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Hubby's Naughty Cum Bucket  

Jessygirl23 27F  
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5/29/2020 3:29 am
Hubby's Naughty Cum Bucket

Hubby and myself were going for a walk through the streets at around 11pm in a friend’s neighbourhood just admiring the houses we dream to have one day. We had just left our friends place and decided to go for a stroll instead of heading straight home just for something to do because we didn’t want to behave like old people and be in bed early on a Saturday night.

We came across a house that looked a little unkept with three men sitting on the front porch one floor up having a drink and being obnoxiously loud and vocal. As we walked past they obviously liked the dress I was wearing and made a few very lewd comments referring to what their cocks would like to be doing to my pussy bent over the railings of the porch.

I looked up at them and smiled but hubby didn’t seem very impressed and just ignored them and kept walking not even acknowledging he heard them say anything. I did have a few wines at our friends place so was in a playful flirty mood and made a few friendly suggestive comments back at them. This turned into a good little bantering session between them and myself for a good twenty minutes or so and hubby just ignored them and me and kept walking back to the car leaving me alone engaged in this friendly flirty session with these guys.

I kind of became engrossed in a little light conversation with these guys and expected hubby to return to get me because I had no idea where to go to find him. Standing on the street talking with these guys above me with my boobs jumping out of my dress did seem to captivate their attention which was mainly focused on sex and exploring the possibilities of having sex with me. I kept teasing them and flaunting my body to stir them up and I must have been there for a little while before hubby finally turned up with the car and parked right outside this place.

I stayed leaning against the car with hubby sitting in it waiting for me and totally brooding because I was full on flirting with these guys. I think he wanted to go home but I was enjoying myself behaving like a drunk with these guys. They were older than myself but not by a lot and very friendly and easy to talk too. Hubby kept telling me to get in the car so we could go but I kept ignoring him because I was still having a great old time then being outside finally had its affect on my bladder and I was absolutely busting to go for a pee.

I asked these guys if I could use their toilet and they were very obliging almost tripping over each other to get to the front door first to open it to let me inside. Hubby stayed in the car and he was fuming that much I could actually see his head turning red but there was no way I could hold on any longer.

I went inside and used their toilet and much too my amazement the place was quite clean and tidy although they were some kind of foriegners with a very disciplined manner about themselves which was quite a nice change. Two had beards which I couldn’t resist touching because it really is quite sexy and we stood in the hallway of this place talking about nothing with me trying my best to stand upright and not fall over. The dress I had on was just an old casual flowing knee high dress with straps and an open low cut showing quite a bit of boob which is normal for me but these guys eyes were almost popping just ogling at my breasts with this full on fixated perve and I did kind of like the way they were making it so obvious too because for me it was quite a turn on making me just a little horny.

I wasn’t in any hurry to leave and they weren’t in any hurry to kick me out either and with me shamelessly flirting with them, I couldn’t blame them either. I knew hubby would be absolutely insanely angry at me by now but I just didn’t really care and kept talking with these guys just behind the closed front door and without being derogative in any way, these three were the sleaziest, smoothest and convincing men I have ever encountered but with me being quite very drunk and flirting the way I was it wasn’t really that unexpected.

I knew what they wanted and I wanted to let them have it but there was still that unseen wall between us stopping things from happening. I could feel the sexual tension between us as I stood there with my hand on the doorhandle ready to walk out but not wanting to open that door just quite yet. They were all standing so close to me, almost surrounding me to prevent me from leaving and I could feel that tingling surging through my body that I get when I am aroused. I hesitated opening the door just for a moment and that’s when I felt the slightest touch upon the inside of my leg. One guy was standing to my side so close to me he could have kissed me and dangling his arm down casually touched my inner leg.

