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Submissive Wife- Bare Back is Bad!  

Jessygirl23 26F  
40 posts
11/27/2019 5:58 am
Submissive Wife- Bare Back is Bad!

Hubby was in one of his tense moods and I just knew on the way to Nathans place something was going to happen.

We arrived at Nathans place and hubby insisted I go in to get his jacket and just before I went to get out of the car, he looked at me with those piercing eyes he sometimes gets and told me not to be too long.

I just nodded, got out the car and walked down the driveway to the front door, knocked and stood there waiting for someone to answer the door. Hubby had already rung Nathan to let him know we were only a few minutes away so I knocked again and just quietly stood there waiting. I had never met Nathan before so had no idea who he was or what he looked like and really wasn’t sure what to expect but I could hear someone walking up the hallway toward the front door.

My hubby could see me from the car where he had stopped on the verge and I knew he wanted me to be as quick as I can and expected Nathan to bring the jacket to the door.

The door opened and the first word I heard was “WOW!” Nathan was a tall thin guy with a friendly look who seemed very confident and educated but with a heap of tats making him look a little like a rough bikie type. He had his jeans on, no footwear or top and his lean muscular tanned body certainly took me by surprise! He looked me up and down seemingly impressed at what he saw nodding his head at me as he checked me out wearing my favourite Denim high cut shorts and red tank top. I feel very comfortable in this and always wear these as casual but it is almost the same as walking around naked and does get me lots of comments and attention from men.

I felt instantly aroused at the sight of Nathan and thought to myself if he asked I would really enjoy having sex with him. He asked me inside so I went in and waited in the hallway of this older style house and while he wandered off to get the jacket I waited quietly just looking around at the scattered bits and pieces of memorabilia he had displayed on the walls of holiday snaps and similar things. He came back quicker than I expected and caught me leaning over looking at a crafted wood statue he had standing on the polished wood floor. I must have impressed him because he stopped short of me just staring at my ass with the shorts pulling tightly between my bum cheeks showing the smoothness of my firm ass and probably a glimpse of my shaved pussy.

I turned and smiled at him knowing full well he would fuck me in a flash but pretended I was oblivious to his obvious perving and casually asked him about the things he had on display.

We talked for a while about his holiday memorabilia and other things while I flirted with him a little with my usual shy coy manner which seems to make men crazy for my body. He fixated on my body almost drooling all over me while his eyes feasted on every part of my boobs. My boobs were barely covered in my red tank top showing a lot of side boob and just barely covering my nipples. I felt comfortable with what I had on but I have been told before I do sometimes look like a prowling for sex and I was deliberately teasing him because I could feel the sexual tension between us grow and as the seconds passed, for me that feeling just became stronger! I knew he wanted to touch me as I slowly walked from one item to another displayed in the hallway drawing Nathan along with me and stayed talking a little longer feeling the energy between us getting stronger and stronger.

He saw my car out front and asked who I was with and I told him my hubby was waiting, he seemed quite inquisitive and asked a heap of questions about hubby and myself then suddenly, his face lit up like a switch had been flicked and he was awake to who I was suddenly saying “Oh your Jessy” and looked me up and down again saying I had sex with him recently at Ricks place . I guess that was a compliment but I did feel a little embarrassed knowing that and coyly agreed but I simply couldn’t remember having sex with him. He became super excited and wanted me to meet his friends saying I was kind of famous amongst Ricks friends, known for being the regular party girl at his house.

Nathans two live in friends came out from their rooms wondering what was going on and it was really tuff to resist their charms. They were both European men, very confident and had the most amazing accents dazzling me with their nonstop compliments about my body and their sexy mannerisms were impossible to ignore. They were practically fucking me with their eyes as they flirted with me confidently touching my body as they explained to each other how beautiful and sexy I looked.
Their touch was so light and sensually arousing it made me tingle all over and I just stood there smiling not knowing what to do as they touched me and lightly fondled my boobs. I was getting so hot it was almost impossible for me not to show it, especially when they kept slipping their fingers under my shorts and brushing their fingers past my pussy. I stood there only meters from the front door being pawed by these guys getting weaker and weaker by the minute in resisting their attempts in seducing my mind to let them fuck me but I just managed to stay strong enough to get to the flyscreen door which had been locked.

