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Paraded, fondled and fucked by group...  

Jessygirl23 27F  
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9/13/2020 12:15 pm
Paraded, fondled and fucked by group...

Hubby and I were a bar having a drink together with the intention for to meet a of men and take them back to the room we had booked that was close by in walking distance of of the bar so he could watch them fuck my pussy again and again and again!!!

This was in the early days of us exploring our sexual relationship together and although I was nervously cautious I was also just as eager to please hubby. I truly trusted hubby and although this wasn't the first time we had played our little sex games together it was the first time hubby wanted me to fuck other men bareback.

I wore a pair of jeans and a red cotton stretchy tank top which did get me plenty of attention as we wandered through the bar looking for men. Hubby likes to choose the men he wants me to have sex with and still does and this night he was super picky.

He paraded me through the bar like a show piece, looking for men he wanted me to fuck and it did not take long at all before I caught the attention of a of men in their late thirties who took a deep interest in me. I told them hubby was just a friend with occasional benefits looking for and I was looking for a to fulfill my fantasy.

They took an instant liking to when I told them that and became very friendly toward me. At first there were only two who were really interested but then after about 30 minutes they slowly realised I was serious about wanting them to gang fuck me. I stood near the bar with the of men and hubby sat on the other side of the bar watching me being fondled and flirting with these men through the crowd. I was quite drunk and they were all very hands on with me, touching my ass and putting their arms around my body and kissing me and very frequently groping my<b> breasts. </font></b>All I did for the next hour was get as drunk as I could and let these guys fondle my body to give them a taste of what they could expect and letting hubby know I was loving every minute of it.

I could see hubby intently watching me flirt with these men and I constantly looked over at him smiling to assure him I was okay as I let these men touch and fondle my body.

I was dancing with them and they would slip their hands up my top groping my<b> breasts </font></b>and I just kept looking straight them and let them do it. These guys started getting really pushy to go back to the room but I was having too much fun teasing them and was really getting horny with hubby watching behave like a total slut.

A lot of other men the bar started staring the things I was letting these guys do with and some men even came over to join in with the fun. I was very fast becoming the bar room slut for the night going from one random to another. Kissing anyone, and letting any and all fondle my body as they please.

I was losing control of myself and letting any slobber over as I moved through the bar from one spot to another and It felt like the entire bar knew I wanted to be fucked and every one there was expecting to be a part of it.

Hubby just let it happen, watching behave like a slut with everyone and then I somehow found myself outside getting into the back seat of some guys car.

I was pushed down on my back and someone pulled my jeans off then the next thing I knew some guy was ontop of me with his cock inside me fucking me as hard and fast as he could and there were other men leaning over the front seats watching me being fucked by this guy.

It seemed to happen all so fast and to me everything seemed like a disjointed blur of men fucking me in the back seat of the car. I knew I was surrounded by men in the car and I could hear men outside the car looking through the windows calling me a slut and yelling out to each other.

The crowd of men and atmosphere had moved from inside the bar to inside the car but Instead of just behaving like a complete slut I was now being a complete slut!

One guy would fuck me and then be immediately replaced by another who would have his turn to fuck me in the back seat of the car. I was being made to keep my promise to let everyone fuck my pussy!

Every time I tried to get up and get out of the back seat, another half naked horny male would climb into the back seat with his hard erect cock out and ready to get on top of me and start fucking my already cum filled soaked pussy.

I could see all the cum splattered all over my legs, stomach and<b> breasts </font></b>glistening in the light. Most of the men were as drunk as I was and didn't seem to care because they still fucked my pussy with every one else's cum inside me and left me with their own hot gift covering my body or filling my pussy even more.

It very quickly became quite frenzied with men shouting and cheering each other on as they took turns to fuck me. I had been given away by hubby who I didnt get to see again until hours later after most of the men there had left.

I never went back to that place again because I felt far to humiliated allowing myself to become such a slut from drinking too much. Hubby wasnt the one who fucked those guys that night but he certainly encouraged me to do it.

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