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Submissive Wife- Hubby's Naughty Girl!  

Jessygirl23 27F  
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4/11/2020 7:05 pm
Submissive Wife- Hubby's Naughty Girl!

Back in the days when it was safe meet men online, hook and fuck, I did something for hubby which in most people’s mind would probably make me a super slutty ! This was when hubby first started pimping my body other men and at the time I still didn’t really understand why he wanted me fuck other men but it did make him really happy so I did it for him and very quickly came enjoy the excitement of the secretive sex I was having for hubby.

Hubby had been wanting me do this for a long time and after a lot of organising things slowly came together. I had organised to meet a string of men at a bar throughout the night and hubby watched me meet them, flirt with them and disappear to fuck them at an upstairs room. He didn’t have any contact with me or them and just kept a close eye on me.

I organised to meet up with eight men spaced apart expecting only half that amount to actually show up and my first hook up was at 10pm. He was an older guy about thirties something and he met me, fucked me and cum in less than twenty minutes from when I met him at the bar to the time, he cum! Hubby was sitting right next to me pretending not to know me and could hear and see everything, then would watch his beautiful wife walk out the bar with another man to fuck them in a room my hubby paid for. Hubby wanted me to keep all the used protection full of cum to show him at the end of the night to prove I actually had sex with these guys.

Some of them were obviously married, but I did portray myself as a girl wanting NSA fun on the profiles, I advertised wanting to teach a cheating hubby a lesson. We thought that would explain why I wanted to keep the protection full of cum to show my hubby which wasn’t actually a lie at all and seemed to make sense. I tied a knot in them and placed them in the drawer next to the bed out of sight so the next guy wouldn’t see them. Then while I was waiting for the next guy to show some random male came up to me at the bar trying to hook up with hubby once again sitting right next to me. I kept glancing at hubby silently asking what I should do and he just silently nodded his head so I took this guy up to the room as well and let him fuck my pussy. The sex was really good and I didn’t want it to end but I had to get back to hubby and be ready to meet up with the next guy who had messaged me while I was having sex with this other random guy. How many girls could say they have organised to meet with one guy whilst fucking another?

I was still fucking him when the next guy showed up at the room which was a little awkward but he waited outside and don’t worry, he still fucked me, cum inside me, then left in a huge hurry!

It was now around midnight and I went back to the bar to see hubby again and I must have been beaming because I was so excited with what I was doing because it was just so bloody naughty! I was bursting to want to tell hubby everything about the sex I was having but he didn’t want me to be seen with him and just kept close to me while I waited for the next guy to show up. This guy brought his two friends as planned but I didn’t mind and neither did hubby because he was grinning with that glint he gets in his eye when I left the bar with those guys heading back to the room for some more sex. Those guys fucked with so much energy it almost completely drained and we were at it for just a little over an hour during which time I received two more messages from men who were waiting for me at the bar already! I was a little shocked because so far, every guy had turned either early or right time meet with me and I really didn’t expect that at all.

I eventually made it back the bar and messaged hubby asking him what he wanted me do and he told fuck them altogether. I now had guys at the bar I was having a drink with asking them if they wanted gang when my fourth and fifth date showed too. I now had a group of five who were very willing go back the room with and tag team. I was really excited! I had already had sex with men that night and was about be tagged team by another five!

Back then I just couldn’t believe hubby was okay with doing this but I was really loving it!

I was in the room for just over two hours with these guys and I think they must have fucked at least times each but never altogether. I would have one of them cum in my pussy then when he finished another would hop on the bed with me and fuck me too. At first it was a little awkward but once everyone started to relax the sex was a lot of fun! Hubby kept sending me messages asking what I was doing but I didn’t have time to message him back. I could hear my phone going off every two minutes but I was having way too much fun to stop fucking these guys and spoil the mood but I did get into trouble later for ignoring his messages.

After I had enough and was way too sore to be able to have any more sex, I went back down to the bar to see hubby brooding away for ignoring his messages. He wasn’t one bit happy about that but he soon perked again when we went back the room and I showed him the used protection full of cum spread through out the room and my little pile still in the drawer. I knelt down before him and slowly sucked his cock, teasing him, telling him every sordid little sexual detail of the things I did with those men and when hubby finally cum he literally covered my face! It took him a long time to cum because I teased his cock so much and would hold him on the brink of but the details of my night were just too much for him and he shot his load of hot slimy cum all over my face, over the floor around me and even the wall behind because he exploded like a canon!

We both really enjoyed that experience together and for us that really was the start of our committed sexual relationship as a Sub and Dom couple.

69hotpepe 40M
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4/15/2020 3:01 pm

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