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Submissive Wife- Hubby's Sex Dungeon  

Jessygirl23 27F  
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4/1/2020 4:14 pm
Submissive Wife- Hubby's Sex Dungeon

As much as hubby loves watch being used by hordes of men at his friend’s drunken drug parties it’s just not the responsible thing do at the moment but he still can’t stop his wild urge wanting to watch me being used by someone!

We have reduced our contact for the moment to some very close friends and a few men who are really great sexual partners and chosen from different groups of men who hubby and myself have known who are right into some kinky weird sex. I have been with them individually before and in groups but always with hubby there watching and of course making me feel safe by ensuring they don’t get too carried away which has happened several times before.

Although it has been less than a week since hubby has watched me have sex, he was already really quite agitated and wanted to watch me being used again. He really is as hopeless as I am and is as addicted to wanting to watch me fuck other men as I am wanting to be fucked by other men! He absolutely loves watching me being utterly used and abused by men and this little group of we brought together was the perfect combination for us as a couple.

Several days ago, hubby invited them to our house for a little time which just shows how obsessed hubby is with watching me being used by men because he has never invited anyone here before, mainly for my safety and our privacy.

When hubby told me, they will be arriving that night around 8pm I couldn’t have been more excited!

I was like a giddy little girl prancing around full of energy and excited anticipation thanking hubby every two minutes for allowing me the privilege of pleasing him. I was truly excited as I have really enjoyed being used, abused and treated like a total slut by these men before but what excites me the most is seeing how excited hubby becomes when he watches them do this.

Hubby brought out his array of toys, restraints, whips and nipple clamps, clit clamps and a whole heap of other stuff. Everything had been prepared and there was only a half hour to go before we expected them to arrive and I was super excited, seriously nervous and very horny! The gym room in our place has now been fully converted into this sex room by hubby and he even has several shackle rings fixed in the wall which are regularly used and a purpose built bench was made resembling a torture rack where he restrains me, tortures me and fucks me very regularly now. He has even insulated the room so our neighbours can’t hear my screams. He has a sound system in place to drone out what we’re doing and for atmosphere has adapted lighting and set up camera to record things for his post experience pleasure time.

Hubby wanted me dressed in my black high heels with my thick black thigh high stockings and that was all he wanted me to be wearing when these men arrived.

He wanted me to impress them with my body, entertain them and let these men get a good taste of my beauty and sensual nature because hubby loves it when other men drool over my body and sexy seductive mannerisms.

At exactly 8pm we had the first knock at the door and Jason arrived who we know very well, then ten minutes later Damien and Darren arrived together. I was really looking forward to seeing Damien again who has been nicknamed Mr Cock by hubby. He is around mid-thirties, has a gorgeous sexy body and an enormous cock that just never stops and he is always the most dominant of any group time. My heart always pounds when I’m around him because he has this very deep tone when he talks with this confident commanding manner which always makes me feel so secure and humbled and I simply cannot refuse him for anything. Darren, we discovered is a little like Andrew and is very much a gay curious man who is pretty much bi sexual but still maintains he is very much a straight macho male and he also has an enormous cock which is a bonus for me having very hot looking, very dominant and sexually aggressive men with one bi sexual in denial all wanting fuck , of the time!

When they arrived, I waited them getting their drinks and making certain they were being very well looked after. It’s what hubby likes do now almost like a geisha girl but just westernised and I think a lot sexier. When I brought them a drink, they would always have a little with and I would smile and say thank you. It was role playing and it was kind of kinky and really very erotic having a neck collar with an attached chain. Whoever had hold of the chain commanded and I was handed from one person another like they were controlling an animal. I was told to sit, told to stand, told to knell next to them like a dog. They would demand I with myself or suck someone else’s cock and walked me and from the kitchen get them their drinks or snacks and use for sex while they casually talked amongst each other.

I was kneeling on the floor sucking Jason’s gorgeous cock with my pussy bulging out between my spread legs right in front of Damien. He kept sliding his fingers along my very wet pussy slit and commenting on how horny I must be which he was totally right. It was really quite erotic and intimate being there sex slave to do whatever they asked instead of having hordes of men just fuck me like a paid sex worker.

