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Submissive Wife- Punishment or permission...  

Jessygirl23 27F  
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12/27/2019 3:06 am
Submissive Wife- Punishment or permission...

My hubby loves the fact all his friends use me whenever they want and I never refuse because I know not too and I can’t say I don’t enjoy all the sex but it would be nice to be able to be with his friends every now and then and not have to fuck everyone!

The rule for me now, is when hubby is with me, I can do as I please but when I am on my own, he insists I ask for permission first before I fuck anyone I may meet. Hubby has become very controlling and maybe just a little nervous because I have become so very popular with everyone having heaps of sex with other men and I believe, maybe he is also feeling a little jealous?

I was with a few girlfriends recently, going from one bar to another looking for a place with a good vibe, have a few drinks, catch up, have some girl time together and not worry about men or boyfriends, partners or anyone else!

We did find a place with the right atmosphere and found a table a bit out of the way so we weren’t being hassled by men all night. There was a band playing some very good music, a dance floor which we made very good use of and we were just generally having a really great night together but as usual, although I know I shouldn’t, I had a few drinks too many.

I was in a very playful jovial mood just having a lot of fun and enjoying the company I was surrounded by but with me, when I have had a few drinks too many, I always become this big flirt behaving like a complete slut with any man that passes by and my girlfriends hate me for it! I can’t help being that way, it’s just I become when I drink and I have been left on my own heaps of times because of it when my friends have abandoned me because I was too stubborn to leave when I should have done.

This is when things tend to happen and I make mistakes and bad judgements and end up in a lot of trouble with my hubby. So now the rule is, I absolutely must get his permission before I go off with anyone to do anything! There are no exceptions and if I do, he has told me the punishment I would expect to receive will be severe!

I had promised my hubby that very night I will never make any more bad mistakes and pleaded with him to let me go with my friends. He very reluctantly allowed me , but despite my promise, I did slip back into my old behaviour and ignored my friend’s advice to leave with them. I had attracted the lustful attention of several very bad men I have flirted with many times before but never had sex with and were used to getting what they wanted so I guess in a way I have been taunting them and this night they were extremely persistent in wanting my body. I was just having a great fun night, dancing with every guy there, getting one drink after another, going outside to mix some things, flirting with anyone dared come close and despite my girlfriends warning me not to around these guys I couldn’t help but let these guys become very amorous with me at every opportunity they could.

I know you are probably thinking how naïve and dumb I must be but sadly when I drink I just trust anyone and everyone and go off into my own innocent little world of enjoying the moment without a care of the consequences and that’s probably why hubby has become so bloody controlling!

These three men are quite arrogant which is an appealing trait for me, controlling and confident, quite stocky and muscular and just by looking at them I can easily tell they weren’t very nice men at all, also none of them were very good looking but there was just something about them that has always had me captivated and extremely horny wanting to discover what they were all about and I did have this type of sixth sense that had me hanging on, to want to let them lead me to the destination they so obviously wanted to take me too. I was intrigued at the possibilities of where things may go and simply didn’t want to miss out just because my girlfriends were afraid of something I am not and that is sexual experimentation!

They are around their mid-thirties, fairly unkept looking but clean and strangely worldly seeming to have an in-depth knowledge of a whole variety of things but with me they mainly concentrated on their knowledge of how to please women. They made some amazingly tempting claims saying they were experienced in BDSM and kept bragging with the three of them I would experience levels of sexual self-intimacy no one else could ever attempt to give me.

I can’t say I wasn’t interested and was intently hanging on every word they were saying and the things going through my mind of the pleasures they claimed they could provide were simply making my bodies urges go into over drive as my thoughts became intensely focused on what they were offering. The more interested I became with the topic the more easily it was for them to convince me to go with them to Johns place where apparently, he lived alone and had all the kinky sex equipment. I was a little hesitant to go with them and always have been but this night they were so convincing they weren’t going to expect anything and I was so intrigued about all this stuff they had been talking about it was almost impossible for me to resist the offer.

My curiosity was screaming at me to go with them and my common sense was screaming just as loudly not to put myself in such a precarious situation and yes, my curiosity won out. They were very pleased I decided to go to Johns house with them and didn’t waste any time getting me there and they were true to their word about not hassling me for sex. Johns sex room was a little like walking through a land of wonder, with an amazing array of vibrators and dildos, all sorts of whips, restraints and he even had the bed fixed with shackles. They showed me heaps of things which did get my blood pumping, my juices flowing and my pussy pulsating at the thought of these guys using some of this stuff on me.

Apparently, John used to have a partner who was very similar to myself and he and his friends would collectively use her for all sorts of things and share her with other men too. To John and his two friends I was like a God sent gift! They were amazed at how lucky they were to finally have me in this room full of fun toys and I was just as intrigued and tempted to just let them use me right there as they were to want too but I kept thinking of how much trouble I would be in with hubby.

