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Stimulating Dirty Sex...  

Jessygirl23 27F  
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9/20/2020 7:27 pm
Stimulating Dirty Sex...

I was thinking about my life before the world stopped and of some of the more risky outrageous encounters I have had with men that had been set up by hubby or things that just happened from situations I was in at the time with men.

I honestly can't remember them all but there are a few that are still very fresh in my mind as if they only happened yesterday. They still make my heart skip a few beats and moisten my pussy at an extraordinary rate when I think of the prospect of them happening again.

I am now finding myself going back to these times whenever I am feeling a little horny which is almost all of the time now and closing my eyes to relive those moments while I touch myself for hubby and his friends to watch via the internet.

Hubby likes to humiliate me in front of his friends by making me do things most girls would say no too. I remember one night we were at Damiens place and hubby made me wear what I my "Slut suite" black high heels, garter and stockings, with a tightly fitting thong to split my pussy in half with this little tiny tight fitting super short black skirt that standing up still shows a very good glimpse of my split pussy and it really is like wearing nothing at all.

Hubby walked me into the house blindfolded, holding my hand as he led me from one room to another to show me off to his new group of sexually sinister perverts. I found out later I was youngest female there by at least years and by far the prettiest.

The music was so loud I couldn't even think and I became quite disoriented from this especially with my blindfold on. I remember feeling really nervous, extremely vulnerable with my hands tied behind my back and a little jumpy, moving forward very slowly and carefully as I was guided by hubby. Even above the noise I could hear men making some disgusting comments about what they wanted do with me.

Then hubby let go of my hand and told me to stay where I was and he would be back in a moment. I stood there quietly, almost shaking from fear. The second hubby left me alone I was swamped with men.

Drunk, horny perverse men, grinding their bodies against my flesh, as their hands wandered up and down my body. I had been told by hubby not to move so I didn't, I dared not too. If I did I knew worse would happen than just being felt up. After only a few minutes all my senses started to react to these guys pawing my body and they were rapidly discovering what turned me on. I just couldn't stop myself from moving my body to the many hands exploring every curve and crevice and I very quickly became extremely moist and could smell that sweet scent of my pussy flowing fill the air.

I stood there quietly, as I was told by hubby, not speaking, not resisting, just quietly standing in this room letting these men touch and fondle my body as they pleased. Some of them were talking absolute filth to me telling me I was nothing more than a sex doll for them to fondle and fuck! They were being very explicit with the details of what they intended to do with me too.

This was just making me hornier by the second and do things I didn't want to do. I started moving my body and hips in a back and forth motion and my pussy started to flow like a torrent. Blindfolded, my hands tied behind my back and standing there virtually naked and surrounded by random men all touching and fondling my pussy and body was simply too much for me.

I screamed out as I started to gush, almost crying with<b> multiple </font></b>fingers stretching my pussy way beyond normal with so many of them in there altogether thrusting in and out. My legs suddenly became weak and started to violently shake and I started to collapse but was held up by someone holding me from behind.

Someone had popped my boobs out of the top of the garter and was twisting my nipples superhard making them sting and go numb. I started to flap about like a floundering fish screaming out almost in intense pain as my entire body started to violently spasm.

I could hear the men around me yelling and cheering in delightful excitement watching me react the way I did. I was then taken down to my knees and felt the first cock covered in pre cum push past my lips to fill my mouth. I was face fucked by a number of men making me swallow their abundance of cum that so often over filled my mouth and poured down my chin.

I heard my husband rallying everyone together bringing the focus of the men onto me and declaring I was there for everyone to use. I was then taken to a low level hard wood table and made to kneel down on my knees.

Still blindfolded, my hands tied behind my back and kneeling on the floor, I was then bent over the table with someones hand pressing against the back my head pinning me to the table.

I was frozen with fear!

I could hear men all around me yelling and abusing me, calling me all sorts of things, telling each other how hard they were going to fuck me and cover me in cum. I could feel mens cocks all around me pressed against my body. Someone's thumb in my ass with their cocks inside my pussy rotating from one male to another swapping every minute.

I was being pushed, pulled and thrust in every direction with so many hands, fingers and cocks stretching my pussy, tearing me apart without mercy. The more I screamed and thrashed about the more the frenzied group of men seemed to enjoy tormenting my body. They all seemed to be very satisfied they were forcing themselves onto me, brutally fucking my pussy, passing me around from one to another then back again and showing off to each other with what they were doing to me.

I was grabbed by the hair and stood up by someone of great strength, yanking my head backward and aggressively spoken too. He got close in my face yelling at me telling me I was his now! Hubby has done that before and given me to another person for part of the night and let them make me do whatever they wanted other men to do with me. My blindfold was removed and for the first time I saw the men who were with me.

Hubby had taken me to an open invite, anyone and everyone was there but mainly just horny perverted men mostly much older than myself. I was paraded around, taken from one room to another and shown off to everyone like he had won me in a prize. I later found out I wasn't too far wrong and hubby had used me as a stake for a bet he had made that night over some sport thing!

I was now this mans sex toy for the next two hours! I was his sex slave and he was a horrible person making me have sex with many, many, many men in those two hours with hubby doing nothing more than just standing by watching his wife being gangbanged and used like a right up to the very last minute.

I lost count of how many men I had sex with that night or how many times with each one, but I do know I did immensely enjoy most of it. I never feel more free and intensely satisfied than when I am made to sexually please random groups of men by hubby.

I will continue telling you what happened next a little later...

1deeptouch 74F  
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10/22/2020 5:35 pm

It's can be very freeing to just have to let go more and more completely in this way. It's a choice.

profcoquin27bis 56M
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9/23/2020 4:49 am

so hot text, i love gushing pussy

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