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Submissive Wife- Forbidden Sex with Monsters!  

Jessygirl23 27F  
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5/5/2020 7:30 am
Submissive Wife- Forbidden Sex with Monsters!

I had been wanting to have sex with my husband’s work friend ever since I first met him but because he was my husband’s co-worker he was deemed to be strictly hands off by hubby. I know I can have any man I want but this guy was just so very sexy and every time we saw each other I always felt there was this strong sexual magnetism between us.

He was no nice guy though and I could tell he was a bit of a sleaze and although he had a partner, he did like to flirt with me whenever he came by the house for something. One of those guys who appeared to be just perfect, good looking, hot body, devoted to his partner but I could always sense deep down he wasn’t as good a person as people thought. I just always had this feeling if he had the opportunity, he would fuck me hard and waste absolutely no time doing it either.

He had that typical He-Man look, hair just perfect, nice muscular body and that tense control freak look about him. He came across as a domineering arrogant bastard but I always seem to be very attracted to that type and his friend who always seem to be with him when he dropped by was pretty much the same but just not quite as bulky and large. Together they both looked like an intimidating force and not people you would want to upset and expect them to just shrug it off.

Him and his friend came by around midday to catch up with hubby so being the kind hearted person I am offered to fix him and his friend something to eat if they wanted lunch. At first, they said no but after a little prompting from me they decided to change their mind and stay but just for a while.

I was fine with that because I wasn’t doing much anyway and I wanted the company just to break the boredom so I joined them for a few drinks in the entertainment room. We made a little small talk, had a few drinks, then a girlfriend of mine called so I was on the phone for about an hour to her whilst hubby and the two guys were playing some game in the entertainment room.

I was in the kitchen talking to her and she kept telling me I should fuck these guys which was a little embarrassing because she was on speaker phone and I was certain hubby and these two guys could hear so I kept making a joke of it but it did get a few laughs going between us because she has heard me talk about them many times before and knew I wanted to fuck them. I finally finished making lunch and I was kind of expecting to see hubby when I took it into the entertainment room but he had already left for an appointment he had to attend soon although that isn’t anything unusual because that’s just the way he is so I had lunch and a few more drinks with his friends who were waiting for hubby to return.

They really started to open up to me and were quite candid too in these fairly deep conversations we were having and especially when the topic of conversation kept getting dragged back to sex by them, I couldn’t help feeling a little horny.
With these two guys there was just something about them that was creating a lot of sexual chemistry between us, although I knew I couldn’t act upon, deep down I really did want too. I kept thinking to myself I could easily fuck these two and hubby wouldn’t even know and it was starting to feel obvious they also wanted to fuck me and after a few more wines I was certainly in the mood for sex!

I was sitting in the chair opposite these two guys with just my thin black cotton leggings on and a sloppy off the shoulder thick cotton top. I had no make up on, my hair was a complete mess, I must have looked totally hideous and they still complimented me on how beautiful I looked. I couldn’t believe it and kept thinking to myself, surely, they wouldn’t want to have sex with me looking like this! I just kind of ignored their compliments because I thought they were just teasing me but then after a while it became obvious, they were both trying to seduce me.

Then I started to wonder, did they come over knowing hubby couldn’t stay? Did he mention something at work? Then, I started thinking had they heard of the rumours that I knew were circulating about my promiscuous ways with men?

I knew in the back of my mind fucking these guys would be a huge mistake and hubby would be absolutely furious but there was just so much sexual chemistry there between us and the wine was definitely starting to take its effect on my inhibitions and self-control. I started to really flirt with these guys and they were certainly responding especially when things started getting a little physical between us as we were being playful with each other.

I had that one wine too many and it really hit me hard making me feel quite relaxed and extremely horny. I started to feel really quite attracted to these guys and was now finding it very hard to resist the temptation to fuck them but I knew hubby could be home soon and I kept thinking was it really worth the risk. I was so horny now flirting with these two and my body was screaming YES but my mind was still saying NO!

Now that I had too many wines, sitting between these two was just too dangerous for me because now that hubby wasn’t around, they had both changed and were trying their very best to fuck my pussy. Was it because I was a little too tipsy and flirting with them giving them every signal, I wanted sex, or was it because they had planned this and came here to have sex with me? I know we were being physically playful and flirting, a lot, but these two were getting very hands on with my body and I knew if I didn’t do something things would get out of control.

