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Slices of Shadow...  

Jessygirl23 28F  
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2/28/2021 12:57 pm
Slices of Shadow...

I don't know what it was about Tyrone but we had definitely formed some kind of bond. Maybe it was because he treated me like dirt, or maybe it was because he was such good sex, or maybe it was because what he did felt so sinfully stimulating but whatever it was I found myself being drawn to him and unable to say no to anything he wanted of me.

I very quickly felt I had become a sex slave to him and his friends which did place a strain on the friendship between Emily and myself because she was his on off partner but I had now in part replaced her. Hubby and I were going through a very difficult time and looking back I was being very disrespectful to him in so many different ways. I was drifting toward Tyrone and I think hubby knew that which only complicated things creating jealousy. I was emotionally confused, feeling like I was lost and going through a transformation and I was feeling more and more comfortable being folded into the more extreme domination of Tyrone and his expanded of friends.

I started to deliberately lie to hubby and within months he became more and more like a cuckold almost begging for my attention rather than being my master as I had previously viewed him. Hubby and I still had fun together and played our sex games but Tyrone and his friends were now definitely the dominant masters of my mind and I was quickly transcending into a situation where I was being used as a sex puppet by all who knew me. Hubby, Tyrone and Emily were all using me for their own purposes to gain absolute control and It happened quickly. Hubby was definitely feeling more and more insecure in our relationship as my bond grew with Tyrone to the point where I would often stay at Tyrones for the night ignoring hubby to come home. Quite often both Emily and myself would be used by Tyrones friends together for their entertainment but the more often this happened the more I came to enjoy it.

Between Emily and myself I was by far the more submissive in my role as a sex slave and when I was at Tyrones place I would often be taken into the bedroom by any male that happen to be there for sex or just as often men would have sex with me in front of the others and not because they liked me but just because I was available for sex with anyone who wanted to fuck me and quite often men would stop by just to fuck me then leave again and go home to their partners. Emily controlled me to stay close to Tyrone and in a few short months hubby had decended into an abyss of despair as I found myself turning to Tyrone to act as my guardian. This only pushed me further and further away from hubby which formed a much closer connection to Tyrone although the wedge between us was certainly Emily who was just as desperate trying to hang onto Tyrone as hubby was trying to hang onto me and this one night was the catalyst that clearly showed the dynamics of our intertwined relationships.

I had been taken to a place by Tyrone and not many people knew hubby and I had temporarily seperated and were surprised to see me with Tyrone and his friends instead. I was wearing a black waist mini dress which did look amazingly sexy. I undid all the front buttons so my breasts were amply visible showing a large of my soft bouncy flesh right to my nipples and the material was this soft cotton that clung and showed the gorgeous shape of my hips and breasts then the dainty ankle boots along with my pussy stockings made my legs look so excitingly long and slender. I had my long blonde hair pulled to one side, my makeup perfectly applied with hot red lipstick and no one else there looked anywhere near as availably sexy. I looked like a sex doll which would have been torturing hubby who was also there lurking in the shadows with his friends. I could see hubby seething all night long especially when he saw Tyrone and his friends flagrantly displaying my body and offering me to others to touch and play which I often encouraged to deliberately antagonize hubby. I was angry at hubby because of something he did that he shouldn't have done and deep down I wanted to hurt him.

When I first arrived I was led through the dispersed groups being offered to men like a plate of food for anyone to snack from and introduced like someone was showing off a new car to make their friends jealous. I would stand there not saying a word and feeling both repulsed and excited as men touched my body running their hands over the shape of my ass and breasts and feeling the wetness of my pussy as they looked at me with an expression of sardisticall sexual hunger. Everyone there wanted to fuck me and I was being promised to more and more men until there were no more men left to promise me too. Emily clung close to me and was always by my side like she was my partner with her hands all over me touching and caressing my body as if she was the one who owned me for that night and not Tyrone. I could easily sense the distinct shift in her attitude toward Tyrone from one of admiration and love toward an outwardly displayed sense of jealousy and bitter resentment. She was even glaring at the men who would fondle my body as I moved past like she was my protector. She stayed very close to me constantly touching and guiding me past some very horrible rude men. I liked it and it felt nice when she brushed her hand over my breasts to caress and adjust my dress after being groped by men.

I really was starting to want to be with Emily now and not just for sex to entertain Tyrone and his friends but because I was starting to feel a bond with her that was much deeper than being just friends. In a way and I think maybe because we were both in similar situations she had become my best friend, my protector and in many ways a companion. I was beginning to be pressured for sex by quite a few men at this function and as I desperately tried not to show my disgust at the obnoxious mannerisms of most of them I still couldn't stop myself from actually being sexually aroused as I provocatively displayed myself and seduced every male there and the more I did the more protective Emily became and the more sexually seductive I was with others the more insanely jealous hubby became too.

It happened so naturally when Tyrone and his friends started to have sex with me in the main area where everyone was congregated. I was standing there talking to some guys with Emily by my side when Dwain came up from behind and put his massively over developed muscular arms around my petite body making me look like a dwarf compared to his bulk. His deep powerful voice telling me how horny he was and wanted me to suck his cock then right in front of these guys he slipped his hand between my legs and started to slip his long thick fingers deep inside my pussy. It makes me feel so dirty when men do things like this to me and I instantly started to moisten feeling him work his fingers deeper and deeper inside me. He held me very tightly almost crushing me with both arms pressed hard against my body and pinning me against his with no option but to let him do as he wished. His other hand slipped between the opening in my dress firmly massaging my breasts as he told me what a dirty little slut I am and how much he was going to enjoy watching me being fucked by everyone there and I wish I didn't but I couldn't stop my pussy juices flowing because deep down I did want to be his ! I wanted to be fucked by every male there and I wanted them to force me to do things I didn't want to do and I wanted to be controlled. I just looked at these guys staring at me and could see them licking their lips as they fixated on Dwain turning me into an available slut for all to use. He made me kneel before him to suck his obscenely huge cock in front of everyone whilst he gave a running commentary on how good I was at giving him his blowjob. He offered my mouth to several random guys as they too had enormously large cocks making me swallow each one of them deeply until I would gag and spew. Other men gathered to watch cheering and clapping as I was humiliated in front of them and made to suck even more cocks. I had developed a lasting reputation for giving divinely excellent blowjobs and I did love the compliments.

