Nathan was having trouble finding his jacket but I should be out soon and luckily, he believed my little lie although I did feel very bad about lying to him.

Nathans friends cum very quickly this time with the way I gave them their blowjob they so desperately wanted and both filled my mouth full with so much cum making me swallow several times to catch it all and not spill any.

I was so horny now I could have easily stayed for more sex but had to get back to my hubby who was still waiting in the car. I thought he must have guessed for sure something was going on and I would be in big trouble but when I got back into car, he was quite calm. On the way to our friends place I didn’t say anything and neither did he but I think he obviously knew I had done something because just before we arrived he reached over to me, slid his hand along my leg and slipped his fingers into my pussy then looked at me and just smiled but still said nothing.

About an hour later I also had sex with my hubby’s other two friends with hubby instructing them how he wanted them to use me after I was bound to the bed. I think I will have to get in touch with Nathan again because the sex was really hot and I think there was definitely a bit of a sexual spark there between us too.

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