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Playtime Fun...  

Jessygirl23 27F  
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10/19/2020 5:14 pm
Playtime Fun...

I still very clearly remember one of the earlier times hubby wanted me to hook up with another man or in this case men by myself.

Hubby and I went to a popular bar with the intention for me to find some guy to hook up with and fuck. This was the beginnings of our sexual adventures together and to say the least I was very inexperienced, naive and sometimes, seriously dumb!

I was extremely nervous about the whole thing but hubby was nothing but excited about his wife being fucked by another man. When we were getting ready in the motel room he kept telling me what to do, how to do things, what to say, where to go, how I should behave, when to message him and he just went on and on about it all.

I wore this little black super short dress made of a stretchy nylon material that was a little too tight, so it kept sliding up my bum which did feel very sexy but it did keep showing above the little triangle gap between my legs. I had my black heels on, dark red lippy, with my blonde hair down and a lovely necklace piece that temptingly nestled between my ample breasts. I thought the dress was way to short and despite it making like a sex doll hubby insisted I wear it.

We made the short walk down the road to the bar attracting an abundance of sexually vulgar comments from men walking past and tooting horns from passing cars but by the time we arrived at the bar I was definitely feeling fully confident and ready to flirt.

The only reason why we were there, was for me to find some guy to fuck!

So, with hubby disappearing into the crowd and no doubt watching me closely from a distance, I sat at the bar on this bar stool openly flirting with every guy who came along. Every now and then I would get a glimpse of hubby in the crowd and could feel his eyes watching my every move, watching every guy who approached me and watching every hand that was placed upon my body but I was still very much on my own and it did not take very long at all for me to draw a reasonably sized of men who were interested in getting to know me a little better. I sat on this bar stool feeling quite tipsy, surrounded by men with my pussy clearly on display. I may as well have not even been wearing my dress because sitting on the bar stool in that dress gave everyone the perfect view of my pussy but hubby insisted I wear it for that very reason.

He would send me<b> messages </font></b>every five seconds telling me what he wanted me to do or how to behave. As I sat with my legs together and partly crossed I knew full well men were staring straight at my shaven unprotected pussy through the gap between my dress and legs. At first, I felt a little self conscious and embarrassed, almost ashamed to be displaying myself like that but then after a while, once I became used to the blatant ogling I started feeling quite aroused knowing men were staring at my moistening pussy. I tried to pretend I didn't notice the stares and avoided eye contact but I could feel their eyes fixate upon my half naked body and sense their dirty sexual thoughts penetrating my dress.

I was amazed at how easy it was to find men who would fuck me! I was giving hubby almost non stop<b> messages </font></b>on what was going on, how many guys wanted to fuck me, what they looked like and the things they were doing with me at the bar and I could tell hubby was getting really excited by the jarbled<b> messages </font></b>he was returning.

One guy after another started to crowd around all wanting to have sex with me and soon there were so many I didn't know what to do! I was a little too tipsy to know what I was doing clearly and because of my nature being easily led by this of sexually hyped up men. The original plan was for me to take just one guy back to the room and have sex with him then tell hubby when I had finished so he could come straight in after and play with his still inside my pussy but that plan was changing fast! Every time I messaged hubby about another guy wanting to play, hubby would tell me to invite him back to the room too.

I really wasn't sure about inviting too many men back to the room and hubby and myself had this flurry of messaging going on between us on what he wanted me to do. There was a fluctuating of around to guys who wanted to go back to the room with and hubby kept telling to take them all for some playtime but I didn't want to go back with anymore than two or three.

I was sitting on this bar stool completely surrounded by these men with hubby trying to convince me to let them all gangbang my pussy. They all knew hubby and I were playing a little sex game and they were ALL seriously keen to ALL be a part of it!

I sat there feeling very tipsy and extremely horny, with a husband trying his hardest to convince me to fuck all the men with me and all the men with me trying to convince me to listen to him. I had been teasing and flirting with these men for hours and I was seriously worked up and horny. A few kept putting their hands on my legs, positioned so close to my pussy their fingers were almost touching it and they would keep brushing their fingers against my pussy with quite a noticeable level of pressure as they came in close to talk to me which was simply sending my heart beat racing in excited anticipation.

I was being bombarded with promises from both the of men who wanted to fuck me and hubby trying to convince me to do it. I was on my own being seriously pressured to have sex! Encircled by this of men the bar and well hidden from view I just couldn't stop smiling them as they all started to brazenly touch my body. They were no longer being gentlemanly about wanting to fuck and were now starting to take expectant ownership of .

I have to admit, I was really enjoying feeling their many hands upon my body. I was accepting my role and playing the slut for hubby with these men. I felt desired and comfortable with them and I was really starting to enjoy it. I was getting so aroused and horny I started to let them slip fingers into my pussy as I stood leaning against the bar. I knew other people were watching me let them do this but I didn't care. I was enjoying the moment far too much to concern myself with judgement. I was too drunk to care and far too horny now to stop it. My messaging to hubby had slowed as I was swept up in the sexual atmosphere with these men. They must have known I was ready to leave because they took control of me and before I realised I was staggering back to the room, arm in arm with this of random men. Everything was spinning and I was making much sense of anything, then I was suddenly kneeling on the floor in this tiny room next to the bed giving some guy sitting on the edge of the bed a blowjob. My legs spread with everyone else fondling my drenched pussy from behind.

I could hear my phone going off with<b> messages </font></b>from hubby but I was far too busy having sex with these men to bother answering. It was such an incredibly intoxicating feeling being in this tiny room barely big enough to fit the double bed, absolutely jammed pack with men and all there wanting to fuck my pussy again and again!

I was picked up and tossed onto the bed with two naked men both with massive hard erections and in an instant I was smothered in bodies, hands, cocks and shortly after a non stop flow of fresh . The sex was hard and fast making feel very much l├Čke a with very little self control from the men. After it was all over I found hubby had sent me 42<b> messages </font></b>trying to find what I was doing spanning over a period of nearly four and a half hours which seemed like four minutes to me but when hubby did finally meet up with me, the abundance of the had left all over and inside my pussy more than made up for my mistakes that night.

alfeetagtv 57M  
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11/6/2020 1:08 pm

i love your stories

SingleItalianGy2 48M  
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10/23/2020 7:14 pm

My mouth is watering

RobK2006 53M
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10/22/2020 6:00 am

Fuuuck you make me hard!

Leegs2012 47M
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10/21/2020 10:42 am


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