I kept looking over at hubby who was watching me with this vile expression as I showed him how much I was enjoying giving these men a blowjob and readily drank their cum when they unloaded it into my mouth not wasting a single drop. Even after they had cum I squeezed my hand along the shaft of their cocks to drain those last few droplets and licked the cum off the head of their cocks with absolute glee just to show hubby how much I loved it.

I could see the absolute pleasure I gave these men from the contorted expressions of deep satisfaction as I teased and manipulated their cocks with my tongue, mouth and throat bringing them right to the brink of release then building on that so when they cum they cum so very hard shooting their abundant hot runny cum all over my face, my breasts and in my mouth as I joyfully recieved their of appreciation. I knelt on the floor surrounded cocks with my breasts out of my dress being offered to men Dwain and his friends. I took their cocks in my hands to gently manipulated them to hardness and craddled their swollen hard balls in the cup of my hands feeling the weight of their balls so full of cum and feeling the eagerness for these men to shoot their cum all over my body from the hard throbbing of their cocks. There were even a of guys who couldn't control themselves and shot cum all over my face as soon as I took hold of their cocks. I would just smile at them and say thankyou because to me that is a compliment when I know men think I'm so hot they cum almost instantly!

One guy slid between my spread legs as I knelt on the floor and started to lick my pussy from beneath and because he was drunk he kept biting my pussy which felt strangely erotic. He gripped my swollen clitoris between his teeth and bit down hard making me cry out in pain and kept biting hard then reached up to my breasts with his fingers locked tight onto my nipples twisting them hard until the pain went numb and the whole time I was being abused and slapped and told to keep sucking cock. I had guys standing either side of me huddled together in these two densely thick groups with their trousers undone and their cocks out shoving them in my face and I was shocked at how quickly things spiralled into this mass hysteria of men arguing about who's turn it was next! I saw hubby watching me become overwhelmed by men and despite the recent bitterness between us I could still see the absolute pleasure in his eyes as he watched me being used by this massive group. I saw Emily with Tyrone seducing him with her body but he seemed more interested in watching me being fucked by his friends and many other random men. I had been taken to the floor and mobbed by this countless crowd of men who were now definitely in a state of total mayhem. Some fucked me like they were in a hurry, others took their time and enjoyed making it hurt and many others pushed past other men to take their turn to fuck the party !

Again Tyrone and his friends deliberately created this mob mentality encouraging everyone to have sex with me. It was like they were going to make certain every guy there had fucked me at least once before they left and there were a huge of men there that night! Men were watching each other fuck me in so many different positions as they passed me around literally offering me to one another then passing me back and there were times when I would have had at least ten different cocks in my pussy in a matter of five minutes or so and it really did feel make me feel worthless! I am certain Tyrones friends deliberately did this as a way of using their control over me to to embarrass hubby some how and make him feel jealous he no longer controlled my body or my mind.

Things only became worse for me and even though I knew I had my safe word to use I dare not use it while Tyrones friends deliberately inflicted excruciating sexual pain upon my body as they too fucked me bragging that they were going to fuck me like the filthy slut I was should be fucked. I wasn't scared before and was actually enjoying the sex from the others but when Tyrones friends took me to the bedroom I was petrified. I was snatched from the men still waiting to fuck me and thrown over Warren's shoulders and carried there then thrown onto the bed like he was some kind of cave man then I was rushed by the others and with me kicking and screaming they subdued me into fearful submission as they forceably restrained me.

It was like they were taunting hubby and trying to provoke him to react by treating me the worse I had ever been treated by these men. I could see in hubbys eyes he wanted to have me too but didn't and stood by just watching me being torn apart by Tyrones friends. Hubby knew he couldn't intervene, he knew they wouldn't let him and he would have known they regarded him as a cuckold because of the way they taunted him by treating me the way they did right in front of him and it must have been as torturous for him to watch as it was for me to endure although I did wonder at times if that was the case from the expressions I could see on his face. I was restrained by a collar and lengthy chain to the bed head and put on display for the many to view as I was gangfucked by seven of Tyrones friends who took great pleasure in inflicting intense pain. I cried, I screamed and I begged but like a good submissive I never once used my safe word. I was left covered in bruising from the constant slapping and whipping, my nipples left bleeding, I felt sick from all the cum I was made to swallow and my eyes stung, my jaw ached, and my ass and pussy were so sore I could barely move properly and after the last guy had finished with me I was left chained to the bed for others to view, comment and judge. Displayed like a window ornament, shamed for being a slut and branded as open ownership for anyone to use.

justme51 70M
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6/24/2021 7:20 pm

Awesome hon. Keep posting

One can never have enough fun-private mail on my blog.

justme51 70M
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6/24/2021 7:19 pm

Awesome hon

One can never have enough fun-private mail on my blog.

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3/18/2021 2:48 pm

Write on hot one!

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RobK2006 54M
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3/6/2021 1:59 pm

I think I've got pre-cum leaking out of my cock.

Leegs2012 48M
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3/1/2021 10:28 am

You are wonderful!! I love the way you play!!

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