I got up to get some more drinks and I could feel I had become a little moist from all the touching that was going on between us and I truly think the only reason nothing too serious had happened yet was because none of us knew when hubby would return. I was in the kitchen and out of their view and I just couldn’t stop thinking about having sex with the both of these guys, so I slipped my hand down under my leggings and started to touch myself.

I was standing beside the bench with one hand against the bench and the other down the front of my leggings rubbing my clitoris with my fingers. It felt so hot being so naughty doing this too myself with those two men in the next room. I could hear them talking to each other and I started to think of them fucking me and licking my pussy and it was making me feel so hot it turned my pussy into a saturated mess. I closed my eyes and started to really push my fingers inside myself and I could feel I was bringing myself toward a climax.

I really did feel like a naughty school girl doing something wrong but I kept going and so wanted to climax because that was making me feel so hot. I tried to stop myself but I couldn’t, the urge had gone too far, then my legs stiffened up, I wanted to stop but all my senses wouldn’t let me, in an uncontrolled spasm of little mini fits I climaxed, holding everything in and trying to be as silent as I could but luckily the game was loud so that covered my little outburst of verbal satisfaction but I didn’t quite fully satisfy myself and I was still super horny and in fact I think this just made me even worse because now I was almost jumping out of my skin and was desperately wanting to be fucked by these guys!

I went back into the entertainment room with the drinks and I could feel my clit still tingling like crazy so I brought out a few things which the boys decided not to have but I did indulge to try to relax but it only made things so much worse for myself.

I was sitting between these two watching them play the game with my legs crossed leaning into the bulky guy with my top so far down off my shoulder my entire right breast was showing almost down to my nipple. I kept trying my hardest to get one of these guys to notice and do something but I was kind of being ignored because they were both far too engrossed in this game. I grabbed the controller and laughing held it behind my back so they both tried to get it from me and I struggled then it just happened.

The muscular bulky guy, the one I really liked suddenly had his hand under my top fondling my breasts and was kissing me. We kissed for what seemed like a long time and he kept fondling my breasts the whole time which was feeling absolutely awesome. Everything went dead silent then the other guy sitting on the other side of me kissed me too and that was all they both needed.

In less than a minute, things became seriously heated but while I was doing things with these two the entire time my mind was screaming at me to stop! I knelt on the floor watching the two of them standing in front of me undoing their zippers, then slowly in what seemed like slow motion I looked on as two gorgeous looking fully engorged very sizable circumcised cocks were released only centimetres from my face. I should have stopped there but I didn’t and the way I was feeling just couldn’t! I was fully aroused and not in control of my senses. I had one cock in each hand and pulled them both close to me engulfing them with my mouth fully open and rubbing the softness of my lips over and around the head of both their cocks. I slowly slid my hand gently up and down the long shaft of each cock smiling at the size of both of them.

I couldn’t stop myself moving my hips in a back and forth motion as I gently sucked on their rigid hard cocks as they both fondled my breasts and played with my hair. I felt so very afraid of hubby returning but that fear was overpowered by my deep urge for sex. I wanted to stop and I knew I should have stopped but my body just wouldn’t obey my mind.

Then the smaller guy took my top completely off along with my leggings and slipped beneath me and started to lick my pussy. It felt like heaven feeling his moist warm tongue gliding over the extreme sensitivity of my clitoris. I then shuffled forward a little so I was kneeling on my knees with my legs spread wide above him while he licked my pussy, I was giving the other a blowjob while he stood before me. I kept thinking to myself hubby will walk through the front door any second now and I will be in so much trouble but I just couldn’t stop! I didn’t want to stop! I had gone too far to be capable of stopping myself now and my body was overwhelmingly controlling my mind, I so desperately wanted their cocks inside me, I wanted to feel them stretch my pussy and I wanted to feel the warmth of their hot physical lust against mine.

All my sexual urges totally ignored any self-dignity making me knowingly give myself to these two men against my husbands wishes to behave like a complete slut and practically begging for them to fuck my pussy and treat me like a ! I felt so ashamed at what I was doing but at the time I simply didn’t care!

I just couldn’t stop myself from smiling and giggling as these two took control of my body with one of them now inside me from behind and the other holding me by the hair lifting my head up and down over his cock making me swallow as much of it as I could to make me violently gag. The guy fucking me from behind slipped his hand around and started rubbing my clit as he fucked me and it was feeling unbelievably fantastic! I started to squeal and scream almost passing out from the erratic breathing as I edged dangerously close to having a full-blown climax. The thought of hubby catching me fucking these two forbidden co-workers was making me so wet and hot and the way they were having sex with me was making me feel so worthless and cheap it was simply exhilarating.