I toyed with the idea for ages as they continued to seduce me to and slowly, I succumb to their collective convincing mannerisms and knew even before I made my decision, I was theirs to have for the night. I felt so bad about disobeying hubby, but the opportunity to experience something new was right there in front of me and I knew what I was about to do was dumb and unsafe but I was drawn into it, powerless to resist the temptation offered to me because of my state of mind and sexual afflictions. I willingly gave myself to these men against my hubby’s knowledge and wishes and that is something I knew I would have to deal with later.

While all this was going on Johns friend was contacting other men to join them and although I knew this was happening, I did nothing, deep down I wanted this to happen, I yearned for it and I accepted I was there for them to use me as they wished. It is hard for me to explain but I felt I needed this, I needed to fully submit and allow myself to be used by my choice and not controlled by hubby. In a way I guess I was rebelling against my master and wanted to be punished for it so I sent a to hubby telling him where I was and what I was about to do stating I was doing it with or without his permission. I guess for some reason I was perhaps angry at hubby for something, for making me become his sex slave and not allowing me to fully express myself maybe, knows and I was so messed up at the time I will never know why I did what I did that night.

I was restrained on the bed, face down, with my arms and legs spread wide to these adjustable ropes. I could move freely until I was locked in place into a position where they wanted me to be and they stretched me wide feeling like I was on a torture<b> rack. </font></b>I felt so vulnerable yet so aroused from the anticipation, lying on this bed, fully naked, knowing I was about to be gang fucked by these dominant capable men. I felt as I would imagine an animal would feel that had been hunted as prey and was at the moment of capture, knowing its fate, accepting its surrender to a beast more powerful and dominant, giving itself fully as a sacrifice and unknowingly accepting its position in the order of life.

That’s how I felt, I was giving myself as a sacrifice, knowing my position in the order of life and once again accepting my fate as a sex slave.

They moved around me slapping my ass, taunting me, telling me what they were going to do with me, telling me how many more men were coming and there was nothing I could do about it, saying they were going to leave me chained to this bed for days while one group after another come through day and night to fuck me until I became delirious. They sounded like they meant what they were saying and I became scared to death they were serious about what they were telling me. They loosened the bindings and made me kneel, ordering me to shut the fuck up! I was made to kneel on the bed with my ass poised high in the air as they continued to taunt me, whip my pussy and make me succumb to the tactics of extreme intimidation.

I was there sex slave now and was there to be fully used by their entire gang!

I was scared out of my mind now but too scared to say anything and I could feel my body tremble waiting for the next slap or whipping across my ass or pussy. I did tell them I was petrified and the response I received was more brutality, hair pulling, threats, taunting of what their intentions with me were and how many men they were going to offer me too. This went on for a while then their friends started to arrive!

I was a little puzzled why no one had fucked me yet, after all it wasn’t as if I could stop them! I kept thinking how did I end up in this situation and was angry at myself for allowing my stupidity to control my mind trying to constantly satisfy my lust for sex. Two groups of four men entered the room within a short time of each other and the whole time they were almost licking their lips at the tasty treat laid out before them. I constantly had hands all over my body, feeling every crevice and contour of my quivering flesh, fingers abruptly exploring the depths of my pussy and the frequency of my ass being slapped had left a persistent stinging. I struggled to get away from their tormenting and the more I did the more they loved it. Most were around their thirties with a few older guys and they were taking their time with me, enjoying the teasing of my mind and flesh, getting off on the control rather than the sex itself.

I started to get a little angry because the whole thing was getting a little creepy for me and demanded they untie me and at first, they wouldn’t until I totally lost it and went berserk at them, then they decided to let me go but I couldn’t leave the room. I was so disoriented and light headed I just sat on the edge of the bed for a while trying to stop my head from spinning and stop myself from spewing. I wasn’t very successful and puked all over the floor and over some guys legs who was standing in front of me.

I felt like I was a jellyfish, just flopping everywhere and unable to control my body properly. I couldn’t walk, stand up or even speak properly and this seemed to be very amusing to the men around me, laughing at me trying to regain my composure. I was taken into another room and sat on a large wide lounge where I just flopped on my back between two guys either side of me.

I was repositioned kneeling on the floor and bent over the chair with my legs spread wide by this bar that was attached to my ankles, then had my wrists tied off together and attached to a ring fixed in the wall so I was slightly stretched out with my pussy made available to everyone. I knew they were doing this but didn’t care and just went along with it, knowing their little sex games with me had only just started.

One guy had this whip resembling a miniature straw broom stick and started to whip my pussy with it, asking if I enjoyed it and strangely enough, I did enjoy it! It felt so stimulating being rendered so hapless and having my pussy whipped by this thing with the rest off the group watching and cheering him on to whip me even harder saying I wasn’t bucking enough. He did whip my pussy even harder and in between each pussy thrashing I received they all felt my pussy, fondling my pussy with their many, many fingers and commenting on my juices which were now freely flowing.