The other two were standing just as close on the other side and to my front in this very intimate close proximity to my body with their chests almost pressing against my breasts. I could feel this unbelievably intense sensual electricity between us. I had my head hung low just standing there with my back against this front door looking down at the floor just waiting. Everything had gone quiet and it felt like the moment had gone into slow motion then paused. The touch I felt upon my leg turned into a deliberate feel sliding up and down my inner thigh, then I felt the strap on my dress being pulled away and could feel the material of my dress falling away from my breasts.

I held my breathe in anticipation, trying not to move, trying not to provoke their advances any further but then not resisting them either. For some reason this moment brought back a flood of unwanted memories along with an even bigger flood of responses from my body. My mind was torn, I was fully in the mood for sex, I absolutely wanted to have sex with these men right there and then but I knew I was just being used yet again for sex by yet another group of Randoms taking full advantage of my open friendly nature and sense of sexuality.

I tried to stop myself falling deeper into the abyss of my sexual nature but every touch upon my flesh truly felt like I had been pierced by my demon pinning my feet to the floor where I stood. I simply couldn’t move and in not moving let these guys fondle my body at their pleasure. In seconds my breasts were fully exposed with two of the guys sucking on my nipples with all three with their hands under my dress fondling and fingering my pussy. I kept thinking I shouldn’t be doing this at all, my husband is right outside waiting in the car for me and here I am being felt up by three strange men in a house I had only been in for a very short while. I felt so ashamed of what I was doing but then at the same time I also felt compelled to let them fondle my body as hubby has trained me to be with any man. I felt like a zombie letting them do these things with me because that’s what I have been brainwashed to do with men. It was almost like I was looking down upon myself as if the person being fondled wasn’t actually me but another version of myself.

One of the guys knelt down before me and lifted my dress then started to lick my pussy making comment on how perfectly shaped and smooth my pussy looked with the other two still fondling my breasts making my body and mind respond in these crazy waves of intense pleasure and deep guilt like my body and mind were fighting each other in this intense battle of good and evil. The fact I shouldn’t be doing this right in that moment was what made the sex so incredibly intense and I couldn’t stop myself enjoying what they were doing and how unbelievably wet I become in just a few moments brought quite a few comments from these guys.

I was then turned facing the door, my hand clutching at the door handle so desperately wanting to open the door and flee but I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want them to stop now and when I felt my dress being lifted from behind, I automatically braced myself against the door and spread my legs. We probably had only been at the front door doing this for about ten minutes but in my mind, it already seemed like hours. I reached behind me and grappled at the front of his shorts then felt his cock in my hand and without even looking at it I knew it was going to feel really good. He took me by the hips and in one smooth action he slid his cock deep inside my pussy and didn’t waste a second on any niceties fucking me as hard as he could and slamming my entire body hard up against the door with every natural impulse in his body to push his cock as deeply into my sloppy saturated pussy as he could until he cum deep inside me only moments later.

Then the second guy did the same thing and then the third, all fucking me standing up against this front door and each using me as a cum bucket to dump the seed of their forbidden passion with a girl they had only just met. The sex with all three from start to finish probably only lasted maybe ten minutes or so and when they had finished with me it felt like I was a piece of unwanted dirt that they were desperately trying to sweep out the door.

After they had practically pushed me out, I stood outside the front door for a moment trying to get my head around what had just happened. I wiped the cum still dribbling out of me with my dress and sat in the car with hubby trying not to give him an excuse to yell at me but I think he knew what took me so long because he forced his hand between my legs and felt the undeniable proof of my cum soaked pussy.

He just looked at me with this really deep expression of disgust and called me a slut!

I don’t blame myself for what I do because hubby is the one who started me on this road of self-exploration but I do sometimes think he regrets what he has created because now the thrill of sex with men outside our relationship truly has become a drug for me I simply find it almost impossible to control.

oldman1973 71M/35F  
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7/4/2020 9:07 pm

Great Blog, I Phon the female here have done similar in our car and roadside, husband loves it when I get horny and start sucking other men and letting them take my ass and pussy anyway they want

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