Nathan and his friends were relentless, making suggestive sexual remarks, fondling my body as they spoke to me and when they realised I was getting to the point of letting them fuck me, they tried even harder to get me all worked up.

I kept saying no but my body was saying YES, YES, YES!! I stood there at the flyscreen door numbly fumbling with the lock feeling myself getting so wet with these three guys all over me, feeling so weak to resist, then Nathan just grabbed me by the arm, swung me around and kissed me and that was the end of me. I just melted away letting him take me in his arms and slowly fondle my breasts while he continued kissing me on the lips in this very soft passionate way I rarely experience with other men and it felt so genuine almost like he actually cared for me.

I came in close to Nathan, put my arms around him and kissed him back, letting my hands slip down to his jeans then undoing his zipper while continuing to kiss him. He was really getting into it with me and I could feel his stomach ripple as I tickled him trying to reach into his jeans to pull his cock out.

I stood there and kept kissing him while I gently stroked his cock in my hand until I could feel it was rock hard then knelt down before him, looked up at him, then took his cock into my mouth. His two friends were just standing there in total shock and amazement watching how deliciously eager I was giving Nathan a blowjob. I looked at both of them while I kissed Nathans cock, rubbing my lips along the shaft and engulfing the head of his cock in my mouth then sliding my lips down the shaft right down to his balls until I would gag a little as his cock entered deeply in the back of my throat, then back up to the head moving my lips around his cock and licking up the pre cum that was simply flowing like a river, moving it all over my lips and chin and eagerly continuing doing this until I could feel his cock get so rigid and hard it felt like it felt like it could almost snap in two.

Nathan just stood there almost frozen leaning against the wall with his jeans partly pulled down with me kneeling in front of him with and cock firmly lodged down my throat. I reached out to one of his friends and tugged at his shorts hoping he would get the hint which he immediately did and stood beside me with his cock out fully hard and veined looking like it was about to explode holding it in his hand and slapping it against the side of my face. I turned my head and starting giving him a blowjob too moving quickly from one to the other keeping them both close to my lips.

His other friend didn’t need any encouragement and immediately followed doing the same thing so I was now giving three guys a blowjob. I couldn’t stop myself rocking my hips while giving these guys a blowjob and was desperately wanting one of them to fill my pussy too but knew I shouldn’t because I would have to ride them bare back. Hubby doesn’t like me fucking other men bare back for obvious reasons but sometimes in the moment of intense passion it does happen, although I do try to avoid it.

I kept thinking I really shouldn’t be doing this and briefly stopped asking them to let me out but they insisted I stay telling me how beautiful I was and how well I sucked cock and how much they wanted to fuck me. I have become so accustomed to pleasing men, what they said, sounded almost like a demand, so in my mind I thought why shouldn’t I let them use me for sex.

I could hear my phone ringing in the pocket of my shorts and knew it would be my husband wondering what was taking so long and felt I really needed to get back to my hubby before he became upset.

These three were so hard I thought they wouldn’t take long to cum but despite my best efforts none of them cum. I kept saying to them I needed to leave but they were more interested in me continuing to suck their cocks and didn’t seem to care at all if hubby became mad at me for taking so long. I heard my phone ringing again then stood up and started fumbling at the lock on the door trying to get out. I was so panicked and confused I didn’t know what to do and started to get frustrated at the lock on the door not working properly. Then Nathan came up to me from behind and slipped his finger through the side of my shorts from the front and started massaging my clit.

OMG! I just froze and couldn’t move a muscle standing there leaning against the door with his weight against me moving his hand over my pussy as he slid one, two then three fingers inside my pussy and dragging the palm of his hand over my clit pushing against it downward and upward making my pussy uncontrollably flow with my juices filling the air with the sweetness of my scent.