I kept having these fleeting thoughts thinking they must have heard rumours about me because they both seemed to know exactly how I liked to have sex. They were both dominating, rough and demeaning making me feel so devalued and completely worthless, nothing more than trash for them to use and abuse and they knew I was loving every second of what they were doing with my body.

The guy I liked seemed to love making me gag on his cock and kept doing it harder and deeper every time telling his friend to fuck me harder as well. I was fucked in every position conceivable, almost as if they had both rehearsed the entire thing and put in weeks and weeks of thought into everything, they did with me. They went from being these two nice, very polite charming men to complete sexual monsters using me to fulfill their every deranged sexual fantasy all in one night. They both used me like a fuck doll the entire time we had sex, concentrating purely on the physical to complete their sexual mission of fucking their friends wife as fast as they could and bragging to each other while they both did it to me, making me endure their sexual feats saying they should have brought more men with them.

The guy I liked became a real bastard, especially when he realised how much I enjoyed the pain of the rough sex. He made me kneel on the floor in front of him, then he took hold of my nipple between his thumb and finger and squeezed and twisted, making the pain feel almost unbearable for me, then slowly pulled me upward until my mouth was level with his cock, then would tell me to suck his cock and if I wasn’t doing it perfectly he would squeeze and twist my nipple even harder until I screamed in agony.

When they both started doing things like this to me, it was then I realised they must have planned this and they must have known hubby would go out and probably knew for how long too because they both left in a big hurry only twenty minutes before he arrived home. They also knew I wouldn’t say anything and they both warned me not too before leaving saying if I did tell hubby they would make certain they would tell everyone what I did with them. They weren’t anything like I thought they were and I couldn’t have misjudged them both more wrongly because they may have both looked decent, but they both definitely possessed the minds of demons. The way they looked at me with utter disgust and spoke to me with that tone of distain made me automatically succumb to their demands.

I was handled very abruptly by these two and they both seemed to really get off on making me beg for everything they were doing to my body. They kept slapping my pussy, slapping my ass and squeezing my throat, pulling my hair and making me often gag on their cocks and when they fucked me it was like they seriously wanted to destroy my body, my spirit and soul! They both refused to use protection and would always cum over my face telling me as they covered my face in cum that whores like me needed to hide their faces from the shame. They spoke to me in such a derogative demeaning tone and manner it made me shudder into submission. I was made to crawl into my shell of protection to survive their twisted evil sexual torture.

I felt completely at their mercy, on my own, vulnerable and unable to say a word of anything to anyone giving them both absolute control over anything they wanted to do and I realised they were very much aware of this. I was scared but that real fear was so sexually stimulating it made my entire body quiver almost the entire time I was being used by them. They were both so arrogantly confident in the way they physically handled me I felt I had absolutely no choice other than to perform the physically explicit sexual acts of depravity they made me do for them both. One of them made me lick the cum off the floor that had dripped of my face when the other one cum over me telling me a good slut never wastes anything. I never once refused anything they made me do totally giving myself to these two because I felt I had no choice. It was not my position to refuse them for what they wanted from me no matter how disgusting or repulsive.

I started to wish for hubby to return thinking his punishment would be far better then what these two were doing with me. Fucking my pussy and ass together hurt like hell and they only laughed when I screamed making it hurt even more to make me scream louder. Hubby had left me unattended with two sexual monsters and I was starting to think he had done this purposely to teach me a lesson because the sex with them was nothing short of brutal!

Luckily, I was able to hide the bruises they left on my breasts because at the time I felt if hubby ever did find out I had sex with those two men he would probably never forgive my disloyalty to him.

Although, the question still plays in my mind if hubby did know about it and had set me up knowing how weak I am and had actually planned the whole thing as part of one of his twisted sex games he likes to play or did his friends simply take advantage of my vulnerable state, saw an opportunity with me and just took it to enjoy the sex with me they may have heard about elsewhere?

Hubby has done this type of thing with me before and I can’t stop wondering if he has been purposely playing with my mind with these two. In writing this confession which I know hubby will read will only cleanse my guilt and clear my mind and the rest is up to hubby.

Either way, the sex was absolutely awesome and will be worth the punishment whatever that may be, because I haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since.

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