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Binding Shackles...  

Jessygirl23 28F  
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2/1/2021 7:36 pm
Binding Shackles...

I desperately tried not show my fear but my legs just wouldn't stop trembling because I felt just as petrified as I did sexually aroused and my thought was hubby must have been insane to want this!

Hubby took a place and he knew of heaps of men who would be there that wanted fuck . Hubby wanted tease, he wanted behave like a slut for him and despite Emily's warnings he wanted see being used by Tyrone and his friends. Tyrone is a tall dark skinned man who works in construction with his team of friends. These guys work together, together and Emily told of how brutal they were when they fucked her together and to say they intimidating would be an understatement. They are all very strong powerful men with piercing eyes, commanding voices and are known to fuck women to complete exhaustion then keep fucking them! These guys were the sort of men you didn't go near unless you wanted to be punished.

Hubby told me to wear black heels, pussy thigh stockings and his black fabric jacket that was just long enough to cover my ass. It had a low open front showing most of my boobs and stomach right down to my pelvis with a button that did up so when I sat down the jacket would gape showing a very good view of my breasts and the leg split would open and show my legs right up to my pussy. It was like I was wearing nothing at all and it was extremely difficult to keep myself covered but I did enjoy the<b> tease. </font></b>I loved the feel of the fabric against my breasts making me feel constantly aroused and with the scent of my perfume impregnated into the material it continually attracted attention making it so much easier for me to behave like a complete slut. Everyone said I looked insanely sexy and I loved watching men's reaction when they saw me in compromising positions.

Hubby and I walked in together but were quickly seperated. I wasn't expecting to be quite so swamped by men and I hadn't planned for things to get so of control so quickly and once I attracted the attention of Tyrone and his friends I was swept up in their powerful tide of lust and it happened so seamlessly.

Despite there being other women there I was by far the prettiest and I easily moved from one to another teasing with my body and giving them enough to tempt but not too much too control. I knew what hubby wanted and soon I had Tyrone and his friends competing for my attention against other men. One of Tyrones friends was the first to demand my time making sure he wasn't interrupted by anyone and had me in this nook putting a lot of pressure on me for sex. A well developed tattooed man combined with a magnificent smile and rumoured to have a huge cock did make it easier for me to be what hubby wanted and he was soon joined by another friend. They both kept looking at me expectantly and spoke to me with absolute contempt almost demanding I suck their cocks. I stood there against the wall feeling completely intimidated, defenceless against the both of them slipping their fingers inside my pussy with their voices commanding me to suck their cocks. My legs trembling from fear and my pussy flowing like a river with their behavior automatically making me become a submissive slut for them and they weren't nice about it either, plus they were hurting me too, stretching my pussy with several fingers each inside being very rough with me. I wanted their oppressive manner, I thrived on the demands they had on my body and the repugnant way they were treating me was an attraction, luring my sense of curiosity, wanting to know what it would be like to know for myself if what Emily said was true. With men moving past in the tight area they kept demanding I suck their cocks, telling me I was nothing more than a worthless slut, telling me they knew I was hubbys wife ! With another of the with them now the pressure to suck everyone's cocks was immensely overwhelming and to be a good slut for hubby I knew I shouldn't refuse. Their dominance was like being trapped in a vice and the pressure was too much for me to resist. I now understood why my friend Emily warned me not to go near these guys.

Now I had attracted their attention they weren't going to let me go until they had what they wanted and that was to ruin my body. They seemed to really get off on being so demanding so when they pushed my head down to theirs and other mens exposed cocks I just automatically opened my mouth and took their cocks into my throat. They were very controlling, taking turns to firmly hold my head against the wall and harshly fucked my mouth making me gag and almost vomit. They kept smiling at each other as they competed to see which one could throat fuck me the deepest. I had tears streaming from my eyes and kept gasping for air and the rougher they were the more they liked it! Some men and others couldn't and said that was my fault so I was slapped, had my throat strangled and they relished listening to scream when they virtually ripped my nipples off. A lot of men walked past and they all seemed to enjoy watching them treat me this way and some joined in listening to them abuse me and hearing my own begging screams. They kept saying I wanted this because I was hubbys wife and they kept threatening to get the rest of the boys. I was fast becoming the main entertainment and men watching kept suggesting to gangfuck my pussy.

I felt numb and worthless, I felt alone and I felt I had no option but to say yes. It was what hubby wanted, it was what Tyrone and his friends wanted and it was what all the men watching wanted. I was taken to the main room and put on display. Used as an example of what a good slut should do. There was inexcess of twenty to thirty men with women too all focused on watching random men in the room come up uninvited to have sex with me. I was being pimped to whoever wanted and hubby stood over watching these men fuck his wife in every hole and most times altogether. I felt like a play toy for these men, nothing more than a body for them to over after they had every hole giving hubby exactly what he wanted. He was seeing his gorgeous wife being torn apart by vile disgusting men who were behaving like wild animals.