I felt I was in this dreamy world and everything happening didn’t seem quite real but I knew it was especially when I was repositioned on this chair lying on my back with my arms stretched out above my head. My wrists still bound together and tied off to this wall ring with rope then they stretched my legs really wide and tied off my ankles to the very edge of either side of this chair. I was now firmly restrained with my legs spread as wide as they would go with my ass on the edge of the chair and my pussy hanging out ready, swollen, raw and waiting for their cocks to fill me full of cum.

I was almost climaxing just being tied down like this, then when I saw the whole group starting to get their cocks out to fuck me, I almost started to gush. I was so focused on my pussy pulsating and the tingling of my clit was making me insane, desperately wanting someone to fill me with their hard-throbbing cock. I started to scream out begging for someone to fuck me because I simply couldn’t handle being teased anymore but instead, they continued to torment my mind and body.

Some of them then started to with my nipples, twisting them, flicking them, pulling hard on them, biting and applying pressure with clamps and others were teasing my pussy, with vibrators, dildos, and when they applied a clamp to my clit I almost passed with excitement. It felt fucking awesome being spread like a bird’s wings, teased and endlessly tormented. I had so many mini climaxes I lost count and the amount of times I almost gushed was incredibly amazing but they always seemed to be able to keep me right on the edge. I felt like a dam that was so full almost bursting its banks but never quite reaching the point of releasing all its power and energy. I was teased, kept tinkering on the edge of release which just kept building up and up like when you are just about to sneeze but just quite don’t get to sneeze.

My whole body felt like that until finally someone decided to fuck me! He knelt on the ground before me gently fondling my pussy with his fingers and I could see his quite sizable rock hard cock resting against my inner thigh only centimetres from my pussy then I intently watched him as he took his cock in his hand and guided it inside my soaked pussy disappearing fully inside right up to his balls. He lifted himself up slightly and started to fuck me hard making me scream out with absolute divine pleasure feeling his cock plunging so deeply inside me.

He cum very quickly and pulled out just before he did to stroke his cock several times then covered my entire pelvis area with this massive amount of near transparent runny cum which flowed almost like water down over my pussy and in between the crack of my ass. He looked like he was about to pass out when he cum and was quickly replaced by the next guy who cum almost just as quickly and did the thing. Then another and another, each of them using my pussy as a convenience to help them cum in the finale of their wicked little session with their newly found slave slut.

I was used by every single one of them multiple times and I could have easily being used by many, many more men because the whole experience was just an amazingly awesome intense session of pure uninhibited physically gratifying sex engulfing my mind, my body and soul taking me to a level I have never been pleasured with before.

Their whole attitude was different from the usual, focused with a level of determined effort I have not seen before emphasised on my stimulation rather than their own. Collectively they were like Gods of sex and seem to know exactly what to do with me, when and how to do it to keep me screaming and begging for more!

The most profound and deeply affecting part of the whole experience was when I was taken to a wall and the bar they fitted between my bound wrists was fully extended and placed over two hooks so I was standing almost on my tippy toes with my arms stretched high above me, then they placed two large boxes under each knee, spread apart and away from the wall so I had no choice but to be stretched against this wall with my ass protruding just at the right height for them to fuck me from behind. Then they placed a blindfold over my eyes and made me wait like that for what seemed like a life time, all by myself with no one else in the room at all just waiting there in the dark wondering what the hell was going on, until I could hear the sound of voices coming down the hallway toward the room.

I was kind of shocked of my progressing slumber and rudely awaked to the bright light being turned on and the room filling with men. I just froze solid and felt my stomach drop when I realised what they intended to do with me, then I felt the first strong sting as this whip struck me upon my ass. I yelped loudly and begged them not to do it again which was met with a room full of laughter and then a moment later another hard-sharp sting from this whip that was being used upon my already tender flesh.

In between each session of whipping I was fucked from behind and filled with cum until I could feel it flowing down my legs like a river of strongly scented goo. There were a lot of men in that room and I think most of them fucked me because there was a huge puddle of cum that had formed beneath me on the floor. I could hear it dripping from my pussy and hitting the floor like the sound of a dripping tap.
Some guys just jerked off splattering cum all over my ass, unwilling to put their cocks in a cum soaked pussy that belonged to such a promiscuously disobedient slut, dishonouring her hubby with such flagrant disobedience and giving herself to so many other men without permission!

The aftermath when hubby found out several days later, well that is a private topic I don’t think should be shared, but I can assure you he made certain I was properly used again and again and again at the next gathering of his many deviate friends.

AngelEyez95 41M/F
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3/25/2020 8:08 pm

I bet your pussy gets soaking wet just thinking about it. Sluts just cum harder

tadakimasu 29M
244 posts
12/28/2019 9:03 am

Nice~ The fact that you're petite makes it all the more hotter.

charmer961 61M  

12/27/2019 8:44 am

Great story. If I was there and you were bent over like that, with that amazing butt in the air, I'd have made good use of your tight ass.

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