There was no safe word, no saying no and no limits to what they were allowed to do with me, or for how long because hubby had total control.

I am used to it now but it still feels a little strange having sex with another man right in front of hubby and I always wonder if he ever gets jealous? Obviously not because he seems to love me more with the more men I fuck for him and now we’re into this BDSM scene, he is ecstatic! I think that’s where he has always wanted to take me and now that I’m a lot more comfortable with it and more importantly enjoy that type of stuff just as much as he does, the sex between us has only improved and become so much more deeply intense since I fully embraced it all and succumbing completely to hubby’s wishes instead of resisting all the time which has improved our relationship significantly.

Hubby was the one who suggested they take me to his converted gym room or the “Sex Dungeon” as he likes to call it which it totally is just a room specifically adapted for sex. This was the first time he has ever had anyone else in there to share his sex dungeon and I could tell he was super excited, behaving almost like an excited school boy just about to lose his virginity to the school slut. Hubby had hold of my collar and chain and led me to the wall ring and secured the chain to the wall ring. I was left standing there to wait while the boys stood there looking at me in this freezing cold room making my nipples so hard and erect, they were actually hurting from the cold. Hubby makes the room as cold as he can because he said he likes to know whatever he does, he knows I’m feeling the full extent of the painful pleasure.

I know this to be true especially when he uses nipple clamps or whips upon my body or the one thing I dread the most is when he sadistically whips me across my freezing cold hard erect nipples with his cane stick. The boys kept taunting me and flicking my nipples which were now seriously sensitive and standing out like two big pointers but at least my feet and legs were still warm with the thick stockings I had on but my pussy was feeling like icicles were forming on it and starting to feel super tingly as well.

Hubby stood back and Damien took the lead role with Darren and Jason following his directions. He stood close, only centimetres from my face and ordered me to look down, snapping at me like a drill sergeant. He took my hands and applied restraints to my wrists then attached my restraints to the wall ring high on the wall and detached the chain. I wasn’t permitted to speak or look directly at any of them and already I was feeling vulnerable and nervous especially with the no limits rule hubby applied. All were very aggressive toward , calling derogative names, slapping and pinching my nipples and demanding I spread my legs then then my pussy and ask if I liked it and Damien even my pussy with the thin cane stick which stung like hell. The worst thing was they would tell what they were going do , tease and torment me about it, then catch me completely unaware and shocking me when they actually did.

It really was like torture, the agony of the suspense, waiting for the next painful thing to follow something pleasurable then being stripped of my dignity and torn down on every level, emotionally beaten into complete submission until I was fully obedient and complied with every word of instruction given to me.

I was in this room for hours, hanging from this wall ring by my wrist restraints, my arms stretched high above me, ordered to spread my legs and then have my pussy slapped, whipped and caned by all , verbally abused and had my cold sensitive nipples twisted, pulled, flicked and struck by the thin cane stick many, many times for what seemed like a thousand years. I felt so helpless, so alone and so unprepared for what they were doing my body and mind. I was then attached a lower wall ring and made kneel the floor with my back facing the wall, my arms fully stretched behind and made lean forward swaying from the wall ring by a chain. My whole body weight was my arms with my knees placed this low board about thirty centimetres from the ground with my knees wide apart. They then tied my ankles together behind me so I was rendered incapable of moving and left dangling there just waiting and watching and feeling scared out of my mind but I dare not say or do anything unless they told me too.

Darren then came and placed his erect cock in my mouth, held by the back of my head and started face fuck , calling a filthy slut! He kept telling swallow his cock whole which would be impossible because of how long and thick it is forcing it down my throat and making violently gag and almost throw several times. I had tears streaming down my face and he would be yelling derogative demeaning things at me and asking if I was enjoying being face fucked. I always said yes because I was too scared to say no but every time I said yes, he would continue doing it. The other two stood back and watched and if I complained about anything, they would take each other’s place and slap my face, pull my head by my hair and slap again telling not complain then start face fucking in just as an aggressive and forceful manner.

Even now after this time I still find it hard explain why I love being treated this way by men. I cant remember the last time I had any normal vanilla sex with hubby around.