These men were insanely hyped up and I was dragged by the hair to a table in the room. I was bound to the top of the table, placed on my back and held down. My wrists bound to the wooden legs of the table my body and my ankles bound with mens belts which were biting into my flesh. Despite my thrashing about to resist the many overpowered me, seemingly enjoying watch me panic and beg for them to release me then with Tyrones friends acting as gate keepers they chose who was allowed to fuck me. I had a belt fitted to my neck which constantly choked me making it hard to breath then another of Tyrones friends appeared with a leather whip! I was teased and tormented by Tyrones men and others, sardistically played with both physically and verbally and humiliated all for the pleasure of onlookers. I actually feared for my life feeling totally and utterly at this groups mercy. They took great pleasure in whipping my pussy into this swollen sensative covered mess. I was kept bound to the table with men choking me then a fourth, fifth, and more taking turns to fuck my pussy then whip my pussy as hard as they could with this leather whip for being a filthy and letting them fuck my holes. I couldn't stop myself from screaming with every intensly sharp painful sting I felt which would bring great pleasure to the many but just more tears to my eyes. Then I was made to beg for the next guy to fuck and if I didn't beg convincingly enough one of Tyrones friends would whip my pussy again.

All the while I could see hubby watching intently, with all the other onlookers quietly waiting and so desperately wanting their turn with some men not being able to control themselves and jerking off over my covering my eyes, my lips and hair in layers of thick gluggy . My mind became numb, my body became numb and all my thoughts focused soley on the intense pain or pleasure I was experiencing. My senses could no longer endure and they too became numb with my mind closing down and my thought and vision was of hubby. The men around me in this frenzied hyped up sexual state tearing my body apart with others just standing there in this state of amazed awe at what they were seeing, almost in shock at what others were doing.

Then something happened that I didn't expect at all. Something I don't think anyone anticipated least of all me. Emily was brought to me and told to lick the from my pussy and
I couldn't believe this was actually happening. I watched as she hesitantly knelt before my pussy, the back of her head being pushed by another of Tyrones friends as he guided her into the mixture of that covered my pussy and pelvis where so many had finished themselves. She looked at with this subservient expression and I continued watching and saw her tougue reluctantly flicker across my clitoris. She is a slave and like has no say but despite her initial hesitation she seemed to really enjoy using her tongue to clean up the dumped over my body by so many. I never knew she liked to experiment with other women too. The whole room went deathly quiet as everyone watch in complete silence. She slowly moved up my body looking like a petite doll with her breasts pressed against my flesh sliding over my covered stomach feeling so sensually smooth and erotic. I gasp loudly when I realised she wasn't stopping and kept slowly going until I watched her mouth engulf my nipples. It felt so strange yet so exciting and magnificently natural. Something I have experienced before but not for a long time, something that to this still feels foreign to yet perfectly acceptable. I couldn't stop myself from murmuring my pleasure, she was like an angel who had saved from the brutality of these men. To me she looked so beautiful, her long dark hair drapping over my body tickling my skin in stark contrast. Her lips looked so supple and inviting as I watched them move along my body toward mine. I had already let go of the pain and was now so ready to climax again feeling her hand slide inside my pussy. She moved it inside me with such tenderness and knowing exactly what to do made her touch feel so inviting. With her lips almost about to touch mine I froze, my body stiffened and I had this very strange feeling surge through my senses. It was very stimulating and extremely powerful making me feel I was out of my depth, I had no control but was gladly accepting what was happening. She kissed me rolling her tongue inside my mouth giving me a taste of the mixture of she shared then lightly bit my lower lip as if to say she owned too.

Is a friend still just a friend once you have had sex? I felt the dynamics of our friendship change that night and I do want to share my feelings but that will be for another time.

justme51 70M
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3/23/2021 7:29 pm

Awesome blog...

One can never have enough fun-private mail on my blog.

discreettush51 57F  
61 posts
2/28/2021 2:37 pm

me me me ..damn.. why do i feel like i missed out ...smiles

Leegs2012 48M
87291 posts
2/2/2021 4:55 pm

I adore you!!!!

kamaruhl3 60M
3917 posts
2/1/2021 9:00 pm

so erotic. am stroking to this now

RobK2006 54M
5867 posts
2/1/2021 8:00 pm

I can't describe to you how horny I am right now. Just fully erect.

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