I kept softly asking him to open the door for me but he knew I was enjoying what he was doing to my pussy far more than I realised. I felt really embarrassed because it felt like I had pissed over his hand and I could feel the sweet scented juices flow down my leg filling the air with that unmistakable scent of lustful sex.

I was hopelessly lost to the reality these guys were going to fuck me before they would let me leave and so I reached behind me tugging his cock while he continued to finger fuck my pussy and massage my clit. I couldn’t stop myself responding to his touch spreading my legs more and more for him as he held me very tightly from behind with one arm wrapped around my waist and the other between my legs. I was so excited and sexually out of control I started to squirm pushing my ass hard against his cock and bending over slightly to try and slip his cock into me from behind. His cock was soaked in precum and it just slipped so easily along the slit of my pussy finding its way past the shorts to the hot centre of my pussy then effortlessly glided inside me in one swift motion. I gasp loudly as he thrust his cock deeply into my pussy, then again and again speeding up the pace until he was pounding me hard against the door making such a racket the whole neighbourhood would have thought someone was trying to break in or something.

I simply couldn’t stop myself howling out loudly, feeling him inside, bringing me to a climax. I pushed back at him pushing against the door with my arms stretched out begging him not to cum inside me and barely able to speak because I was being jiggled around so much between Nathan and the noisy door frame. I could feel myself getting closer to another climax and started to involuntary scream louder and louder and louder!

I was screaming out so loud Nathan started shouting at me to shut up!

My legs suddenly went weak and I climaxed falling to the floor flooding myself and the floor, feeling so ashamed I was once again so easily coaxed into having sex, yet again, and the worst thing was despite me pleading with him not to cum inside my pussy he did and my pussy was now such a sloppy mess from how much cum he filled me with. His friends wanted to fuck me bare back too but I really didn’t want them too and gave them both a blowjob instead and swallowed their massive mouthfuls of cum.

They were both enjoying my skills very much when my hubby called again and I knew I had to answer it this time or he would probably get very upset with me which he already was demanding to know why I was taking so long. I told him Nathan was having trouble finding his jacket but I should be out soon and luckily, he believed my little lie although I did feel very bad about lying to him.

Nathans friends cum very quickly this time with the way I gave them their blowjob they so desperately wanted and both filled my mouth full with so much cum making me swallow several times to catch it all and not spill any.

I was so horny now I could have easily stayed for more sex but had to get back to my hubby who was still waiting in the car. I thought he must have guessed for sure something was going on and I would be in big trouble but when I got back into car, he was quite calm. On the way to our friends place I didn’t say anything and neither did he but I think he obviously knew I had done something because just before we arrived he reached over to me, slid his hand along my leg and slipped his fingers into my pussy then looked at me and just smiled but still said nothing.

About an hour later I also had sex with my hubby’s other two friends with hubby instructing them how he wanted them to use me after I was bound to the bed. I think I will have to get in touch with Nathan again because the sex was really hot and I think there was definitely a bit of a sexual spark there between us too.

NaughtyNarcissis 40M
2 posts
3/25/2020 8:17 pm

You definitely love cum more then anyone in the world. I think you could live off it..

2beusedtoo2 61M
113 posts
12/26/2019 10:39 pm

Yes id eat it.. The more the better..my fantasy after 8 loads youd mount my cock as you cum ..pee. You stick your cummy toung in my mouththen bury your cummy face in my neck and let it flow out of your pussy and down my balls

Jaydee444777 55M
78 posts
12/22/2019 2:55 pm

Incredibly hot story and sexy pics!!

canman11812 39M
5 posts
12/17/2019 1:43 am

Yes indeed, your story got me very aroused! VERY HOT!
I think you left your jacket at my place

forgotforgetting 53M
7115 posts
11/27/2019 12:36 pm

Very hot story! Thanks for sharing.

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