I was starting feel exhausted just from the anxiety and stress of it and was becoming drained of energy. I felt like a big floppy ball of jelly, unable muster any strength at and just started let them do whatever they wanted with my body and I could feel myself giving in, becoming a true sex slave men. I really was now just a body for them abuse, fuck and destroy shoving their cocks in my ass, in my pussy and in my mouth and sometimes at once. I had been released from the wall ring and tied down the bench, arms stretched out, face down upon this hard thin plank of uncomfortable rough wood with a deliberate grooved pattern hubby did make it feel as uncomfortable as possible.

The bench is about waist height and I was stretched out face down over it, my legs dangled over the sides of the plank with my feet almost touching the ground, making the thin plank dig into my hips, my pussy fully exposed and vulnerable, easily accessed by each of their cocks. The board I was bound to swivelled from the middle so they could place in any position and lock into that position. I was raised in a semi standing position on a slight angle and fucked with this giant dildo hubby has with his toy collection. This thing is abnormally large and almost splits in two every time it is used.

I was lathered with gel, had my ass whipped several times because I spoke then Jason tried fucking me with this gigantic dildo and kept trying until my pussy finally relaxed enough for it just glide the way inside my body. It was painful as he tried slowly work this thing deeper and deeper inside my pussy but I just couldn’t relax enough for Jason get it in because I was dreading being fucked by this thing.

I was screaming out, tensing and trying block out the pain of it ripping my pussy open, feeling like it was literally being torn apart. Hubby finally gave something relax and then this thing just slid into like it was just a tiny little inch cock. This dildo would easily be around thirteen inches with a diameter so thick I can’t even fit any part of its head into my mouth. I wasn’t even able to think with this thing inside me and begged Jason to take it out but he just snapped back yelling at me to “Shut the fuck and take the whole thing.”

It was seriously painful and seriously stimulating at the same time and when it was in the right position it started feel really good. Darren took over and rammed this thing in and out of my pussy as hard as he could and I could hear the swish slosh of my pussy juices freely flowing! Damien came and wrenched my head back telling what a filthy dirty little slut I am. I just closed my eyes as I could feel my body responding in a huge way this dildo fucking my pussy, hearing Damien telling what a dirty I am and Jason ramming his cock down my throat. I was concentrating solely on the intensity of my body responding being violently fucked and listening them yelling abuse at and having my nipples torn apart by these sharp clamps feeling like they were using a grater them was simply too much for stop from gushing.

I was begging for permission to climax but they kept refusing to allow climax saying they would whip my breasts and nipples with the thin cane until I was severely bruised if I did. I tried so very hard control my body and not climax but I just couldn’t and felt myself edge closer and closer gushing everywhere. I am so glad hubby finally insulated the room because I just totally lost control and starting screaming out begging for permission to cum but I was still being sternly told not to. My legs started to shake and my body started to heave and my mind was going crazy tinkering on the edge of absolutely losing control!

I just felt this massive release move through my whole body from my head to toes then back again and screamed out as loudly as I could in this super high pitched long drawn out piercing scream of pleasurable release. My pussy gushed saturating the floor beneath, my body violently spasmed and my scream slowly faded as my body’s intensely built up sexual energy drained away leaving me feeling completely and utterly spent. I collapsed, being supported only by the restraints that held my body against this sexual torture rack, barely able to catch my breath and feeling a wave of euphoria wash over my soul.

I didn’t move a muscle because I was now incapable of moving.

I was untied and immediately collapsed upon the floor, totally unable to use my legs that were still trembling to support myself. I lay upon the cold floor, my entire body trembling from the experience where I stood only moments ago. My mind wasn’t thinking of anything, it wasn’t fearful of anything, it wasn’t scared of anything, my mind was simply my mind, feeling totally relaxed and content, appreciative and joyful of what myself and hubby have together. I was carried to the warmth of the bedroom by Jason where they continued to have sex with me but in a much calmer soothing way with hubby still watching but not participating. It was almost like all were making love , showing how much they appreciated , showing there was no need fear them but respect them as equally as I do my husband.

jawy999 23M
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4/2/2020 11:02 am

y yo cuando podre follarte mientras tu esposo nos ve

GhostofH 61M
19751 posts
4/2/2020 6:18 am

Great story and very well written..... it's almost as if I was actually there!

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